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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
YDX 199Workington Harbour1835Whitehaven
YBSC/2/1/19Easement over Workington Harbour1936-1975Whitehaven
YDX 133/26Accounts of Workington Harbour and John's Pier1825-1826Whitehaven
YDX 133/7Transcript of case for the Opinion of Mr Chambre of Kendal (file YDX 133/6) by the late Mr R Walker20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 133/8Rules and regulations for ships loading the coals of Henry Curwen at Workington1845Whitehaven
YDX 133/6Case for the Opinion of Mr Chambre of Kendal, prepared by the Workington Harbour Trustees, summarising the Harbour's history since 16821798Whitehaven
YDX 133/9Bill and Answer in Longmire and Falcon v Curwen, includes details about the Harbour, its buildings and working, in 18th-early 19th centuries1836Whitehaven
YDX 133/10Brief for plaintiff in Curwen v Longmire and Falcon, includes details of governing deeds, accounts and verbatim Depositions1836Whitehaven
YDX 133/16Minute book of Workington Harbour Trustees1782-1804Whitehaven
YDX 133/22A Plan of the Course of the River Darwent Derwent running into the Sea. No surveyor.Shows the river fro the South Quay onwards, to Low Water Mark; waggon-way (north bank), Garth End, buoys, foreshore; on south bank, "Key", foreshore, pier head, Watch House (in elevation), Lantern-perch, Low Perch, nets, Folly (in elevation).late 18th centuryWhitehaven
YBSC/21/1/1/22OS Sheet NX 9928 NWProperty near Workington Harbour
Scale: 1/1250
c 1968Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/2/23OS Sheet NX 9829 & NX 9929Showing reference numbers W/F1 8/12/1882, W/F68 7/7/1960, W/F76 9/8/1941, W/F77 14/10/1941, W/F81 22/5/1944, W/F82 31/1/1948, W/F85 28/2/1946, W/L 104 1/6/1931; property around Workington Harbour
Scale: 1/2500
c 1972Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4/2Copy plan of Workington Harbour with details of land ownershipScale: 1"=3 chainsc 1800Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/1/3OS Sheet NX 92 NE"Workington Harbour and Dock Property shown hatched"
Scale: 6"=1 mile
c 1968Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/3/9Plan of harbour area, New Yard Works, Derwent Iron and Steel Works, Moss Bay Iron and Steel Works and MossbayWith property reference numbersundatedWhitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4/15Plan of dock, River Derwent and harbour, showing boundary of harbour and railway linesScale: 1"=350'c 1938Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/5/1Plan showing land to be acquired for railroads to Workington Harbour and DockUnited Steel Companies Limited
Workington Iron and Steel Branch
Scale: 1"=100'
11 Dec 1929Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4/3Workington Harbour, plan to accompany Mr Rendell's report of 17 August 1864Showing proposed works, and details of shoreline
Signed by Mr Rendell
Scale: 6"=600'
17 August 1864Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4/9Proposed armoured cable crossing harbour and River Derwent to dockDrawer no. 102
Scale: 1/1250
c 1923Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4/11Workington Harbour and DockAlternative proposal for dock extension
Plan No 2
Scale: 1/2500
c 1925Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/5/2Section from Low End of Cloffocks to shipyard crossingCharles Cammell and Company Limited
Derwent Iron and Steel Works
Plan no. 194
Scale:Horizontal: 60'=1"; vertical: 10'=1"
16 July 1883Whitehaven
DH/199/1Notebook containing details of ship movements and cargos at Workington Harbour. The volume has also been used for children's jottings1903Whitehaven
DCU/Estate Plans/5Plan of the Harbour of WorkingtonPlan of the Harbour of Workington and the works proposed for the improvement of the same by W Jessop, Engineer, 1777. Printed: Fra. Chesham, engraver. Scale: 4 chains to 1 inch.
Note added to Rubbing House; `Pulled down May 10th. 1864'.
YBSC/21/5/4/14Plan of dock, River Derwent and harbour, showing boundary of harbourScale: 1"=200'c 1938Whitehaven
YDX 46/6Workington Harbour Act inscribed by George Armstrong, Public Office1840Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4Workington Dock and Harbour1777-1964Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4/12General arrangement of road tar storageWorkington Harbour and Dock Board
Drawing no. 12806
Scale: 1/8 & 1/4 " = 1'
24 Feb 1930Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/2/22OS Sheet NX 9829 & NX 9929Showing reference numbers W/F1 8/12/1882, W/F68 18/8/1936, W/F68 7/7/1960, W/F73 15/8/1939, W/F76 9/8/1941 (sold to DEC 28/6/1947), W/F77 14/10/1941, W/F81 22/5/1944, W/F85 28/2/1946, W/F86 16/10/1947, W/L104 1/6/1931, sold to DEC 25/5/1942; property around Workington Harbour
Scale: 1/2500
c 1972Whitehaven
