Name codeNAX23
Person/corporate nameIncludes Keswick, Workington, Maryport and Cockermouth; Cockermouth Poor Law Union; Keswick, Workington, Maryport and Cockermouth Local Boards; 1838-1930
Corporate namesCockermouth Poor Law Union
Other namesCockermouth Poor Law Union
Related namesPublic Assistance Committee
Subordinate bodiesKeswick, Workington, Maryport and Cockermouth Local Boards
JurisdictionIncludes Keswick, Workington, Maryport and Cockermouth

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
SPUCO/14Outdoor Relief1914-1947Whitehaven
SPUCO/3Union Accounts1839-1930Whitehaven
SPUCO/12/8Water and Sewerage facilities1876-1931Whitehaven
SPUCO/5Statistical Returns & Poor Law Board papers1838-1929Whitehaven
SPUCO/1Union Minutes1838-1929Whitehaven
SPUCO/6Workhouse, Children's Homes, Schools & Outdoor Relief1842-1933Whitehaven
SPUCO/4Records of Employees1897-1932Whitehaven
SPUCO/12/10Miscellaneous items1877-1878Whitehaven
SPUCO/2Committee Minutes1877-1930Whitehaven
SPUCO/12/9Administration of Cockermouth Workhouse1877-1878Whitehaven
SPUCO/11Boarding Out Agreements1921-1928Whitehaven
YPR 41/57List of Guardians elected in the Cockermouth Poor Law Union1882Whitehaven
SPUCO/12Correspondence and associated materialGeneral administration of the Cockermouth Rural Sanitary Authority, the Port Sanitary Authority Workington and the Cockermouth Guardians of the Poor Law1876-1931Whitehaven
SPUCO/13Children's Homes1915-1931Whitehaven
SPUCO/12/5Health Provision1866-1978Whitehaven
SPUCO/12/7Administration of poor Relief within the union and for paupers resident elsewhere.1877-1879Whitehaven
SPUCO/12/6Development of local government within the Cockermouth Union1866-1878Whitehaven
SPUCO/13/1Park House Children's Home, 34 North Street, Maryport1915-1931Whitehaven
SPUCOCockermouth Poor Law UnionUnion: Minute books 1838-1929; Committee minutes 1877-1930; Accounts 1839-1930.
Workhouse: Records of employees 1897-1932; Registers of births 1842-1933; Registers of deaths 1842-1933; Admission and discharge registers 1907-1927; Creed registers 1904-1933; Master's day and report books 1925-1933; Medical Officer's report and statement book 1923-1933; Punishment book 1864-1917.
Other records: Register of non-resident poor 1883-1904; Register of children at schools 1887-1922; School admission and discharge register 1907-1932; Children's home admission and discharge book 1922-1933; Children's homes master's report books 1926-1933; Clerk's letter books 1924-1930; Boarding out agreements 1921-1926; Records of Cockermouth Old Age Pensions Sub-Committee 1908-1948 (reference SPUCO 9).
Poor rate books; collecting and deposit books; financial statements and papers; poor rate payment counterfoils, 1880-1919
YDX 179Letter to Cockermouth Workhouse1878Whitehaven
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