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TitleCasterton Clergy Daughters' School
DescriptionThe school was originally founded by the Reverend William Carus Wilson for the education of daughters of the poorer clergy at Cowan Bridge, Lancashire in 1824. The original building proved inadequate and the school moved to Casterton in 1833.
A similar foundation by the Reverend Carus Wilson for training servants had been begun in 1820 in Tunstall and moved via Whittington to Casterton in 1837. In 1885 the latter school took the name Lowwood Middle Class Boarding School. It failed to gain recognition by the Board of Education in 1915 and amalgamation with the Clergy Daughters' School was recommended. This took place in 1921 from which time both lay and clergy pupils were admitted and the school was called Casterton School for Clergy Daughters and Others. The records do not divide satisfactorily under administrations.
The Casterton Clergy Daughters' School records were first listed when the records were still in situ in the school.
Access conditionsAdmission registers, log books and punishment books subject to 90 (Secondary), 93 (Juniors) and 97 (Infants) years closure
Catalogue levelFonds
Subject termsEducation

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PAX157Casterton/Casterton/Lonsdale Ward/Westmorland
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