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Full place name entryPenrith/Cumberland
Place NamePenrith

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
ZS/414Penrith, Ode on Printing.1807Barrow
DSO 204/1Minute books - Carlisle
ZS/23John Windle, itinerant linen etcetera dealerfrom Colne. Penrith, Cumberland and Westmorlandc1804Barrow
ZS/416Penrith, M Soulby's Circulating Library, notice.1807Barrow
ZS/415Penrith, Ramsay's Caledonian Beams - advert.Label on verso.1810Barrow
SPUCO/12Correspondence and associated materialGeneral administration of the Cockermouth Rural Sanitary Authority, the Port Sanitary Authority Workington and the Cockermouth Guardians of the Poor Law1876-1931Whitehaven
DAR/170Tenancy agreementsTenancy agreements relating to properties at Penrith and Clifton Dyke1930-1945Carlisle
DSO 204Penrith Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Penrith YMCA was established in 1882 - Carlisle
DBT/10/84Title deeds relating to Wildriggs, Penrith1587 - 1825Whitehaven
DX 1635/5/3Billheads for businesses in Canton House and Penrith.Billheads for W Hetherington Grocer of Canton House and T. Redfern family chemist of Penrith1880-1882Carlisle
WDB 135/1/69Penrith: Lime Grove and a small farm, Tirril.Lime Grove, Tirril, near Penrith. Dwelling house, barn, byre and land.

Also a small farm, comprising dwelling house, farm buildings and land.
Tenants: Mr. Geo. Kitching and Miss Bird.

Field Names: Idle and Grandsire Crofts, Low Moor Ing, High Moor Ing, Sour Close and Moor Field, Bowram, Sissons Croft, Mire.

Cultivation specified.

No plans.
DBT/28/52PENRITHPenrith ropeway profile. WW Smith. 68 × 136. 1/2500, 30' to 1" 1924Whitehaven
WDB 35/1/210Greengill Farm, Penrith, Cumberland.Greengill Farm pasture, water mill and machinery. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.
23 Dec 1873Kendal
DSO 204/1/1Minute bookMinutes of annual meetings and monthly committee meetings1923-1931Carlisle
WDX 49/1Probate of Mary Westmorland of the Angel Inn, Penrith, Cumberland, widowWill made 26 October 1855 with codicil 7 October 1855.
Proved at Carlisle 30 March 1859.
30 Mar 1859Kendal
WDX 1254J. P. Shepherd, Solicitor, Penrith.Part of a letter book of J. P. Shepherd, Solicitor, Penrith.1881-1883Kendal
WDX 884/4/5William Heskett and Sons, Land Agents, PenrithAccounts compiled by Heskett and Sons on behalf of Little and Company, Trustees of the Parkin Will Trusts.
The accounts cover 1911-1935, then 1947, 1950-1955. Accounts detail expenses paid and received on the Ravencragg Estates. Where no formal accounts exist, vouchers and receipts have been retained. Generally however, vouchers and receipts have not been retained.
1911-1955 [gaps]Kendal
DSO 205Penrith and North Lakes University of the Third AgeEnglish Literature Group
Research and study by members into the life of Mary Powley, poet and antiquarian of Langwathby, 1813-1882
DSO 1/92Engravings of Cumbrian castles and monumentsIncluding; Brougham Castle, Westmorland; Penrith Castle, Cumberland (both with historical notes) Dacre Castle, Cumberland; Lowther Castle, Westmorland; Monumental Stones, Penrith, Cumberland1773-circa 1810Carlisle
WDCRK/3/2/1Questions and Depositionsc90 pages examined at Appleby [for Christian Gilpin] in connection with a case in Chancery following the death of Mottram Crakenthorpe, son of Richard.
Plaintiff: Christopher Crackenthorpe
Defendants: Deborah (formerly wife of Richard Crakenthorpe) now wife of Thomas Pattenson and her daughters, Deborah and Anne (wife of Defendant Adam Askew). Giving evidence that MC, DCjnr and AC, respectively, were 11, 9, 7 yrs old when their father, Richard died and were brought up by mother. Gives evidence of frugal and quiet lifestyle of DC, widow and subsequent similar frugal lifestyle of MC who inherited the estate at the age of 21 in 1714. Estate had "Great Incumbrances" owing to a mortgage taken out for £1550 by his father with interest owing. CC has now paid this off. Evidence of fines requested and promissory notes at a manor courts of Newbiggen and Hardendale on the attainment by MC of 21 years in 1714. Also refers to search for a will of RC and money in the study at Newbiggin Hall, subsequent to the death of MC. Also the sale of wood in 1714 by MC, including 1347 oaks, from various Culgaith parks and Leases Laverack Park, Fains Hall croft and Mill Park, formerly part of the estate of RC, to Thomas Sutton of Penrith, Thomas Setree of Penreth and Thomas Watson of Ouseby for £725. Refers to demolition of part of Newbiggin Hall, giving details of decay, lead sold for £60 and consideration to putting right the damage done and rebuilding of the part lost at a cost of £300. Mention of further debts of RC
WDSO 277/4Penrith GroupWalks books1983-1994Kendal
WDB 158Jos. Sarginson Ltd., Joiner, Builder, Contractor, Timber Merchant, Undertaker of Eamont Bridge Penrith1905-1957Kendal
WDB 35/1/209Skirsgill Estate, Barton and Penrith.Skirsgill Estate.
Owner not known, tenure not defined.

Also: Skirsgill Mansion pleasure grounds, building and accommodation land.
Owner not known, tenure not defined.
DSO 205/1English Literature GroupThree Writers in Penrith Area During World War Two
Mary Powley, poet and antiquarian of Langwathby, 1813-1882
WDB 135/1/199Eamont Bridge, Penrith: The Brougham EstateThe Brougham Estate, near Penrith, comprising five mixed farms, The Crown Hotel, Eamont Bridge, The Laundry House and premises, and about 14 cottages and houses in Eamont Bridge. Also land, Wetherigg's Pottery , other cottages and Oak Woodlands.

Named properties/farms: The Home Farm, The Laundry House, Blacksmith's Shop, The Crown Hotel, Hospital Farm, Clifton Dykes Farm, Moorhouses Farm, Wethericks Farm, Wetherigg's Pottery.

With Plans.

Freehold tenure.
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