YDX 495Mary Queen of Scots and Workington in 1568Photocopies of letters and documents in State Papers, The National Archives, Kew, comprising:
letter from Richard Lowther to Sir William Cecil, and letter from George Lamplugh, Richard Simpson and Henry Fletcher to the Earl of Northumberland, both regarding the arrival of Mary Queen of Scots in Workington and Cockermouth, 17 May 1568 (SP 53/1);
letters from George Needham and Simon Musgrave of Eden Hall, regarding negotiations with Henry Curwen for purchase of ground at Workington to build a wharf for the Company of Mines Royal, with plan of Workington and land in question 1568-1569 (SP 12/47 and SP 12/49).
DCU/Estate Plans/3Plan of Workington HarbourMarks existing harbour works and quays, new proposals shown in dotted lines. Marsh shown as stinted pasture for 20 horses. Printed: Fra. Chesham, engraver.
Scale: 3 chains to 1 inch, 66 yards to 1 inch
YBSC/21/5/4/10Workington Harbour and DockProposed extension of existing dock etc, showing channel to be deepened, proposed bridges and existing development including shipbuilding yard
Plan No 1
Scale: 1/2500
c 1925Whitehaven
YDX 506/2Certificate of dishcharge of Joseph Bridsonfrom "Cloffock" of Workington, in the port of Workington14 May 1870Whitehaven
YBSC/2/2/6/27Annual accountsComprises accounts of the following companies: Workington Iron and Steel Company; Beckermet Mining Co Ltd; United Coke and Chemicals Co Ltd; Workington Harbour and Dock Co Ltd; Workington Welfare Hall Ltd.1955Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4/23OS sheets NX 9829 & NX 9929 showing installations, cranes and boundariesScale: 1/250031 August 1964Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4/16Plan of pipeline at bridge end of Old HarbourScale: 2 chains = 1"c 1940Whitehaven
YDX 153Workington Harbour Books1731-1790Whitehaven
YDX 133/28Printed copies of the relevant documents and plans, Lowther v Curwen, including:- Glebe (Crossfitts) and quays near it, 1733-1832
- all quays in the harbour 1681/2-1874
- accounts of Workington Harbour Volumes 1-15, 1758-1836
- Waggonway lease, and railway and Workington Harbour Acts, 1771-1882
- Printed plans
YDX 133/2Lease of the outer and inner timber yard and private road to it, on the south-west of the South Gut's mouth onto the River Derwent (by the rector of Workington, with Henry Curwen and theBishop of Carlisle, to the thirteen local partners of the Timber Company, including John Wood of Workington, ship-carpenter) for 21 years, rent £7 7s 0d a year; for use as shipyard or timberyard; proviso for any future waggonways or quay to be built by the rector; cargo-dues stated; surcharges stated for any future use for liquor trade, alehouse, store-house, or limekilns erected for the Company there; restriction on use of rest of Crossfitts (grazing-land); inset plan shows the yards, iwht limekiln and Watch House and the rector's and merchants quays on the South Gut, and the outfall into the River Derwent.7 February 1767Whitehaven
YDX 133/1Account book of Workington Harbour including:
- tokens for use in local collieries and coal boats 1765-1770
- rental (and arrears) relating to Henry Curwen of Workington Hall
- coals shipped at Workington 1765-1770
- coals shipped at Harrington 1765-1769
- miscellaneous bills sent by Henry Curwen 1765-1770
YBSC/21/1/1/18OS Sheet NX 9829 & NX 9929Showing property reference numbers F73, F82, F86, BSC - Workington works freehold property, BSC - Harbour and Dock property; property around Workington Harbourc 1961Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/1/19OS Sheet NX 9829 & NX 9929Showing property reference numbers DF1, DF2, DF3, DF4, DF5, DF7, DF8, DF10, DF11, DF15, F68, F73, F81, F81 sold to DEC, F81 DEC property, F82, F85; property around Workington harbour and Dock
Scale: 1/2500
c 1961Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/5/5Plan of streets and outline of works at Chapel Bankincluding John Pier, shipbuilding yard, Old Dock, Merchants Quay, gas works, bonded warehouses, Workington Bridge and Boiler Works, Solway Brass Works, Marsh Copper and Brass Works, Steel Ball Works and Rocket Apparatus Station. With plot numbersc 1945Whitehaven
YDX 133/30'The Port of Workington' by R J Walker; typescript notes with three maps20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 133/3Contract for building a new quay on the south side of the South Gut (John Smith the Workington Piermaster, for the Harbour Trustees, as employer; John Barton andWilliam Longcake, both of Workington, masons, as contractors), length 90 yards; specifications given; payment 10s 2d per cubic yard of wall; to cost £200 or more; trustees to provide scaffolding, materials and prepare the site.23 February 1788Whitehaven
