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TitleLowther family, Earls of Lonsdale of Lowther Hall, Lowther Castle and Askham Hall
DescriptionLowther estate records refer to the following places and manors: In Cumberland: Armathwaite, Biglands and Gamelsby, Birkby, Broughton, Caldbeck, Cardew, Carlisle, Croglin, Dean, Gamblesby, Gilsland Barony, Greystoke Barony, Grinsdale, Hawksdale, Hewthwaite, Inglewood Forest, Kirkbride, Laythes, Newton Reigny, Oulton, Penrith, Plumpton, Skelton and Ellonby, Threlkeld, Warnell, Whinfell, Wiggonby, Wigton, Whitehaven, Workington, Wythop. Barony of Burgh-by-Sands including Aikton, Anthorn, Beaumont, Boustead Hill, Bowness, Burgh-by-Sands, Cardurnock, Drumburgh, Easton, Etterby, Fingland, Glasson, Kirkandrews-upon-Eden, Kirkbampton, Little Bampton, Longburgh, Longcroft, Moorhouse, Oughterby, Nealhouse, Micklethwaite, Parton, Rockliffe, Stainton, Thornby, Thursby, Thurstonfield, Wampool, Westlinton, Whitrigg Lees and Wormanby.
In Westmorland: Appleby, Asby Winderwath, Askham, Bampton, Barton, Bolton, Bretherdale, Brougham, Brough, Burneside, Clawthorpe, Cliburn, Clifton, Crackenthorpe, Crosby Garrett, Crosby Ravensworth, Cundale and Knipe, Docker, Dufton, Eamont Bridge, Fawcett Forest, Firbank and Killington, Grayrigg, Great and Little Musgrave, Great and Little Strickland, Hackthorpe, Hardendale and Wasdale, Hartsop, Helton, Heltondale, Helton Fleckett, Heversham, Hillbeck, Hilton, Hutton Roof, Kaber, Kentmere, King's Meaburn, Kirkby Lonsdale, Kirkby Stephen, Kirkby Thore, Lambrigg, Levens, Long Marton, Lowther, Lupton, Mallerstang, Mansergh, Maulds Meaburn, Melkinthorpe, Milburn, Morland, Murton, Nateby, Newby, Oglebird (Whinfell), Orton, Patterdale, Preston Patrick, Preston Richard, Ravenstonedale, Reagill, Rosgill, Rydal, Shap, Sleagill, Sockbridge, Soulby, Stainmore, Tebay, Thornthwaite (Bampton Patrick), Thrimby, Tranthwaite, Warcop, Wetsleddale, Whale, Wharton, Winder, Winster, Winton, Yanwath. Barony of Kendal including Ambleside, Applethwaite, Burton, Casterton, Crosthwaite and Lyth, Grasmere, Great and Little Langdale, Greenhead (Hincaster), Hale, Hay and Hutton in the Hay (Scalthwaiterigg), Helsington, Heversham, Kendal, Loughrigg, Middleton, Nethergraveship, New Hutton, Scalthwaiterigg, Staveley and Hugill, Strickland Ketel, Strickland Roger, Thornton-in-Lonsdale (Yorkshire), Troutbeck, Underbarrow, Undermillbeck, Windermere
Datecirca 1135-1968
Extent1500 boxes
Access conditionsThe Lonsdale archive is intended for historical, literary and scientific research, or for exhibition or educational purposes only. Any other purpose requires the written permission of Lowther Estates.
ArrangementThe records of the Lowther collection are arranged in a classification scheme, as follows:
DLONS/L/1 Letters: c. 1530 - 1954

DLONS/L/2 Diaries, notebooks, memoranda books: c. 1623 - 1956

DLONS/L/3 Accounts: c. 1558 - 1968

DLONS/L/4 Wills and settlements: c. 1338 - 1955

DLONS/L/5/1 Title deeds: c. 1135 - 1956
DLONS/L/5/2 Manorial records: c. 1470 - 1954
DLONS/L/5/3/1 Boxed maps and plans: c. 1638 - 1950
DLONS/L/5/3/2 Rolled maps and plans: c. 1638 - 1950
DLONS/L/5/4 General estate records: c. 1575 - 1950
DLONS/L/5/5 Laleham estate, Middlesex: c. 1342 - 1813

DLONS/L/6 Leases and letting: c. 1600 - 1950

DLONS/L/7 Employees: c. 1757 - 1959

DLONS/L/8 Surveys and valuations: c. 1610 - 1967

DLONS/L/9 Sporting records: c. 1715 - 1940

DLONS/L/10 Lawsuits: c. 1576 - 1860

DLONS/L/11 Architectural drawings: c. 1660 - 1958

DLONS/L/12/1 Lowther family of Meaburn: c. 1676 - 1743
DLONS/L/12/2 Le Fleming family of Rydal: c. 1674 - 1770
DLONS/L/12/3 Carleton family of Hillbeck: c. 1498 - 1805
DLONS/L/12/4 Denton family of Cardew: c. 1600 - 1900

DLONS/L/13 Public affairs: c. 1307 - 1930
Council of the North
Admiralty records
Parliamentary and election papers
Lonsdale Battalion, Border Regiment
Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry
Primrose League

DLONS/L/14 Estate improvements: c. 1700 - 1950

DLONS/L/15 Businesses and investments: c. 1846 - 1950

DLONS/L/16 Public undertakings: c. 1700 - 1950
Roads, canals and railways

DLONS/L/17 Boundaries: c. 1553 - 1907

DLONS/L/18 Timber: c. 1742 - 1959

DLONS/L/19 Farming: c. 1800 - 1950

DLONS/L/20 Gardens: c. 1937 - 1938

DLONS/L/21 Tithes: c. 1800 - 1940

DLONS/L/22 War: c. 1913 - 1950

DLONS/L/23 Household: c. 1776 - 1957
Lowther Castle

DLONS/L/24 Charities: c. 1840 - 1940

DLONS/L/25 Schools: c. 1605 - 1965

DLONS/L/26 Ecclesiatical records: c. 1500 - 1940

DlonsL/27 Family and personal: c. 1888 - 1934

DLONS/L/28 Printed and pictorial: c. 1884 - 1944

DLONS/L/29 Miscellaneous: c. 1500 - 1950

DLONS/L/30 Research in archives: c. 1600 - 1950
Copying detailsWritten permission of Lowther Estate.
Catalogue levelSubFonds
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