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Full place name entrySt Michael's Church/Workington/Cumberland
Place NameSt Michael's Church

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
YPR 36/61Minute book1818 - 1837Whitehaven
YPR 36/60Minute book1791 - 1831Whitehaven
YPR 36/36Copy deed and plan of mutual leases, wayleaves and covenants from Workington docks over glebe land1894Whitehaven
YPR 36/20Papers relating to the appointment of the Rev. Henry Curwen as curate and then rector of Workington1836 - 1837Whitehaven
YPR 36/27Admittances, accounts, lists of tenants and copy rental relating to the manor of the rectory of Workington1754, 1761, 1782 - 1789, n.d1754 - 1789Whitehaven
YPR 36/37Legal papers relating to three lawsuits involving the rector of Workington re. income due to the benefice1877, 1886, 18951877 -1895Whitehaven
YPR 36/58Copy terriers of 1698 (2), n.d1825, 1830Whitehaven
YPR 36/35Draft and final tenancy agreement for glebe land on Curwen Moor1892Whitehaven
YPR 36/50Rate book1847Whitehaven
YPR 36/51Rate book1853Whitehaven
YPR 36/41Rate book1828 - 1829Whitehaven
YPR 36/19SermonsUndated c. 1800Whitehaven
YPR 36/57FacultiesTo build a pew 1679
To instal a new organ in the organ gallery and loft 1820
1679 - 1820Whitehaven
YPR 36/62Minute book1838 - 1876Whitehaven
YPR 36/49Rate book1845Whitehaven
YPR 36/48Rate book1844Whitehaven
YPR 36/23Appointment, signed by principal landowners etc., of Trustees1762Whitehaven
YPR 36/42Rate book1835 - 1836Whitehaven
YPR 36/22Draft agreement appointing Trustees1762Whitehaven
YPR 36/43Rate bookIndexed1838 - 1839Whitehaven
YPR 36/94Register of baptisms1949 - 1961Whitehaven
YPR 36/97Register of marriages1920 - 1927Whitehaven
YPR 36/46Rate book1841Whitehaven
YPR 36/53Legal opinions and papers relating to a lawsuit on the levying of the Workington church rate1842 - 1843, 1846 - 18471842 - 1847Whitehaven
YPR 36/56Accounts (some printed)1870 - 1876, 1879 - 1891, n.d1870 - 1891Whitehaven
YPR 36/109Register of services1887 - 1893Whitehaven
YPR 36/66Volume of Acts of Parliament relating to the building of new churches (1818-1819, 1822, 1824, 1827); indexed1827Whitehaven
YPR 36/34Copy conveyance and plan relating to the sale of Clay Flatt and Great Clay Flatt, Belle Isle Place and Cook Lane, Workington to James Whitfield and others1880Whitehaven
YPR 36/32Deed of exchangeAnd copies 2 with plans attached, between the rector of Workington and John Christian Curwen, of glebe land south of Workington harbour for various plots of land to the south of St. Michael's church