YDX 133/20Plan of Workington Harbour. No surveyor.Detailed plan showing the harbour, quays, river up to Workington bridge (highest point for tides), mill-race, soapery, New Brewery, bone mill, Low Brewery, Russell's timberyard, Miller's house, Falcon's Yard, ropewalk, glebe, Glebe Runner, waggonways, Wood's Yard, Wallace's Yard, Fish house, Watch house, capstan, Fort, stakes, Dinsel Perch, Folly, flag, Lady Pit, High and Low Water Marks, river depths, disputed places, river islands and gravel banks, notes on tides, ford, Shiplands Gate.late 18th century post 1777Whitehaven
YBSC/2/2/6/36Annual accountsComprises accounts of the following companies: Workington Iron and Steel Company; Beckermet Mining Co Ltd; United Coke and Chemicals Co Ltd; Workington Harbour and Dock Co Ltd; Workington Welfare Hall Ltd.1964Whitehaven
YBSC/2/2/6/35Annual accountsComprises accounts of the following companies: Workington Iron and Steel Company; Beckermet Mining Co Ltd; United Coke and Chemicals Co Ltd; Workington Harbour and Dock Co Ltd; Workington Welfare Hall Ltd.1963Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/1/15OS Sheet NX 9829 & NX 9929Showing property reference numbers DF2. DEC by grant, DEC property, F68, F77, F81, F85; coastal property at Workington Harbour
Scale: 1/2500
YBSC/21/5/4/18Copy OS map showing parcel of land containing Harbour House at entrance of harbourWorkington Harbour and Dock Board
Scale: 1/1250
c 1945Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4/1Copy plan of Workington Harbour and ground adjoiningwith the projection of new piers for enlarging the same
John Smeaton, engineer
Showing land ownership, buildings, footpaths and harbourside features
Scale: 1"=200'
YBSC/2/2/6/28Annual accountsComprises accounts of the following companies: Workington Iron and Steel Company; Beckermet Mining Co Ltd; United Coke and Chemicals Co Ltd; Workington Harbour and Dock Co Ltd; Workington Welfare Hall Ltd.1956Whitehaven
YBSC/2/2/6/29Annual accountsComprises accounts of the following companies: Workington Iron and Steel Company; Beckermet Mining Co Ltd; United Coke and Chemicals Co Ltd; Workington Harbour and Dock Co Ltd; Workington Welfare Hall Ltd.1957Whitehaven
YBSC/2/2/6/30Annual accountsComprises accounts of the following companies: Workington Iron and Steel Company; Beckermet Mining Co Ltd; United Coke and Chemicals Co Ltd; Workington Harbour and Dock Co Ltd; Workington Welfare Hall Ltd.1958Whitehaven
YBSC/2/2/6/31Annual accountsComprises accounts of the following companies: Workington Iron and Steel Company; Beckermet Mining Co Ltd; United Coke and Chemicals Co Ltd; Workington Harbour and Dock Co Ltd; Workington Welfare Hall Ltd.1959Whitehaven
YBSC/2/2/6/33Annual accountsComprises accounts of the following companies: Workington Iron and Steel Company; Beckermet Mining Co Ltd; United Coke and Chemicals Co Ltd; Workington Harbour and Dock Co Ltd; Workington Welfare Hall Ltd.1961Whitehaven
YBSC/18Workington Harbour and Dock Board1809-1982Whitehaven
YBSC/2/2/6/34Annual accountsComprises accounts of the following companies: Workington Iron and Steel Company; Beckermet Mining Co Ltd; United Coke and Chemicals Co Ltd; Workington Harbour and Dock Co Ltd; Workington Welfare Hall Ltd.1962Whitehaven
YDX 199/1Notice that subscriptions were due to fund a trialat Assizes regarding dues payable to Henry Curwen for ships using Workington harbour.1835Whitehaven
YDB 94Wilson Steamship Company, WhitehavenNewspaper cuttings, correspondence, headed notepaper and ephemera, invitations, photographsWhitehaven
YDX 479Harbour wall sectionsColoured sections showing cross-section and scale drawings of harbour walls in the following harbours: Avonmouth; Hull - Albert; Whitehaven - Queen; Hull; Boness; Leith; Middlesborough; Workington; Newport - Alexandra.[1860s-1880s]Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4/13Plan of dock and harbour showing harbour, buildings and crane linesScale: 1"=200'c 1938Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4/7Land at Merchants Quay Showing Workington Sanitary Authority's Hospital
London and North Western Railway, Workington
Scale: 2 chains = 1"
c 1900Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4/19Plan of dock and harbour area for Eagle Star Insurance Company LimitedWorkington Harbour and Dock Board
Scale: 1"=80'
June 1946Whitehaven
YDX 133/11Pleadings, proof and four statements for defence, abstract of Graham v Peat 1800 (trespass in Crossfitts), copy bond of indemnity, harbour-hurries sections (Exhibit 1), inLowther v Curwen: Plaintiff sued as sole authority for works within the bounds of Workington Harbour under the Workington Harbour Transfer Act 1869. Defendant intended altering quays and constructing new railway, under the Workignton Harbour Act 1840. Includes details of the Harbour, its management, bounds, buildings, railways, hurries, ballast. The bond of indemnity is from Charles Cammell and Company Limited (Sheffield) to H F Curwen Esquire. Statements (giving biographical details) were made by John Sharp, master mariner, Edward Sargent, seaman, Richard Sanderson, shipwright and Henry Black, cart driver, 1884Whitehaven
