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ReferenceWDFCM 1
TitleKirkby Stephen, Appleby and Tebay Methodist Circuit
DescriptionWDFC/M1/1 Appleby (United Methodist Free Church) Circuit
WDFC/M1/2 Appleby Tabernacle
WDFC/M1/3 Kirkby Thore chapel
WDFC/M1/4 Colby Chapel
WDFC/M1/5 Kirkby Stephen and Appleby (Wesleyan Methodist) Circuit
WDFC/M1/6 Kirkby Stephen WM Chapel
WDFC/M1/7 Appleby WM Chapel
WDFC/M1/8 Gaisgill
WDFC/M1/9 Nateby
WDFC/M1/10 Brough Primitive Methodist Circuit
WDFC/M1/11 Brough PM Chapel
WDFC/M1/12 Kirkby Stephen PM Chapel
WDFC/M1/13 Kirkby Stephen, Appleby and Tebay Methodist Circuit
WDFC/M1/14 Kirkby Stephen Centenary Chapel
WDFC/M1/15 Ravenstonedale
WDFC/M1/16 Tebay
WDFC/M1/17 Orton
WDFC/M1/18 Kirkby Stephen Fletcher Hill Chapel
WDFC/M1/19 Brough Sowerby
WDFC/M1/20 Brough High Street
WDFC/M1/21 Crosby Garrett
WDFC/M1/22 Mallerstang
WDFC/M1/23 Mallerstang Band of Hope
WDFC/M1/24 Mouthlock Chapel, South Stainmore
WDFC/M1/25 Soulby
WDFC/M1/26 King's Meaburn
WDFC/M1/27 Maulds Meaburn
WDFC/M1/28 Warcop
WDFC/M1/29 Milburn
WDFC/M1/30 Milburn Band of Hope
WDFC/M1/31 Spital Chapel, Bowes
WDFC/M1/32 Newbiggin on Lune
WDFC/M1/33 Hilton and Murton
WDFC/M1/34 Catherine Holme Chapel
WDFC/M1/35 Knock
WDFC/M1/36 Kaber
WDFC/M1/37 Appleby Sands
WDFC/M1/38 Winton
WDFC/M1/39 Stainmore United Band of Hope
WDFC/M1/40 Ravenstonedale (Wesleyan) Christian Endowment Society
WDFC/M1/41 Ravenstonedale Band of Hope
WDFC/M1/42 Long Marton
WDFC/M1/43 Blencarn
WDFC/M1/44 Vale of Eden Band of Hope
WDFC/M1/45 Unspecified
Date1826 - 1996
Catalogue levelFonds
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