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TitleThompson Church of England (Aided) School, Drigg
DescriptionOriginally an endowed school founded by the Rev William Thompson of Farnworth in the parish of Prescot, Lancashire, a native of the parish of Drigg, for eight poor children born in Drigg and between 7 and 15 years old, to be instructed in the principles of the Church of England, and in reading writing, arithmetic "and other useful and proper learning for poor children". The founder's regulations perscribed that the school master might also teach up to 40 other scholars who were natives or resident in Drigg and 5 who were non-residents, at rates specified. During his lifetime the founder had sole responsibility for the government of the school, the appointment of the master and the selection of charity scholars,and after his death the government of the school was to be vested in seven trustees: the Lord of the manor of Drigg and Carleton, the Bishop of Chester, the Minister of Drigg parish, the Rector of Gosforth parish, the Minister of Muncaster parish, the Headmaster of St Bees Grammar School and William Thompson's heir-at-law. The trusteeship and management of the school were remodelled after the Education Act of 1902, with representatives of Cumberland Education Committee (or from 1974 Cumbria Education Committee) among the managers.

The school roll fluctuated from about 44 in the 1920s to 35 in the 1930s, rising beyond 50 in the late 1940's. In 1949 it was reported that the school had 58 children between the ages of 5 and 15,organised in three classess, taught by two teachers, in one large room. In September 1949 the school was partitioned into an Infants'classroom and a classroom for Juniors and Seniors. On 30 August 1954 the Senior pupils were transferred to Seascale School, leaving the Thompson School as Junior and Infant School for the 5 - 11 age range, having 38 children on its roll. On 4 September 1973 the Thompson School was transferred to Seascale so that it could be extended and improved, and it did not return to Drigg until 3 November 1975. Meanwhile, from 2 September 1974, the 8 - 11 year olds had been permanently transferred to Gosforth C of E School, leaving the Thompson School as an Infants School with one Junior class. From 1 September 1980 the Thompson School was "federated with" the Gosforth C of E School and pupils were taken from Drigg to Gosforth for some of their lessons. On 22 February 1983 Cumbria County Council decided by a majority of one vote to close the school at Drigg, and despite a very vigorous campaign by the parents and an appeal to the Secretary of State for Education, the closure was confirmed and after more than 150 years of teaching the Thompson School ceased to exist on 18 July 1984.
ContextItems 4 - 8 and 33 - 45 were deposited by JH Shuttelworth on 24/3/1964 (A.120). These items were previously held as DS5187.
Items 1 -3 and 46 - 53 were deposited by Mrs PI Clatworthy on 13/9/1984 (A 5187). These items were previously held as DS 5187.
Items 9 - 34 were deposited by Mrs A Pearce on 7/5/1987 (A5888). These items were previously held as DS 888; item 58 deposited by Mrs P Clatworthy on 5 Feb 2013 (H11178).
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