YDX 133/12-13Witnesses' Depositions in Lowther and others v Curwen and others.The Depositions records career details of captains, seamen, and landsmen connected with the Workington coal trade 1830s-1880s, and much detail of the hurries etc. Depositions were made by: Thomas Potts, retired Master Mariner, John Askew, Gentleman, William Shaw, Farmer of Eaglesfield, William Mulcaster, Colliery Proprietor of Bickley, Maryport, Matthew Patten, retired Ship Master of Workington, John Linton, farm labourer of Seaton, Nicholas Owen, Farmer of Brigham, Solomon Harding, retired Master Matriner of Workington, Joseph Key, retired Master Mariner of Harrington, Thomas Flannagan, retired Master Mariner of Harrington, Robert Johnson, coal miner of Workington, William Byers, Master Mariner of Workington, Richard Bowes, retired Mariner of Workington, and Robert Starkie, Blacksmith of WorkingtonJuly - October 1887Whitehaven
YBSC/2/2/6/32Annual accountsComprises accounts of the following companies: Workington Iron and Steel Company; Beckermet Mining Co Ltd; United Coke and Chemicals Co Ltd; Workington Harbour and Dock Co Ltd; Workington Welfare Hall Ltd.1960Whitehaven
DCU/Estate Plans/40Plan of proposed extension of harbour boundary at Workington Dock.Under Workington Dock and Harbour Bill, Session 1882. Marks Lonsdale Dock and proposed new dock.
Scale: 200 feet to 1 inch.
YBSC/21/5/4/4Plan of Workington HarbourReduced from the OS 1st ed and corrected to June 1869
Showing harbour boundaries, residential streets and Workington Hematite Ironworks
Workington Iron and Steel Company
Branch of the United Steel Companies Limited
Scale: 200'=1"
June 1869Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4/5Tracing of Lonsdale Dock and surrounding land with colour key** to Old harbour, lands forming part of the Lonsdale undertaking and existing quays
OS sheet LIII.7
Deposited at the Clerk of the Peace' Office
Scale: 1/2500
5 September 1900Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/4/20Shell Mey and British Petroleum layout of siteWorkington Harbour and Dock Board
Drawing no. 1046.5/WHD/A27
Scale: 1/20"=1'
19 August 1952Whitehaven
YDX 133/15Key to photographs of the Harbour, its hurries and its sidings produced by the defendants in Lowther v Curwen. The photographs are not included but long, descriptive captions survive.1887 / 1888Whitehaven
CB/WCumbria County Council: Port of WorkingtonPort of Workington; puchased by Cumbria County Council from British Steel Corporation in 1975
Operated successively under the Industrial Development Section of Legal and Administrative Services Department or Clerk and Chief Executive's Department; Economic Development and Corporate Policy Development; Economic Development Department; Economy and Environment Department
Transferred to Cumbria Contract Services Group in 1999
PH/1623/6Unidentified industrial photographscirca 1930sWhitehaven
YDX 133/21Plan of Workington Harbour; no surveyorPlan of the South Quay, showing the bollards (numbered), hurries, waggonways, South Quay End, Dock, Dock Quay and Marsh End Quay opposite, Harbour Office, custom House, lamps, King's Ships, timber slips, patent slip (Peile and Company's Yard), Falcon and Alexander's Yard, fitter's office, dwellings, shop, smithy, archways in the quarry-wall, deadman in the river.c 1800Whitehaven
YDX 133/31A plan of the Town and Harbour of Workington by William Swinburn.4 chains to 1 inch. Repaired map of the town and harbour with illustrations (3) of the church and Workington Hall1793Whitehaven
YDX 133/33Sections at Workington Harbour by W Gaythorp. 49 x 116. Various scales. Various coloured sections including different levels of piers.1835Whitehaven
DCUCurwen Family of Workington HallThe colliery records, coupled with those of the harbours, illustrate the development of the coal industry and trade in West Cumberland in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and they are complemented by records from c.1750 of the Christian family's Broughton and Unerigg Collieries, which survive in the solicitor's collection of Messrs Benson of Cockermouth (D/Ben) and in the Senhouse family papers (D/Sen), both at Carlisle Record Office. Another source for research is present in the records of the central management of the estates, kept by the agents from the time of Charles Udale onwards. The series of ledgers, correspondence, etc. are supplemented by the records of the work Yard and its successor from the 1830s, the New Yard, which acted as supply depots for the collieries and the Workington Foundry as well as for the rest of the estate.

