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Full place name entryCarlisle/Cumberland
Place NameCarlisle

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
DSO 190/2Football Committee minutes - Carlisle
DSO 190/5Competitions - Carlisle
DSO 190/3Netball Committee minutes - Carlisle
DSO 190/6Miscellaneous - Carlisle
DSO 190/1Executive Committee minutes - Carlisle
DSO 190/4Financial records - Carlisle
DX 416/3/3Original drawingsundatedCarlisle
DSO 190/2/3Football committee minute book1961-1973Carlisle
DX 1639/4Programme of SportsTo be held on the Edenside Cricket Ground. Organised by Carlisle Amateur Cycling and Athletic Association5 Aug 1895Carlisle
DX 416/2/2/1A Descriptive account of Carlisle1893Carlisle
DX 416/3/3/1Drawing of Eden HallundatedCarlisle
DX 416/2/2/2Souvenir of the re-opening of the Flour Mills, Silloth1905Carlisle
DX 416/2/2/4City of Carlisle: Municipal Tenants' handbook1937Carlisle
DX 416/2/1/3Programmes etc. re Carlisle Great Fair1975-1979Carlisle
YDSO 113/1/5Rules and fixtures1974Whitehaven
YDSO 113/1/2Rules and fixtures1967Whitehaven
YDSO 113/4BRules and fixtures1973Whitehaven
YDSO 113/1/3Rules and fixtures1969Whitehaven
YDSO 113/1Rules and fixtures1966-1974Whitehaven
DSO 190Carlisle Christian Welfare AssociationChristian Welfare Association consisted of clubs from church and Christian social organisations approved by committee1936-1989Carlisle
DX 683/3/1Photograph of Carlisle police force and C.F.C. Padel, headmaster of Carlisle Grammar School; postcard of English Street, CarlisleThe police photograph is duplicated in DX 1839/11893-1943Carlisle
YPR 28/30Marriage licenceJeffrey Lamb, Carlisle, and Maureen Graham, Embleton1980Whitehaven
DX 416/3/2Copy photographscirca 1877-circa 1978Carlisle
DX 1627/3/2Folder labelled Port Carlisle and its shipping and other Solway Shipping papersContains handwritten notes and details of various ships, shipping in Dumfries and other ports and photographs including a sailing ship, port of Carlisle and a lighthouseundatedCarlisle
SPUCO/12Correspondence and associated materialGeneral administration of the Cockermouth Rural Sanitary Authority, the Port Sanitary Authority Workington and the Cockermouth Guardians of the Poor Law1876-1931Whitehaven
DX 416/3/2/7Photographs of the Roman WallundatedCarlisle
DX 416/2/1/2Record of the X1th (Service) Battalion (Lonsdale) 1914-19161916Carlisle
DX 1627/2Maps and Plans relating to sea routes, cannals and railways - Carlisle
YDX 552Engravings, printsBowness, Grasmere, Coniston Water, Penryn Castle, Lancaster Castle, Lancaster, Langdale Pikes, Carlisle, Cockermouth19th centuryWhitehaven
DBT/13/92/1Account, deeds and papers relating to the lease of the Abbey kiln, Carlisle Papers relating to various members of the Hudleston family1704 - 1707Whitehaven
DBT/13/38/2Deed relating to the Abbey Kiln, Carlisle1710Whitehaven
DX 1627/1Minutes of various railway and canal companies - Carlisle
DX 1627/3/3Thearte Programme and leaflet re Walking ToursTheatre programme for the "Luck of Langthwaite" in Grasmere Hall 1932 and The Arts League Travelling Thearte. Also leaflet entitled "Walking Tours in the Lake District, North Lancashire, Westmorland and West Yorkshire Fells" 19251920s-1930sCarlisle
DX 1635/2/1/3Draft deeds relating to Brunswick StreetParties include Trustees of the Cumberland Cooperative Benefit Building Society, George Robson, John Routledge1869Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/7Draft deeds relating to property in Castle Street, CarlisleParties include Robert Mitchelhill and William Mitchelhill, Robert Nichol, Cumberland Cooperative Benefit Building Society1869Carlisle
DX 1627/2/3Copy book of Deposited plans for unspecified railway SillothIncludesparts of Holm Cultram, Kirbride and Aikton parishesundated, circa 1860-1870Carlisle
DX 1627/1/6Minutes of the Silloth Bay Railway and Dock Company28 Nov 1860-30 Sep 1880Carlisle
DX 1639/1Programme for Amateur Athletic SportsProgramme of Sports to be held on Col. Binnings Field, Chatsworth Square, Carlisle. organised by carlisle Tradesmans Football and Athletic Club30 Mar 1891Carlisle
DX 1627/1/4Minutes of Port of Carlisle Dock and Railway Company25 Mar 1859-21 Aug 1880Carlisle
