Place codePAX1
Full place name entryUlverston/Ulverston/Furness/Lancashire (Pre 1974)
Place NameUlverston
Grid RefSD2878

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BDX 301/1PlanLand at Swarthmoor belonging to the town and hamlet of Ulverstone, by W. Wilkinson.September 1886Barrow
ZS/296Coward's Best Virginia tobacco1807Barrow
BDX 342/12Newspapers1877 - 1962Barrow
BDX 294Withers Solicitors31 Dec 1881Barrow
ZS/1053Sam Tyson, Ulverston, solicitry post of Town Clerk.On microfilm.1824Barrow
BDX 190/2'Division 1'File containing papers relating to the schemes of divisional administration; annual reports; minutes of the Divisional Executive; correspondence; notes on schools.1972-15 February 1974Barrow
BDX 441/2/1/4Invoices receivedFrom, Joseph Postlethwaite, Draper, William Bowness, Fletcher & Robinson, T. F. Tyson & Sons, R. H. Groocock, Joiner.1 Apr 1914-Nov 1916Barrow
BDX 316/1/1Enclosure Actfor dividing and enclosing the commons, waste grounds and mosses, within the town and hamlet of Ulverstone.1799Barrow
BDX 342/10/1Booklet'The County Hotel, Ulverston: A Souvenir of the Hotel with the Manager's Compliments'.circa 1900Barrow
BDX 342/4/4Letter from Bank of Liverpool Limited, Ulverstone, to Mr. J. Coward, Ulverstone, relating to loan of plan for Brickfield propertylate 19th centuryBarrow
BDX 342/10/2Booklet'100 years of progress: centenary of a famous firm of Ulverston booksellers, printers and stationers, Atkinsons, 6 King Street, Ulverston', 1837-1937.1937Barrow
BDX 342/12/3"The Times" London Midland and Scottish Railway Centenary Supplement20 Sep 1938Barrow
ZS/235Winder and Ogden, Ulverston,dancing school.1807Barrow
ZS/713Ulverston Poor Law Accounts.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/233Mr Winder, Ulverston,dancing school.1802Barrow
ZS/151G Ashburner, Ulverston,Catalogue of stock.1801Barrow
ZS/850The Ellers, Ulverston. Reward notice.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/978Ulverston. Worthington. Hotel billhead.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/222W Worrall, Ulverston,barber and wigmaker.1804Barrow
ZS/154John Johnson, Ulverston,sale of shoes.1806Barrow
ZS/225Receipt form - Ulverston.1805Barrow
ZS/274Andrew Sharp, Ulverston,tailor.1802Barrow
ZS/270John Dobson, Ulverstontailor.1805Barrow
ZS/293Theatre, Ulverston,Mr Kendle's concert - bill.1807Barrow
ZS/155Isaac Topping, Ulverston,Boot and Shoe makers.1805Barrow
ZS/205John Thompson, Ulverston,mercer, draper, haberdasher.1805Barrow
ZS/227Mr Fawcett, Ulverston,dancing school.1800Barrow
ZS/777Ulverston - Liverpool freight charges.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/727Ulverston Union News room.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/682Edward Slack, Linen draper Ulverston, sale.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/251I Redhead, Ulverston,school.1807Barrow
ZS/1126Ulverston Theatre bill, The Exile.1810Barrow
ZS/761/1-2Sale of houses, Ratten Row, Ulverston (2).On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/516Ulverston, Printers, Soulby,Catalogue of stationery.1811Barrow
ZS/976James Kitchin, Ulverston, painter. Handbill.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/619Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Rivals, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/228Mr Kelty, Ulverston,dancing school.1807Barrow
ZS/430Mr Scruton's Concert and Ball, Ulverston,(Hunt week).1809Barrow
ZS/609Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Tekete, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/181J Wilson Junior, Ulverston,Soap and candle business.1803Barrow
ZS/500Ulverston,Murder and robbery at Kirk.1807Barrow
ZS/144G Ashburner, Ulverston,Apprentice wanted.1797Barrow
ZS/212John Garnett, Ulverston,cabinet maker etcetera.1806Barrow
ZS/216Henry Shaw, Ulverston,pro forma letter re debts.1802Barrow
ZS/246William Barwick, Ulverston,school.1796Barrow
ZS/505Ulverston, News Sheets,To shabby gamblers, verses.1808Barrow
ZS/729Ulverston Sunday School accounts.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/168John Kendal,Ulverston,estates to let.1804Barrow
ZS/146G Ashburner, Ulverston,Stock catalogue, stationery etcetera.1800Barrow
ZS/983/1-5E Jackson, Ulverston, painter (5).On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/237William Higgin, Ulverston,portrait painter, business card.1804Barrow
ZS/153William Charnley, Ulverston,Boot and Shoe makers.1805Barrow
ZS/173Friendly Society, Ulverston.Annual dinner card.1807Barrow
ZS/231Murray McGregor, Ulverston,dancing and fencing school.1805Barrow
ZS/47^428Ulverston, Traders,Master Tailors, revised price list.UndatedBarrow
ZS/198Drapers of Ulverston,sales by auction.1804Barrow
ZS/190John Summers, Ulverston,dentist.1803Barrow
ZS/775Local Militia proforma, Ulverston.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/176Friendly Society, Ulverston.List of members.1807Barrow
ZS/219Ulverston Tradesmen's Assembly, ticket.1799Barrow
ZS/303Thomas Park, Ulverston,tobacco and snuff manufacturers, proof of billhead.1805Barrow
ZS/208William Burnthwaite junior, Ulverston,attorney.1804Barrow
ZS/867Map of Ulverston W Squire, sale bill.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/247Mr Mowat, Ulverston,school.1804Barrow
ZS/624Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Africans, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/868Mark Simpson, Ulverston, sale of roasted corn.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/436Cattle Fair, Ulverston,Announcement of Fair 6 October 1808.1808Barrow
ZS/990Agnes Briggs, Ulverston, milliner.On microfilm.1821Barrow
ZS/145G Ashburner, Ulverston,Book label.1800Barrow
ZS/193Ralph Brewer, Ulverston,mercer, linen draper, haberdasher.1805Barrow
ZS/203Nicholson and Swainson, Ulverston,milliners, sale of stock.1805Barrow
ZS/194John Clayton, Ulverston,linen, woollen draper, haberdasher.1807Barrow
ZS/172Friendly Society, Ulverston.Annual dinner card.1800Barrow
ZS/240T Stewardson, Ulverston,portrait painter.1801Barrow
ZS/156Thomas Woodend, Ulverston,Boot and Shoe makers.1807Barrow
ZS/224Pro forma letter to creditors, Ulverston,re local bankruptcy.1806-1807Barrow
ZS/422Ulverston, "Ascham at stud, notice.1809Barrow
ZS/706Ulverston, Bradylls Arms to let.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/443Mrs Thomas, Ulverston,Ladies Boarding School.1808Barrow
ZS/229Mr Lishman, Ulverston,dancing school.1806Barrow
ZS/226Mr Fawcett, Ulverston,dancing school.1799Barrow
ZS/206George Burnthwaite, Ulverston,auctioneer.1796Barrow
ZS/220William Wilson and Company, Ulverston,slate merchants, Bridgefield.1807Barrow
ZS/202Miss G Myers, Ulverston,millinery business.1804Barrow
ZS/211Thomas Fell, Ulverston,chairmaker.1806Barrow
ZS/277Whittle, Ulverston,tailor.1806Barrow
ZS/158Stephen Bell, Ulverston,tinplate worker, brazier, pewterer.1805Barrow
ZS/200Edward Higgin, Ulverston,linen draper, haberdasher.1807Barrow
ZS/171Amicable Society, Ulverston.Dinner pro forma.1807Barrow
ZS/169West End Estate ,Ulverston,to let.1804Barrow
ZS/1123Ulverston Theatre bill, George Barnwell.1810Barrow
ZS/157Stephen Bell, Ulverston,tinplate worker, brazier, pewterer.1803Barrow
ZS/199Edward Higgin, Ulverston,mercer, linen draper, haberdasher.1806Barrow
ZS/874T C Clark, Ulverston, watch and clock maker and auctioneer.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/184James Casson, Ulverston,billhead.1806Barrow
ZS/180W Edmondson, Ulverston,grocer and tea dealer.1805Barrow
ZS/243Thomas Tennant, Ulverston,label.1805Barrow
ZS/444Mrs Thomas and Miss Fitzgerald, Ulverston,Boarding School.1810Barrow
ZS/241Ian Crosthwaite, Ulverston,label.1803Barrow
ZS/232J Somton, Ulverston,music teacher.1806Barrow
ZS/747Property sale, Market Street, Ulverston.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/275Andrew Sharp, Ulverston,tailor.1803Barrow
ZS/432Mr Scruton's Concert and Ball, Ulverston,(Hunt week).1810Barrow
ZS/215Samuel Phillips, Ulverston,upkeep of fire or garden engines, notes.1804Barrow
ZS/150G Ashburner, Ulverston,Atkinson's chemical lotion etcetera.1805Barrow
ZS/431Mr Scruton's Concert and Ball, Ulverston.1810Barrow
ZS/210Mrs Dodgson, Ulverston,sale of household furniture.1804Barrow
ZS/185J Littledale,Globe, Ulverston, billhead.1803Barrow
ZS/187John Carter, Ulverston,Surgeon.1805Barrow
ZS/166John Crowdson, Ulverston,theft of black mare.1802Barrow
ZS/980/1-2Mrs Briggs, Ulverston, millinery (2).On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/182John Burnett,Sun Inn, Ulverston.1803Barrow
ZS/196John Conway, Ulverston,mercer, linen draper, haberdasher, business card.1806Barrow
ZS/178Thomas Dodgson, Ulverston,grocery, cheese, sale of china and glass.1804Barrow
ZS/165John Coward, Ulverston,Ironmonger and nail manufacturer. Sale of bankrupt stock.1807Barrow
ZS/175Friendly Society, Ulverston.General state of Societies.1807Barrow
ZS/179John Edmondson, Ulverston,tallow chandler and grocer.1800Barrow
ZS/189M Redhead, Ulverston,surgeon, apothecary, midwife.1799Barrow
ZS/143G Ashburner, Ulverston,printer etcetera. Notice of opening shop.1796Barrow
ZS/183James Casson,Braddyll's Arms, Ulverston.1806Barrow
ZS/159Richard Fell, Ulverston,tinplate worker, brazier, pewterer.1803Barrow
ZS/204M and S Settle, Ulverston,linen drapers, tea dealers, etcetera.1803Barrow
ZS/304Thomas Park, Ulverston,tobacco and snuff manufacturers.1807Barrow
ZS/755Sale of Twine Walk and land, Ulverston.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/730Ulverston Sunday School rules.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/195John Conway, Ulverston,mercer, linen draper, haberdasher.1805Barrow
ZS/447/1Ulverston, Lottery Adverts,3rd Grand City Lottery.1809Barrow
ZS/748Property sale, Brook Street, Ulverston.On microfilm.1824Barrow
ZS/649Ulverston Drill Hall.Oddfellows Concert.1891Barrow
ZS/749Property sale, Salt Coats, Ulverston.On microfilm.1824Barrow
ZS/188Robert Parker, Ulverston,surgeon, apothecary, midwife.1797Barrow
ZS/514Ulverston, Printers, Soulby,Catalogue of books, 16 pp.1809Barrow
ZS/1124Ulverston Theatre bill, Man and wife.1810Barrow
ZS/197John Conway, Ulverston,mercer, linen draper, haberdasher, business card.1806Barrow
ZS/209Peter Butler, Ulverston,hatter ships memoranda note on verso of Z5157, 234, 272.1803Barrow
ZS/217H Spyer, Ulverston,hawker of jewellery etcetera from Manchester.1805Barrow
ZS/265James Soulby (formerly James Houghton),Ulverston,upholstery business.1806Barrow
ZS/560Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Wife of two husbands, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/511-512Ulverston, Printers, Soulby,Art - Soulby's specimen of printing types (2).1811Barrow
ZS/427Mr Scruton's Concert and Ball, Ulverston,programme (Lady Mostyn patroness)1807Barrow
ZS/236William Higgin, Ulverston,portrait painter, sale of paintings by subscription.1804Barrow
ZS/1108Bradyll's Arms, Ulverston, billhead.On microfilm.c1820Barrow
ZS/266James Soulby (formerly James Houghton), Ulverstonstock list.1807Barrow
ZS/284W Tatham of Lancaster, Ulverston,draper etcetera, handbill.1804Barrow
ZS/763Sale of Ulverstone Moss.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/726Ulverston New Association.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/944Joseph Davis, teacher Ulverston.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/257James Soulby (formerly James Houghton),Ulverston,bookseller, etcetera, stock list.1800Barrow
ZS/291Theatre, Ulverston,Richard Cousen's submission - disturbance.1806Barrow
ZS/221Workington Bank, Ulverston,Branch Agent Mr Petty, cheque.1800Barrow
ZS/428Mr Scruton's Concert and Ball, Ulverston,programme.1807Barrow
ZS/213Joseph Levey, Ulverston,hawker of jewellery etcetera from Manchester.1805Barrow
ZS/256James Soulby (formerly James Houghton),Ulverston,bookseller, etcetera, list of stationery.1800Barrow
ZS/239J Smith, Ulverston,portrait painter.1800Barrow
ZS/1114Ulverston. Whineray, saddler, label.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/429Mr Scruton's Concert and Ball, Ulverston,(Edward Mostyn, Mayor of Hunt).1808Barrow
ZS/244Thomas Tennant, Ulverston,business card, change of address.1806Barrow
ZS/250I Redhead, Ulverston,school.1804Barrow
ZS/271James Holme, Ulverston,tailor.1807Barrow
ZS/306W Taylor's circulating library, Bath,bookplate.1800Barrow
ZS/262James Soulby (formerly James Houghton),Ulverston,bookseller, pink stain for silk stockings.1804Barrow
ZS/602Theatre Royal, Ulverston,The Grecian daughter, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/287Assembly Room, Ulverston,Mr Arbuckle, concert.1806Barrow
ZS/313John Gardner,pro forma business letter offset of Z5279 Ulverston Volunteers.1800Barrow
ZS/278W Tatham of Lancaster, Ulverston,draper etcetera, handbill.1804Barrow
ZS/267Sunday Schools, UlverstonGood attendance label.1804Barrow
ZS/295Butcher and Daws, Ulverstonwine and spirit business.1805Barrow
ZS/439J Davies, Ulverston,School in Gill.1810Barrow
ZS/506Ulverston, New Theatre, bill,"All in a bustle" and "The Miser".1808Barrow
ZS/238Messrs Sillo and Gibbis, Ulverston,sale of paintings by lottery.1806Barrow
ZS/214Overseers of poor, Ulverston,pro forma letter re tax for poor.1803Barrow
ZS/509Ulverston, Printers, Ashburners,Catalogue of books, 20 pp.1806Barrow
ZS/302Robert Mumford, Ulverston,brandy merchant.1807Barrow
ZS/1112Ulverston. Sale of schooner "Trader".On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/911Sandy Moss, Ulverston. Turnips for sale.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/248George Otley, Ulverston,school.1801Barrow
ZS/263James Soulby (formerly James Houghton),Ulverston,bookseller, pink stain for silk stockings.1805Barrow
ZS/286W Tatham of Lancaster, Ulverston,draper etcetera, handbill.1805Barrow
ZS/253Sloop "Friendship", Ulverston,pro forma letter re freight dues.1804Barrow
ZS/273John Nelson, Ulverston,tailor and habit maker.1805Barrow
ZS/276Thomas Whitaker, Ulverston,tailor and draper.1806Barrow
ZS/223Yarker and Wilkinson, Ulverston,attornies.1804Barrow
ZS/281W Tatham of Lancaster, Ulverston,draper etcetera, handbill.1804Barrow
ZS/269C Allen, Ulverstontailor and habit maker.1807Barrow
ZS/249Miss Redhead, Ulverston,boarding school.1799Barrow
ZS/788/1-3Birkbank, Ulverstone, to let (3).On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/969/1-2Ulverston. Raffle of a chamber organ (2).On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/280W Tatham of Lancaster, Ulverston,draper etcetera, handbill.1804Barrow
ZS/230Murray McGregor, Ulverston,dancing and fencing school.1803Barrow
ZS/613Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Zorinski.1810Barrow
ZS/998W Knight, Ulverston, tailor.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/283W Tatham of Lancaster, Ulverston,draper etcetera, handbill.1804Barrow
ZS/498Ulverston,Hymn for Christmas Day.1810Barrow
ZS/692The Gill, Ulverston, houses for sale.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/288Assembly Room, Ulverston,R Dalton, lecture on Natiral Philosophy, ticket.1805Barrow
ZS/292Theatre, Ulverston,"Lecture upon heads", playbill.1805Barrow
ZS/479Ulverston, Traders,Miss Myers, milliner.1808Barrow
ZS/632Windermere Regatta posted from Kendal to Newsroom Ulverston.1810Barrow
ZS/300Gleaves and Winder, Ulverston,dealers in spirits, proof of letter or bill head.1807Barrow
ZS/285W Tatham of Lancaster, Ulverston,draper etcetera, handbill.1805Barrow
ZS/290Theatre, Ulverston,"Castle Spectre" playbill.1804Barrow
ZS/876T C Clark, Ulverston, Sale of salted herrings.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/282W Tatham of Lancaster, Ulverston,draper etcetera, handbill.1804Barrow
ZS/588Theatre Royal, Ulverston,The Dramatist, play bill.1808Barrow
ZS/548Theatre Royal, Ulverston,King Henry II, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/289Assembly Room, Ulverston,Mr Thirwell, lecture on English Oratory.1804Barrow
ZS/790Church Walk, Ulverston. Field to let.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/860Ulverston. Sale of glass, china, etcetera.On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/433Mr Scruton's Concert and Ball, Ulverston,(J Ainslie, Mayor of Hunt).1811Barrow
ZS/305Edmund Petty and Company, Ulverston,wine and spirit merchants.1807Barrow
ZS/1122Ulverston Theatre bill, Heir at law.1810Barrow
ZS/811The Ellers, Ulverston. Wallers and carpenter wanted.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/440J Davies, Ulverston,Grammar School.1811Barrow
ZS/496Ulverston,"The Frenchman and Pig", verse.1809Barrow
ZS/739Sale of house, Soapery Lane, Ulverston.On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/578Theatre Royal, Ulverston,John Bull, play bill.1807Barrow
ZS/525Ulverston, Property Sales and Lettings,Alpine Farm, to be let.1811Barrow
ZS/532Ulverston, Public Affairs,Lancashire Local Militia, call up.1809Barrow
ZS/689Cattle sale, Outrake Ulverston, William Barrow.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/562Theatre Royal, Ulverston,George Barnwell, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/584Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Fashionable Cover, play bill.1808Barrow