So far as the town of Workington is concerned, the early material is surprisingly scanty, particularly as regards the medieval and Tudor deeds which for the most part concern the township of Winscales, some two miles away. From 1700, however, the Manor Court Books yield a comprehensive picture of the state and growth of the town, and in the 19th century the receipt books for ground rents supplement the picture. Winscales itself is well covered by deeds from 1358, which together with the `strays' in the Lonsdale collection (D/Lons at Carlisle Record Office) may provide a clue to the early settlement and land use of a community which seems at one time to have had more importance than it has today.

Finally may be mentioned those `strays' within this collection which relate to other families. Those concerning the Christian estates at Unerigg or Ewanrigg (including the Broughton Colliery papers) are here as of right for the period when the two estates were merged in the person of John Christian Curwen, but some earlier papers and deeds have also come into the collection at this time. The Christians were an ancient family prominent in the Isle of Man and holding the hereditary office of deemster there. They produced some colourful character including the legendary 17th century rebel leader Illiam Dhone, who was executed for his pains, and the `Bounty' mutineer Fletcher Christian, who was first cousin to John Christian Curwen. In the late 17th century the family was settled at Unerigg in Cumberland, although the seat at Milntown was maintained at least until the latter half of the 19th century. John Christian in the early 18th century was an attorney, and steward to many manors in West Cumberland, including Workington. When John Christian Curwen died in 1828 the estate reverted to his son by his first marriage, John Christian, but following the death in 1886 of this John's son, the Rev William Christian, the estate was for a time managed by Curwen Estate Office [see DCU/5/36].