DX 1639/7Programme for Sports and amateur Athletics and for Musical Entertainment.Details of sporting events and accompanying musical entertainment to be given aby the Band of H.M.S. Wellesley. Probably held in carlisleundated, circa 1890sCarlisle
DX 683/2/1Printed records including tickets for events in Carlisle; theatre leaflet and calling card1963-1970Carlisle
DX 1627/3Miscellaneous documents - Carlisle
DX 1627/1/1Minutes of Carlisle Canal Company6 May 1819-10 Oct 1826Carlisle
DX 1638Carlisle City Treasurer's Office StaffSix scanned photographs of Carlisle City Treasurer's Office staff. Some staff have been identified by the depositor.Dec 1956Carlisle
DX 1627/3/4Photographs of a summer fair and pupils in a girls schoolPhotograph of a summer fair appears to be 20th century but the people in the pictures are in costumes from an earlier Victorian era?. The picture of the girls schoolundated, 20th centuryCarlisle
DX 1635/2/1/9Draft deed relating to property in Devonshire Street, CarlisleParties include William Ostle, Edward Waugh and Margaret Johnson8 Mar 1871Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/12Draft deeds relating to Garden Street, CarlisleParties include Edward Peel,George Stansfield,Robert Andrew Allison, John Mark1869-1871Carlisle
DX 1627/2/1Plans and Sections for Solway Junction Railway, Engineer James BrunleesNov 1865Carlisle
DX 416/2/1Original printed records1834-1979Carlisle
DX 1638/1Scanned photographs of staffSome identified by the Depositor1956Carlisle
DX 1639/6Programme of SportsTo be held on the Edenside Cricket Ground. Organised by Carlisle Amateur Cycling and athletic Association19 Apr 1897Carlisle
DX 1639/3Programme of SportsSports to be held on the Edenside Cricket Ground, Carlisle. organised by Carlisle Amateur Cycling and Athletic Association.15 Apr 1895Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/19Draft deed relating to property in RickergateParties include Thomas Armstrong and Cumberland Cooperative Benefit Building Society1 Nov 1871Carlisle
DX 416/2/1/1Rules and orders of the Friendly Society, Gilsland1834Carlisle
SPUCO/12/5Health Provision1866-1978Whitehaven
YDSO 113/1/4ARules and fixtures1971Whitehaven
DX 1627/3/5Blank Cheques and cheque stubs from The Carlisle and Cumberland Banking Co.undated, [early 20th century]Carlisle
DX 1627/3/1Index cards relating to steam ships and sailing vessels.Details on cards include ships name, a descripttion and details of its owners.circa 1780-1910Carlisle
DX 1635/5/2Bill Heads from County Engineering and Cycle Works, Cecil Street CarlisleGive details of goods and services charged for and the names of the customers.1905Carlisle
DX 1635/5/4Bill heads for County Garage,CarlisleBill heads detailing work done to cars and car hire mainly for Mr J. Howe esq.1904-1906Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/21Draft deed relating to property in St Nicholas Street, CarlisleParties include Edward Calvert and Robert Lawson21 Apr 1871Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/13Draft deed relating to Hartington Place, CarlisleParties include Benjamin Scott and Thomas Todd2 Feb 1871Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/17Draft deed relating to property in Milbourne Crescent, CarlisleParties include George Brown and Thomas Hodgkinson22 Apr 1871Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/15Draft deeds relating to Lonsdale Street, CarlisleParties include W.S.Carrick,W.Carrick, James Wright, George Hetherington1871Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/18Draft deed relating to Peter Street, CarlisleParties include Robert Creighton and George Graham30 May 1871Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/10Draft deeds relating to property in English Street, CarlisleParties include Thomas Wilkinson,Andrew Wright,George Bowman, William Bell, Maria Thompson, Eleanor Coulson1869-1871Carlisle
DX 1627Cumberland transport: Carlisle Canal Company, Port Carlisle Dock and Railway Company, Silloth Bay Railway and Dock Company, Port CarlislePhotocopies of the minutes of the Carlisle Canal Company 1819-1853, the Port Carlisle Dock and Railway Company 1853-1880, the Silloth Bay Railway and Dock Company Directors Meetings 1853-1880, the United Committees of the Port Carlisle1819-1880Carlisle
