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ContextAn Act of Parliament, 7-8 William III c.32 [1696] required petty constables to make annual returns to Quarter Sessions, of men between 21 & 70 years, qualified to serve as jurors; engrossed copies of the returns, "Freeholders' Books," were to be kept in the custody of the Clerk of the Peace.

The qualification for jury service laid down in the Act of 4-5 William and Mary c.25 [1692] was ownership of freehold or copyhold lands worth £10 or more a year. Extensions were made in 1730 and 1825 to include certain classes of leaseholders.
ArrangementThe returns for Cumberland are normally arranged in bundles ward by ward within each year and they begin as an orderly series about 1750. Bundles before this date are incomplete and in some confusion.
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