Place codeNA8
Full place name entryWestfield/Workington/Cumberland
Place NameWestfield

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
YBSC/1/1/1/60Conveyance of 1 Garth Road, Westfield, Workingtonbetween 1) British Steel Corporation and 2) Alan Birtles and Elizabeth Joyce Birtles. With plan.26 Jul 1982Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/4/6Plan of Mossbay and Westfieldshowing field numbers and acreages, and LMS Railway Mossbay Branch
Scale: 25344"=1 mile
YDSO 90/3/4Westfield Community Centre Income2001Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/4/10Plan of Ellis Sports Ground and Jane and Buddle Pits (disused)showing LMS Whitehaven junction and part of Westfield
Sketch no. 1762
Scale: 1/2500
3 November 1936Whitehaven
YDSO 90/3/1Westfield Welfare Centre v Allerdale District Council; JudgementReport on case brought by Allerdale regarding 50% relief on rates payableAugust 1986Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/12/4FarmsMicklam, Chapel Bank, Holehouses, Lowca, Westfield
British Dominions Insurance Company Limited
United Steel Companies Limited
YDSO 90/1/1Correspondence re remedial work to building roof1979Whitehaven
YDSO 90/1/2Correspondence with the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation1998-2000Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/4/5Plan of Westfieldshowing Mossbay Road and LMS Moss Bay Branch
Scale: 25.344"=1 mile
c 1930Whitehaven
YBSC/1/1/1/59Conveyance of 30 Garth Road, Westfield, Workingtonbetween 1) British Steel Corporation and 2) Brian Walker and Ethel Muriel Walker. With plan.2 Feb 1982Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/4/8Site plan for aged workmen's cottage homes at Westfield, Moss BaySurveyors Department: Harrington Collieries, Scale: 66'=1".14 Jun 1935Whitehaven
YDS 51Westfield Board/Council School, WorkingtonLog books and admission registers1884-1916Whitehaven
DCU/Estate Plans/25Plan of Salterbeck and Westfield.No scalecirca 1840Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/4/15Plan of proposed new road (later Westfield Drive)between Mossbay Road and LMS Cleator and Workington branch line, showing housing and estate at Westfield
Scale: 25.344"=1 mile. 3 plans, with variations.
c 1950Whitehaven
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