DX 683Personal Records of Edward Meyers of Carlisle1893-1970Carlisle
DX 683/2Printed Records;Theatre Tickets for Carlisle Printed recoords including tickets for events in Carlisle, theatre leaflet and calling card 1963-1970Carlisle
DX 683/1Personal records of Edward MeyersPersonal Records
Certificate of transfer to reserve on demobilisation;
Receipt book for insurance premiums, wireless licence, identity card
DX 683/3Pictorial Records: Photographs and Postcards of Carlisle Photographs of Carlisle police force and CFC Padel, headmaster of Carlisle Grammar School, postcard of English Street, Carlisle1893-1943 & n.d.Carlisle
YDS 70/4/29Various school trips1990sWhitehaven
DX 683/1/1Certificate of transfer to reserve on demobilization; receipt book for insurance premiums; wireless licence; identity cardc/2/16/4/91918-1950Carlisle
DX 416/3/2/3Copy photographsCastle Sowerby church, Crosthwaite church, Dalston (Church Army coach), Gilsland (Poppin Stone), Great Corby, Hesket (show), Keswick, Kirkandrews-on-Eden, Kirkbride, Kirkstone Inn, Lanercost Priory, Longtown, Maryport, Mawbray (election meeting), Mealsgate, Naworth Castle, Penrith, Port Carlisle, Raughton Head, Scaleby, Scotby1907-1978Carlisle
DX 416/3Pictorial recordsIncludes items which are not datedcirca 1880-circa 1980Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/1Draft deeds relating to property in the Belle Vue area of CarlisleParties include George Gill Mounsey and others and Dennis Hughes, Thomas Doughall and the trustees of the Cumberland Cooperative Benefit Building Society1869-1871Carlisle
DSO 190/6/1Carlisle Christian Welfare Association rulesPrinted rulesndCarlisle
DX 416/2/2Copy printed records with photographs1893-circa 1970sCarlisle
YDSO 113/1/1Rules and fixtures1966Whitehaven
DX 416/3/2/8Copy photographs of individual peopleSusanna Blamire, Jimmy Dyer, Margery Jackson, Jack Lancaster of Hudscales, Gen. Bernard Montgomery, John Peel, John Ruskin, Bob Story, (postman of Longtown), Mrs. William Wordsworth, "Blin" Lizzie (newspaper seller), "Five Fingered" Johnny1903-1947Carlisle
DX 416/3/1Original photographsIncludes items which are not dated. circa 1880-circa 1977Carlisle
DX 416/2/2/3Industrial Carlisle: some of the Leading Traders of the city1909Carlisle
DX 416/2/2/5Scrapbook containing records relating to otter houndsIncludes photographs, cuttings, articles, images
Detailing the development of the Carlisle Otter Hound Pack from 1878. Includes, details of the first committee; lists of hounds; descriptions of hunts and meets; details of the Dumfriesshire Pack (one of two pure bred packs, along with the Kendal pack); local meets; Cumberland Fox Hounds and fox hound hunts. Includes loose sheets at the back of the volume with information about individual otter hounds, pedigrees from the early 1800s; various packs; origins of otter hounds and breed standards
undated [circa 1970s]Carlisle
YDSO 113North Lancashire and District Cricket LeagueRules and Fixtures1966-1974Whitehaven
DX 1627/2/2Plans and sections Maryport and Carlisle RailwayBranch railways to proposed deep water docks and harbour of refuge, John Addison engineerNov 1865Carlisle
DX 1627/1/2Minutes of Carlisle Canal Company7 Nov 1826-27 Dec 1851Carlisle
DX 1627/1/5Minutes of the UnitedCommittees of the Port Carlisle Dock and Railway Company and the Silloth Bay Railway and Dock Company6 Jun 1856-1 Dec 1860Carlisle
DX 1627/1/7Minutes of the meeting of the Directors of the Silloth Bay Railway and Dock Company12 Nov 1856-20 Nov 1860Carlisle
DX 1627/1/8Minutes of the Meeting of the Directors of the Silloth Bay Railway and Dock Company29 Aug 1853-5 Nov 1856Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/22Draft deed relating to property in Scotch Street, CarlisleParties include Jane Brown and James Nelson1871Carlisle
DX 1635/4/7Legal papers of Harvey Goodwin Bishop of CarlisleIncludes copy of will proved 1891, marriage settlement and the trust it set up 18451845-1891Carlisle
DX 416/3/2/9Copy photographs of groups of peopleCarlisle: newspaper sellers, children at Holy Trinity School, Peace Party, Hudson Scott's outings, Pageant 1928, horses races; Kirkbampton School, Longtown brass band, firemen1890-1928Carlisle
