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TitleKirkoswald School
DescriptionA parish school was first established in Kirkoswald about 1745, and was endowed with a legacy of £100 by John Lowthian, gentleman and £20 stock intended for the poor. These and other sums were later converted to lands producing a rent income. The school was rebuilt on a new site in 1857 at cost of about £600, for 125 children. By this time the school was known as Kirkoswald National (Mixed) School, but its name was officially changed to Kirkoswald Church of England School in February 1907. Attendance never appears to have approached the school's full capacity. In the 1860s and 1870s attendance was in the 60s but from the 1880s to the First World War it rose to around 100, falling during the 1920s to around 60 and increasing slightly in the 1930s.

At the outbreak of the Second World War, Kirkoswald School received 39 evacuees from Newcastle and 4 private evacuees, which necessitated teaching a class of infants in a room in the village for several weeks until the number of evacuees declined (in April 1940 there were 63 local children and 27 evacuees at the school). By November 1944 only 1 Newcastle evacuee remained, with 6 other evacuees from the London area and 60 local children. All the remaining evacuees left Kirkoswald in April 1945, leaving 58 children on the register. Throughout this period Kirkoswald had continued to be an 'all age' mixed school, but in 1948-1949 its senior pupils were transferred to Lazonby (the 14-plus pupils in April 1948 and the remaining 11-plus children in August 1949) so that Kirkoswald became a Junior Mixed and Infants School with 56 children on the roll.

At about the same time by order of the Minister of Education, 28 June 1949, Kirkoswald became a Controlled School, as a consequence a Foundation Management was established, 2 managers representing Cumberland County Council and 2 managers representing the parish council. At the end of the 1950s the school roll fell sharply to below 30 children, but recovered by 1970 into the 40s and continued to improve to reach 60 by the end of the decade and stayed around that level into the 1990s. Nevertheless the school remained a small one, and to increase its viability and that of the other school within the parish, in September 1980 Kirkoswald School was federated with Renwick School. From 11 March 1981the managers of the 2 schools held joint meetings, more or less alternately at either school, the minutes being recorded in the minute book of the host school, until Renwick was closed in July 1987.
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