ZS/480Ulverston, Traders,Miss Myers, milliner.1811Barrow
ZS/1130Ulverston Theatre bill, Wife of two husbands.1810Barrow
ZS/604Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Know your own mind, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/561Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Hero of the North, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/523Ulverston, Printers, Soulby,Printing Flowers by T T Walker.1809Barrow
ZS/515Ulverston, Printers, Soulby,Catalogue of stationery etcetera.1810Barrow
ZS/594Theatre Royal, Ulverston,MacBeth, play bill.1808Barrow
ZS/535Ulverston, Public Affairs,Ulverston Association, prospectus.1808Barrow
ZS/426Ulverston, Summer Hill,loss of gray mare.1811Barrow
ZS/437Cattle Fair, Ulverston,Announcement of Fair.1809Barrow
ZS/484Ulverston, Traders,John Calvert, sale of hardware.c1800Barrow
ZS/538Freight from Ulverston to Liverpool.1809Barrow
ZS/501Ulverston, News Sheets,Prophecy of the downfall of the French Army.1810Barrow
ZS/482Ulverston, Traders,Sale of linen drapery etcetera.1810Barrow
ZS/459-63Ulverston, Lottery Adverts 8 January 1810,State Lottery, Anecdotes.1810Barrow
ZS/908Stockbridge, Ulverston. Sale of cattle.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/499Ulverston,Life and behaviour of Margaret Cunningham, Edinburgh.1807Barrow
ZS/513Ulverston, Printers, Soulby,"At the Theatre of the Universe", the Great Assize.1810Barrow
ZS/731Ulverston playbill. "Madame Duval".On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/497Ulverston, News Sheets,"Horrid and shocking murder" at Longburn.1805Barrow
ZS/518-19Ulverston, Printers, Soulby,Linen rags and goose feathers wanted. (2).1810Barrow
ZS/942Ulverston Theatre bill. "How to get rich".On microfilm.1824Barrow
ZS/442Thomas Park, Ulverston,piano-forte teacher.1808Barrow
ZS/492Ulverston, Traders,Thomas Park, tobacconist, price list.1809Barrow
ZS/696Fountain Street, Ulverston, George Cleminson house for sale.On microfilm.1865Barrow
ZS/547Theatre Royal, Ulverston,The Wife, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/474Ulverston, Medical and Ladies Charity,Annual report 1808-1809.1809Barrow
ZS/504Ulverston, News Sheets,Shocking murder at Upper Mayfield, Stafford.1807Barrow
ZS/502Ulverston, News Sheets,Sarah Bishop of Salem on sects of ZS392.1808Barrow
ZS/495Ulverston, Traders,Yorkshire and Honest, pro forma letter.1808Barrow
ZS/472Ulverston, Lottery Adverts 19 October 1810,State Lottery, official advert.1810Barrow
ZS/483Ulverston, Traders,R Town, mercer, draper, etcetera.1808Barrow
ZS/531Ulverston, Property Sales and Lettings,Swarthmoor Hall, to be let.1808Barrow
ZS/558Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Point of Honour, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/520Ulverston, Printers, Soulby,Ramsay's medicated spice nuts etcetera.1810Barrow
ZS/865Man and Briggs, Ulverston, sale of yellow pine timber.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/605Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Heir at law, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/610Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Road to ruin.1810Barrow
ZS/1138Ulverston Theatre bill, Pizarro.1810Barrow
ZS/536Ulverston, Public Affairs,Ulverston Library, accounts 1809-1810.1810Barrow
ZS/707/1-2Indenture pro forma, blank (2).On microfilm.undatedBarrow
ZS/941Gothwaite Quarry to Ulverston. Carter wanted.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/494Ulverston, Traders,Yarker and Wilkinson, wine importers, letterhead.1807Barrow
ZS/524Ulverston, Printers, Soulby,The World's printing house by T T Walker.1809Barrow
ZS/592Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Point of Honour, play bill.1808Barrow
ZS/551Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Pizarro, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/1133Ulverston Theatre bill, Speed the plough.1810Barrow
ZS/595Theatre Royal, Ulverston,The Jew, play bill.1808Barrow
ZS/508Ulverston, Olympic Circus, bills,Programme for 21 January 1808.1808Barrow
ZS/488Ulverston, Traders,Thomas Dodgson, grocer, business passed to W Rosser.UndatedBarrow
ZS/493Ulverston, Traders,M Simmons, travelling silversmith and jeweller of Liverpool.1807Barrow
ZS/530Ulverston, Property Sales and Lettings,Ulverston, house, peatmoss to be sold.1809Barrow
ZS/570Theatre Royal, Ulverston,George Barnwell, play bill.1806Barrow
ZS/533Ulverston, Public Affairs,Reward bill, disturbances at New Street Church.1809Barrow
ZS/510Ulverston, Printers, Ashburners,Prayer sheet 50th Anniversary of George III accession, 4pp.1809Barrow
ZS/568Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Othello, play bill.1806Barrow
ZS/567Theatre Royal, Ulverston,King Richard III, play bill.1806Barrow
ZS/589Theatre Royal, Ulverston,The Stranger, play bill.1808Barrow
ZS/554Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Marriage promise, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/522Ulverston, Printers, Soulby,Parody on Hamlet's soliloquy by Britannians.1809Barrow
ZS/569Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Honey Moon, play bill.1806Barrow
ZS/745Sale of house Brook Street, Ulverston.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/540"Tyson", snow,shipping London - Whitehaven - Ulverston.1807Barrow
ZS/576Theatre Royal, Ulverston,The Travellers, play bill.1807Barrow
ZS/552Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Sailor's daughter, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/543Sunday Schools, Ulverston,Annual Report 1810-1811.1811Barrow
ZS/583Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Mother Goose, play bill.1808Barrow
ZS/585Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Wonders: a woman keeps a secret, play bill imperfect.1808Barrow
ZS/591Theatre Royal, Ulverston,She stoops to conquer, play bill.1808Barrow
ZS/544Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Mr Lishmann's Ball, programme.1809Barrow
ZS/526Ulverston, Property Sales and Lettings,Gleadnest Farm, Colton and Peatmoss at muchland to be sold.1807Barrow
ZS/962L Newby Bond, Ulverston. Billhead.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/534Ulverston, Public Affairs,Reward bill, stone throwing, garden at Daltongate.1808Barrow
ZS/537"The Betsey", sloop,for sale,Ulverston.1810Barrow
ZS/598Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Banquet of Mirth, playbill.1809Barrow
ZS/582Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Merchant of Venice, play bill.1808Barrow
ZS/612Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Lover's vows, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/1125Ulverston Theatre bill, Grievings a jolly.1810Barrow
ZS/606Theatre Royal, Ulverston,George Barnwell, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/1132Ulverston Theatre bill, Free Knights.1810Barrow
ZS/705Ulverston, Oavey's assigment.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/813The Ellers, Ulverston. Joiners wanted 3 cottages etcetera.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/1129Ulverston Theatre bill, King Lear.1810Barrow
ZS/563Theatre Royal, Ulverston,King Lear, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/556Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Castle Spectre, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/600Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Oroonoke, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/542Sunday Schools, Ulverston,Annual Report 1807-1808.1808Barrow
ZS/617Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Mountaineers, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/549Theatre Royal, Ulverston,She stoops to conquer, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/550Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Voice of Nature, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/607Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Man and wife, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/553Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Mountaineers, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/596Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Begone dull care, play bill.1808Barrow
ZS/587Theatre Royal, Ulverston,School of reform Miss Sunderland Patroness of the Hunt, play bill.1808Barrow
ZS/590Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Peter the Great, play bill.1808Barrow
ZS/603Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Tekete, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/888Ulverston, auction sale by C Clark of furniture etcetera.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/574Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Jane Shore, play bill.1806Barrow
ZS/1017Ellers, Ulverston. Mr Mullin, pedestrian.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/577Theatre Royal, Ulverston,King Henry IV, play bill.1807Barrow
ZS/764/1-2Sale of Ship Inn, Ulverston (2).On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/614Theatre Royal, Ulverston,King Lear playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/754Sale of houses, Ratten Row, Ulverston.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/1137Ulverston Theatre bill, Town and country.1810Barrow
ZS/618Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Free Knights, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/781Medical and Ladies Charity, Ulverston. Accounts (4).On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/627Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Eve of St Mark by Henry Finn (actor).1809Barrow
ZS/894Ulverston. Marr and Briggs sale of cargo of timber.On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/992J and W Yarker, Ulverston, brewers, billhead.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/774Proforma customs etcetera, Man and Briggs, Ulverston.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/786Ratten Row, Ulverston. Property sale torn.On microfilm.undatedBarrow
ZS/716Ellers, Ulverston, house, weaving shop etcetera, for sale.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/728Ulverston Poor Law accounts.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/996Thomas Mercer, Ulverston, billhead.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/814Ulverston, house and garden to let.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/830The Gill, Ulverston, houses to let.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/866Man and Briggs, Ulverston, sale of cargo of timber.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/881Ulverston, auction sale of poster (stock of T Mercer).On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/869S Clarke, Ulverston, sale of woollen cloths and books.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/987Kings Arms, Ulverston. Hartley, billhead.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/913Ulverston. Sale of stock in trade of John Benson Cooper.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/1002Ulverston Theatre Bill. Danon and Phythias.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/891Ulverston, sale of hay, grass at Soutergate for R Shaw (deceased).On microfilm.1824Barrow
ZS/967James Coward, Ulverston. Pro forma letter enclosing bill.On microfilm.1820sBarrow
ZS/1106Ulverston Theatre playbill, woodman's hut.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/1139Ulverston Theatre bill, Provok'd husband.1810Barrow
ZS/945Robert Jackson, opening day school in Ulverston.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/776Furness Yeomanry Cavalry, Ulverston, Field return.On microfilm.undatedBarrow
ZS/848Ulverston. Notice of intention to prosecute trespassers.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/703William Daw's house and shop in King Street, Ulverston,for sale. On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/995Ulverston Theatre Bill, Romeo and Juliet torn.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/982Mrs Briggs, Ulverston. Thanks for millinery customers.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/919Ulverston. Sale of cargo and timber by Marr and Briggs.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/1117Ulverston, Soutergate. House to let and pews.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/836Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Ulverston. Missionary meeting.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/890Ulverston, sale of wheat and barley for R Robinson, Lane-house.On microfilm.1824Barrow
ZS/1012Ulverston Playbill. Iron Chest.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/939Ulverston. Sale of furniture etcetera for John Pickthall, grocer.On microfilm.1821Barrow
ZS/999Ulverston Theatre Bill - Pizarro.On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/1136Ulverston Theatre bill, School of reform.1810Barrow
ZS/1128Ulverston Theatre bill, Road to ruin.1810Barrow
ZS/1016Ulverston Market Place. Tight rope dancing etcetera.On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/1131Ulverston Theatre bill, King Richard III.1810Barrow
ZS/859Kendal. Submission of William Casson, horde breaker of Ulverston.On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/955Jonathan Caddy, Ulverston, ironmonger, et cetera, bill head.On microfilm.1820sBarrow
ZS/984/1-2E Jackson, Ulverston, painter small size (2).On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/877Ulverston, Sale of cordage, sails etcetera from wreck "Sally".On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/916Ulverston. Sale of cargo of timber by Marr and Briggs.On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/906Sale of furniture etcetera for Zek Jackson, deceased.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/900Ulverston. Sale of furniture for Mr Brown, Benson Street.On microfilm.1824Barrow
ZS/1121Ulverston Theatre bill, Know your own mind.1810Barrow
ZS/988Mr Telzifair, Ulverston, surgeon dentist, visit.On microfilm.1824Barrow
ZS/968John Soulby, Ulverston. Pro forma letter enclosing bill.On microfilm.1820sBarrow
ZS/1135Ulverston Theatre bill, Battle of Hexham.1810Barrow
ZS/1030Ulverston, Soutergate. Clocks, ornaments etcetera sale.On microfilm.1845Barrow
ZS/1107Rosshead and Gill, Ulverston, land and houses to let.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/993T C Clark, Ulverston, clock and watch maker and auctioneer.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/1008/1-2Ulverston Theatre Playbill. How to grow rich (2).On microfilm.1824Barrow
ZS/1000Ulverston Theatre Bill - Mountaineers.On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/1119Ulverston Theatre bill, Oroonoko.1810Barrow
ZS/1113Ulverston. Raffle of chamber organ etcetera.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/1134Ulverston Theatre bill, Everyone has his fault.1810Barrow
ZS/1111J G Brigg haberdasher, King Street, Ulverston, sale.On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/1094Ulverston constables census form for militia exemption.On microfilm.1822Barrow
BDX 441/1/1/1Architectural Plan Ulverston Union Workhouse proposed boiler houseUlverston Union Workhouse proposed boiler house, scale: 4 feet to 1 inch.undatedBarrow
BDHJ/3Kennedy family of Stone Cross, Ulverston1890-1951Barrow
DBT/7/143ANotices of meetings(2) for the public and tradesmen of Ulverston to consider schemes for connecting the Lancaster and Carlisle Railway with Ulverston and district and West Cumberland 1846Whitehaven
BDHJ/109/9Property in The Weint, Ulverston1762-1816Barrow
DBH/24/12/67Ulverston propertyAdvertisement of sale of properties in Soutergate and Union Street, Ulverston, conveyance and correspondence, 1918
Conveyance by John Caddy to William Ashburner of nos 22 and 24 Soutergate, Ulverston, 1918
Conveyance by John Caddy to Mrs Lizzie Jones of house and shop, no 4 Union Street, Ulverston, 1918
ZS/218Ulverston Card Assembly, ticket.1802Barrow
BDX 441/1/3Copies, acceptance of tender formsUlverston (No. 1) Area Guardians' Committee1943Barrow
BDX 441/2/1/2Invoices receivedFrom, Henry M. Todd, Watchmaker & Jeweller, John Lindow, Grocer, A. Poole, Butcher.15 Feb 1913-30 Jun 1914Barrow
BDX 441/1/1Architectural Plans Ulverston Union Workhouse boiler room.Ulverston Union Workhouse boiler room.undatedBarrow
BDSO 104/22Market Street, UlverstonArchaeological report containing: Project summary sheet and design specification, watching brief report and records, primary drawings, photographic record of colour slides, monochrome negatives and contact prints.Sep 2005 - Apr 2006Barrow
SPUCO/11Boarding Out Agreements1921-1928Whitehaven
BDS 67/2/4Admission register1920-1956Barrow
BDS 67/2/5Admission register1956-1985Barrow
ZS/688Visit of J Davis, optician (2).On microfilm.1826Barrow
BDX 263Documents found at Barrow Record Office1879-1931Barrow
BDHJ/210Martin and Atkinson, agent: letters1889-1891Barrow
BDHJ/213Martin and Atkinson, agent: letters1912-1921Barrow
BDHJ/212Martin and Atkinson, agent: letters1902-1912Barrow
BDHJ/209Martin and Atkinson, agent: letters1884-1888Barrow
BDHJ/398/2/18Bond1) Leonard Hirdson of Bencragge, Ulverston, Lancaster, Milner (bounden)

