Place codePAX154
Full place name entryOld Hutton/Old Hutton/Kendal Ward/Westmorland
Place NameOld Hutton
Area2Old Hutton
Area3Kendal Ward
Grid RefSD5688

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
WDB 35/1/176Whitwell and Selside.Above Farm. The Plough Inn Farm. West View House. With plans.
Owned by Thomas Martindale of Old Hutton and Robert Sinkinson of Selside.
19 Aug 1905Kendal
WDX 391Robinson family, New HuttonMiscellaneous documents relating to New Hutton, Old Hutton and Hutton-i'the Hay including notes on water power mills,Strickley estate, photographs of blacksmith at Old Hutton and pace-egging songs and music.1821-1972Kendal
WDX 1897The Lodge, Bridge End, Old Hutton, WestmorlandTitle deeds and extract from the Westmorland Gazette1777-1892Kendal
WDMDS/PC/3/222Photograph by Mike Davies-Shiel: Stable, Old HuttonOriginal caption by Mike Davies-Shiel: Gill Mill Stables, Old HuttonJan 1986Carlisle
WDX 760Blease Hall, Old Hutton.Photogrpahs of Blease Hall, Old Hutton, taken by R. M. Solomon, architect, Windermere.1983Kendal
WQ/RI/63Inclosure Award: Mansergh, Lupton, Old Hutton, Holmescales & New HuttonMansergh, Lupton, Old Hutton & Holmescales & New Hutton. Act: 18371847-1948Kendal
WQ/AH/18Highway Diversions: Holmscales, Old Hutton & BurtonDiversion of highways, Holmscales, Old Hutton and Burton:

Certificate of 2 Justices, 23 November 1861;

Examination of Witnesses, 23 November 1861;

Plan by Henry Hoggarth, surveyor, of Kendal (scale 100 yards to 1½ inches), 20 December 1861;

Order, 3 January 1862.
WQ/RC/15Corn Rent Award: Old HuttonOld Hutton
Scale: 8 chains : 1 inch
WDX 1562/2Armistead Windfarm, Old Hutton, Kendal. Archeaological Evaluation for Amec Environment and Infrastructure UK Ltd. AWFC112011Kendal
WDX 139/1Old Hutton Women's Institute Jubilee Scrapbookundated [20th century] Kendal
WDB 35/1/58Brigsteer, Helsington, Levens, Old Hutton, Staveley, Natland NatlandHelsington Stonebank Farm or Stainbank Green, Lane Head Farm, Lane End House, two enclosures at Brigsteer. No plans.
Owned by General W. G. Braithwaite. Freehold.

Also: Old Hutton Bleaze Hall Farm. No plans.
Owned by General W.G. Braithwaite. Freehold.

Also: Levens Water Crook Dairy Farm, No plans.
Owner, General W. G. Braithwaite. Freehold.

Also: Over Staveley Birkfield Farm
Nether Staveley Borwick Fold Farm. No plans.
Owned by General W. G. Braithwaite. Freehold.Also: Natland Water Crook Farm .
12 Jun 1920Kendal
WDB 35/1/115Natland, Old Hutton.Natland Hall Farm. Natland Abbey Farm and cottage. Town End Farm. Newlands - smallholding. Natland Smithy. Fields and allotments. With plans (loose in folder).
Owned by Kathleen Anderson Fothergill. Freehold.

Old Hutton Middleshaw Cottages and Smithy. With plans.
Owned by Kathleen Anderson Fothergill. Freehold.
8 Oct 1938Kendal
WDRC/6/32/1Old Hutton bishops' transcripts1813-1820Kendal
WDRC/6/32/2Old Hutton bishops' transcripts1821-1830Kendal
WDRC/6/32/3Old Hutton bishops' transcripts1831-1838Kendal
WDRC/6/32/4Old Hutton bishops' transcripts1839-1854Kendal
WDRC/6/32/5Old Hutton bishops' transcripts1855-1862Kendal
WQ/RDP/11Deposited Plans: Brough under Stainmore, Middleton, Greenodd, Levens Bridge, Milnthorpe, Carnforth, Hawes, Kirkby Stephen, Killington, New Hutton & Old HuttonProposed road from Brough under Stainmore to bridge near Middleton in Teesdale..., 10 February 1817.

Proposed turnpike roads from Greenodd in Ulverston parish to Levens Bridge in Heversham parish, and from Milnthorpe to Carnforth; surveyed by William Miller 1817. Book of reference. 30 September 1817.

Proposed reservoir in Killington, New Hutton and Old Hutton - for use of Lancaster Canal, with list of proprietors and occupiers of land. 29 September 1818.

Proposed turnpike road from Hawes to Kirkby Stephen, surveyed by Thomas Bradley, land surveyor, Richmond, 30 November 1824.
WQ/RLT/Kendal/18Kendal Ward: Hutton, OldHutton, Old and Holmscales [Kendal parish]; 1773, 1793, 1809, 1823, 1830, 18311773-1831Kendal
WDX 579/22Printed enclosure act - Mansergh, Lupton, Old Hutton and Holme Scales and New Hutton, parishes of Kirkby Lonsdale, Burton in Kendal and Kendal21 Apr 1837Kendal
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