N.B. seemingly an error on one copy, dating a conveyance 1936 rather than 1963
1809, undatedWhitehaven
YPR 36/59Minute book mainly relating to the enlargement and the rebuilding of the church1762, 1770, 17741762 - 1774Whitehaven
YPR 36/69Sacrament collectionsAccounts of collection and distribution of collections for the poor St. Michael's 1832 - 18351832 - 1887Whitehaven
YPR 36/44Rate book1839 - 1840Whitehaven
YPR 36/45Rate book1840 - 1841Whitehaven
YPR 36/55Account book1842 - 1869Whitehaven
YPR 36/63Advertisements (2, illustrated) of bell founders and bell hangersUndated c. 1770Whitehaven
YPR 36/68Acts of ParliamentTo make better provision for the assignment of ecclesiastical districts to churches and chapels augmented by the Governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne; 1839
Extracts printed from an Act for the further amendment of the Church Building Acts 1845
1839 - 1845Whitehaven
YPR 36/64Legal answer in Stanley v. Wybergh et al relating to Plumbland tithe payments1814Whitehaven
YPR 36/54Accounts of money collected and alphabetical lists of poor communicants to whom it was distributed1817 - 1832Whitehaven
YPR 36/101Register of marriages1949 - 1958Whitehaven
YPR 36/13Register of marriages1830 - 1837Whitehaven
YPR 36/89Register of baptisms1909 - 1915Whitehaven
YPR 36/87Plans of the ground floor of the church and the galleries before the restoration of 1770Undated late 19th centuryWhitehaven
YPR 36/99Register of marriages1935 - 1942Whitehaven
YPR 36/95Register of baptisms1961 - 1981Whitehaven
YPR 36/29Act of Parliament for ... an exchange between the ... rector of ... Workington ... and John Christian Curwen1797Whitehaven
YPR 36/25Workington church: gallery planNo surveyor
92 × 68
No scale
Pew allotments and values
YPR 36/30Counterpart lease (damaged) to William Fell of glebe land adjoining Cook's Lane, Workington1808Whitehaven
YPR 36/21Copy licence to W.A. Voss to be curate1862Whitehaven
YPR 36/24Schedule of pew allotmentsundated [circa 1762]Whitehaven
YPR 36/2Register of baptisms, marriages, burials1714 - 1745Whitehaven
YPR 36/111Register of marriages1986 - 1994Whitehaven
YPR 36/90Register of baptisms1915 - 1921Whitehaven
YPR 36/40Rate book1825 - 1828Whitehaven
YPR 36/113Miscellaneous papersMiscellaneous copy deed poll of 1860
Memorandum of lease
Schedules and Order of the Charity Commission
1860 - 1979Whitehaven
YPR 36/108Register of confirmations1947 - 1986Whitehaven
YPR 36/9Register of banns and marriagesNB Page 157 and 158 been removedApr 1754 - 1783Whitehaven
YPR 36/73Register of baptismsBaptisms
Gives dates of births also
1888 - 1893Whitehaven
YPR 36/102Register of marriages1958 - 1973Whitehaven
YPR 36/110Register of services1893 - 1904Whitehaven
YPR 36/52Rate book1860Whitehaven
YPR 36/47Poll rate book1843Whitehaven
YPR 36/39Rate bookFor church repairs1813 - 1814Whitehaven
YPR 36/33Valuations and papers relating to benefice incomeUndated 19th centuryWhitehaven
YPR 36/3Register of baptisms, marriages and burialsIncludes copy terrier 1749

Baptisms and burials 1746 - 1783
Marriages 1746 - March 1754
1746 - 1783Whitehaven
YPR 36/26Letters, legal opinions, copy deeds, depositions, accounts, plans, subscription lists, pew lists, organ and bell estimates and papersRelating to: the enlarging and rebuilding of the church; the subsequent administrative progress through the ecclesiastical courts; opposition from Sir James Lowther and others; and the allotment and valuation of new pews. Documents date 1749, 1752, 1760 - 1763, 1766 - 1770, 1772, n.d1769 - 1772Whitehaven
YPR 36/31Deed of exchange1. Rev. Peter How, rector of Workington
2. John Christian Curwen of Workington Hall, patron
3. The Bishop of Chester
Consideration: 10s.
Premises: glebe land in Workington
The rector's right to use Curwen's railways, wharfs, hurries, docks and quays for shipping coals was reserved; so too was Curwen's right to build railways etc. over glebe land leading from Isabella Pit
26 August 1809Whitehaven
YPR 36/38Miscellaneous papers relating to the property and income of the beneficeIncluding: list of parish records, 1816; permission to extend No. 1 jetty, 1839; lease of Hag Hill, Workington, 1871; rents from Clifton and Stainburn moors, 1893-1894, 1896;

1674, copy,
1816, 1823,
1827, 1839,
1847, 1859,
1870 - 1871,
1893 - 1894,
1896, n.d.