DX 416/3/2/1Copy photographsAira Force, Alston, Armnathwaite, Aspatria station, Bassenthwaite Lake, Blencow Hall, Bowness-on-Solway (viaduct and station), Brayton station, Caldbeck (bobbin mill). Some not datedcirca 1908Carlisle
DSO 190/1/1Executive committee minute book1955-1988Carlisle
DSO 190/2/1Football committee minute book1936-1940Carlisle
DSO 190/2/2Football committee minute book1946-1961Carlisle
DSO 190/2/4Football committee minute book1973-1989Carlisle
DSO 190/3/1Netball committee minute book1948-1951Carlisle
DSO 190/4/1Receipts and payments account book1955-1988Carlisle
DSO 190/4/2Football committee balance sheets and statements of account1960-1987Carlisle
DSO 190/4/3Football committee receipts and payments account book1967-1988Carlisle
DSO 190/5/1Football committeeLists of winning and runner-up teams in Fraser Cup 1952-1981 and League 1931-19681931-1981Carlisle
DSL/3/25/3Conditions of sale and deeds: the Blackhall estateOn the south side of Goodwin Terrace, Blackhall Road, Carlisle1901-1905Carlisle
WDCR/11/64An account of the City of Carlisle from its first foundation to this present time (1645)Includes details of seige of Carlisle, 16451645Kendal
DX 416/3/2/5Copy photographs of Stanwix Bank, Thursby (Ship Inn), Welton, Wetheral, Wigton and Wythburn churchIncludes some items which are not dated.1905Carlisle
DX 416/3/1/1Photographs of Burgh-by-Sands including clay daubins and the old vicarageundatedCarlisle
DX 416/3/2/6Copy photographs of Gretna including bridges and railway disasterIncludes items which are not dated.1915Carlisle
DX 416/3/1/3Photographs of Carlisle Castle and views from its wallsIncludes items which are not dated.1977Carlisle
DX 416/3/1/4Photographs of carved heads above doorways in Charlotte StreetundatedCarlisle
DX 416/3/1/5Photographs of various fire stations in Carlisle including views from the tower of the new fire stationundatedCarlisle
DX 1635/2/1/4Draft deeds relating to Corporation Road in City of CarlisleParties include Parties include James Smith and Thomas Ansen9 Feb 1871Carlisle
DX 416/3/1/2Photographs of CarlisleIncluding Caldewgate,
Cathedral precincts and view from the roof, Devonshire Walk, Hardwicke Circus, the market cross, the Old Town Hall, shop in St. Cuthbert's Lane, Salvation Army citadel in Annetwell Street, scene from octo-centenary celebrations 1958
DX 416/3/2/2Copy photographs of CarlisleAirport, Annetwell Street (Golden Jubilee), Bitts Park, Botchergate, Castle, Castle Street, cathedral and other churches, Clark's Court, The Courts, crematorium, English Street, fire engines, Fisher Street, Gaol, Glovers' Row, Greenmarket, Guildhall, Harraby Hill, Market, Market Place, Newtown Road, Rickerby Park, Rickergate, Scotch Street, Shaddongate, St. Alban's Row, Swifts Row (Salvation Army barracks), Warwick Road, West Walls, Wigton Road1877-1928Carlisle
DX 416/3/2/10Copy photographs of otter hounds at Armathwaite and HaytonundatedCarlisle
DX 416/3/2/4Copy photographs of Silloth town, docks and harbourundatedCarlisle
PR 189/1/3/3/1Papers: sale of glebe lands, SetmurthyLands include Broughton Moor, Wythorp, Setmurthy, Carlisle, Embleton, Skelton,1897-1920Carlisle
DX 416/2Printed recordsCarlisle
DX 1635/2/1/2Draft deeds for properties relating to BotchergateParties include James Boustead, James Woods, James Sibson, John Mark, Joseph Armstrong, Hannah Benson Bell, Catherine Kelly and Cumberland Cooperative Benefit Building Society1869-1871Carlisle
DX 1627/1/3Minutes of Carlisle Canal Company 1852-1853 and minutes of Port of Carlisle Dock and Railway Company 1853-1859The Carlisle Canal Company become incorporated with the Port of Carlisle Dock and Railway Company in August 18539 Jan 1852-11 Mar 1859Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/8Draft deeds relating to property in Denton Holme, CarlisleProperties include premisis in Norfolk Street, Cumberland Street and Robson Street. Parties include George Sharp, Thomas Somerville, John Dixon, Thomas Wright, Robert Metclafe, The Cumberland Cooperative Benefit Building Society, John Mitchell, William Thomas, A Moore, Christopher Gardener, Elizabeth Melville, John