Place codeNA222
Full place name entryLittle Clifton/Workington/Cumberland
Place NameLittle Clifton
Grid RefNY 0528

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
DBT/10/82Conveyance and letter relating to property at Little Clifton1883Whitehaven
YDX 246/1Little Clifton: a plan of Captain Lancelot Bouch's estate in the parish of Workington outsize plan. Surveyor: William Hoodless.98 x 66. 6 chains to 1". Gives field names; acreages; adjacent landowners1829Whitehaven
DCU/Estate Plans/18Plan of allotment on Great and Little Clifton Common. Commissioners' Plan.
Scale: 6 chains to 1 inch.
Feb 1828Whitehaven
DH/184Little Clifton and Bridgefoot, Workingtonundated - circa 1850Whitehaven
DCU/Estate Plans/9Plan of the lands in the Township of Little Clifton in the Parish of Workington, the Royalty being the Property of J C Curwen EsquireFrom an actual survey by J Gash. Table of owners and references. Marks Tithe barn, Clifton chapel, Clifton common, and Crossbarrow farm. Gives field names and acreages.

Scale in chains and yards: 2.5 chains to 1 inch. 55 yds. to 1 inch.
YDX 486Miscellaneous papers and documents relating to property at Distington, to Longhorn Mines at Cleator Moor and to Little Clifton driftSchedule of title deeds of Stone Fold Gate at Distington, 1845; abstract of accounts of John Gate [1890s]; photocopy of valuation of engine and plant at Longhorn Mine by Thomas Eastwood, 1863; photocopy of account for disposal of iron ore at Longhorn Mine, 1865; photographs of Little Clifton drift, 1969.1845-1969Whitehaven
DBT/7/209Papers, including plan, relating to the purchase of land at Little Clifton for the Marron extensionRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1866 - 1868Whitehaven
DBT/7/218Papers, including copy deeds and plans (2), relating to the Marron extension of the Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway , and the purchase of land in Brigham, Workington, Little Clifton and Greysouthen1864 - 1869Whitehaven
DCU/Estate Plans/16Enclosure award and plan of Great and Little Clifton Common.John Norman of Kirkandrews on Eden, Commissioner.
Scale: 5 chains to 1 inch.
17 Sep 1817Whitehaven
DBT/7/227Papers, including plans (2) and copy deeds, relating to the purchase of land at Little CliftonRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co; 1864 - 1865, 1868 - 1870 1864 - 1870Whitehaven
YDX 22/2Report, copy leases, and lease particulars relating to land in Camerton, Great and Lifton Clifton, Dean, Greysouthen, Winscales, and Workington leased to Allerdale Coal Company Limited(original file numbers 18/1-6)1873-1938Whitehaven
DBT/10/150Title deeds (14), vouchers and papers relating to Fawcett's estate at Little Clifton and Moresby1689 - 1769Whitehaven
DBT/7/189PapersIncluding: plans (2); copy deeds; Abstract of will of William Poow, yeoman of Little Clifton, and of certain deeds relating to land at Little Clifton; Isaac Thompson v. Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co.: possession of land, relating to the purchase of land at Little Clifton 1865 - 1866Whitehaven
YPR 36/70Great and Little Clifton enclosure act1814Whitehaven
YPR 40/23Copy and draft deeds relating to: Great Clifton; Crossbarrow, Little Clifton; coal seams in Workington; laying of water pipes in Kinniside; lease of coal seams under the vicarage glebe1793 - 1919Whitehaven
DH/184/1Estate plan of land at Clifton and Bridgefoot.undated, circa 1850Whitehaven
YDSO 39/29Melbreak Hotel, Little Clifton (site code L9516)2005Whitehaven
DBT/28/105CLIFTON, GREAT & LITTLEA plan of land in the townships of Little and Great Clifton, the property of Joseph Sanderson. Jonathan Stanwix. 84 × 113. 3 ch. to 1". Field names; acreages; adjacent landowners 1825Whitehaven
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