Copy Workington rental 1679-1751
1674 - 1896Whitehaven
YPR 36/96Register of baptismsIncludes dates of birth6 Mar 1994 - 5 Sep 1994Whitehaven
YPR 36/100Register of marriages1942 - 1949Whitehaven
YPR 36/91Register of baptisms1921 - 1930Whitehaven
YPR 36/104Register of banns1970 - 1987Whitehaven
YPR 36/5Register of baptisms1813 - 1823Whitehaven
YPR 36/10Register of banns and marriages1783 - 1800Whitehaven
YPR 36/12Register of marriages1813 - 1830Whitehaven
YPR 36/14Register of marriages1837 - 1857Whitehaven
YPR 36/6Register of baptisms1823 - 1841Whitehaven
YPR 36/7Register of baptisms1841 - 1869Whitehaven
YPR 36/8Register of baptisms1869 - 1880Whitehaven
YPR 36/17Register of burials1828 - 1843Whitehaven
YPR 36/18Register of burials1843 - 1862Whitehaven
YPR 36/98Register of marriages1927 - 1934Whitehaven
YPR 36/82Banns bookBanns1932 - 1945Whitehaven
YPR 36/88Register of baptisms1904 - 1909Whitehaven
YPR 36/75Register of baptismsBaptisms1899 - 1904Whitehaven
YPR 36/15Register of marriages1857 - 1873Whitehaven
YPR 36/76Register of marriagesMarriages1873 - 1885Whitehaven
YPR 36/72Register of baptismsBaptisms1881 - 1888Whitehaven
YPR 36/78Register of marriagesMarriages1894 - 1902Whitehaven
YPR 36/79Register of marriagesMarriages1902 - 1908Whitehaven
YPR 36/77Register of marriagesMarriages1885 - 1894Whitehaven
YPR 36/81Register of marriagesMarriages1915 - 1920Whitehaven
YPR 36/83Banns bookBanns1947 - 1949Whitehaven
YPR 36/84Banns bookBanns1949 - 1952Whitehaven
YPR 36/85Banns bookBanns1952 - 1960Whitehaven
YPR 36/1Register of baptisms, marriages and burialsBaptisms 1664, 1670-1713
Marriages 1670-1713
Burials 1664, 1670-1713

The entries are copied until 1697; the register also includes the following:
Miscellaneous memoranda n.d. early 18C.
Account of briefs collected 1623, 1707-1711
Epiphany prayer n.d.
Charges for a horse and man from Workington and district n.d.
Parsonage tenants in Priestgate n.d. c.1700
Note of the induction of Rev. John Bolton, 1619 n.d. c.1700
Memorandum relating to the profits of the rectory n.d. c.1700
Memorandum relating to the course of the river Derwent n.d. c.1700

In reverse:
National historical memoranda n.d.
Accounts for repairing the church 1705
Court book of the manor of the rectory of Workington 1734 - 1754
1664 - 1713Whitehaven
YPR 36/86Banns bookBanns1960 - 1970Whitehaven
YPR 36/11Register of banns and marriagesPages 59-60 missing (marriages)1801 - 1812Whitehaven
YPR 36/74Register of baptismsBaptisms
Gives dates of births also
1893 - 1899Whitehaven
YPR 36/92Register of baptisms1930 - 1940Whitehaven
YPR 36/93Register of baptisms1940 - 1949Whitehaven
YPR 36/103Register of marriages1973 - 1986Whitehaven
YPR 36/105Register of burials1862 - 1967Whitehaven
YPR 36/106Register of burials1967 - 1980Whitehaven
YPR 36/107Register of burials1980 - 1988Whitehaven
YPR 36/16Register of burials1813 - 1828Whitehaven
YPR 36/112Award of Inclosure Book1815Whitehaven
YPR 36Workington, St Michael Parish Registers, Incumbent, Churchwardens, Vestry, St John's Chapel, Clifton Chapel1664-1994Whitehaven
YPR 36/28Account bookWinscales tithe composition 1757 - 1778
Priestgate rents 1757 - 1806
Farm leases 1757 - 1791
Watch-house lease 1757 - 1766
Chancel seat rents 1758 - 1769
Tithe prescriptions 1758 - 1790
1757 - 1806Whitehaven
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