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TitleNewman Roman Catholic School, Carlisle
DescriptionPhotographs of year groups (with names) and school trips; 6th Form Year Book (2002-2004); list of 2005 6th form students
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ContextSt Patrick's School was founded in 1826 and operated at the time of The Great War as separate girls' and boys' schools, ultimately becoming a mixed secondary school. Following the 1944 Butler Education Act, the tripartite system that originated from the Fisher Education Act of 1918 was refined to create secondary modern schools with a focus on practical subjects in addition to arithmetic and English, Most pupils at a secondary modern school, such as St Patrick's had not achieved the standard in the 11+ examination, which would have enabled them to attend a grammar or technical school.
The school was situated on Spring Gardens Lane, opposite the Grammar School and back-to-back with Lowther Street School. Spring Gardens Lane was a continuation of Albert Street off Victoria Place and turned through ninety degrees beyond St Patrick's School to join with Lowther Street at The Bowling Green Hotel. Part of the street remains off Lowther Street, the remainder together with part of the St Patrick's buildings having vanished under Georgian Way, the first stage of a proposed inner ring road, which opened in December 1970
With this threat in mind, a new school was planned on Lismore Place, close to where additional pre-fabricated classrooms for St Patrick's school and on part of the playing fields which St Patrick's used. Designed by Cassidy and Ashton of Preston, it was to be built in concrete blocks, coloured to reflect the sandstone used so prominently in Carlisle, with a copper clad roof. The school was to be built on a house system, with a substantial wooden-lined hall at its heart.
Its construction was to happen at a time when local authority secondary education was to be reorganised on a comprehensive basis. In Carlisle, boys who passed the 11+ were offered local authority scholarships to attend the private Austin Friars School, run by the Augustinian religious order, as day boys, while girls who passed the 11+ were similarly able to attend St Gabriel's High School, run by the religious order of the Sacred Heart of St Mary.
Catholic Authorities agreed that their secondary schools should also be reorganised on a comprehensive basis and the new school designed for St Patrick's opened as the comprehensive Newman School in September 1968, with new scholarships to Austin Friars discontinued thereafter and St Gabriel's High School pupils joining with those from st Patrick's in the new building, which was immediately extended to increase capacity and provide further facilities for a sixth form, which had not been originally planned.
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