Name codeNAX54
Person/corporate nameHarrington Junior School
Corporate namesHarrington Junior School
Other namesHarrington Junior School

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
YDS 68/8/2/2Classroom code of conduct2000Whitehaven
YDS 68/8/1/6Report on the production 'Celebration'Feb 2000Whitehaven
YDS 68/8/2/1School newsletter (issue number 4)Dec 1999Whitehaven
YDS 68/8/1/3Script for the production 'Celebration'2000Whitehaven
YDS 68/8/2/3Photographs of commemorative millennium trees planted on 18 Jan 20002000Whitehaven
YDS 68/7Other records1957Whitehaven
YDS 68/3Governance1952-2005Whitehaven
YDS 68/4/2School status reportsIncludes correspondence concerning staffing numbers.1978-1991Whitehaven
YDS 68/6School publications1983-2003 [gaps]Whitehaven
YDS 68/4Administration and finance1974-1999Whitehaven
YDS 68/2/1Admission register1913-1927Whitehaven
YDS 68/1/5Log book of Harrington Junior School1957-1975Whitehaven
YDS 68/4/1School accounts1974-1999Whitehaven
YDS 68/2Admission1913-2005Whitehaven
YDS 68/7/1Photograph of Harrington 1st XI football teamWith names of players and sports masters on dorse1957Whitehaven
YDS 68/3/4Papers concerning amalgamation of schools in Harrington and SalterbeckMar 2000-Apr 2004Whitehaven
YDS 68/5Inspections1956-1996Whitehaven
YDS 68/5/1Inspection report on Church Road County School, HarringtonApril 1956Whitehaven
YDS 68/6/1School prospectus and parent information bookletsLater editions include governors' reports.1983-2003 [gaps]Whitehaven
YDS 68/3/3Minutes of Governors' meetingsIncludes financial and other papers.Mar 2004-Jul 2005Whitehaven
YDS 68/8Box of TimeDocuments collected by school pupils as part of a Cumbria Archive Service project to mark the millennium1997-2000Whitehaven
YDS 68/3/4/1Correspondence and papers concerning consultation processIncludes correspondence from Cumbria County Council, governors of schools, press cuttingsMar 2000-Mar 2004Whitehaven
YDS 68/3/4/3Office of Schools AdjudicatorPapers, correspondence and copy of press release of decision to establish new primary school on site of Harrington Junior School.Feb 2004-Apr 2004Whitehaven
YDS 68/8/3Local publications1997-1999Whitehaven
YDS 68/8/2School information2000Whitehaven
YDS 68/8/1Millennium Show, Carnegie Theatre, Workington1999-2000Whitehaven
YDS 68/8/1/5School information and letters regarding the performance of the 'Celebration' concert1999-2000Whitehaven
YDS 68/8/1/2Programme for Harrington community's production 'Celebration: the Millennium and Beyond' (lists school cast and choir members)Feb 2000Whitehaven
YDS 68/8/1/4Pupils' letters recounting the 'Celebration' concert2000Whitehaven
YDS 68/3/4/4Plans of proposed extention of Harrington Junior SchoolPlans drawn by Capita Maryport Local PracticeJan 2004Whitehaven
YDS 68/2/4Admission register1948-1958Whitehaven
YDS 68/2/5Admission register1958-1970Whitehaven
YDS 68/5/2Inspection report on Harrington Junior SchoolIncludes parent summary and newspaper cuttings relating to the report1996Whitehaven
YDS 68/8/1/1Pupils' posters and reports promoting Harrington community's Millennium Show2000Whitehaven
YDS 68/1/3Log book of Harrington Church Road Mixed Junior School1924-1935Whitehaven
YDS 68/1/4Log book of Harrington Church Road Mixed Junior School1935-1956Whitehaven
YDS 68/3/1Minute bookSigned minutes of Managers' meetings until 1980 when become minutes of Governors' meetings.1952-1982Whitehaven
YDS 68/3/2Minutes of Governors' meetingsIncludes papers and accounts relating to meetings, parental summary of OFSTED report, 1998 and official Instrument of Government, 1999.Jul 1997-Jun 1999Whitehaven
YDS 68/3/4/2Schools Organisation Committee for CumbriaPapers, minutes and correspondence, including letters of objection and support, details of Salterbeck School option and correspondence between council committees.Jan 2003-Mar 2004Whitehaven
YDS 68/2/2Admission registerThere is some overlap in this register with YDS 68/2/31927-1940Whitehaven
YDS 68/2/3Admission registerThere is some overlap in this register with YDS 68/2/21935-1948Whitehaven
YDS 68Church Road Junior Mixed School, Harrington/ Harrington Junior SchoolLog books (5); admission registers; Governors' minutes and papers; finance and status papers; inspection reports; 'Box of Time' records collected by school pupils to mark the millennium.1897-2005Whitehaven
YDS 68/1Log books1897-1975Whitehaven
YDS 68/1/1Log book of Harrington Church Road Mixed Junior School1897-1907Whitehaven
YDS 68/1/2Log book of Harrington Church Road Mixed Junior School1907-1924Whitehaven
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