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TitleVolume 1 of manuscripts: Carlisle
DescriptionContents of Vol 1
1. List of records concening Carlisle
3. Dr Todd's historical account of Carlisle. Early 19th century copy
32. Memorandum from Register of Gilbert de Welton, Bishop of Carlisle. Early 19th cent copy
32. Writ of Pontage for Carlisle 28 Edward I. Early 19th cent copy
34. Extract from Foedera of the King's (Edward III) pardon of debt to the clergy of Carlisle. 19th cent copy
34. Extract as to the quarters of the body of Andrew de Harcla. 19th cent copy
35. Memoranda from Harleian MSS. (34 memoranda from Lansdowne MSS). Early 19th cent
37. Assessment of the clergy of Carlisle for horse and armour 1618. Early 19th cent
39. Extract from Lansdowne MSS (in British Museum) as to Carlisle. Early 19th cent
49. Pontage for Carlisle 5 Richard II. Official copy 19th cent
51. Grant to citizens of Carlisle 14 Richard II. 9 Edward II p.223 (tolls)
53. Murage for Carlisle 9 Edward III (tolls) Official copy
55. Pavage for Carlisle 11 Edward III (tolls). Official copy
57. Grant of £60 for repair of walls at Carlisle and gates 14 Edward III
58. Confirmation of charters to citizens of Carlisle 2 Henry IV. Official copy
62. Grant to same 11 Henry IV
65. As to the plague at Carlisle 1597. Contemporary MS containing list of householders
135. Extracts from the Dormont Book of the City of Carlisle. late 17th cent
193. Chamberlain's accounts 1613. Copy of 2 Henry IV - fishery tolls, etc. official copy
195.Chamberlain's accounts 1613. Copy of 2 Henry IV - fishery tolls, etc. official copy, continued
209. Byelaws of City of Carlisle 165. (early 19th cent. copy)
205. Memoranda relating to Carlisle, late 16th cent
241. As to cattle toll 1613- early 19th cent. copy
223. Charter as of 9 Edward II to City of Carlisle. copy early 19th cent
245. Corporation of Carlisle V Sir Francis Radcliffe 28 Charles 2. early 19th cent copy
273. Appointment to Jas. Nicholson as Town Clerk 1666
277. Boundary of City of Carlisle 1690 - contempory
278. King-garth fishery Case and Opinions 1745, early 19th cent copy
288. Bishop Nicolson's recommendation of Mr Musgrave to the freemen of Carlisle (original?) Christopher M. circa 1702
292. Memorial of the Guilds as to Kingmoor (? 1776)
294. Answer of the Mayor and aldermen ( ? 1776)
298. Extract of Corporation leases of Kingmoor, 1702-1763 (extracted 1792)
306. Case and Opinion as to markets. Right of Corporation to Stallage ( T Denison 1739)
310. List of Mayors - see folio 354 (1593-1684) gives additional names to Whellan's list
312. Heysham v Harrington - abstract of pleas, etc
314. Extracts from Corporation books, 1610-1783, payments, late 18th cent and early 19th cent
426. Kingmoor boundary (from Dormont Book) early 19th cent
430. Extract from Butchers' Guild Book, 1656-1794
438. Extract from Smiths' Guild Book, late 18th cent
450. Extract from Merchants' Guild Book, 1656-1787
474. Extracts from Skinners' Guild Book, 1678-1760
494. Extracts from Tanners' Guild Book, 1678-1782
524. Extracts from Taylors' Guild Book, 1651-1760
544. Extracts from Weavers' Guild Book, 1647-1777
558. Extracts from Shoemakers' Guild Book, 1661-1777
576. Extracts from Chamberlain's Accounts, 1602-1792
612. Honorary freemen, 1693-1759
616. Officers at present in this garrison (Carlisle) are to be made freemen of this city 1687 - names of officers
620. Proceedings as to removal of Aldermen 1720 - Ed. Hutchinson and John Simpson: attempted bribery
656. Case and opinion as to exercising a trade
660. Resignation of John Davison of his position as capital citizen 1741
664. Proceedings as to removal of a Capital Citizen 1741 - Slander on Richard Coulthard, mayor
684. As to city wall and main guard 1749. Corporation's answer to claim by Lieutenant Governor of City
686. Power of attorney by freemen to resist incroachments 1752, copy, no names given, as to how power is conveyed
690. As to assault on the Mayor Richard Coulthard by Benjamin Railton 1759
702. General John Stanwix's appointment of his Deputy Mayor 1763
707. Purchase contract of Abbey Mill 1656, by city from John Sykes (£80) Sir William Lawson, mayor
710. Lease of a close at Kingmoor 1693 to William Kirkbride. copy, late 18th cent
714. Lease of a close at Kingmoor 1776 to William Kirlbride. copy late 18th cent
718. Lease of a close at Kingmoor 1744 to William Kirlbride. copy late 18th cent
722. Remonstrance of inhabitants of Fisher Street 1779, regarding drains (signatures)
726. Affidavit of Mr Smeaton 1783 regarding Wears (sic) etc of River Caldew at Carlisle in 1781
730. Petition of manufacturers of Carlisle to sessions. Draft - desirability of Standards, late 18th cent
736. Memorial of Journeymen Weavers - Rates of pay 1786
744. Resolution of Smiths' Guild to prosecute actions etc. Hardward - Draft of Resolution to limit sale of freemen
748. Chamberlain's accounts 1760-1782 - arrears and rents
804. Resignation of freedom of Citizen 1775 (William Wales)
808. As to purchase of property in Blackfriars Street, 1779: lease 1783. Joseph Potts on behalf of Daniel Highmoor of Windsor and William Hodgson (self and Corporation of Carlisle), copy
822. Bond to Provost of Dumfries for common executioner 1785 (execution of Thos Robson)
827. Presentment of Bucthers for selling Bullbeef 1787
830. Proclamation of Carlisle fair 1753
Date1597-19th century
Extent1 item
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