2) John Hirdson of Bouth, Furness Fells, Lancaster, Waller

Witnesses: Richard Rollinson, Thomas Leece, John Benson & William Hirdson
8 Sep 1611Barrow
BDHJ/412/2/1/1Manor of Ulverston: admittance of Elizabeth Collinson to Townbank Close, Ulverston23 Oct 1747Barrow
BDHJ/396/2/6Will of Lieutenant Colonel G. F. H. Dickson of Stott Park, Newby Bridge, Ulverston, Lancaster1953Barrow
BDHJ/396/3/40Feoffment1) Samuel Kilner of Ulverston, Lancaster, Gentleman
2) Peter Nicholson of Sunbrick, Aldingham, Lancaster, Merchant
Premises: 3 dwelling houses at Bouth, Colton commonly known as the Sun Inn and Willy Wife Houses
Consideration: £171
Signature and seal: Samuel Kilner
Witnesses: Thomas Towers and Myles Satterthwaite
Endorsed with Livery of Seizin
13 Feb 1764Barrow
BDHJ/396/4/23Cheque bookDistrict Bank Limited, Ulverston - Miss Ida Dickson's Trust A/c1911-1945Barrow
BDHJ/398/2/10Assignment of a bond1) Isabell Penny of Lane-End, Ulverston, Lancaster, Widow

2) John Scotson of Newclose Furness Fells, Lancaster, Gentleman

Consideration: £2, 2s
3 Jun 1684Barrow
BDHJ/398/2/55Feoffment1) Peter Nicholson of Old Hall, Colton, Lancaster, Gentleman

2) John Dodson of Ulverston, Lancaster, Gentleman

3) Edward Burns of Cringlemire , Colton, Yeoman

4) Thomas Nelson of Kirkby Ireleth, Lancaster, Yeoman

Consideration: £25, 7s, 6d

Premises: Dale or parcel of ground situate in a close or field called High Flosh at or near Bouth

Signatures and seals: Peter Nicholson, John Dodson & Edward Burns

Witnesses: John Robinson & Thomas Towers
4 Mar 1767Barrow
ZS/521Ulverston, Printers, Soulby,Ode on printing.1809Barrow
BDHJ/211Martin and Atkinson, agent: letter1893-1899Barrow
BDY 10Photocopy of Soulby's Ulverston Advertiser, pages 1-401848-1885Barrow
BDHJ/396/3/36Lease (without a release)1) Peter Nicholson of Sunbrick, Lancaster, Gentleman
2) John Scotson of Ulverston, Lancaster, Yeoman
Consideration: 5s
Premises: Mansion house called The Old Hall, near Bouth, Furness Fells, Lancaster including a barn, cow house, orchards and gardens
Term: 1 year
Signature and seal: Peter Nicholson
Witnesses: William Fell and William Hart
13 Feb 1764Barrow
BDHJ/396/3/41Mortgage by conveyance1) Peter Nicholson of Sunbrick, Aldingham, Lancaster, Gentleman
2) Robert Myers of Cartmel, Lancaster, Gentleman
3) John Scotson of Ulverston, Lancaster, Yeoman
Consideration: £600 charged with interest at the rate of £4, 5s for £100 for a year
Premises: Mansion house called The Old Hall, near Bouth, Furness Fells, Lancaster including a barn, cow house, orchards and gardens
Term: 1000 years
Signature and seals: Robert Myers and Peter Nicholson
Witnesses: William Toll & William Hart
Endorsement: Receipt for the £600, signed by Peter Nicholson ; and the signature of 2 witnesses; William Toll and William Hart
14 Feb 1764Barrow
BDHJ/396/4/35Final agreement1) Nicholas Todd, Samuel Gawith & William Satterthwaite - Plaintiffs

2) John Todd, Thomas Brockbank, Thomas Ireland and Mabel his wife and John Pearson and Janet his wife - Deforciants

Premises: 1 messuage, 1 barn, 1 stable, 1 cowhouse, 1 peathouse, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 16 acres of land, 4 acres of meadow, 10 acres of pasture, 2 acres of wood, 10 acres of moor and heath common of pasture for all cattle and common of turbary with the appurtenances in Ulverston and Hawkshead

For this acknowledgement , remision, quitclaim, warranty fine and agreement (1) have given to (2) £166 13s 4d
23 Mar 1773Barrow
BDHJ/398/2/67Lease and release1) Samuel Sandys of Ulverston, Lancaster, Mariner

2) John Hartely of Hullater, Furness Fells, Lancaster, Husbandman

Consideration: £50, 16s

Premises: All that small messuage, dwelling house situate at Bouth, commonly called and known by the name of Wareside House

Signature and seal: Samuel Sandys & William Chapman

Witnesses: Thomas Clemison & John Russell Junior
12 Feb-13 Feb 1759Barrow
ZS/718Oubas House, Ulverston, property sale.On microfilm.1825Barrow
BDHJ/412/3/1Mortgage of house and land in Little Urswick and property in Ulverston1. William Cranke of Little Urswick, mason
2. John Denison of Dalton, yeoman
Consideration: £40
Premises: house at Little Urswick, land called Craggs and Outfields at Little Urswick, new built barn at Dragley Beck Lane, Ulverston, close called Wallnook near Ulverston. Subject to a mortgage
Witnesses: Jane Addinson, Henry Law
30 Apr 1767Barrow
BDHJ/145Estate papers of John and Eleanor Rawlinson of CartmelEleanor Rawlinson of Oaklands, : trust accounts, 1930s; appointment of trustees, 1930s-1940s. Death certificate of John Joseph Burneside Rose, 1949, a trustee. Sale of Bridge House and Riverside Cottage, Cartmel, 1947.1930-1949Barrow
ZS/268Sunday Schools, UlverstonSubscription list and report. 1803-1804.1804Barrow
ZS/1120Ulverston Theatre bill, Grecian daughter.1810Barrow
BDS 67/2Admission registers1882-1985Barrow
BDHJ/385Jackson and Proctor families of Ulverston and Clapham, Yorkshire1751-circa 1900Barrow
ZS/147G Ashburner, Ulverston,Prospectus for West's Antiquities.1804Barrow
BDX 342/11PhotographsIncludes photographs of families, outings, an eighteenth century painting of Ulverston, The County Hotel, the cast of a play, a football team and cricket teams.circa 1880s-1950Barrow
BDX 278Parliamentary acts and other printed material1726-1960sBarrow
BDX 232/1/29ConveyanceConveyance.
1. William Woodburne the Elder of Ulverstone, Lancashire, mariner.
2. William Woodburne the Younger of Ulverstone aforesaid, mariner.
John Hodgson of Gleaston Castle, Lancashire, husbandman.
William Hodgson of Water Blean, Cumberland, husbandman.
Premises: All (1) houses in The Gill, Ulverstone, in the Manor of Bolton with Adgarley; 5 closes of land in the Manor of Pennington adjoining the turnpike road from Ulverstone to Lindale.
Consideration: 5s.
Witnesses: Henry Shaw, Richard Shaw.
BDX 241/18ConveyanceConveyance.
1. John Rawlandson of Ulverstone, Lancashire, weaver.
James Suet of Woodhouse near Broughton, Lancashire.
Executors in trust appointed in the will of Robert Rawlandson, late of Ulverstone aforesaid, weaver, deceased. John Rawlandson is the eldest son of the said Robert.. Daniel Gibbins of Ulverstone aforesaid, flaxman.
3. James Collinson of Ulverstone sforesaid, master and mariner.
Premises: part of a parcel of land late belonging to Robert Rawlandson, situated in a lott of land called The Oaks, Ulverstone, with appurtenences.
Consideration: £31.
Witnesses: William Chapman, Thomas Ronson.
Livery of seisin granted on 15 February 1785.
Endorsed with a schedule of deeds, 1747-1778.
BDX 313Soutergate, Ulverston1755-1972Barrow
BDX 313/1-35Title deedsFor properties in Soutergate, including Nos. 18-20 and 1 Boulter's Yard, Ulverston.1755-1972Barrow
BDHJ/396/3/39Assignment of mortgage to secure £400 with interest1) Jane Goad of Scales, Aldingham, Lancaster, Spinster and John Robinson of Ulverston, Lancaster, Gentleman
2) John Scotson of Old Hall, Colton, Lancaster, Yeoman
3) Edward Burns of Pringlemire, Colton, Lancaster, Yeoman
Premises: Mansion house called The Old Hall, near Bouth, Furness Fells, Lancaster including a barn, cow house, orchards and gardens
Consideration: £400 plus interest
Term: 1000 years
Signatures and seals: Jane Goad, John Scotson and John Robinson
Witnesses: John Jepson and John Towers
Endorsement: Receipt for the £400, signed by John Robinson; and the signature of 2 witnesses; Jane Goad & John Towers
13 Feb 1781Barrow
BDHJ/396/3/42Release1) Peter Nicholson of Old Hall near Bouth, Colton, Lancaster, Gentleman
2) Eleanor Brown, wife of John Brown of Ulverston, Lancaster, Mariner and Margaret Brown, wife of Ralph Brown of Haverthwaite, Colton, Lancaster, Yeoman
Consideration: £314, 17s, 6d
Premises: Ground, fishery and other hereditaments at Crooked Dale
Signature and seal: Peter Nicholson, John Brown, Ralph Brown, Eleanor Brown and Margaret Brown
Witnesses: Thomas Petty & Robert Tennant
10 Aug 1769Barrow
BDX 342/8Church Guide Books and HistoriesIncludes Holy Trinity, Ulverston, Ulverston Congregational Church, St. Paul, Rusland, Grange-over-Sands parish church, Furness Abbey, Conishead Priory, parish of Cartmel.1902-1980Barrow
BDX 441/2/1/1Invoices receivedFrom, Edward Garnett, Farmer, J. Grisdale, Miller, John Ireland, E. Woodburn, Miller, The Palatine Stationery Company.30 Jun 1913-11 Sep 1916Barrow
BDY 216Elevations of Market StreetFountain Street,<Queen Street and King Street Ulverston by George Kosinski and John Radice Architects, UlverstonundatedBarrow
ZS/148G Ashburner, Ulverston,Prospectus for West's Antiquities.1805Barrow
BDX 441/2Messrs. R. F. Case & CompanyInvoices and receipts received by Messrs. Case & Company.1913-1917Barrow
BDX 441/1/3/2Copy, acceptance of tender formUlverston (No. 1) Area Guardians' Committee to Mr. R. Jackson, Ulverston, for supply of steam coal.28 Sep 1943Barrow
BDX 342/11/5/1-2Photographs of Market Square, Ulverston(from two different angles) on Remembrance Sunday.circa 1920-1930Barrow
BDX 342/12/4"Ulverston News"1944 - 1962Barrow
BDS 67/2/1Admission register1882-1885Barrow
ZS/693The Gill, Ulverston, building ground for sale.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/299Gleaves and Winder, Ulverston dealers in spirits1805Barrow
ZS/207William Burnthwaite, Ulverston,attorney, sale of books etcetera from estate.1804Barrow
ZS/435Cattle Fair, Ulverston,Announcement of Fair.1808Barrow
ZS/736Sale of land, Church Walk, Ulverston.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/438Cattle Fair, Ulverston,Announcement of Fair.1810Barrow
ZS/423Ulverston, The Ellers,dressed soil for sale.1809Barrow
ZS/803Ulverston, carters and stone getters wanted for wall.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/425Ulverston, E and T Salthouse:grass seeds for sale.1808Barrow
ZS/457-8Ulverston, Lottery Adverts 8 January 1810,State Lottery, J Soulby's adverts as agent of Swift and Company.1810Barrow
ZS/455-6Ulverston, Lottery Adverts 14 February 1810,State Lottery, Adverts issued by Bish, Stock Broker.1810Barrow
ZS/948/1-2J Caddy, Ulverston. Notice of visit, pro forma letter (2).On microfilm.1820sBarrow
ZS/441R Dalton, Ulverston,lectures in experimental philosophy in Assembly Room.1805Barrow
ZS/473Ulverston, Medical and Ladies Charity,Annual report 1807-1808.1808Barrow
ZS/491Ulverston, Traders,Knott and Company, nail manufacturers, price list.1811Barrow
ZS/469Ulverston, Lottery Adverts 8 January 1810,State Lottery, "The Mariner's Compass"-advert.1810Barrow
ZS/464-8Ulverston, Lottery Adverts 8 January 1810,State Lottery, Verse adverts issued by Bish, Stockbroker.1810Barrow
ZS/470Ulverston, Lottery Adverts 8 January 1810,State Lottery, "A Comic Tale", verse advert.1810Barrow
ZS/485]Ulverston, Traders,John Close, chemist and druggist, catalogue.c1807Barrow
ZS/486Ulverston, Traders,John Close, chemist and druggist, catalogue.c1811Barrow
ZS/838Ulverston, assignment of Benjamin Atkinson to Thomas Briggs.On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/863/1-2Woodburn and Jackson, Ulverston, sale of Manx and Scotch herrings (2).On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/964Coniston House, Ulverston. Permit for Thomas Fisher to ship slate.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/879T C Clark, Ulverston, auction sale of woollen and linendrapery etcetera.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/861Ulverston. Sale of iron linens by Joseph Beard, itinerant salsman).On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/873/1-2John Gregson, Ulverston, watch and clock maker and auctioneer.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/937Hope and Anchor, Ulverston. Sale of furniture etcetera for T J Irwin.On microfilm.1827Barrow
ZS/1021Ulverston Methodist Chapel. Sermons by Reverend P Prescot.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/1006Ulverston Theatre Bill. Blind Boy torn small size.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/1023Ulverston Theatre playbill. George Barnwell. Moses Fisher.On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/960/1-2Walker and Penny, Ulverston, coals. Billhead (2).On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/1032Lightburn Ten, Ulverston, sale of furniture for Mrs Fell.On microfilm.1845Barrow
ZS/965Roger Holme, Ulverston. Tobacco and snuff billhead.On microfilm.1820sBarrow
ZS/997T C Clark, Ulverston, clocks, watches. Request for business.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/1115Ulverston. Woodburn and Jackson, sale of Scotch herrings.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/979Rowland Elleray, Ulverston, spirit vaults. Handbill.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/985H Philipson, Ulverston, clock and watch maker, label.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/973Hope and Anchor, Ulverston. James Beck's billhead.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/1047Blank pro forma, re debts owing Thomas Mercer deceased, Ulverston.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/1015Ulverston Theatre. Concert of magic - Mr Soulton.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/1007Ulverston Theatre Playbill. Provoked husband.On microfilm.1824Barrow
ZS/1127Ulverston Theatre bill, Soldiers daughter, Tekeli.1810Barrow
ZS/1013Ulverston Theatre. Notice re Royal Mechanical and Optical Museum.On microfilm.1825Barrow
BDX 359/8/29Letter from Christina Fell,Flan House, Ulverstone sic, 24 October 18961896Barrow
BDHJ/109/44 Hoad Terrace, Ulverston1855-1929Barrow
BDX 441Papers relating to Ulverston collected by Mr. B. EllisUlverston Union Workhouse: architectural plans (2), proposed boiler house, n.d.; Ulverston Area Guardians' Committee Acceptance of Tender forms (6), 1943; Report of the School Attendance Committee to the Board of Guardians, 1890. Messrs. R. F. Case & Company.circa 1890-1943Barrow
Z/15/2Articles of Agreement between William Penny of Penny Bridge and othersArticles of agreement, 19 August 1748, re delivery of coals charcoals

