Place codePAX157
Full place name entryCasterton/Casterton/Lonsdale Ward/Westmorland
Place NameCasterton
Area3Lonsdale Ward
Grid RefSD6279

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
WDSO 28/1Committee Minute books1919-2005Kendal
WDL/1Copies of two documents relating to the School for Clergymen's Daughters at Casterton, 1834 and 1853undated c. 20th centuryKendal
WDX 139/29Casterton Women's Institute Jubilee Scrapbookundated [20th century] Kendal
WQ/RDP/78Deposited Plans: North Western Railway North Western Railway 1846; Skipton, Casterton and Sedbergh.27 Nov 1846Kendal
WDSO 28/1/5Committee Minute book1970-1984Kendal
WDB 35/1/29Dallam Tower Estate, Casterton, Westmorland; Burrow-with-Barrow, Lancashire.Casterton Parts of Dallam Tower Estate. The Gowrey Farm and land, Park House Farm and land; house and buildings at Cowan Bridge; Meadow land. WIth plans.
Owner not named; tenure not defined.
Burrow-with-Barrow Gowry Estate and Park House Estate.
4 Nov 1896Kendal
WDX 765Casterton C. of E. SchoolPhotograph of Casteron Church of England School showing children walking with Mrs Mary Hayhurst, assistant teacher, from school to lunch at Casteron Village Institute; taken by Mrs. O. Lane in 1964.1964Kendal
WDSO 28/2Monthly Meeting record books1922-2003Kendal
WDSO 28/4Scrapbooks1977-2007Kendal
WDSO 28/5Miscellaneous and administrative records1968Kendal
WDSO 28/5/2Exercise bookList of members; subjects for addresses; subjects for demonstrations and
WDSO 28/2/8Monthly Meeting Record book1980-1983Kendal
WDSO 28/2/7Monthly Meeting Record book1972-1980Kendal
WDSO 28/2/9Monthly Meeting Record book1983-1985Kendal
WDSO 28/2/10Monthly Meeting Record book1985-1989Kendal
WDSO 28/2/5Monthly Meeting Record book1954-1964Kendal
WDSO 28/1/7Committee Minute book1990-1997Kendal
WDSO 28/2/12Monthly Meeting Record book1993-1996Kendal
WDSO 28/2/4Monthly Meeting Record book1951-1954Kendal
WDSO 28/2/11Monthly Meeting Record book1989-1993Kendal
WDSO 28/2/2Monthly Meeting Record book1936-1943Kendal
WDSO 28/2/3Monthly Meeting Record book1943-1950Kendal
WDSO 28/2/6Monthly Meeting Record book1964-1972Kendal
WDRC/8/250Casterton tithe map and apportionmentApportionment stored separately (k/1/2/8)13 May 1843Kendal
WDCWCarus-Wilson Family of CastertonDeeds for Beetham, Burton-in-Kendal, Manor of Casterton, Kendal, Kirkby Lonsdale and Natland in Cumbria, Gressingham, Hornby, Melling, Tunstall and Whittington, in Lancashire; also Northumberland and Yorkshire; family and estate papers; manorial papers; maps1572-1891Kendal
WDRC/13/4Copy petition for faculty for removal of mounds and kerbstones in churchyard of Holy Trinity, CastertonWith schedule of mounds affected and rough plan of sites in churchyard. Also copy resolution of Kirkby Lonsdale PCC, 4 Feb 1980; copy notice in Westmorland Gazette, 6 Jun 1980; copy letter from I S Sutcliffe, Diocesan Registrar, Carlisle, to Miss R Rich, secretary to Casterton PCC, granting informal licence to carry out work, 30 Mar 1981.Feb 1981Kendal
WDSO 28/5/1Survey of field names in Casterton1968Kendal
WDSO 28/1/3Committee Minute book1940-1954Kendal
WDSO 28/1/2Committee Minute book1922-1940Kendal
WDSO 28/4/1Scrapbook1977-1987Kendal
WDSO 28/4/5Scrapbook1998-2001Kendal
WDSO 28/2/1Monthly Meeting Record book1922-1936Kendal
WDSO 28/1/4Committee Minute book1954-1970Kendal
WDSO 28/4/4Scrapbook1995-1997Kendal
WDSO 28/4/2Scrapbook1988-1994Kendal
WDSO 28/4/3Scrapbook1992-1993Kendal
WDSO 28/1/1Committee and Monthly Meeting Minute book1919-1921Kendal
WDSO 28/1/6Committee Minute book1984-1990Kendal
WDX 579/9Printed enclosure act - Casterton, parish of Kirkby Lonsdale5 May 1812Kendal
WDB 35/1/30Casterton and Kirkby LonsdaleCaton House Estate, home farm and land with Lane End Cottage, The Dales, pastures, the Police Station, house, cells and Magistrates House let to the County Council. With plans.
Owner not named; tenure not defined.
Kirkby Lonsdale Building in House Market and The Dales, Tearnside.
5 Jul 1906Kendal
WDSO 28Casterton Women's InstituteCommittee and monthly meeting minute and record books 1919-2005; scrap books
1977-2007; Survey of field names in Casterton 1968; record of members,
subjects for addresses, demonstrations and competitions, not dated
WDS 38Casterton Clergy Daughters' SchoolThe school was originally founded by the Reverend William Carus Wilson for the education of daughters of the poorer clergy at Cowan Bridge, Lancashire in 1824. The original building proved inadequate and the school moved to Casterton in 1833.
A similar foundation by the Reverend Carus Wilson for training servants had been begun in 1820 in Tunstall and moved via Whittington to Casterton in 1837. In 1885 the latter school took the name Lowwood Middle Class Boarding School. It failed to gain recognition by the Board of Education in 1915 and amalgamation with the Clergy Daughters' School was recommended. This took place in 1921 from which time both lay and clergy pupils were admitted and the school was called Casterton School for Clergy Daughters and Others. The records do not divide satisfactorily under administrations.
The Casterton Clergy Daughters' School records were first listed when the records were still in situ in the school.
WDS 40Casterton National SchoolRecords of Casterton National School (school closed in 1972)
See also WDX 765 - photograph of Casterton School
WDRC/6/15/1Casterton bishops' transcripts1833-1845Kendal
WDRC/6/15/2Casterton bishops' transcripts1846-1855Kendal
WDRC/6/15/3Casterton bishops' transcripts1856-1870Kendal
WDRC/6/15/4Casterton bishops' transcripts1871-1889Kendal
WQ/RI/14Inclosure Award: CastertonCasterton Inclosure Award. Act: 18121816Kendal
WQ/RLT/Lons/3Lonsdale Ward: Casterton Casterton [Kirkby Lonsdale parish]; 1773, 1809, 1823, 1826, 1828, 1830, 1831, 1832.1773-1832Kendal
WDX 508/3Plan of Casterton Fell showing numbered plotsundated [19th century]Kendal
WDX 508/2Plan of township of CastertonShowing numbered plots [seemingly for inclosure before inclosure award of 1816]undated [19th century]Kendal
WDX 508/1Plan of part of township of CastertonShowing position of proposed exchange between the Earl of Lonsdale and the Revd W C Wilson.
Surveyed by Richard J Davids, Kirkby Lonsdale.
Aug 1857Kendal
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