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TitleLegal papers as Receiver General of Cumberland and Westmorland
DescriptionIn the matter of mismanaging the finances (despatch of moneys)By Andrew Hudleston (1638-1706) and his son William (his assistant) (1674-1741). This Andrew 1638-1706 was father to Wilfred of Hutton John. Concerned the sums sent to London (and elsewhere); includes two cases (defences) by Andrew Hudleston, one (1697) before the House of Commons; these mention "Scotch and other foreign moneys" in circulation at Whitehaven, and that English milled coin was taken to Scotland and Ireland and sold at a profit; as to re-coining; and that two local drovers took some bills of exchange for their cattle. Father and son were called to account in Chancery by John Haynes, a City of London tobacconist
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