1 William Penny of Penny Bridge, Lancashire esq.
and rest of his partners. William Fleming, Richard Crewdson, Edward Burns,
William Penny, John Walker, James Walker, Thomas
Townson, Joseph Penny, James Hollin, Robert
Greenwood, Thomas Towers, Bryan Christopherson,
Thomas Kendall, James Coward, James Kirkby,
Anthony Wilson, Anne Atkinson, Robert Taylor,
Leonard Parke, Richard Parke, Mary Fleming,
John Gradwell, James Bisher, Richard Wilson, John
Kendall, Robert Redhead, John Kendall elder,
John Atkinson, William Lancaster, Robert Taylor,
Roger Preston, Edward Parke, Matthew Coward, Henry
Nealson, Isabel Taylor, Samuel Towers, William
Benson, Elhanah Taylor, John Addison, Edward
Waterson, Robert Hull, Cornelius Fell, Jennet
Postlethwaite, Christopher Taylor, Robert Taylor,
George Taylor, John Pennington, Jno. Pennington,
John Wilson, Agnes Willson, Gawen Braithwaite,
Richard Crewdson, William Keen, Richard Robinson,
Edward Keen, Laurence Harrison, Isabel Harrison,
William Penny, Richard Postlethwaite, Myles
Postlethwaite, William Strickland, Thomas Seotson Thomas Scotson,
William Postlethwaite, John Russell, Paul Pennington,
Myles Sandys, E Wilson, Wm. Rigge, Robert Scales,
John Satterwt., William Taylor, Wm Baithwt William Braithwaite; Joseph
Taylor, William Fleming, Benjamin Taylor, James
Watson, John Doson John Dobson
Terms: as in Z15/1
Endorsement: Exhibited in chancery examination, 19
October 1767 at Ulverstone - William Penny v William Strickland et aliis and others
Witnesses: Thomas Barrow, John Postlethwaite, William Shawe junior.
BDX 241/2FeoffmentFeoffment.
1. Robert Strickland of Ulverstone, Lancashire, carpenter and Dorothy Strickland, his wife.
2. Anthony Hall of Ulverstone aforesaid, yeoman.
Premises: parcel of ground in a close belonging to (2) called Steps House Orchard in the Ellers in Ulverstone. Also those three messuages or dwellinghouses and premises lately erected on the said land with appurtenances.; (1) to levy a fine at the assizes at Lancaster.
Consideration: £150.
Witness: William Burnthwaite, junior.
Livery of seisin granted on 17 February 1797.
BDHJ Hart Jackson and Sons, Solicitors of UlverstonEstate papers, title deeds, legal documents, correspondence of various families1613-1950Barrow
BDS 67/1/1Log book28 September 1926 - 16 July 1993Barrow
DBT/19/9Correspondence relating to the Parkside Mining Co., and a deed for extending a lease of the Ulverston Glebe Royalty1910 - 1911Whitehaven
ZS/152G Ashburner, Ulverston,Catalogue of stock on broadsheet.1806Barrow
BDX 441/2/1Invoices and Income Tax receipts1913-1917Barrow
BDFELL/10Manor of Hornby1590s-1774Barrow
BDX 291/22PlansFor extra accommodation and proposals for furnishings and equipment made necessary by the Secondary/Comprehensive education reorganisation.1968-1969Barrow
BDX 294/1Counterpart leaseRelating to Blackbeck Gunpowder Mills at Colton, near Ulverston, leased by Arthur Benson to Messrs. Frederick Cartwright Dickson and Frederick Maurice Dickson.31 December 1881Barrow
BDX 441/2/1/5Invoices receivedFrom, John J. Downward, Pharmacist, J. Woodhouse, Thompson & Sons.1 July 1913-1 March 1916Barrow
BDX 316/1/2Enclosure Actfor enclosing lands in the township or divisions of Kirkby Ireleth and of Lindale and Marton in the parish of Dalton.1821Barrow
BDFELL/3Title deeds relating to land and property in Dalton1611-1830sBarrow
BDHJ/6James Coward, timber merchant1834-1925Barrow
BDX 441/1/2Reports1890Barrow
BDHJ/319Cranke familyMalachi James Cranke: Sale book of property 1910; probate papers 1909. Estate papers of Margaret Grizedale of Urswick, 1875 including valuation of goods. Lease of Midtown, Urswick, 1910. Financial papers of W G Atkinson and E A Atkinson 1920s; account books of Henry Riley of Ulverston, draper 1920s.1875-1920sBarrow
BDHJ/214Estate papersEstate papers of John Booth died 1895; Miss Mary Barton died 1917; Elizabeth Barton died 1935; Dorothy Presow died 1909; A A Garner died 1944; Robert Borrowdale cl938.circa 1885-circa 1944Barrow
BDHJ/5James Coward and Son, timber merchantsEstate and business papers of the Coward family.1847-1943Barrow
BDHJ/315Income and land tax, business and legal papersfuneral programme of Edward VII 1910; papers regarding Co-operative Hall, Dalton 1947; draft deed of partnership T A Butler etc., fish and chip merchants and bleach manufacturers 1949; legal papers including Mrs. E Pixton v Marshall Hooper 1948, Mrs. P M Shrubsole v Edward Deason 1949, Jennie Nickeas v Lucy A Porter 1948, Rex v Joe Stevenson for felony 1948. 1910-1949Barrow
WDB 35/1/262Pennington, Ulverston, Lancashire.Pennington. Low Greaves Dairy Farm. Close of pasture land on Swarthmoor. Garden at Crossamoor. With plans.
Owner not named. Tenure not defined.
BDHJ/412/2Property in Ulverston1739-1810Barrow
BDS 67/4Minute booksMinute book of meetings of school committee/school managers/school governors1896-1985Barrow
BDX 241/7Will of John Turner of the Ellers, Ulverstone, Lancashire, yeoman.1814Barrow
ZS/149G Ashburner, Ulverston,T Meadows portrait from"Pocteral Miscellany".1805Barrow
ZS/545Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Mr Lishmann's Ball, programme.1811Barrow
BDX 342/12/2"The Dalton News"containing several pages on the opening of Barrow Town Hall16 Jul 1887Barrow
BDX 342/12/4/1"Ulverston News"5 Aug 1944Barrow
BDX 342/12/4/2"Ulverston News"19 Jan 1962Barrow
BDX 342/12/1"The Penny Pictorial News and Family Story Paper"6 Oct 1877Barrow
BDX 441/1Ulverston Union1890-1943Barrow
BDX 441/2/1/3Invoices receivedFrom, James Spedding, Maltster, Joseph Grisedale, Miller, Simpson's China Rooms, John Brewer, Draper, S. Warhurst, Ironmonger.28 Dec 1915-Jan 1917Barrow
BDX 441/1/3/1Copy, acceptance of tender formUlverston (No. 1) Area Gaurdians' Committee to Messrs. W. H. Braithwaite & Sons, Ulverston, for supply of oatmeal.28 Sep 1943Barrow
BDHJ/218Agreement, title deeds and estate papersAgreement between Lord Richard Frederick Cavendish to Corporation of Barrow-in-Furness regarding Holebeck drainage 1912. Plan of proposed factory at Station Road West for Gilbert and Kellett Limited 1947. Papers regarding W E Clinch of The Limes, Orpington. Title deeds for Greenbank Terrace, Little Langdale 1940s; Levensdale, Newby Bridge. Estate papers of Ann Redhead; Joseph Pickthall Harrison, Robert Coward, John Bayliff, G H Gribble, George Nelson, Mary Marr, Miss M A Wilson, Jane Lamb, William Bayliff, Eleanor Hodgson, William Mays, Mary Jane Marr. circa 1912-1947Barrow
BDHJ/217Estate papersEstate papers of John Wilson died 1928; H J Macklin cl940; Mary Anne Benson died 1939; James Todd died 1920; Mrs Fanny Johnson died 1938; George Oxley died 1938; William Edmonson died 1934; W A Watts died 1932; Robert Willgoose died 1935; Eleanor Hall died 1932; Margaret Wearing; Mrs Gaudie died 1932.circa 1920-circa 1939Barrow
BDS 67/1Ulverston Church of England Infant School (Church Walk)1926-1993Barrow
BDX 441/1/2/1Report to the Board of GuardiansBy the Ulverston Union School Attendance Committee. Includes figures for Broughton, Cartmel, Colton, Dalton, Hawkshead and Ulverston districts.17 April 1890Barrow
BDY 46Photocopy of map of Ulverstonby John Wood to Colonel T R G Braddyll.1832Barrow
BDX 241/4FeoffmentFeoffment.
1. Richard Shaw and Miles Theodore Burton both of Ulverstone, Lancashire, gentlemen.
2. Anthony Hall of Ulverstone sforesaid, gardener.
3. Henry Shaw of Ulverstone, aforesaid, gentleman.
Premises: 5 freehold messuages or dwelling houses, blacksmith's shop and appurteneces in the Ellers, Ulverstone. Also parcel of freehold land in the Ellers adjoining the houses on the south side, called Steps Croft and used as a garden.
Consideration: £630 to (1) and 5s to (2).
Witnesses: Samuel Tyson, Thomas Townson.
BDX 241/5Lease and ReleaseLease.
1. William Sparrow of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, factor.
John Moreton of the same place, auctioneer.
Assignees of the estate and effects of John Coward late of Ulverstone, Lancashire, ironmonger, dealer and chapman.
John Coward aforesaid.. John Turner of Ulverstone aforesaid, yeoman.
Premises: messuage, cottage or dwelling house with barn, stable, cowhouse and garden in the Ellers, Ulverstone, now or in late possession of (2) and others, with appurtenences.
Consideration: 10s a piece.
Term: 1 year.
Rent: 1 peppercorn.
Witness: George Thompson, clerk to W T Price of Wolverhampton, solicitor.
Parties, premises and witness as lease.
Consideration: £163.
ZS/162John Coward, Ulverston,Ironmonger and nail manufacturer. Routine advertisement.1806Barrow
BDHJ/412/2/1Manor of Ulverston: admittances1747-1767Barrow
BDHJ/412/2/1/5Manor of Ulverston: admittance of John Walker to close at the head of Soutergate, Ulverston6 Mar 1767Barrow
BDHJ/412/2/3Extract from the title deeds of William Briggs to a dwelling house in Town End Street, Ulverston1739-1766Barrow
BDHJ/412/2/1/2Manor of Ulverston: admittance of Philip Towers to Townbank Close, Ulverston29 Oct 1753Barrow
BDHJ/412/2/1/3Manor of Ulverston: admittance of Samuel Towers to Townbank Close, Ulverston30 Oct 1758Barrow
BDHJ/412/2/1/4Manor of Ulverston: admittance of William Shaw of Urswick and Thomas Fell of Pennington to close at the head of Soutergate, Ulverston6 Mar 1767Barrow
BDHJ/412/3/5Mortgage of property in Urswick and Ulverston1. John Dennison of Dalton, yeoman
2. William Cranke of Little Urswick, mason
3. George Braithwaite of Foldyeat near Hawkshead, yeoman
Consideration: £74 18s paid to (1) and £75 2s paid to (2)
Premises: house at Little Urswick, land called Craggs and Outfields at Little Urswick, new built barn at Dragley Beck Lane, Ulverston, close called Wallnook near Ulverston.
Witnesses: John Robinson, Thomas natteress, James Fell of Trinkelt near Ulverstone
14 Feb 1769Barrow
BDHJ/412/2/5Assignment of house in King Street and goods for payment of debts1. Ricahrd Fell of Ulverston, brazier tin man and tin plate worker
2. Edmund Petty of Ulverston, liquor merchant and William Noble Fell of Sparkbridge, Coulton, gentleman
3. Creditors of the said Richard Fell (see list in document)
Consideration: 5s
Premises: house with warehouse,shops, outhouses, yard and garden on the east side of King Street, Ulverstonwith household goods and furniture, implements; stock in trade of tin, brass, pewter, iron and copperware and all other his goods and chattels
Witness: James Fell
25 Oct 1810Barrow
BDHJ/412/2/4Mortgage of house in The Gill, Ulverston1. William Thwaites of Ulverston, waller
2. Thomas Petty of Ulverston, gentleman
Consideration: £21
Premises: house with outhouse and garden on the backside in The Gill, Ulverston adjoining a barn belonging to William Fell
Witnesses: Henry Law and Jonathan Williamson
13 Feb 1766Barrow
BDHJ/412/3Property in Little Urswick and belonging to the Cranke familyBarrow
BDHJ/412/3/6Mortgage of property in Urswick and Ulverston1. William Cranke of Little Urswick, mason and Mary his wife
2. George Braithwaite of Foldyeat near Hawkshead, yeoman
Consideration: £60
Premises: house at Little Urswick, land called Craggs and Outfields at Little Urswick, new built barn at Dragley Beck Lane, Ulverston, close called Wallnook near Ulverston.
Witnesses: Tobias Beck and John Robinson, William Fitzgerald
14 Feb 1770Barrow
BDHJ/412/2/2Feoffment of part of a house and garden at Townend, Ulverston1. James Fell of Ulverston, innkeeper
2. John Benson of Ulverston, labourer and Margaret Benson of Ulverston, spinster (son and daughter and devisees of Thomas Benson, late of Ulverston, deceased)
3. Anne Cranke of Ulverston, widow
Consideration: £15 5s 3d
Premises: moiety of a free burgage house, stable and garth or garden on the bankside at Town End, Ulverston
Witnesses: Charles Hawkins and John Harrison
1 Mar 1739Barrow
BDHJ/412/3/2Mortgage of house and land in Little Urswick and property in Ulverston1. William Crank of Little Urswick, mason
2. George Braithwaite of Foldyeat, Hawkshead, yeoman
Consideration: £50
Premises: house at Little Urswick, land called Craggs and Outfields at Little Urswick, new built barn at Dragley Beck Lane, Ulverston, close called Wallnook near Ulverston. Subject to a mortgage
Witnesses: Thomas Cleminson and John Robinson
27 Aug 1769Barrow
BDHJ/412/3/3Mortgage of property in Urswick and Ulverston1. William Cranke of Little Urswick, mason
2. John Denison of Dalton, yeoman
Consideration: £30
Premises: house at Little Urswick, land called Craggs and Outfields at Little Urswick, new built barn at Dragley Beck Lane, Ulverston, close called Wallnook near Ulverston. Subject to a mortgage
Witnesses: John Parke and Roger Mather
11 Nov 1767Barrow
BDHJ/230Estate papers, correspondence and court papers Notebook containing miscellaneous notes and letter from James Park regarding boundary between Haverigg and Millom 19th century. Letters to John Cranke, 1840s.. Accounts of Robert Housby to John Patrick for legal work 1842-1844. Wills of William Tyson of Ulverston 1875 and Agnes Tyson of Ulverston 1900, with estate papers.1840s-1930sBarrow
ZS/161John Coward, Ulverston,Ironmonger and nail manufacturer. Routine advertisement.1806Barrow
BDFELL/5Legal papers1622-1929Barrow
BDY 3Photocopy of a map of Ulverston by John Wood, Land surveyor of Northallerton for Colonel T R G Braddyll, Ulverston Library.1832Barrow
BDX 388/1Anthony Salvin letter bookLetter book of correspondence between Anthony Salvin, architect, and William Brocklebank, clerk of works, re building of Holy Trinity Church, Ulverston.16 Oct 1799-23 Nov 1836Barrow
BDFELL/4Bonds and miscellaneous title deeds 1572-1797Barrow
BDHJ/133Estate papers; title deeds; Estate papers of William Rawlinson of Allithwaite, died 1928. Will of John Rawlinson of Allithwaite, 1899. Claims for damage at Gawthwaite Moor (shooting rights) 1945. Papers regarding Mrs King's trust fund. Mineral rights duty returns, 1930s-1950s. Title deeds to 7 Edmondson Street and to 3 and 4 Canal Head, Ulverston.1899-1950sBarrow
BDFELL/8Title deeds for land and property in Ulverston1604-1864Barrow
BDHJ/132Estate papers, title deeds and income tax papersEstate papers of Reverend John Stackhouse of Stainforth, died 1893; Mr and Mrs Walker; Mabel Routledge, died 1941. Papers of W M Farrer of Whitbarrow Lodge, Witherslack, including title deeds 1940s.1899-1940sBarrow
BDHJ/4James Martin, solicitor of Ulverston1863-1955Barrow
BDHJ/11Richard and William Fisher of Barrow-in-Furness and UlverstonCopy will of William Fisher, 45 Dalton Road, Barrow-in-Furness, 1892; account books of trust 1892-1915; accounts, receipts for legacies. Death certificates for Robert William, 1927, and Edward Hird, 1926 (trustees?). Copy will of Richard Fisher of St. Mary's Mount, Ulverston, 1899. Legal papers for case between Wilson and Fisher in the matter of the estate of Richard Fisher, 1933. 1892-1933Barrow
ZS/163John Coward, Ulverston,Ironmonger and nail manucaturer. Sale of ironmongery stock.1806Barrow
ZS/164John Coward, Ulverston,Ironmonger and nail manufacturer. Bankruptcy, pro forma letter to debtors.1806-1807Barrow
ZS/167Ellers, Ulverston,sale of house and land owned by A Hall.1803Barrow
ZS/170Amicable Society, Ulverston.Dinner invitation card.1805Barrow
ZS/174Friendly Society, Ulverston.General state of Societies, list of members verso.1803Barrow
ZS/177Friendly Society, Ulverston.Medical and Medics Charity. Recommendation pro forma.1805Barrow
ZS/186Sun Inn, Ulverston,light post coach to Lancaster etcetera.1805Barrow
ZS/191Linen Drapers, Ulverston,bankrupt stock of linen drapery mercery goods, sale.1806Barrow
ZS/192Linen Drapers, Ulverston,bankrupt stock of linen drapery mercery goods, sale.1807Barrow
ZS/201Jackson, Ulverston,hawker of linen drapery and hosiery goods from Liverpool.1804Barrow
ZS/234Mr Winder, Ulverston,dancing school (ships insurance on verso 1760, of ZS 157, 209,272).1803Barrow
ZS/242Thomas Tennant, Ulverston,business card - commencement of business.1803Barrow
