Place codeNA432
Full place name entrySt Bridget's Church/Brigham/Cumberland
Place NameSt Bridget's Church

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
YPR 29/39Register of services1909 - 1928Whitehaven
YPR 29/51Brigham enclosure award and plan1819Whitehaven
YPR 29/Plans/11Brigham Proposed extension to Brigham churchyard, Montagu Harrison1872Whitehaven
YPR 29/28Church treasurer's accounts book1929 - 1955Whitehaven
YPR 29/43Register of services1961 - 1968Whitehaven
YPR 29/48Register of services1971 - 1990Whitehaven
YPR 29/44Vicar's rough banns book1947 - 1950Whitehaven
YPR 29/45Terrier and Inventory1949, 1963Whitehaven
YPR 29/40Register of services1928 - 1941Whitehaven
YPR 29/53Minute book of the Parochial Church Council1979 - 1990Whitehaven
YPR 29/54Banns of marriage1967 - 1987Whitehaven
YPR 29/24Churchwardens' account bookAt back, annual lists of the churchwardens and sidesmen, 1745-1788.
Detailed accounts
1709 - 1822Whitehaven
YPR 29/49Minute book of the Parochial Church Council, Church Meetings, and Vestry Meetings1928 - 1960Whitehaven
YPR 29/25Churchwardens' account bookAt back,
Accounts of distributions to poor under Mrs. Susannah Fletcher's bequest, 1825-34
1825 - 1833Whitehaven
YPR 29/11Register of marriages1796 - 1812Whitehaven
YPR 29/36Transcript of the parish registers of Brigham 1564-1682, by the Revd. James Taylor, a former Curate of Brigham1874Whitehaven
YPR 29/29Terriers1778, 1867*, 1878*, 1894, 1908

* = duplicate copy also deposited
1778 - 1908Whitehaven
YPR 29/30Ordnance Survey parish gazetteer (Brigham)Tracing of Hards Farm is inserted1867Whitehaven
YPR 29/27Parochial Church Council minute book1920 - 1963Whitehaven
YPR 29/26Churchwardens' account bookAt back
Vestry Minutes and accounts of distributions to the poor under Mrs. Fletcher's bequest, etc., 1836-1891
1834 - 1890Whitehaven
YPR 29/33Plan of church showing proposed provision of chapel in South Aisle (J.H. Martindale, Carlisle, architect)UndatedWhitehaven
YPR 29/32Church restoration subscription list, 1864, with accounts 1864-731864 - 1873Whitehaven
YPR 29/38Register of services1885 - 1908Whitehaven
YPR 29/52Minute book of vestry meetings, and churchwarden accounts (1891-1922)1891 - 1989Whitehaven
YPR 29/34-2Brigham Church by Isaac Fletcher; First published 18791996Whitehaven
YPR 29/37Register of services1874 - 1885Whitehaven
YPR 29/46Receipts daybook1964 - 1972Whitehaven
YPR 29/47Payments daybook1964 - 1972Whitehaven
YPR 29/10Register of banns and marriages1754 - 1796Whitehaven
YPR 29/50Minute book of the Parochial Church Council, Church Meetings, and Vestry Meetings1964 - 1979Whitehaven
YPR 29/4Register of baptismsThe flyleaf lists parish registers extant in 18311813 - 1832Whitehaven
YPR 29/41Register of services1946 - 1952Whitehaven
YPR 29/42Register of services1952 - 1961Whitehaven
YPR 29/1Register of baptisms, marriages and burialsBaptisms 1564 - 1602, 1661 - 1757
Marriages 1564 - 1602, 1661 - 1754
Burials 1564 - 1602, 1661 - 1757
1564 - 1757Whitehaven
YPR 29/2Register of baptisms and burialsBurials 1758 - 1791
Baptisms 1758 - 1791
1758 - 1791Whitehaven
YPR 29/3Register of baptisms and burialsBaptisms 1792 - 1813,
Burials 1792 - 1813

Extracts from Mosser chapel register, Baptisms 1783 - 1812,
Burials 1783 - 1812
1792 - 1813Whitehaven
YPR 29/5Register of baptisms1832 - 1862Whitehaven
YPR 29/6Register of baptisms1862 - 1882Whitehaven
YPR 29/7Register of baptisms1882 - 1938Whitehaven
YPR 29/12Register of marriages1813 - 1824Whitehaven
YPR 29/13Register of marriages1824 - 1837Whitehaven
YPR 29/14Register of marriages1837 - 1889Whitehaven
YPR 29/55Register of baptisms1938 - 1991Whitehaven
YPR 29/56Register of marriages1970 - 1988Whitehaven
YPR 29/57Register of burials1936 - 1992Whitehaven
YPR 29/15Register of marriages1889 - 1921Whitehaven
YPR 29/16Register of marriages1921 - 1935Whitehaven
YPR 29/17Register of marriages1935 - 1944Whitehaven
YPR 29/18Register of marriages1945 - 1956Whitehaven
YPR 29/35Register of marriages1957 - 1970Whitehaven
YPR 29/8Register of banns1823 - 1942Whitehaven
YPR 29/9Register of banns1951 - 1967Whitehaven
YPR 29/19Register of burials1813 - 1841Whitehaven
YPR 29/20Register of burials1841 - 1860Whitehaven
YPR 29/21Register of burials1860 - 1874Whitehaven
YPR 29/22Register of burials1874 - 1899Whitehaven
YPR 29/23Register of burials1899 - 1935Whitehaven
YPR 29/34-1Portfolio of papers on the churchwatermarked 1826-1897. Mainly relating to alterations in the 1860s and 1870s; including drawings, letters, notes; draft text of paper by Isaac Fletcher on the church's history 1878. Also includes,
Agreement between the Cumberland Coal Owners' Association and the Vicar and Churchwardens - for supply of electric lighting, 1922; and vouchers for its installation, 1923 1922-1923.
1826 - 1897Whitehaven
YPR 29Brigham, St Bridget Parish Registers, Churchwardens, Parochial Church Council, Property Income, Statutory Deposit, Plans1564 - 1996Whitehaven
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