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TitleKendal: Christmas: Returns of badgers drovers and maltsters
Description"In Pursuance of an Order made at the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Kirkby-Kendal [all Constables were] required to summon all Badgers, Drovers and Maltsters, Buyers & Transporters of Corn or Grain, Butter or Cheese, or any other dead Victuals, and appear at the Moot Hall in Kendal upon Saturday the Fifteenth [1742/3] and there to enter into Recognizance and take Licences to use the same according to the Law" Township: Ambleside; Maltster: Thomas Partridge; Constable: Thomas Jackson. Township: Applethwaite; Maltster: James Dixon/Dixson of Low Orrest; Constable: James Longmire Township: Applethwaite; Maltster: William/John Longmire of High Orrest Township: Beetham & Farleton; Badger: John Atkinson *; Maltster: John Atkinson *; Constable: George Nelson Township: Beetham & Farleton; Badger: Leonard Hadwen *; Maltster: Leonard Hadwen * Township: Beetham & Farleton; Badger: Thomas Holme/Hollme *; Maltster: Thomas Holme/Hollme * Township: Burton-in-Kendal; Maltster: Un-Named; Constable: Robert French Township: Burton-in-Kendal; Maltster: Un-Named Township: Crook; Maltster: Christopher Jackson; Constable: John Thompson Township: Crook; Maltster: Thomas Stamper Township: Crook; Maltster: Richard Theckston Township: Crosthwaite; Maltster: James Burrow; Constable: Robert Bell Township: Crosthwaite; Maltster: Joseph Taylor Township: Dillicar; Badger: Robert Wilson; Constable: George Holme Township: Docker; Constable: Joseph Newby Township: Grasmere; Constable: Hugh Hawkrigg Township: Grayrigg; Constable: Rowland Hederinton Township: Helsington; Maltster: Robert Dickinson/Dickenson; Constable: Richard Wilson Township: Helsington; Maltster: Epheram Hodgson Township: Hincaster; Constable: Thomas Hall Township: Holme; Maltster: Roger/Rodger Ewin; Constable: John Cock Township: Holme; Maltster: Henry Wadeson Township: Hugill; Constable: William Cookson Township: Hutton Roof; Constable: Arthur Burrow Township: Kentmere; Constable: Hugh Couperthwaite Township: Killington; Maltster: Richard Bonet/Borrett; Constable: Robert Garnett Township: Killington; Maltster: Bryan Moor Township: Killington; Badger: Miles Stephenson Township: Kirkby Lonsdale; Badger: John Bell; Constable: John Dodshon Township: Kirkby Lonsdale; Badger: Isaac Bird Township: Kirkby Lonsdale; Badger: Joseph Hodgson/Hodghon Township: Kirkby Lonsdale; Malster: John Huck Township: Kirkby Lonsdale; Malster: William Moorhouse/Morhouce Township: Kirkby Lonsdale; Badger: Rowland Stanwix/Standix Township: Kirkby Lonsdale; Badger: Robert Tolman Township: Kirkby Lonsdale; Badger: John Wallas/Wallhouce Township: Kirkland; Badger: Thomas Preston; Constable: James Towers Township: Kirkland; Malster: Jeremiah Scot Township: Kirkland; Malster: James Wallas Township: Langdale; Malster: Barnard Grigge/Rigg; Constable: Edward Bowness Township: Langdale; Malster: John Towers Township: Levens; Badger: George Pricket(t); Constable: Richard Harrison Township: Longsleddale; Constable: John Gibson Township: Lupton; Constable: John Burrow Township: Middleton; Malster: Robert Udall Township: Milnthorpe; Drover: Robert Bindloss/Bindlas; Constable: William Wilkinson Township: Milnthorpe; Malster: Joseph Dickinson Township: Milnthorpe; Badger: George Foxcroft; Malster: George Foxcroft Township: Natland; Constable: Joseph Ashton Township: Nether Staveley; Constable: Thomas Bateman Township: Nethergraveship; Constable: Thomas Ellwood Township: New Hutton; Drover: Thomas Benson; Constable: John Wilkinson Township: New Hutton; Badger: John Tarn [?]; Malster: John Tarn [?] Township: Over Staveley; Constable: Gilb[ert] Ayrey Township: Preston Patrick; Drover: Richard Hodgson of Bracken Hall; Constable: Edward Cornthwait Township: Preston Patrick; Badger: Benjamin Mason of Gatebeck Township: Preston Patrick; Badger: Henry Scott of Millhouses Township: Preston Patrick; Badger: Thomas Turner of Goosgreen Township: Preston Patrick; Malster: William Turner of Millhouses Township: Preston Richard; Malster: John Beethom; Constable: Thomas Dickinson Township: Preston Richard; Drover: Thomas Dickinson Township: Preston Richard; Drover: Thomas Halhead Township: Preston Richard; Drover: Richard Selby Township: Rydal & Loughrigg; Malster: John Cookson; Constable: John Fleming Township: Scalthwaiterigg, Hay, Hutton in the Hay; Constable: John Atkinson Township: Sedgwick; Malster: James Dickinson; Constable: George Ward Township: Sedgwick; Drover: John Hind(e) Township: Sedgwick; Malster: George Pricket Township: Skelsmergh & Patton; Malster: William Bateman; Constable: Jonathan [?] Bracken Township: Skelsmergh & Patton; Malster: Robert/Thomas Gilpin Township: Skelsmergh & Patton; Malster: John Hodgson Township: Skelsmergh & Patton; Malster: George Longhorn/Langhorn Township: Stainton; Drover: Nicholas Dickinson; Constable: Richard Dodgson Township: Stainton; Badger: William Mills Township: Strickland Roger & Ketel; Drover: Joseph Arey/Airey; Constable: Thomas Newby Township: Strickland Roger & Ketel; Badger: Joseph Smith; Malster: Joseph Smith Township: Troutbeck; Malster: Robert/Thomas Dixon; Constable: Thomas Hoggart Township: Troutbeck; Malster: Christopher Wilson/Willson Township: Underbarrow; Constable: Richard Robinson Township: Undermilbeck; Malster: Robert Birket(t); Constable: William Hodgson Township: Undermilbeck; Malster: Anthon(e)y Garnet(t) Township: Undermilbeck; Malster: Thomas Wal(l)as Township: Whinfell; Constable: John Shepherd Township: Whitwell & Selside; Constable: John Grigson Township: Witherslack; Malster: Hugh Suart; Drover: James Barrow; Constable: Robert Pool
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