ZS/245I Atkinson, Ulverston,2 month course in mathematics etcetera.1806Barrow
ZS/252Sloop "Friendship", Ulverston,master late James Atkinson, raising of vessel and cargo.1804Barrow
ZS/254"Tyson", Ulverston,William Neale master, harbour, Whitehaven - Ulverston.1805Barrow
ZS/255James Soulby (formerly James Houghton),Ulverston,Alice Houghton, bookseller, bookbinder, printer etcetera, engagement of assistant.1792Barrow
ZS/258James Soulby (formerly James Houghton),Ulverston,bookseller, etcetera, J Soulby's address.1803Barrow
ZS/259James Soulby (formerly James Houghton),Ulverston,bookseller, etcetera, stock list.1803-1808Barrow
ZS/260James Soulby (formerly James Houghton),Ulverston,bookseller, Atkinsons Tide Table and Almanack 1804.1804Barrow
ZS/261James Soulby (formerly James Houghton),Ulverston,bookseller, "Signals for the Whistle" proof for Exercise of Light Infantry.1804Barrow
ZS/264James Soulby (formerly James Houghton),Ulverston,Souly and Fell, upholsterers, etcetera.1801Barrow
ZS/272John Johnson, Ulverston,tailor and habit maker ship insurance 176- on verso of ZS 157, 2091, 234.1801Barrow
ZS/279W Tatham of Lancaster, Ulverston,draper etcetera, handbill bears offset of "Presentation of Colours to Ulverston Melitia" on part of ZS313.1804Barrow
ZS/294Spirit merchant, Ulverstonreplenishment of stock of spirits after fire, pro-forma letter.1803Barrow
ZS/297John Gleaves junior and Company, Ulverstonrum, brandy, porter.1800Barrow
ZS/298John Gleaves junior and Company, Ulverstonpro forma re discontinuance of partnership.1804Barrow
ZS/301Gleaves and Winder, Ulverston,dealers in spirits, proforma business letter.1807Barrow
ZS/424Ulverston, "Pnenomenon",(property of Banes and Hilton) at Stud.1809Barrow
ZS/434Cattle Fair, Ulverston,Announcement of Fair, 24 Monday T 7 October 1807.1807Barrow
ZS/445Ulverston Friendly Societies,Accounts, 1808-1809.1809Barrow
ZS/446Ulverston Friendly Societies,Accounts, 1809-1810.1810Barrow
ZS/447Ulverston, Lottery Adverts,State Lottery 20 October 1809, J Soulby's advert.1809Barrow
ZS/448-9Ulverston, Lottery Adverts 14 February 1810,State Lottery, J Soulby's adverts as agent of Swift and Company.1810Barrow
ZS/450-4Ulverston, Lottery Adverts 14 February 1810,State Lottery, Cartoon issued by Swift and Company as lottery adverts.1810Barrow
ZS/471Ulverston, Lottery Adverts 19 October 1810,State Lottery, J Soulby's advert as agent for Swift and Company.1810Barrow
ZS/475Ulverston, Medical and Ladies Charity,Annual report 1809-1810.1810Barrow
ZS/476Ulverston, Medical and Ladies Charity,Annual report 1810-1811.1811Barrow
ZS/477Ulverston, Traders,Mr Briscoe - sale of linen and woollen drapery, bankrupts effects.1811Barrow
ZS/481Ulverston, Traders,Pro forma letter re increase in price of linen and cotton yarns.1809Barrow
ZS/487Ulverston, Traders,John Coward, ironmonger and nail manufacturer, verse catalogue.c1806Barrow
ZS/489Ulverston, Traders,John Frearson, spade maker of Lowick Green, bankruptcy.1809Barrow
ZS/490Ulverston, Traders,Geldart, Fell and Fell, upholsterers, dissolution of partnership.1809Barrow
ZS/503Ulverston, News Sheets,A Secret Murder sects. Dreadful accident at Liverpoool verso, Undated.1809Barrow
ZS/507Ulverston, Olympic Circus, bills,Playbill for 7 January 1808 (sects) and 9 January 1808 (verso).1808Barrow
ZS/517Ulverston, Printers, Soulby,J Gray of Whitehaven; Catalogue of books etcetera. (See ZS 630). (Damaged and incomplete).1810Barrow
ZS/527Ulverston, Property Sales and Lettings,King Street, Ulverston, house, shop and warehouse to let.1810Barrow
ZS/528Ulverston, Property Sales and Lettings,Market Street, Ulverston, house, shops etcetera for sale.1809Barrow
ZS/529Ulverston, Property Sales and Lettings,Market Street, Ulverston, house, stable etcetera for sale.1809Barrow
ZS/539John Charles of Haverthwaite,Kendal and Ulverston Common Carrier.1811Barrow
ZS/546Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Mr Walker, astronomical lecture "Eidouranion", programme.1807Barrow
ZS/555Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Everyone has his fault, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/557Theatre Royal, Ulverston,The Provoked husband, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/559Theatre Royal, Ulverston,English Fleet in 1342, play bill imperfect.1804Barrow
ZS/564Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Soldier's Daughter, play bill.1804Barrow
ZS/565Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Phantasmegoria, play bill imperfect.1806Barrow
ZS/566Theatre Royal, Ulverston,To marry or not to marry, play bill, imperfect.1806Barrow
ZS/571Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Who wants a guinea, play bill.1806Barrow
ZS/572Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Laugh when you can, play bill.1806Barrow
ZS/573Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Battle of Hexham, play bill.1806Barrow
ZS/575Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Wheel of Fortune, play bill imperfect.1806Barrow
ZS/579Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Merry Wives of Windsor, play bill.1807Barrow
ZS/580Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Mr Saxoni on a tight rope, play bill.1807Barrow
ZS/581Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Lectures and recitations by Mr Kemble and Company imperfect.1807Barrow
ZS/586Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Time's a tell tale Edward Mostyn, Mayor of the Hunt, play bill, imperfect.1808Barrow
ZS/593Theatre Royal, Ulverston,The way to get married, play bill.1808Barrow
ZS/597Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Wandering Orators - Theatrical Budget.1809Barrow
ZS/599Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Foundling of the forest, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/601Theatre Royal, Ulverston,A bold stroke for a husband, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/608Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Grieving's a golly, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/611Theatre Royal, Ulverston,The incompetant, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/615Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Wife of two husbands, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/616Theatre Royal, Ulverston,King Richard III, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/620Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Speed the plough, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/621Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Battle of Hexham, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/622Theatre Royal, Ulverston,School of reform, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/623Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Wonder: a woman keeps a secret, playbill.1810Barrow
ZS/625Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Dibdin's budget by Mr Twedale, playbill..1811Barrow
ZS/626Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Dibdin's budget by Mr Twedale, Travelling Company playbill (proforma bill).1811Barrow
ZS/628Theatre Royal, Ulverston,Splendid mixing by Henry Finn, proposals to publish.1809Barrow
ZS/704Cartmel and Ulverston, farms to let,Ayside, Barber Green. On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/778Samaritan Society, Ulverston. Pro forma notice of meeting.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/802Canal Street, Ulverston, land to let and sale of church pews.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/832Ulverston, notice of sailing of Sloop Barton1823Barrow
ZS/837Ulverston, assignment of James Scotson Burns of Old Hall to trustees.On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/839Ulverston, assignment of John Pickthall to G Yates and W Briskel, in trust torn.On microfilm.1821Barrow
ZS/840Ulverston, assignment of Thomas Jones to John Soulby and Edward Slack, in trust.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/849The Gill, Ulverston. Reward notice (payable on conviction of trespassers).On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/864Woodburn and Jackson, Ulverston, sale of tar and Irish butter for shep salve.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/875T C Clark, Ulverston, watch and clock maker and auctioneer. (Itiner and service bill).On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/918/1-2Old Hall, Ulverston. Sale of furniture for James S Burns (2).On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/928King Street, Ulverston. Sale of furniture etcetera at auction mart.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/929Urswick. Sale of grass etcetera for John Welch, insolvent debtorOn microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/932Sun Inn, Ulverston. Sale of furniture, post chaises etcetera Edward Braithwaite.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/934King Street, Ulverston. Sale of furniture etcetera for Ed Higgin mercer, deceased.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/949/1-2Roger Holme, Ulverston. Notice of visit, pro forma visit (2).On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/950Yarker and Company, Ulverston. Notice of visit, pro forma letter.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/952/1-2T Gibson, Ulverston. Notice of visit, pro forma letter (2).On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/956/1-2Ulverston. Satterthwaite - Jackson, grocer's etcetera, bill head (2).On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/981Sun Inn, Ulverston. Edward Braithwaite, introductory handbill.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/986E and F Kennedy, Soutergate, Ulverston, milliners, thanks for custom.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/989Ulverston. Sam Tyson's letter to landowners seeking office of Town Clerk.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/994Ulverston Theatre Bill, American dwarf etcetera torn.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/1003Ulverston Theatre Bill. Soldiers and daughter torn.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/1004Ulverston Theatre Bill. Wonder: a woman keeps a secret.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/1005Ulverston Theatre Bill. Tom and Jerry and Blind Boy large size.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/1009Ulverston Theatre Playbill. Mechanical and Optical Museum (2).On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/1010/1-2Ulverston Theatre Playbill. Mechanical peacock etcetera in two pieces.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/1024Mr Ormond pro formsa letter asking support for Ulverston Theatre.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/1057Blank pro forma re debt owing Matthew Stephenson, grocer, Ulverston.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/1075Notice to Constable of Ulverston re return of males 18-45 for militia.On microfilm.1822Barrow
BDFELL/1Inventories, wills and probate papers1607-1898Barrow
BDFELL/9Title deeds, correspondence and tax records relating to land on the Thrusgill estate and at Wray, Bolton1774-1934Barrow
BDFELL/11Business interests1734-1945Barrow
BDFELL/7Management of Thrusgill estate1718-1932Barrow
DBH/2/3Barrow-in-Furness and UlverstonDeeds relating to the partnership of Case & Co., wine and spirit merchants.1896Whitehaven
BDY 22Photocopy of telephone directory (part)Barrow - Ulverston area. Some for Kendal, Windermere, Ambleside, Whitehaven, Carlisle and Penrith.circa 1900Barrow
BDY 34Photocopy of Price list, Almanack and Directory,1895 by exors for late H W Mackareth.1895Barrow
BDY 41Photocopy of letters of administration of Henry Robinson of Ulverston, solicitor from Lancashire Record Office.1850Barrow
BDX 291/21Papers relating to the raising of the school leaving age and the reorganisation of secondary school educationLeading to the introduction and operation of comprehensive schools in Division 1 of Lancashire and in particular the proposals for Dowdales School, Dalton-in-Furness and Ulverston Victoria and Ulverston Grammar Schools. Included are proposals for catchment areas, organisation, curriculum, staffing and accommodation.1965-1973Barrow
BDX 241/3FeoffmentFeoffment.
1. Anthony Hall of Ulverstone, Lancashire, gardener.
Mary Hall, his wife.. Richard Shaw and Miles Theodore Burton of Ulverstone, aforesaid, gentleman.
Premises: 4 freehold messuages or dwellinghouses, blacksmiths shop with appurtenences, situated near the Mill Beck in the Ellers, Ulverstone. Also the croft of freehold land adjoining the houses called Steps Croft and used as a garden.
Consideration: 5s.
Witnesses: Samuel Cleminson, John Threlfall.
Livery of seisin granted 3 February 1806.
Promissory note attached: Anthony Hall to pay Henry Shaw £600 plus interest at 5%.
BDHJ/260North Lonsdale ClubHouse book 1936-1943; expenditure books 1935-1959; bills and receipts; subscription list 1938.1935-1959Barrow
BDHJ/7John Coward and James Coward, timber merchants, UlverstonBusiness letters 1926; bank books and cheque books; receipts, orders and vouchers circa 1926. Cash book of executors 1926; diary of J Coward, 1926; wages book 1903-1925; draft letter book 1926.1903-1926Barrow
BDTB/116Probate papers; title deeds; court papers1865-1920Barrow
BDHJ/134Estate papers; probate papers; title deedsEstate papers of Wilson family, including wills of John Wilson, 1924 and Elizabeth Wilson, 1927. Papers regarding estate of Mrs E Winder; H B Wood and Mrs A H Wood; James Martin, 1930s; A F Dickson, 1956. Leases of Stott Park, 1941. . Will of Eleanor Woodend, 1925. 1924-1956Barrow
BDHJ/136Court cases; accident papers; estate duty papersAll clients of J F Hodgson, solicitor of Barrow-in-Furness1940sBarrow
BDHJ/262Estate papers, account books and sales particularsEstate papers of William Scott of Ulverston including wills 1852 and 1882; will of Margaret Scott 1872; Papers of William Nicholas Werry of Lancaster died 1911.1852-1911Barrow
BDHJ/366Rating assessment appeals, probate papers and balance sheetsWilliam Roper d.1927 papers regarding Wilson and I B Evans, 1924, Sowden v Fell 1937, Nicholson William d. probate papers, R Ireland d. 1933 probate papers handed to B.H.J. 27.3.41., I Rawlinson; Cartmel, probate papers, Thompson and Company Limited papers regarding Burton House, licence, L Ray d. 1935, probate papers, Ireland R. d. probate papers 1935, Hutton and Company v Atkinson 1937 regarding toffee; Mrs M E Morris papers 1936; Mrs A H Tyson 1933 probate papers, Walter Carter d. 1933, probate papers, Grange Gas Company regarding Osborne, J W Johnson County Court 1934, W P Blyth Police Court Summons, Hartleys Limited slum clearance order regarding stable at Kendal, Income Tax 1931 return of land values; Anne Aspen 1929; papers regarding Martin and Atkinson; ; R B Jackson sundry papers from his room 1935.1911-1937Barrow
BDHJ/381Estate, property sales and other papers1890s-1920sBarrow
BDHJ/396/3/19Lease1) Elizabeth Benson of Underfield, Colton, Lancaster, Gentlewoman
2) Barnett Benson of Longmire, Colton, Lancaster, Keeper & James Picthall the Elder of Birkrow, Ulverston, Lancaster, Husbandman
Premises: 2 messuages or dwellinghouses with the outhouses, garden and orchard situate at Hilltop; 5 inclosures of adjoining ground; 5 days work of peats to be got for the dwellinghouses;
Annual rent: £24, 3s
Term: 5 years
Signatures and seal: Elizabeth Benson and Barnett Benson
Witness: Richard Towers
12 Feb 1801Barrow
BDHJ/396/3/44Assignment of mortgage1) Henry Tindall of Lancaster, Mariner; Thomas Petty of Ulverston, Lancaster, Gentleman & John Fell of Ulverston Lancaster, Mercer.
(Trustees for and on behalf of Ellin Sandys, Widow; Edward Salisbury, Merchant and Mary his Wife; Sally Sandys and Jane Sandys, Spinsters all of Lancaster).

