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TitleMiss Catherine E Marshall, suffragist and pacifist of Hawse End, Keswick
DescriptionThis collection includes records of the Marshall and Colbeck families together with records relating to the women's suffrage, pacifist, internationalist and political activities of Catherine Marshall.
ArrangementD MAR 1. MARSHALL AND COLBECK FAMILIES. D MAR 1/1-4 Frank Marshall 1868-1921. D MAR 1/5-6 Caroline Marshall (nee Colbeck) 1890-1922. D MAR 1/7-13 Mr & Mrs F E Marshall 1893-1919. D MAR 1/14-15 Hal G Marshall 1900-1907. D MAR 1/16 C Colbeck 1873-1905. D MAR 1/17-18 Margaret Colbeck 1897, 1930. CATHERINE E MARSHALL. D MAR 2. PERSONAL RECORDS AND CORRESPONDENCE. D MAR 2/1-7 School records 1893-1900. D MAR 2/8-59 Personal and family correspondence. 1884-1885, 1889, 1893-1923, 1928, 1931, 1933-1934, 1936-1942, 1944-1945, 1955-1956, not dated. D MAR 3. WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE ACTIVITIES. D MAR 3/1-8 Records relating to women's suffrage in Cumberland, Westmorland and North-West England 1908-1917. D MAR 3/9-52 Records relating to work for the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies (N.U.W.S.S.) as a member of the Executive Committee and Parliamentary Secretary 1909-1918. D MAR 3/53-58 Records relating to work for the N.U.W.S.S. as chairman of the Election Fighting Fund (E.F.F.) Committee 1912-1916. D MAR 3/59-65 Records relating to work for the N.U.W.S.S. on other Committees 1912-1917. D MAR 3/66-67 N.U.W.S.S. publications 1905-1917. D MAR 3/68-74 Records relating to other suffrage organisations 1911-1919. D MAR 4. PACIFIST AND INTERNATIONALIST ACTIVITIES. D MAR 4/1-33 Records mainly relating to the activities of the No Conscription Fellowship (N.C.F.) 1915-1921, Not dated. D MAR 4/34-40 Subject files mainly relating to the N.C.F. 1914-1919, Not dated. D MAR 4/41-75 Personal and case files of N.C.F. figures (including Bertrand Russell and Clifford Allen) and other conscientious objectors 1916-1920, Not dated. D MAR 4/4 76-88 The Women's International League (W.I.L.) for Peace and Freedom 1915-1941. D MAR 4/89-91 The International Information Bureau 1916-1917. D MAR 4/92-95 The National Council Against Conscription (N.C.A.C.) which became the National Council for Civil Liberties (N.C.C.L.) 1916-1918. D MAR 4/96 - 102 Others 1915-1956. D MAR 5. POLITICAL ACTIVITIES. D MAR 5/1-5 The Labour Party 1918-1942. D MAR 5/6 The Independent Labour Party 1912-1926. D MAR 6/1-13 REFUGEES 1938 - 1942, n.d.. D Mar 7/1-26 NOTES 1905-1956, n.d.. DMar 8/1-47 BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, LEAFLETS, ETC. 1819-1956, n.d.. D MAR 9/1-12 MAGAZINES, JOURNALS AND NEWSPAPERS 1910-1942, n.d.. D MAR 10/1-13 PHOTOGRAPHS c.1870-c.1940. D MAR 11/1-27 PERSONAL FINANCIAL RECORDS 1900-1942, n.d.. D MAR 12/1-39 MISCELLANEOUS RECORDS 1870-1956, n.d.. D MAR 13/1-56 LIVERPOOL ORPHANAGE CASE FILES 1926-1947, n.d.. D MAR 14/1 OBJECTS n.d. c.1914
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