Place codePAX200
Full place name entryWigton/Cumberland
Place NameWigton

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DX 1675/2Friends' School, Brookfield, Wigton'The Brook' school magazine
Wigton Old Scholars' Association reports
Brookfield School photograph 1956
DX 1675/2/2Wigton Old Scholars' Association reports1956-1982Carlisle
DX 1675/2/4MiscellaneousPrinted material1916Carlisle
DX 1675/2/3Friends' School photographs1956Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1The Brook magazineThe Friends'School magazine1949-1961Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/3Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 67th Report1958Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/22Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 87th Report1978Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/23Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 90th Report1981Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/15Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 80th Report1971Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/9Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 74th Report1965Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/12The BrookSchool magazineSummer 1957Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/13The BrookSchool magazineSummer 1958Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/11The BrookSchool magazineSummer 1956Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/13Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 78th Report1969Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/10Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 75th Report1966Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/9The BrookSchool magazineSpring 1955Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/12Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 77th Report1968Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/6The BrookSchool magazineSummer 1952Carlisle
DX 1675/1/1/4Interview notes: local farmers1960Carlisle
DX 1675/2/3/1School photographBrookfield, Wigton
Includes list of pupils' names (rolled inside)
DX 1675/2/2/4Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 68th Report1959Carlisle
DX 1675/2/4/2School Calandars1960-1961Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/15The BrookSchool magazineAutumn 1960 - Spring 1961Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/7The BrookSchool magazineAutumn 1953Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/20Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 85th Report1976Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/8The BrookSchool magazineAutumn 1953Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/11Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 76th Report1967Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/2Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 66th Report1957Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/18Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 83rd Report1974Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/1The BrookSchool magazineJul 1949Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/5Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 69th Report1960Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/7Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 71st Report1962Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/24Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 91st Report1982Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/16Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 81st Report1972Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/1Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 65th Report1956Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/2The BrookSchool magazineJul 1950Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/21Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 86th Report1977Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/3The BrookSchool magazineMar 1951Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/17Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 82nd Report1973Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/10The BrookSchool magazineSummer 1955Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/8Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 72nd Report1963Carlisle
DX 1675/1/1/3Interview notes: local businessesFisons; Cumberland Moss Litter Industry, Redmayne tailors, Cumberland Aviation Services1960Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/14The BrookSchool magazineAutumn 1959Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/14Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 79th Report1970Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/5The BrookSchool magazineApr 1952Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/6Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 70th Report1961Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/4The BrookSchool magazineSummer 1951Carlisle
DX 1675/2/4/1'A History of Wigton School 1815-1915'With lists of scholars and teachers1916Carlisle
DX 1675/2/2/19Wigton Old Scholars' Association: 84th Report1975Carlisle
DX 1675/2/4/3Fundraising appeal brochureFriends' School, Brookfield, Wigtoncirca 1970Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/16The BrookSchool magazineAutumn 1960Carlisle
DX 1675/2/1/17The BrookSchool magazineAutumn 1961 - Spring 1962Carlisle
SPUCO/12Correspondence and associated materialGeneral administration of the Cockermouth Rural Sanitary Authority, the Port Sanitary Authority Workington and the Cockermouth Guardians of the Poor Law1876-1931Whitehaven
YDX 498/1/15Letter from Paisley and Falcon, solicitors, Workingtonto Messers McKeevers, Son and livesey, solictors, Wigton re Penrice and property at West Newton13 August 1893Whitehaven
YDEC 7/7Wigton Community Transport1993-1995Whitehaven
DBH/21/3MiscellaneousIncome tax assessments and receipts for various owners and tenants in various places including Hensingham, Muncaster, Whitehaven, Egremont, Wigton, Sandwith, Parton 1860 - 1867

Receipts (2) for rates, following the Cattle Diseases Prevention Act, 1866

Letters from Henry and Edward Gulliver of Keswick and papers re the lease of a farm to William Southward 1863

Further miscellaneous receipts 1850 - 1868

Miscellaneous correspondence re property transactions, receipts etc. 1848 - 1911

Various receipted accounts paid by G & A Helder for personal matters 1863 - 1868

Demand notes (3) re poor rate for the township of Whitehaven 1875
1850 - 1911Whitehaven
YDEC 7West Cumbria Community Transport1985-1999Whitehaven
YDB 64/3/4Plans of Wigton bus station and Blue Bell public house1959,1970Whitehaven
DX 1635/1/8Conveyance of lands on Market Hill Brow and Market Hill CloseParties include Joseph Liddell and Benjamin Bell1803Carlisle
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