2) Ellin Sandys, Widow; Edward Salisbury, Merchant and Mary his Wife; Sally Sandys and Jane Sandys, Spinsters all of Lancaster.

3) Peter Nicholson of Sunbrick, Aldingham, Lancaster, Gentleman

Premises: Several fields, closes and parcels of ground called: Dickfield, The Parrock; Robinson's Pasture; Ready More and Little Meadow Field

Consideration: £370

Signatures and seals: Henry Tindall; Thomas Petty; John Fell; Peter Nicholson; Ellin Sandys; Edward Salisbury; Mary Salisbury; Sally Sandys & Jane Sandys

Witnesses:Giles Preston; Thomas Fell; Thomas Salisbury and S. Harrison
28 Feb 1765Barrow
BDHJ/396/3/51Lease and release1) John Robinson of Ulverston, Lancaster, Gentleman
2) John Scotson of Oldhall, Bouth, Colton, Lancaster, Yeoman
Premises: All those closes or parcels of ground situate, lying and being in the township of Bouth, Colton, Lancaster, called and commonly known by the several names of The Lowest Crames Meadow, the south east end of Callowgap wood, and the Barleyclose in Callowgap... all which closes or parcels of ground adjoin together and contain by estimation four acres and a half of customary measure
Term: 1 year
Consideration: £100
Signature and seal: John Robinson, John Scotson and John Dodson
Witnesses: John Bellman and Rowland Penny
20 May-21 May 1774Barrow
BDHJ/398/2/69Lease and release1) John Drinkall of Rusland, Lancaster, Tanner and John Backhouse of Reading , Colton, Lancaster, Farmer (Devisees in Trust and Executors named and appointed in and by the last will and testament of Joseph Hartley, Bouth, Colton, Lancaster, Yeoman, deceased), Benjamin Hartley of Ulverston, Lancaster, Yeoman and Mary Hartley of Bouth, Colton, Lancaster, Spinster

2) John Burns of Cringlemire , Colton, Lancaster, Gentleman

Consideration: £948

Premises: All those 2 dwellinghouses and tenements with the barn, stable, cowhouse, peathouse and garden and several closes, closures and parcels of land thereunto belonging commonly called or known by the several names of Waregreen Littlemire and Waregreen Parrock or Dickfield in Bouth, Colton, Lancaster

Signatures and seals: John Drinkall, John Backhouse, Benjamin Hartley & Mary Hartley

