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TitleTitle deeds, leases, agreements and contracts
DescriptionSome of the deeds in this section appear to be complete strays e.g. nos. 1-4; others may relate to properties purchased after 1707. See also CA/5/2 e.g. nos. 5-9 and others again are surrendered leases See also CA/5/3 e.g. 13, 21, 26-28, 30-31. Numbers 23 and 35 are building contracts and numbers 20 and 29 are agreements with the Prior of Carlisle to settle disputes. Title deeds of Redness or the Gild Hall are numbered 39-46. Miscellaneous contracts 1668-1873 are numbered 47-53. Deed numbered 13b. was added by deposit of Carlisle Library after list had been typed 28 July 1980
ContextBy charter of Edward II dated 12 May 1316 the citizens of Carlisle were granted 'the King's vacant places within the City and its suburbs with power to build or commit to others in fee or in other ways' in 'aid of the fee ferm'. In grants in perpetuity of the town's waste places lies the origin of the town's 'cullery' or customary tenure.
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