Carlyle1869-1871Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/6Draft deeds relating to Carrick Court, CarlisleParties include Mary Potts and Sarah Bellerby1869Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/11Draft deeds relating to Fisher Street in carlisleParties include Thomas Wright, Henry Edmund1871Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/5Draft deeds relating to property in Caldewgate, CarlisleStreets include Morton Street, Silloth Street,Hawick Street, Wigton Road Terrace. Parties include Fanny Graham, Cumberland and Cooperative Benefit Building Society, John Dodgson CarrFrancis Nichol, Peter O'Neill, James Nicholson Carr, Patrick Curran, Jane Phillipson, William Taylor, John James, John Sinclair, James Nicholson Carr, David McGregor, George Simpson, Nathaniel Parr,John Clifford, George Scott, Patrick Cassidy,John Moffat, Robert Little, Thomas Doughall, Mackie Davidson and Gladstone1869-1871Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/14Draft deed relating to property in James Street, CarlisleParties include Hudson Scott and Sons and Carlisle Commercial Building Society11 Jun 1869Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/16Draft deeds relating to propert in Lowther Street, CarlisleParties include Thomas Wright, James Stuggar, Robert Westray, Cumberland Cooperative Benefit Building Society, Henry Graham and Thomas Nelson1869-1871Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/20Draft deeds relating to properties in Carlisle, St Marys parishParties include James Hetherington, Cumberland Cooperative Benefit Building Society, John Western,Ecclisiastical Commissioners for England, Captain Thomas Keith Hudson1869-1871Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/23Draft deeds relating to property in Shaddongate, CarlisleParties include Margaret Tinniswood and John Potter, J.D.Carr, Aaron Pollard, William Coulthard, William Maxwell, Hewson Atkinson, John Reid Wright, Isaac Armstrong, John Armstrong, George Simpson1871Carlisle
DX 1635/2/1/24Draft deed relating to several properties in CarlisleParties include Esther Bonuel,Thomas Lowry Bonuell,Thomas Wright,John Lees,Mary Oats,John Hathart, John Wright,James Gelderd,Thomas Wilkinson,Andrew Wright,John Harrington,James Irving, Joseph Harrington, Thomas Wright premisis include the Whitehead Hotel. Most of the deeds concern mortgages.1869-1871Carlisle
DX 1635/4/3papers and Deeds re Jackson family of CarlisleMarriage Settlement and trust, details of mortgages, trust, power of attorney and correspondence concerning the Jackson family. Those mentioned include Thomas, William, Lucy Agnes, Frances Isabel, Caroline, Wilfred and Charles Jackson1864-1898Carlisle
DX 1635/5/1Printed Bill Heads from businesses in CarlisleBill heads for several businesses including W.Wright and Son Linen manufacturers, The Carlisle Gas Committee,Surgeons and Chemists. Most bills appear to be made out to Mr Steel, Mr Atkinson or Mr Wilson1871-1904Carlisle
DX 416Jim Templeton of Carlisle CollectionPhotographic collection, containing original and copy photographs, slides and negatives, largely relating to Carlisle, its buildings, people, businesses, events and institutions.
Photographs: (Carlisle Great Fair; demolition on Botchergate, Carlisle buildings and miscellaneous). Slides: (Carlisle Great Fair; Royal Maundy; motorbike trials). Negatives: Aglionby Grange; Armistice parade, Carlisle, Ships; antiquarian views of Carlisle (large slides)
DBT/28/59Maryport and Carlisle Railway CF Cheffins, Holborn. 46 × 271. 1320' to 1". 400' to 1". Route of Railway from Maryport, through Aspatria, Wigton, Dalston to Carlisle; fields, plantation, roads, rivers and buildings in area adjoining railway; some land plot numbers; enlargements of Carlisle City and Maryport Dock. [1843]Whitehaven
DSL/3/25John James Forster of Carlisle1895-1905Carlisle
DSL/3/25/1Papers: Newtown building estate, Carlisle; property on the west side of Port RoadCopy deeds, conditions of sale and map 1895-1900Carlisle
DSL/3/25/2Deed of covenants, including map: Salisbury GardensRe building estate on the north side of Warwick Road, Carlisle1902Carlisle
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