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TitlePort of Barrow: Docks and Harbours
DescriptionThere have been six principal deposits:

Received 21 Jan 1980: Docks papers: Report books of tide and weather conditions etc., (9), 1885-1912; copy tenders and contracts for construction of Michaelson Road Bridge, Barrow (4), 1880-1884; Barrow Docks contract plans (2), 1872; sundry other dock plans (30), 1868-1919; various Barrow Tramway plans (30), 1902-04.

Received 11 Feb 1988: Dock related Acts of Parliament, 1863-1894; rules, 1896-1918; Ulverston Canal tolls poster, 1821; register of Vessels, 1899-1914; users of berths 1930; papers re pilots 1909-1938; engineers' reports, 1884-1898; plans of harbours and channel, 1873-1898; papers and plans re dredging of channel, 1873-1969; papers re Walney lighthouse, 1893-1899; tramway agreements, 1899-1903; drawings of ships 1913-1961; railway correspondence re docks affairs, 1847-1872.

Received 29 Aug 2000: Registers of pierhead arrivals and departures (10) 1923-1974; book of Lancaster Port Light Dues 1964-75; Rummage: Coastwise and Foreign in Ballast 1962-1967; Station Registers (2) 1933-1975; Record of Indulgences 1945-1973; Particulars of Wrecks (2 vols) 1942-1955; Register of Apprentice Indentures, 1872-1965; Ships' Entry and Report Book 1962-1972; Book of Wreck and Salvage, 1951-1972; Overseas Clearance Book, 1962-1972; Indexes (3) of Vessels/Dips (Ulverston) 1922-1979; file of miscellaneous documents relating to the Port of Barrow, 1859-1969.

Received 17 May 2002: "General letter books", volumes volumes 1 and 2 i.e. two volumes of printed circulars to UK port authorities from Custom House, London, 1780-1823; file of various documents, including bills of entry, import licences and works returns; records of regauging and a First World War roll of honour poster, 1780-1953.

Received 21 June 2002: Files correspondence and plans relating to Hawes Point, Walney Island; approved wharves at Barrow in Furness and the Port of Barrow. With two engineers plans of the ship 'Pacific Swan' 1979 and a photocopy of 'Court Procedures for Customs Officers'.

Received 30 March 2004: Papers re retirement allowances of Nicholas Graham Charlton, examining officer at Port of Barrow, 1872; file of papers re warehouses at Barrow Docks, 1874-1876; file re use of Barrow as a port for importing tobacco and other imports paying duty, 1881.

The category BTDH covering Barrow Docks and Harbours EXCLUDES:

* Minute books from bodies administrating the Port of Barrow (Barrow Harbour Commissioners Minute Book 1848-1862, and Furness Railway Company minute books 1843-1923 are held on microfilm).

* Shipping registers for the Port of Barrow, 1868-1967, with separate registers of fishing boats, 1939-1988, and associated papers (these are included under the reference BTSR).

* Shipping registers for the Port of Lancaster, 1786-1905, including much of the Furness coastline: these are held on microfilm (Port of Preston also included for 1824-1828 only).

* Photocopy of register of Port of Barrow pilots' licences, 1873-1907 and sailing apprenticeships 1872-1965, taken from customs register being transferred to Kew (these are listed as BDY 123).

Datecirca 1780-1979
ContextControl of Barrow Harbour, with its iron ore piers and harbour of refuge at Piel, passed in 1863 to the Furness Railway Company. An act of 1848 had established the boundaries and set the dock dues at 3d a ton. In 1867 the first of a series of docks, planned to make Barrow rival Liverpool, was opened by the Duke of Devonshire, after whom it was named, and Gladstone. It was followed in 1872 by the Graving Dock, in 1873 by Buccleuch Dock and finally in 1879 by Ramsden Dock and Cavendish Dock.

Barrow became an independent port on 1 November 1872, free from the control of the Port of Lancaster. In 1923, with the re-organisation of the railway companies, control of the port passed to the London, Midland and Scottish Railway, which took over the Furness Railway.
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