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TitleUlverston Urban District Council
DescriptionTown Clerk's Department, Treasurer's Department, Surveyor's Department, Building inspectors plans, slum clearance, infectious disease notifications, wartime nursery
ContextUlverston Urban District Council was abolished in 1974 due to local government organisation and the area is now administered by South Lakeland District Council. The records rescued from the Town Hall include some from Ulverston Local Board and Ulverston Union. The Local Board was established in 1871 and lasted until 1894 when the UDC was formed due to government legislation. Between 1836 and 1871 the Ulverston Union, covering Furness, administered the poor law locally.

The records have come from the three council departments of clerk, treasurer and surveyor. The clerk's records include minutes of council meetings from 1902-1928, 1949-1974, and correspondence concerning a wide variety of matters including health, housing and staff. Also included are agreements, leases and bonds together with deeds from the LMS Railway concerning Ulverston Canal and adjacent properties.

Poor rate, general rate and highway rate books survive from 1872 but none of the series are complete. Other records from the treasurer include valuation lists; various ledgers; registers of town lands; gas, water and electricity records; correspondence files; and Overseers of the Poor minute books.

Plans, correspondence, contracts and bills of quantity for the Croftlands Park estate and main drainage scheme of the 1950's make up a large part of the surveyor's records. A series of letter books covering the years 1931-1955 and files concerning housing, health, salvage, civil defence and Coronation Hall improvements also survive.

The list is divided into three sections, one for each department. Within each section the records have been further divided into volumes and then boxes of files. These boxes have been box listed giving the title of each file. Some of the clerk's boxes have fuller lists which can be found at the end of the main descriptive list

Further records were removed from the attic in the Town Hall in 2015 prior to the Town Council vacting the premises:
Marriage notice forms 1960-1967; Notification of deaths (Ulverston and Dalton-in-Furness) 1957-1967; notification of still births 1963-1073; Slum clearance: Ulverston (The Ellers, Daltongate, Soutergate, Hillfall, Tyson Square, Brewery Street), Urswick, Gleaston, Bouth, Swarthmoor, Cartmel, Cark-in-Cartmel, Lindale, Dalton-in-Furness (Lime Street, Skelgate, Atkinsons Yard, Butts Beck) 1950s-1960s; Infectious Diseases: notifications of deaths classifiable to notifiable infectious diseases, weekly and quarterly returns1950s-1970s; Files on individuals with suspected Tuberculosis 1950s-1970s; Reports to Health Committee 1933-1938, 1953-1970; Correspondence regarding British Cellophane Factory at Barrow-in-Furness 1959-1970; Correspondence concerning state of MAP bungalows, Fell Street with list of tenants, state of house 1958-1962; Correspondence regarding planting of trees for coronation of George VI 1937; Correspondence regarding German War Graves in Ulverston Cemetery 1960; Correspondence, plan, list of lessees of Ulverston Town Lands 1928-1931; Correspondence file for Medical Officer of Health 1958-1962; Correspondence regarding building of Coast Road Ulverston to Barrow-in-Furness 1924 with plan; Minutes of the Committee for South Lakeland District relating to reorganisation 1972-1973; Minutes, constitution and list of committee members of Ulverston Citizens Advice Bureau 1964-1969; Application for the post of Public Health Inspector 1966-1968; Correspondence regarding people in urgent need of care and attention under National Assistance Acts (1948-1951) 1963-1972; Applications for housing 1958-1973; Files on investigations into typhoid outbreak at Water Yeat, Blawith 1968; File of results of tests on water at Lowick Bridge, Waterworks in Hawkshead and Bouth, Coppermines Valley, Coniston and Pennington 1971-1972; file of results on tests on individuals for thyphoid, salmonella 1958-1971; Medical Officer of Health reports for Ulverston UDC, North Lonsdale RDC, Grange-over-Sands UDC, Dalton-in-Furness IDC 1962-1972; Reports to Gas and Water Committee Aug 1936- Mar 1946; UDC Council minutes (printed) May 1943-Feb 1945; Main Drainage Scheme Contract Number 1 (Main Outfall 1951; Croftlands Park Stage 1 Proposed sewers and roads contract number 1: contract and specification, bills of quantities 1950; Building Byelaws 1939; New Streets and Buildings byelaws 1927; Wartime Nursery: reports, accounts, minutes of committee 19942-1946 (built to look after children of women working at the Armstrong Siddeley factory); Particulars of railings, fences to be removed for salvage with compensation claims 1942; correspondence, circulars regarding rationing of fuel, gas and electricity 1939; Correspondence regarding barbed wire near the Hoad Monument 1945; Correspondence, circulars and blank forms regarding the transport of soldiers returning home on leave 1940; Women's Voluntary Service: correspondence and circulars relating to work in Ulverston 1945-1947; Evacuees: circulars, lists of hosts in Ulverston 1944-1945; minutes of the committee for the war memorial and Festival of Britain celebrations 1946-1951; Market Hall, Ulverston: correspondence, list of stall holders 1930s-1980s; Cartmel Peninsula Sewage disposal: engineers reports and correspondence. Plans: Gleaston (Croft Terrace) Clearance Order 1962; Ulverston main drainage scheme proposed relief sewer North Lonsdale Road 1953; Ambleside sewerage 3 plans 1931 and Chapel Stile Sewer ;
Physical descriptionBSUDUl/1-28, Some of these documents, are too delicate to produce.
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