Witnesses: John Park & Ann Parkinson
17 Mar-18 Mar 1819Barrow
BDHJ/216Estate papersEstate papers of Hugh Barton cl892; Alfred D Kemp died 1914; cl892-cl944 Joseph Barnett died 1933; Stephen Eslick died 1905; Joseph Park died 1931; Robert Simpson died 1923; Frank Ashburner died 1936; Edith Massey died 1931; Catherine Davis died 1928; Barbara Graveston, Matilda Penny died 1935; F Muncaster died 1931; Nelson Wearing died 1938; Nellie Cottam died 1944; J J Langhorn died 1934; Job Miller died 1933; M E Hartley died 19361892-1944Barrow
BDSO 111Ulverston Heritage Centre2000Barrow
BDHJ/288Sandhall and Gascow EstatesSandhall and Gascow Estates: title deeds to Conishead Priory Estate; agreements regarding Gascow Quarry; list of rents for Sandhall.
Transferred from BDHJ/289: Estate papers of Jacob Crowe 1889-1922. Papers regarding Jane Fisher's mortgages 1901-1909.
BDHJ/240Estate papersWills and probates1912-1946Barrow
BDHJ/237Estate papers, sales books and willsMiss Ada Parker's Trust 1906-1908. Fell's estate, Biggar, Walney Island 1838-1876. Miscellaneous abstracts of title including Miss Elizabeth Barker to property at Baycliffe 1900. James Murphy of Ulverston 1898. Sales book of William Tyson's farming stock at Biggar 1864. Note book containing notes regarding Biggar including part of deed regarding turbary rights 1809-1823. Wills of Matthew Todd of Barrow 1864; Mary Taylor of Ulverston 1883; Abram Thompson of Ulverston 1882; Mary Troughton of Ulverston 1876.1809-1908 [gaps]Barrow
BDHJ/250Ulverston and Plumpton tithes, apprenticeship indentures and agreements; bankruptcy discharges; maintenace for child agreements1745-1900Barrow
BDHJ/251/16Memorandum of agrreement concerning a mortgage of estates in Lancashire, Cumberland , Westmorland and Durham1. Thomas Richmond Gale Braddyll
2. George Shaw Petty and William Postlethwaite of Ulverston, bankers
13 Jul 1846Barrow
BDHJ/253Estate papers, sales particulars and mining papersPapers relating to Dixon family of Hampsfield, Grange-over-Sands; W R Askew and J A Askew of Cowgill, Yorkshire, circa l870; Aymer Ainslie circa l885. Sales particulars of dwelling houses in Fountain Street Ulverston 1926. Papers regarding mines at Egremont, property of the Wyndham family.circa 1870-1925Barrow
BDS 67/2/2Admission register1885-1888Barrow
BDS 67/4/1Minute bookMinutes of meetings of school committee/school manager/school governors4 December 1896 - 8 May 1985Barrow
BDS 67/3/1Pre-admission register1945-1951Barrow
BDS 67/3Pre-admission registers1945-1951Barrow
BDHJ/263Estate and business papersPapers relating to Jacob Robinson including will 1884; articles of co-partnership of Robinson and Barber, drapers, tailors and outfitters, 1862; plan of premises in Market Street, Ulverston 1835; articles of co-partnership of Barber, Robinson and Misses Robinson 1868; title deeds 11 Market Street, Ulverston circa l835. See BDT. Estate papers of Mary Robinson; Henry Barber including will 1837; Betty Postlethwaite of Urswick including will 1906.1835-1906Barrow
BDHJ/265Askew family of Dent and other estate papersPapers regarding Askew family of Dent 1880s; Joseph Atkinson of Nibthwaite Grange 1880s; Ashburners of Urswick 1870s- 1917; Betty Town 1878; Wills of Isabella Stephenson of Ulverston 1887; Mary Ann Muncaster of Ulverston 1910; Thomas Brockbank of Ulverston 1868. 1868-1910Barrow
BDY 163Ulverston Channelplan showing proposed new direction (PRO ref MPcc/2)1848Barrow
BDSO 62/49Photograph Album of stars of perfomancesMany named, most of the un-named photgraphs are of Sarah (Sally) Sladen (nee Edmondson)1907-1911Barrow
BDHJ/271/31In Memorium card for James Field of Cartmel18 Jan 1877Barrow
BDHJ/272Wills, estate papers and extracts from deedWills of James Elleray 1840 and Miss Elizabeth Elleray, 1858. Estate papers of John Whinfield Benson 1938. Extracts from trust deed for Ulverston National School 1857 and Ulverston Infants School 1858. Plan and correspondence regarding Victoria Electric Palace, Victoria Hall, Ulverston 1914. Case papers regarding Pattinson v Poole 1904. Northscale tenants agreement 1778.1779-1914Barrow
BDHJ/273Probate papers, bills of sale for ships and sales particularsProbate papers of Thomas Bayliff of Rock House, Ulverston died 1895; Miss Eleanor Wilson died 1923; Miss Elizabeth Tweedale died 1924; Miss M L Town died 1926; M T Caddy died 1927; Frances Ellen Barrett died 1924; Fred Wilson died 1916; Jane Storey died 1925; and Robert Coward died 1928 including will 1912. Bills of sale for ships 1880-1886: 'Isabella' no.76889 built Barrow 1878; 'Thomas Pearson' no.27764 built Northwich 1859; 'Joseph' no.27765 built Barrow 1859; and 'Mary' no.27901 built Connah's Quay 1859. Sales particulars for ships shares 1897. Papers of John Howson and Castle Head Estate.1880-1928Barrow
BDHJ/279Estate and case papersEstate papers of John Preston Scott died 1919; Reverend Richard Rogers died 1894; T S Marr died 1904; George Denny died 1913; John Jenkinson including will 1888. Wills of Helm family of Flookburgh: Margaret Helm 1867; Jane Helm 1869; Mary Helm 1878; Elizabeth Denney of Pennington 1914. Case papers of T A Madden v Robert Jacobs, 1910. 1867-1919Barrow
BDHJ/280Estate and probate papers Battersby family papers: Robert Battersby died 1924; Thomas Battersby died 1928; William Geldart Battersby died 1920. Papers of Joseph Seward died 1895 including family arrangement and financial statement of properties. Charles Winston in bankruptcy 1896. Estate papers of Henry Winder; John Lomax; Inman family 1940s. Draft articles of partnership between John Weeks and Joseph Fletcher, 1883. Wills of Reverend William Wilson, Rector of Moreton, Essex, dated 1821 probate attached, 9 July 1822; Joseph Martin Gunson of Hawkshead 1901; Ann Longrigg of Hawkshead, widow, 1900. Case papers Fisher v Hird regarding will of William Fisher of Dalton Road, Barrow 1892-1908. Title deeds to 24-28 Daltongate, Ulverston 1860-1949 (George Ley). Memorandum and Articles of Agreement of Coalexld Limited, fuel merchants, 1909 published by Carter and Crellin, Blackburn, and by E W Poultney, Ulverston with associated papers, 1907-1910. Papers of Thomas Marr of Soutergate, Ulverston, formerly a joiner but now out of business, 1874, with will dated 12 October 1872 probate attached, 16 May 1874. Abstract of title of William F Moore to 25 Hindpool Road, Barrow 1890. Will of William Pittar of Penny Bridge, esquire, dated 8 January 1868 (probate attached, 26 November 1879). 1822-1940sBarrow
BDHJ/284Estate papers, account books and willsE G Tosh: estate papers, died 1909; ships' share papers; bill of sale of shares in 'Helse', Rowland to Tosh 1887; account books 1887-1899. Papers regarding Thomas Fildes Trust 1861-1912, including will of Thomas Fildes of Manchester, tin plate worker, 22 January 1861, and of Elizabeth Fildes of Manchester, widow, 16 April 1835, with later codicils. Sales plan of Tarn Close Estate. Inventory of goods of Hannah Atkinson, draper 1858. 1858-1912Barrow
BDHJ/292Honorable Thomas Edward Fell of Flan How, Ulverston and FijiThomas Edward Fell, born 1873, was the youngest son of John Fell JP DL of Flan How, Ulverston. He attended Royal Lancaster Grammar School, Owens College, Manchester and Pembroke College, Cambridge, graduating in 1897. He was appointed chief clerk to the Colonial Secretary's Office on the Gold Coast. In 1905 he was appointed a District Commissioner, Ashanti before become Provincial Commissioner in 1907. In 1916 he was transferred to Barbados as Colonial Secretary. He was awarded made a Companion of the order of St Micahel and St George in 1918. In 1919 he transferred to Fiji as Colonial Secretary and Acting Governor twice.1914-1940Barrow
BDHJ/293Title deeds, case papers and willsMiscellaneous abstracts of title and title deeds. Case papers Bell v Bell including wills of Thomas Dixon of Leece, 1782, Samuel Bell of Arrad Foot, 1829, William Park of Ulverston, 1849.1782-circa 1900Barrow
BDHJ/294Trust papersJohn Winder's Trust papers 1905-1923. R E Hethorn Trust papers 1914. Papers regarding Jacob Crowe, 1914-1917.1905-1923Barrow
BDHJ/296Estate papers, title deeds and trust papers Kilner Park Estate, Ulverston title deeds 1885-1907. Mrs. Ann Hodgson 1913-1917; Mrs. Isabella Braithwaite, deceased. Miscellaneous title deeds and trust papers 1899-1909.1885-1928Barrow
BDHJ/398/2/29Apprenticeship Indenture for Daniell Penington of Ulverston1) William Postulate of the Poolebridge Hill, Furness Fells, Lancaster, Shoe maker

2) Daniell Penington son of Daniell in Loake, Ulverston, Lancaster, Milner

(2) hath put on and bound himselfe an apprentice to and with (1)

Term: 7 years

Consideration: £4

Witnesses: Richard Rawlingson (his mark), John Towers & Anthony Turner

Mark and seal: William Postulate
29 Jun 1657Barrow
BDY 25Photocopies (2) of Church Walk Proprietory School minute books.Minute books (2) of Management Committee, 1843-1858 and 1858-1873.1843-1873Barrow
BDY 225Lawrence family papersPhotocopies of front pages of family Bibles of Lawrence family of Ulverston, 1834-1934; photocopies of documents of the Lawrence family's attempts to prove consanguinity for the Lawrence-Townley Estates1827-1934Barrow
BDX 232/1/17Feoffment.Feoffment.
1. Francis Nicholson of Conistone Hall, Lancashire, yeoman.
Elizabeth Nicholson, of Row, Pennington, Lancashire, widdow of Thomas Nicholson and mother of Francis aforesaid.. William Woodburn of the Ellers, Ulverstone, Lancashire, mariner.
Premises: three closes called Great Thistletarn, Little Thistletarn, and Bottom Thistletarn, one inclosure called Gatelands, two dales in an open field called Templands (all with appurtenances) in Pennington.
Consideration: £200.
Witnesses: Thomas Hartley, Thomas Townson.
BDX 232/1/20ConveyanceConveyance.
1. Ann Fell of Kendal, Westmorland, spinster.
2. James Fell of Beckside in Pennington, Lancashire, gentleman.
John Postlethwaite of Manriggs, Ulverstone, Lancashire, gentleman.
John Postlethwaite of Kendal sforesaid, gentleman.
Premises: customary tenement at Whinfield in the Manor of Pennington now in the possession of (1) and Mary Fell widow of George Fell, uncle of (1).
Consideration: 5s.
To be held for the use of Ann Fell during her life and then according to her will.
Witnesses: Jackson Harrison, Richard Dickinson, William Wilson.
BDX 241/6Release.Release.
1. John Duncan of Ulverstone, Lancashire, gardener.
Jane Duncan, his wife.. William Cass of Ulverstone aforesaid, yeoman.
Thomas Brockelbank of Ulverstone aforesaid, timber merchant.
3. John Allonby of Ulverstone aforesaid, waller.
4. John Allen of Moss Side near Ulverstone aforesaid, yeoman.
5. George Graves of Ulverstone aforesaid, waller.
Premise: (1) newly built messuage or dwellinghouse with half of the bakehouse belonging to it, situated in the Ellers, Ulverstone, adjoining a house of (3) to the north and to a house lately sold to (4) and (5) on the south. Together with the use of the yard, dunghillstead and necessary in common.
Consideration: £97.
Witnesses: Samuel Tyson, James Fell, clerks to Henry and R Shaw attorneys, Ulverstone.
BDX 305/2War Certificate issued by the Ministry of Munitions to Mr. James Grundy, Joiner, allowing as a priority repair work for Randall and Porter Limited, tanners of Ulverston.2 Jan 1917Barrow
BDX 342/7Photographs and ephemeraIncludes photograph, a calendar, booklet and a leaflet, licence for carriage and dog, grant of burial, hotel bill and copy of 'The Advertiser' newspaper.1875-1963Barrow
BDX 342/9Guide Books to Furness Towns and EskdaleIncludes Cark-in-Cartmel, Flookburgh, Holker, Ulverston, the sands of Morecambe Bay and Eskdale in Cumberland.1895-1930Barrow
BDX 342/10Miscellaneous bookletsIncludes a souvenir of The County Hotel, Ulverston, The Fourth Battalion The King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, centenary of Atkinsons of Ulverston booksellers, the customs and tenant rights tenures of the northern counties, patent for machine for boring rocks.1878-1937Barrow
BDX 388Anthony Salvin, ArchitectLetter book; correspondence between Mr Anthony Salvin, architect, and William Brocklebank, clerk of works, re building of Holy Trinity Church, Ulverston.1829-1836Barrow
BDX 441/1/1/2Engineering Plan for Ulverston Union Workhouse swing position of boiler house generators, hot water supply and runs of pipes to sameUlverston Union Workhouse swing position of boiler house generators, hot water supply and runs of pipes to same, Bennett Brothers Engineers, Liverpool.
Attached: local government board seal.
BDX 441/1/3/3Copy, acceptance of tender formUlverston (No. 1) Area Gaurdians' Committee to Messrs. the Executors of S. Warhurst, Ulverston, for supply of hardware items.28 Sep 1943Barrow
BDX 441/1/3/4Copy, acceptance of tender formUlverston (No. 1) Area Gaurdians' Committee to The Swarthmoor & Ulverston Co-operative Society Limited, for supply of bread and cake.28 Sep 1943Barrow
BDX 441/1/3/5Copy, acceptance of tender formUlverston (No. 1) Area Gaurdians' Committee to The Swarthmoor & Ulverston Co-operative Society Limited, for supply of meat.28 Sep 1943Barrow
BDX 441/2/1/6'Income Tax, House Duty and Land Tax' receiptsRelating to various properties: 2 Cottages, Canal Foot, 101 Steel Street, Case & Company Offices and Stores, King Street, Britannia, Low Wood and Fisherman's Arms Inns, and the Wellington Hotel, the Bowling Green Queen Street. Includes, a receipt for gas and water from Ulverston Urban District Council.31 Jan 1913-15 May 1913Barrow
BDS 6/21Award Ireleth Free School papersAward, 26 December 1726
1. Roger Woodburne of Ulverstone, County of Lancaster, gentleman and William Kilner of Ulverstone, Co. Lancaster, apothecary, arbitrators.
2. Christopher Hart of Ireleth, Co. Lancaster.
3. Thomas Postlethwait, John Clibbern, Obadiah Cragg, Thomas Woodburne, and other tenants owners and occupiers of land within Ireleth.

- Differences between (2) and (3) concerning amounts spent by (2) on the repair of the schoolhouse or chapel of Ireleth, trespass and damage by (2) on the commons and waste ground belonging to the town.

- Recital:- bonds of 12 December instant to each other in the sum of £100 with condition to stand by the award and arbitration made by (1) before 27 December 1726.

(2) shall acquit (3), their heirs and assigns from any demand of sums for the repairing, altering, amending or beautifying the schoolhouse or chapel of Ireleth.
-(3) shall quitclaim and release unto (2) all trespass, encroachment and damages committed by (2) on any part of the Commons waste grounds or Common of Turbary belonging to the town of Ireleth.
- (2) shall pay (3) 5s. for the use of the inhabitants and if necessary each party will execute general releases.

