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ReferencePR 35/72
TitleThe Sixteen Men's minute and account book
DescriptionPayments mostly concerned the poor. Matters include: Churchwardens and overseers accounts 1813-1824 (few); agreement for letting poor 1769; original receipts for parish apprentice allowances 1769; account £1.1.0. for repair of school 1779; order "that the poor of the said parish be badged according to Act of Parliament" 1782; election of schoolmaster Jos Gill, 1784; overseers rate (19 pages) 1790; resolution to sell poorhouse at Calthwaite and that the poor be let to poorhouse of St Mary's, Carlisle 1790; order appointing Mr Burn of Orton (Westmorland) arbitrator for parish boundary between Hesket and Hutton 1790; account of cash received £14. 17. 6. for sale of poorhouse at Calthwaite 1791; vestry resolution to commence an action against Sir FF Vane for the arrears due from the rates, to the parish of Hesket [poor rate] 1797; various overseers disbursements for boy's schooling 1798; vestry meeting in 1800, held at the workhouse at Troughhead, passing accounts, (including disbursements, for lame boy, "for 5000 turffs", "for seven days labour" at 1s. 6d.), and including account of expenses for one journey from Hesket to Scaleby, Scaleby to Carlisle, Carlisle to Beaumont, Beaumont to Dalston, and being up all night, 10s. 6d. [Settlement and apprehending] 1800, receipt for 13s., for spinning from workhouse 1813, disbursements of relief to soldiers' wives and children 1813; receipt for 8s. for spinning from workhouse 1814; receipt for 3s. for spinning from workhouse 1815; valuation of goods and bedding taken from workhouse 1815, agreement to let poor to lowest proposer, for three years, to take all included for £570, signatures of Alex. and John Thomlinson 1815. agreement [as above], for £519, signatures of Christ. Watson and John Hesket 1818, and entry stating that they give it up, November 1818, and that a house is to be bought, relief of 7s. 6d., paid to drawing master's wife at Armathwaite 1818; resolution to erect poorhouse at Old Town Gill, on ground set out by the Inglewood Inclosure Commissioners, 1819; resolution to let paupers "by hand" ... "to the lowest undertaker" 1819, and agreement and resolution fixing price at 3s. 6d. per head, 1819; order that charges for eating and drinking at vestry meetings be disallowed [1820]; appointment of Select vestry of twenty 1820; appointment of arbitrators in the boundary dispute between Hesket and Wetheral 1820; vestry allowing £32, to convey John Holmes and his family to "Quebeck in North America", 1820; new valuation for rates 1821
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