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Full place name entryMaryport/Cumberland
Place NameMaryport

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DX 1639/2Programme for Maryport Town's Band 1st Annual Contest and Amateur SportsTo be held at Netherhall Park, Maryport11 Aug 1894Carlisle
PH/1470/8Maryport harbour1961Whitehaven
YDB 64/3/6Plan of Maryport bus station1957Whitehaven
SPUCO/14Outdoor Relief1914-1947Whitehaven
YBSC/20Maryport Motor Benzole Company Limited1928-1936Whitehaven
SPUCO/12/8Water and Sewerage facilities1876-1931Whitehaven
DCU/Estate Plans/2Plan of MaryportIncludes elevations of houses in Maryport and of Nether Hall. Marks the Glass House, Paper mill, Furnace and Waggon way. No scale. circa 1760Whitehaven
PH/1470/9Maryport harbour1961Whitehaven
SPUCO/12Correspondence and associated materialGeneral administration of the Cockermouth Rural Sanitary Authority, the Port Sanitary Authority Workington and the Cockermouth Guardians of the Poor Law1876-1931Whitehaven
DBT/10/152/2Title deeds and papers relating to property in High St. Maryport1796 - 1817Whitehaven
YDX 506/5Certificate of discharge of Joseph Bridsonfrom "Patna" of Whitehaven, in the port of Maryport14 May 1874Whitehaven
YDX 69/9/89Photograph: showing forepart of Aline Holme opening Senhouse Dock with crowds watching 27 May 1884Whitehaven
DX 1627/2Maps and Plans relating to sea routes, cannals and railways - Carlisle
TSR/8/314Papers re approval of sufferance wharfs and legal quays1935-1947Carlisle
DX 1631West Cumberland Rivers Catchment BoardRiver Ellen Improvement Scheme Part III from near Maryport to Oughterside. Correspondence between the Board and the District Engineer for the Railways Executive.1949Carlisle
DX 1631/1Correspondence between the Board and the District Engineer (Railways Executive)Includes plan1949Carlisle
SPUCO/12/5Health Provision1866-1978Whitehaven
SPUCO/12/6Development of local government within the Cockermouth Union1866-1878Whitehaven
YDB 64/3PlansPlans of bus stations at Whitehaven, Workington, Maryport, Keswick (sign only), and Millom1957-1976Whitehaven
DBT/7/365CUMBERLANDWhitehaven Cleator and Egremont Railway. No Surveyor . 61 × 43. 2½" to 5 mile. Routes and reference to various railways; towns en route, including Whitehaven, Workington, Maryport, Cockermouth 1875Whitehaven
DBT/10/187/2Deeds relating to Maryport(Wickliffe and Bewley family estates)1764Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/8/1Plan of land north of iron works, near Hutton Placeshowing lines of late Maryport Iron Company's tramway, and Solway Iron Company's tramway
Scale: 1"=100'
c 1895Whitehaven
YDS 70/4/43Trip to Maryport Museum1990sWhitehaven
DBT/10/154Deeds (3) and copy deed, relating to Old Town and Tangier Street, Whitehaven; High Street, Maryport; and Finkle Street, St Bees1743, 1750, 1817, 1831 1743 - 1831Whitehaven
DX 1627/2/2Plans and sections Maryport and Carlisle RailwayBranch railways to proposed deep water docks and harbour of refuge, John Addison engineerNov 1865Carlisle
DBH/14/2Papers referring to the construction of electric tramways and a light railway Papers, including "The Light Railways Act" (1896) for the construction of a light railway from Cleator Moor to Whitehaven, Workington and Maryport; Rules and Orders of Light Railway (1898); copies of the "Whitehaven Free Press", and "Whitehaven News", referring to the construction of electric tramways in Whitehaven1896 - 1901Whitehaven
PH/1470/7View of Maryport and harbour from above1961Whitehaven
YDSO 23/3/3Brigham, Cockermouth, Linefoot, Marron and Maryport1920Whitehaven
TSR/8/313Papers re Maryport Harbour Act, 1936Includes original copies of the Royal Commission and certificate for the appointment of Maryport as an independent port, 18411841-1936Carlisle
TSR/8/315Trade return to the Inspector General of Waterguards1963-1966Carlisle
YDSO 39/51/2Archaeological evaluation, watching brief and topographic survey of Maryport promenade, Maryport2008Whitehaven
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