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TitleKeswick Petty Sessions
DescriptionThis list incorporates the volumes deposited by the Clerk to the Justices, Workington, on 19th December 1974. These were:- 1974 list references QPK/1/1-17 QPK/2/1-2 QPK/3/1-4 Present references QPK/26-42 QPK/45-46 QPK/48, 51-53 Certain single volumes in these series are not yet deposited, but the reference number has been left free for their future deposit. These are: QPK/5 Minute book, 1887 - 91 QPK/21 Court register, 1921 - 24 QPK/23 Court register, 1926 - 28 QPK/49 Licences register 1892 - 1910
Access conditionsThe Court minute books (Q/PK/1-17) are under restricted access until the entries in each volume are 100 years old.
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