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ReferenceBDS 15
TitleBarrow Island Infants and Junior Schools, Barrow-in-Furness
DescriptionLog Books: Boys (2) 1912-1952; Girls (3) 1873-1932; copy of group photograph: boys from Standard I, Barrow Island Board School, c.1890;

Junior boys: stocks and stores book, 1917-1921. Junior girls; stocks and stores book 1929-1933. Junior mixed; log book 1953-1977, admission book 1955-1985, punishment book 1945-1973. Stocks and stores books (2) 1929-1956, committee minute book 1959-1971. Primary school; log books (3) 1985-1998, admission register, undated 1985-?

Governors Files: BI Infants and Juniors 1973 -1988, County Primary 1987, County primary 1988, County Primary 1988-1991, County Primary 1991-1993, Governors' Miscellaneous And Sub-Committees 1988-1991, County Primary 1994-1995, County Primary 1995-1998, County Primary 1998-2000,
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