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ReferenceYSPC 20/34
TitleEnclosure map of Ennerdale commons
DescriptionThe map was deposited in 28 separate pieces which are listed individually, according to the original numbering on each piece, to aid identification. YSPC 20/34/1. Map title YSPC 20/34/2. Scale and certification YSPC 20/34/3. Seavy Knott, Brin Craggs, Brandreth, Tongue Beck YSPC 20/34/4. Kirk Fell, Bayscar Slack, Beckhead Tarn, Stone cove YSPC 20/34/5. Part of compass YSPC 20/34/6. High Crag YSPC 20/34/7. Ashcrag Holme, Proud Knott, Dubs Quarry YSPC 20/34/8. Green Cove, Looking Stead, certification YSPC 20/34/9. Blank YSPC 20/34/10. Red Pike, White Pike, The Knors, High Stile YSPC 20/34/11. High Beck, Low Beck, River Liza YSPC 20/34/12. 'Holmes Dixon' YSPC 20/34/13. Blank YSPC 20/34/14. Starling Dodd, Little Dodd, Clews Gill YSPC 20/34/15. Latter Barrow YSPC 20/34/16. 'Rev Joh' YSPC 20/34/17. Gavel Fell, White Oak YSPC 20/34/18. Herdus, Brown How, Steel Brow, Great Borne YSPC 20/34/19. Ennerdale Water, Bowness Knott YSPC 20/34/20. Crag Fell Iron Mine, Black Pots YSPC 20/34/21. Low Bridge Gill YSPC 20/34/22. Crossdale, How Side, Whins, Croft Foot YSPC 20/34/23. Broad Moor, River Ehen YSPC 20/34/24. Crag Fell YSPC 20/34/25. Blank YSPC 20/34/26. Blank YSPC 20/34/27. Far Moor YSPC 20/34/28. Great Stone of Blakeley
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