Those `strays' belonging to the Richmond and Brougham families [DCU/1/110 - 125, and /4/128 - 158] are here in connection with executorship duties, and have some interest as supplementing knowledge about these families and about the descent of the manor of Highhead.

Abbreviations used

[C] Deposit from Messrs Curwen, Solicitors

C & W n.s./o.s. Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society. New Series/Old Series, followed by Volume number and page

C & W Ragg. F W Ragg's article on `de Culwen' in C & W n.s. XIV

[H] Deposited by C Roy Hudleston, esq.





Housekeeping accounts


Workington town & Manx affairs

Probate & settlement papers

Richmond-Brougham Executorship papers

Legal & lawsuit papers


Manor of Calder

Manor of Harrington

Manor of Workington

Mineral royalties


Family letters

Letter books

Estate letters

Post-1883 letters (by subject)

Yearly bundles from 1870

Estate Office & Solicitor's files


Workington & Winscales


Calder (Sella Park)

Sowermire & Raikes in Gosforth

Richmond & Brougham family deeds

Skelton of Branthwaite Hall deeds

Other deeds

Colliery, Harbour, & industrial leases

Bonds on securities

19th.-20th. c. estate leases & agreements

Schedules of deeds & leases



Works Yard & Foundry

Accounts, main series



Ground rents




Estate maps

Sale particulars


Colliery records

Colliers' societies

Colliery plans & diagrams

Harrington harbour

Workington harbour

Admiralty charts


Schoose Farm

The following records form additional deposits of records of the Curwen family. The descriptions are in summary form and, in some cases, were actually prepared whilst the records were still in the custody of the Curwen estate office.

Consequently, the descriptions are not fully representative of the records in our custody: some items do not seem to have actually been transferred and others are unlisted.

Catalogue section 1

Additional deposit, 1974 including Curwen estate records (described in compartments)

Catalogue section 2 Additional deposit 1970:

Description Dates

General ledgers 1725-1946

Housekeeping accounts and day books 1784-1928

Securities 1798-1915

Unerigg estate 1730-1790

Windermere 1803-1919

Collieries: Workington 1734-1862

Collieries: Harrington 1776-1907

Collieries: Banklands 1794-1805

Collieries: Broughton, Birkby and Unerigg, 1774-1829

Collieries: pay bill books 1802-1859

Iron stone 1770-1852

Foundry 1820-1836

Workyard 1800-1861

Quarries 1809-1857

Buildings 1777-1790

Labourers' pay bills 1767-1826

Cartage 1782-1862

Workington estate: farm accounts 1787-1862

Workington estate: miscellaneous books 1810-1828

Workington and Harrington Harbour 1773-1902

Rent ledgers and rentals 1783-1894

Workington societies 1797-1855

Various accounts 1729-1928

Vouchers 1792-1797

Letter books 1818-1954

Miscellaneous accounts 1761-1848

Miscellaneous 1596-1910

Distington and Flimby 1718-1837

Catalogue section 3 Additional deposit 1970:

Description Dates

Estate plans 1755-1890

Colliery plans 1791-1922

Miscellaneous 1768-1890

Trade catalogues 1872-1921

Deposits, 2005 and 2007:

Title deeds, Workington 1611-1978

Title deeds, Harrington 1756-1956

Colliery title deeds and papers, 1880-1947

Wills and Estate management papers, late 19th-late 20th centuries

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