Signed: Robert Woodburne, William Kilner,
Witnesses: Jonathan Fflemming Jonathan Fleming, Henry Woodburne Henry Woodburn.
BDS 67Ulverston Church of England Infant SchoolLog book (1), admission registers (6), minute book of committee/managers/governors (1)1882 - 1985Barrow
BDS 67/2/3Admission register1905-1919Barrow
BDHJ/300Probate papers, title deeds, court casesProbate papers of J E Barnett of Conishead Grange, 1924. Correspondence regarding Cape v Cameron Coal Company 1923: Papers regarding Broughton Grove, Cartmel 1920s (Hibbert). Netherhouses Estate, Osmotherley: abstract of title of Captain Myles Birkett 1912. Bill of Sale of 'Isaac and Mr. Kirkby' 1865 (ship).1865-1924Barrow
BDHJ/304/23Rex v William G N Hearsey and Leonard Keast for larcenyBrief for prosecution, bill of costs and affidavits of witnesses1922Barrow
BDHJ/323George Patrickson of Scales; Legal case papers; sales particulars; Pier at Piel Harbour George Patrickson of Scales, gentleman, in probate 1915 1834-1915Barrow
BDHJ/324Title deeds, probate records, sales particulars1855-1932Barrow
BDHJ/241/13Inland Revenue Estate duty forms for John Noel Robinson of 28 Soutergate, Ulverston, Private 426922 First battalion Canadian Machine Gun CorpsKilled on active service in France or Belgium. With correspondence1918Barrow
BDHJ/337Case papersCase papers Payne-Gallway and Company Limited v Payne-Gallway, 1895. John Baycliff's agreement to sell property in Barrow 1914. William Boulton's assignment of property in Urswick 1913. Trust papers of Amos Hartley cl905. Plan of Hawkshead Hall estate, 1859.1859-1914Barrow
BDHJ/341Company papers, receipts and estate papersBarrow Hematite Steel Company, Millom and Askam Iron Company and Trades Development Council papers cl930. Papers regarding Ulverston Palladium Cinema Company 1933. Bundle of papers of George Remington 1880s.1880s-1933Barrow
BDHJ/342Estate and case papers and ship accountsMiscellaneous estate papers including Miss J E Fildes and sale of Oubas Cottage, Ulverston 1886. Case papers and correspondence regarding Aldred v Waite 1907. Estate papers of Hugh D McMartin 1946; Adelaide Mary Child; Ann Burrow 1936; Podmore family 1937; John Dickinson and Mary Jane Dickinson 1937; Mary Oxley; J E Athersmith; Walter Joseph Leach; Edward Mashiter, 1937. Ship accounts 1885. 1885-1937Barrow
BDHJ/343Gas and water bills and estate papersGas and Water Bills for Ambleside and district 1894; Kendal Corporation 1894 and Windermere district 1894. Estate papers of Elizabeth Harrison 1910; Elizabeth Townson 1911; Elizabeth A. Hodgson 1905; William T. Hindle 1908; Robert Kendall 1908; Ellen Ryder 1901; James Cannon Parker 1915; Jane Briscoe 1891; William T Sharman 1892; John Briscoe 1913; Betty Hindle 1908; William Robinson 1906; David Kendall 1913; Kate Rogers 1902; John Burton 1908; Charles Jackson 1907; Jane Kirkby 1907; Margaret Kellett 1908; James Atkinson 1929.1891-1915Barrow
BDHJ/344Estate papers, sales particulars, title deeds and willsFell family of Cartmel papers: Correspondence regarding 'Fell Association' 1885; Wills of Eleanor Fell, 1878, Nancy Fell 1872, John Fell 1870 and Anne Fell, 1905 (of Middlesex); Sales particulars of Fairfield, Cartmel and for property in Allithwaite 1906. Title deeds to Michelland at Undermillbeck 1617-18thC. Draft conveyances 1922. Title deeds of T J Johnson of Lightburn Road, Ulverston 1930s. Wills of J Teasdale of Trinkelt (with estate papers) 1912; John Stable of Millom 1809; John Molyneux of Ulverston 1922; Mary E Miles of Greenodd 1922; Marion C Jarvis of Ulverston 1922; Violet N C Johnston of Grange 1922; Thomas Kellett of Finsthwaite 1922.1617-1939Barrow
ZS/541"Ulverston", new ship for sale.1811Barrow
BDHJ/348Estate and case papers Papers regarding Bardsea Hall including sales particulars and plans 1948. . Case papers regarding Hillcoat and Sons and Sumner and Company 1899. Booth to Hartleys regarding conveyance 1896. Chapman v Mooney 1928. Estate papers of John Taylor died 1911. 1858-1948Barrow
BDHJ/349Estate and case papersDawson family: will of Reverend William Dawson, incumbent of Rampside, 1858; Walthwaite and Bracken Park papers, including particulars of Walthwaite 1867 and title deeds 19th century. Papers of Margaret A Ashburner of East View, Pennington; Plans of W Cooper's estate at Scales and land at Newton and Stainton 20th century. Will of George Allan of Kendal, snuff manufacturer and tobacconist, 1848. Chouler v Hartley regarding Reay 1884. Draft conveyances 1891. Draft will for Richard Dilworth of Ulverston 1891.1891-1931Barrow
BDHJ/359Draft conveyances, sales particulars and estate papersDraft conveyances 1890s-1936; sales particulars 1919-1924. Letters to Miss Parker of Southfield, Ulverston 1918. Letters to James Martin, 1901. Faculty to repair and renew the parish church, Ulverston 1864. Birth and marriage certificates for the Galloway, Swainson and Jarvis families 19th century. Papers regarding Robert Pennington; Agnes Brewer including will 1915; Elizabeth Townson including will 1898; Ann Redhead including will 1911; Margaret Stevenson, 1905; Isabella Stevenson including will, 1887; Henry Riley: John Satterthwaite; J Witcham, 1905. Will of Sarah Crewdson of Ulverston 1940. Papers regarding dissolution of partnership between Anthony Parker and his son 1893. Papers regarding Withers v Furness Railway Company, 1898.1864-1924Barrow
BDHJ/360Estate and legal papersBundle 222: Papers regarding Mrs. M A Lupton 1938; Alice Tyson 1936; Adoption of Williams children, 1937 restricted access; Hartleys Limited and Lakes Urban District Council regarding Red Lion

Cottages, Grasmere 1939; R F Case and Company 1935; James Ashburner, died 1939; John Butler died 1938; C W Watson died 1939; Mrs. E Tottie 1939; Mrs. A T Newton, 1939. Bundle 223: Papers regarding Mrs. Gillbanks died 1911; Mrs. M J Dixon died 1900; Gallagher v Gallagher regarding divorce 1935; Harrison and Company v Melville 1935; Hartleys Rating Assessment 1929; R Turner died 1937; Thomas Mashiter, died 1927; S H Jenks v W Helm (arbitration regarding Lowfield Farm) 1938; R Ley v W P Barwell 1935; John Park regarding Electric Hall, Greenodd 1936; Archibald regarding North End, Walney and proposed Aerodrome 1939; John Turner and Yates Limited 1937; Stubbs v Redfern 1939; Robert Christian died 1939; Miss Gibson and J J B Rose, 1925; Adam Dickinson, 1938; Eric H Dent (sale of house in Grange) 1939; enquiry regarding Church Walk, Ulverston 1938.
BDHJ/362Investments, case papers, title deeds, sales particulars and willsLieutenant Colonel Walter Francis Ainslie Wadham: investments 1752-1938 etc. Case papers regarding R Frazer, bankrupt, 1874; Richard Park v Bartholomew McHugh, 1836; Ainslie v Pool 1889; Police v William Irving (cruelty to pigs) 1938. Title deeds to property in Cartmel 1752-19th century.; house in Ainsworth Street, Ulverston 1927-1936; miscellaneous properties 1870s-1890s. Sales particulars of King's Arms Inn, Flookburgh 1865; Croftlands, Lane House Farm and Groffa Cragg Farm, Ulverston 1934. Estate papers of Eleanor Webster, died 1867. Papers regarding Ulverston Rectory and Conishead Priory including copy tithe award for Ulverston 1846 and copy certified rent charge award for Torver 1847. Wills of William Fairhurst of Torver 1906; Alice Braithwaite of Flookburgh 1866; Alice Shaw and William Shaw, 1810. Papers regarding Thomas Orr and John Orr and Thomas Peddar.1752-1938Barrow
BDHJ/363Tenants' agreement book, account and letter booksTenants' agreement book with lease for 17th century - 1938 Tockhow, Hawkshead 1873 and executors accounts for 1880s. Account book 1853-1863. Letter book 1850-1887. Papers regarding Fildes' Trust. Letter books of Alfred Fildes 1891-1921. Title deeds to Lonethwaite 17th-18th century 17th century-1938Barrow
BDHJ/367County Court and other cases1930s-1940sBarrow
BDHJ/370Probate papers and letters of administrationBrown paper bundle 221, mainly probate papers: Isabella Burrow of Royal Oak, Spark Bridge, d1937, probate 1938; William George Ainslie Kennedy of Greystoke, Penrith, captain in Royal Navy d. 1938, probate 1938; Mrs Alice Annie Telfer of Kilner's Park, Ulverston, deceased 1937, probate papers 1938; Mrs Elizabeth Jane Sharp, widow, of Wellhead Cottage, Little Urswick, died and probate 1939; Aaron Hadwin of The Fold, Cark-in-Cartmel, deceased and probate, 1939; Mary Shaw of 12 Soutergate, Ulverston, died 1939, adminstration 9 May 1939; Mrs Margaret Tromans of Foldgate Bungalow, Cartmel, died 12 December 1938, probate 2 February 1939; Deborah Dodgson of 68 Chapel Street, Dalton-in-Furness, died 11 August 1938, administration; deceased, William Walker of Barber Green Cottage, Grange-over-Sands, died 15 March 1918, probate, and of Margaret Walker also of Barber Green Cottage, died 4 April 1937, administration; Mrs Mary Ann Stables of Beckside, Kirkby-in-Furness, died 24 November 1938, administration 15 December 1938; Barbara Dickinson of Old Bank House and of Mill House, Cark-in-Cartmel, died 3 Apr 1939, probate; Swarthmoor and Ulverston Co-operative Society, instructions to Counsel 1938; Todd v Todd, claim regarding funeral expenses, 1930-1935.1930sBarrow
BDHJ/375Hart Jackson balance sheets; court papers; Park Mine and Bousefield mine, Barrow-in-Furness; Proabate papers; Court papers1892-1935Barrow
BDHJ/378Probate and court papers; Old Brewery, UlverstonBrown paper parcel no.220. Robert Thornhill, Holker, Cark-in-Cartmel, house servant, died 22 February 1937.
John Ray Coal Yeat Farm, Broughton Beck, farmer, died 22 June 1938, administration.
Mrs. Martha M Greenhow High Field, Gawthwaite, widow, died 13 November 1938, probate, 1938;
Abraham Rhodes Calvert, The Garth, Grange-over-Sands, architect, probate 13 February 1926.
Thomas Kirkbride, Lowick Green Farm, farmer, died 10 October 1924, probate, 1925.
John Wren, Levenside, Newby Bridge, joiner, died 27 March 1935, probate, 1938.
Burton v Dixon County Court Case 1931.
E H Jenks accounts 1934. Assessment Appeals 1937.
Grasmere Sports: Instructions to Council, 1935.
James Geldard, 36 The Gill, Ulverston, plumber, died 12 November 1897, probate and agreement, 13 June 1899.
James Boon, 27 Chapel Street, Ulverston, grocer, died 1 February 1936, probate papers 25 March 1936.
Town Planning Scheme, 1937, papers.
J S Whitham d 1910 papers.
Mrs Rennison papers 1909.
Mrs Edmondson and Marshall: County Court 1939.
Thomas Herbert McBride, 4 Woodhead Terrace, Grange-over-Sands, bricklayer, application for certificate of naturalisation, 1938 Dr Robinson of Ulverston; Old Brewery Ulverston; John James Fell, coal merchant
BDHJ/377Probate, police court, title deeds and other papersContents of brown paper bundle 218. Elizabeth Coward of Pepper House, Satterthwaite, died 10 July 1926, probate 1926; Richard Coward of Pepper House, died 17 March 1938, probate. A H Postlethwaite old papers regarding The Oaks, Millom sale 1935. William Taffs, junior. of Cragg Farm, Egton, farmer, died 25 August 1926 and William Taffs, senior of Sales View, Lowick Green, basket maker, died 30 September 1933, probate papers. Thomas Gravestone of Light Hall, Rusland, farmer, died 1922: probate papers. Birtles v Holland Writ 1935. Spence and Fenton 1932. Mrs. Mary Coooke Young of 37 Hindle Street, Darwen, Lancashire, died 4 January 1937, probate papers. Keith v Chilton 1930. Downward and Mackereth v Tanner and Addison v Bright Press Limited 1930. Mrs. Elizabeth Agnes Jordan of The Elms, North Lonsdale Road, Ulverston, died 15 October 1936, probate papers. Police v Robinson case 1937. Thexton v Peace County Court papers 1937. R G Hodgson papers regarding Road Licence 1937. Servacar Limited Articles of Association, 1931. Cark Auction Mart regarding Sale 1930. Emily Briscoe widow of Thomas Briscoe of 9 London Road, Lindal and of 12 Union Street, Dalton, died 1938: administration papers. Redmen v Hoggarth case, 1935.1910s-1930sBarrow
BDHJ/388North Lonsdale Parliamentary Election 1906North Lonsdale Parliamentary Election 1906; unfair dismissal; Birketts County Store, Ulverston calendar; Title deeds to Howgate, Cumberland including will of Joseph Fawcett, 1743; Ratten Row, Ulverston 1809-1887; Whinny Bank, Stainton 1681-1808; Daltongate, Ulverston 19th Century; Nibthwaite 1787-1885; fields in Urswick 1698-1813. Sales plan of land at Scales and Leece 1889. Wills of Elizabeth Mawson 1864; Jane Ann Thompson, 1897; Sarah Ann Brothers, 1903; John Dark, 1877. Papers regarding anti-tank range at Cowpren Point, Grange-over-Sands 1947.1905-1906Barrow
BDHJ/391Estate and probate papers, title deeds and business papers1644-1949Barrow
BDHJ/392Business, estate and other papers1903-1934Barrow
BDTB/103Ulverston Union; Conservative Association, Unionist Association, Auction Companies; Church records1877-1930sBarrow
BDKF/345Myles Woodburne of Kirklands, Ulverston, esquireWill, estate duty forms. estate accounts, opinion of council; valuation of cottags at Sandscale; Millom Conservative Club Buildings Company Limited; York City and County Banking Company Limited v James Park1895-early 20th centuryBarrow
WDX 948/1Ulverston and the turnpike road1818-1872Kendal
BDPTPoole Townsend, solicitors, Barrow-in-FurnessTitle deeds for Conishead Priory Estate; property in Barrow-in-Furness, Ulverston, Dunnerdale, Much Urswick and Hulme Manchester; copy wills1728-1965Barrow
BDX 795James Alfred Grundy of Ulverston, ArchitectPlans and drawings done as part of coursework for a degree in Architecture at Liverpool University 1930sBarrow
BDX 810Rev David Jackson CollectionTranscript of North Lonsdale Subsidy Rolls (relating to Ulverston and Egton-cum-Newland) 1621-1629 (originals in National Archives); notes taken from title deeds for Swarthmoor Hall (BDX 209/1/36 and BDX 172/20); Article on Methodism in the Furness area2018Barrow
WDX 440Plan of gasworksCopy plan of Ulverston gasworks1930Kendal
WDB 35/1/265Hoad Estate, Ulverston.Hoad Estate. Plan only.undatedKendal
WDB 35/1/264Lund Estate, UlverstonLund Hall house and Lund Farm. Plan loose.1891Kendal
WDB 35/1/263Lane House, Ulverston, Lancashire.Lane House with land at Dragley Beck. With plans.
Owned by the late H. W. Askew. Freehold.
24 Sep 1891Kendal
WDB 35/1/261Low Stennerley Estate, Ulverston, Lancashire.Low Stennerley Estate in Subberthwaite and Lowick with land and common lands. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.
3 Oct 1874.Kendal
WDSO 185/6Excavation and survey archive reports1987-1998Kendal
DBT/28/57No title (5) and Alternative railway line in the parish of Ulverston No surveyor. 36 × 69, 43 × 68, 51 × 69, 39 × 70 (2), 37 × 70. 40 ch. to 3", 5 ch. to 1". Proposed line through: Beetham, Witherslack, Heversham, Staveley, Cartmel, Colton, Upper Holder, Ulverston; enlarged sections; point of junction with Lancaster-Carlisle Railway; fields, roads and buildings; proposed terminus and alternative line at Ulverston (Furness Railway)1846Whitehaven
BDHJ/386Business and estate papers and title deedsJohn Atkinson: correspondence with The Cumberland Union Bank when he was director 1890s; papers of trustees including papers regarding Mrs Hill's mortgage, 1890s. William Baxendale: estate papers including will 1876, d.1902. Articles of partnership of John Weeks and Joseph Fletcher, 1883. Estate papers of Sarah Myers, 1870 and Margaret Fleming, 1880. Wills of William Brandreth, 1828; William Georgson, 1789; John Parker, 1879. Miscellaneous title deeds 1870s-1890s. 1789-circa 1902Barrow
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