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ReferenceDFCM 4
TitleKirkoswald Methodist Circuit
DescriptionMinutes, accounts and correspondence, 2000-2009
Account book; Kirkoswald Women's Fellowship, programmes and accounts, Youth Guild accounts; service books and Ousby Chapel centenary celebration brochure
Circuit plan and directories (some printed on cloth) for Kirkoswald Wesleyan Methodist Circuit (1895-1932); Renwick prayer leaders' plan (1817)
Preaching plans; Lazonby Methodist Church account book; Temple Sowerby Methodist Church account book; Circuit Effort account book; Quarterly Meeting account book; documents relating to the Remodelling Scheme; 1965-2014
Copies of 'The Monthly Record,' monthly magazine for the Penrith and Kirkoswald Methodist Wesleyan Circuits, including a nationally produced Wesleyan inset (1907-1935) Includes Wesleyan news relating to the First World War with local Wesleyan Roll of Honour
Kirkoswald Circuit committee minutes and Langwathby and Skirwith Methodist Churches, including: notice books and diaries, collection journals, minutes of trustees, societies and Church Council, Sunday School Accounts, 1892-2002
Property of Andy Holliday, including: flyers, notices, booklets, service sheets, programmes, assorted papers, photographs, Wesley Historical Society journals, appraisal of circuit. family memoirs and cookery book, 1864-2015
Attendance book and rough minute book (Kirkoswald) 1999-2013; Deeds, correspondence and papers (Glassonby) 1839-2009
Circuit plans and directories, 1962-1983 (with gaps)
Records relating to Lazonby Chapel (land and property, trustees, licensing, 1861-2009); Counterfoils for baptism and marriage registers 1918-2005); Coroners' orders, items relating to Langwathby Chapel, Notice of Harvest Festival, Low Hesket, 1950
ContextThe Kirkoswald Wesleyan Circuit was formed in 1871 from the Penrith Wesleyan Circuit..
Catalogue levelFonds
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