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ReferencePR 35/86
TitleCorrespondence: Hesket School and Sunday School
DescriptionIncluding Letter from Charity Commission - the original conveyance deed of the site is still in the Commissioner's custody, 30 September 1859; extracts from will and codicils of William Parker, Esq. - bequest for Sunday School at Hesket (proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1856), n.d. watermarked 1855; copy of deed of acceptance of late William Parker's legacy for the Hesket Sunday School, by the Vicar of Hesket and the Trustees of the Charity, 1859, copy, c.1859; forwarding letter sending this copy, 31 December 1859; list of fees paid [by parents] - name, sum - and details of total numbers attending and what they pay, 1861; statement of the school charities' accounts 1865; letter from Education Dept., Whitehall - now agrees that Mellguards School should not be for 67 but for 38-40, and others to go to Armathwaite School, which shall be enlarged to take 80 in all, 19 March 1873; further letters, October 1874-February 1875; includes consent to new school for 70 pupils at Calthwaite, as solution to problem, 19 February, 1875; letter intimating that H.M.I. will visit in March in future, instead of November, 7 April 1875; Charity Commission letter - fears loss of income where invested in Turnpike Securities, as with Hesket's, in the Carlisle-Penrith Turnpike bonds, 31 May 1877; forwarding letter from Cant & Fairer, solicitors, Penrith - sending Vicar copy of 1853 conveyance and copy County court order 1860, 1 May 1906; Board of Education correspondence re Scott's Charity (for education in Plumpton Wall, Plumpton Street, and Hallrigg) 1921-24, including copy of the Charity Commission Order for the Scott Charity 1898, 1921 - 1924; Charity Commission statement of investments for the Hesket School charities, 18 April 1923
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