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BDHJ/398/1/1Abstract of titleAbstract of title of Muriel Beatrice Cecilia Bulford (nee Harrison) to hereditaments at Great Langdale, Westmorland, Nibthwaite & Colton, Lancashire. Mar 1859-Mar 1919Barrow
BDHJ/398/1/3Catalogue of Valuable Agricultural Properties At Great Langdale, Westmorland and Nibthwaite and Colton, Lancashire
Auctioneers: Mason & Freeman, Windermere
Solicitors: Messrs. Dawson & Co, London
Sep 1919Barrow
BDHJ/397/1/8Lease with planLease of White Hart Inn with several closes called 'The Pools' and other pasture land and premises at Bouth in the parish of Colton, Lancaster

1) Arthur Benson Dickson of Abbots Reading, Colton, Lancaster Esq.

2) Martha Savage, The Mortal Man Inn, Troutbeck, Westmorland, Innkeeper

Term - year to year

Rent - £57 / annum

Signature and seal of A. B. Dickson and M. Savage

Witnesses: H. Gibbons and William Healis
10 Nov 1902Barrow
DX 1627/3/3Thearte Programme and leaflet re Walking ToursTheatre programme for the "Luck of Langthwaite" in Grasmere Hall 1932 and The Arts League Travelling Thearte. Also leaflet entitled "Walking Tours in the Lake District, North Lancashire, Westmorland and West Yorkshire Fells" 19251920s-1930sCarlisle
BDHJ/396/2/9Correspondence with a planCorrespondence regarding proposed alterations to a stretch (440 yards) of turnpike road (which leads from Kirkby Kendal in Westmorland to Ireleth in Lancaster) at Underfield, Colton.1849-1850Barrow
WTLTLand Tax 1928-1948Kendal
WDSO 384Westmorland Constituency Labour PartyWestmorland Consituency Labour Party minutes 1966-1971; Kendal Labour Party correspondence and minutes 1981-2004; Kent Estuary Labour Party papers 1992-2008; newspaper cuttings, membership records, photographs and Labour Party circulars etc1966-2008Kendal
WDEC 41Westmorland Arts Trust1988-2011Kendal
WQ/AD/Treasurer/1Treasurer: Bond in £1,0001. Thomas Milner of Orton, gentleman, the Reverend Robert Milner of Orton and John Milner of Coat flatt Hall, Orton, gentleman.

2. Richard Shepherd Stephenson, Clerk of Peace.

Recital: election of Thomas Milner at Quarter Sessions held at Appleby on Friday 7 April [1831].

Condition: Thomas Milner to do all things required of him as Treasurer of County of Westmorland.
Witnesses: James Thornborrow Ward, Anthony Metcalfe.
3 May 1851Kendal
WQ/AD/Treasurer/3Treasurer: Bond in £1,5001. Henry Martindale of Kendal, gentleman, John Burrow of Crosthwaite, yeoman and James Wilson of Crosthwaite, yeoman.

2. John Bell, Barrister-at-Law, esquire, Clerk of Peace.

Recital: Henry Martindale continued Treasurer at Quarter Sessions held at Kendal on 3 May 1878.

Condition: Henry Martindale to do all things required of him as Treasurer of County of Westmorland.
Witness: Dopl. Bertram, Superintendent of Police.
3 May 1878Kendal
WQ/AD/Treasurer/2Treasurer: Bond in £1,0001. George Kirkby of Underbarrow, gentleman, Joseph dark of Underbarrow, yeoman and Henry Kirkby of Underbarrow, yeoman.

2. Richard Shepherd Stephenson, Clerk of Peace.

Recital:- election of George Kirkby at Quarter Sessions held at Kendal on Friday 20 October [1837].

Condition: George Kirkby to do all things required of him as Treasurer of County of Westmorland.
Witness: Edw. Hutton.
7 Apr 1838Kendal
WDEC 44Treloar Trust1968-1996Kendal
WTASSouth and North Westmorland Assessment Committee1862-1950Kendal
WDB 156Rhodes Day AssociatesArchitectural photographs etc. Walker, Carter, Walker ( 17 projects) c 1909 - 1930s, including Yew Barrow, Miller Howe, Cherry Trees and High Longlands, all Windermere; with list of buildings by Robert Walker. Gill, Dockray, Rhodes and Moore, Kendal ( 2 projects). A W Rhodes, Staveley including Collinfield, Kendal, Inghamite Chapel, Kendal, Hangings Farm, Burton in Kendal, Tebay West Services, M6, Outdoor Pursuits Centre, Hoathwaite, Coniston, Sella Park House, Calder Bridge (conversion to hotel for BNFL); also includes named slides, negatives and contact prints. Rhodes Day Associates, Windermere, including Brockhole Visitor Centre, Aquarium of the Lakes, Newby Bridge, L.D.N.P. Visitor Centre, Glenridding and West Head Farm, Thirlmere; with named negatives file. c. 1909-c 2000Kendal
WDSO 42Westmorland/Cumbria South Girl Guidesscrapbook of Girl Guiding, undated1912-2012Kendal
WDWWakefield familyThe Wakefield family made their fortune in the Gunpowder Industry. Based in Sedgwick the first house was built by John Wakefield I (1738-1811), son of Roger Wakefield (1706-1756). John Wakefield II (1761-1829) had two sons the elder John Wakefield III (1794-1866) became head of what became known as the Sedgwick branch of the family while the younger son, Edward William Wakefield gave rise to the Kendal branch of the family. His eldest daughter Anne married John Cropper of Liverpool.1592-1978Kendal
WQWestmorland Quarter SessionsQuarter Sessions records have been divided into administrative and judicial records for convenience. However, in practice, administrative and judicial business was conducted side by side. Consequently, records such as order books, minute books and account books may also contain references to judicial matters. The sessions rolls include proceedings relating to the administrative functions of the Quarter Sessions.

Summary of unlisted records:
Chairman's notebooks (1 box and 3 volumes);
Appointments of sheriffs and undersheriffs (2 boxes);
Minutes and lists of files 1969-1971;
Unsorted papers (4½ boxes).

Order books: WQ/O
Minute books: WQ/M
Account books: WQ/F
Bridge papers: WQ/AB
Bonds for county officers: WQ/AD
Highway diversions: WQ/AH
Licences and other administrative records: WQ/A
Census: WQ/SPC

Indictment books: WQ/I
Calendars of prisoners: WQ/JC
Transportation bonds: WQ/SPT
Sessions rolls: WQ/SR

Kendal parish corn rent awards: WQ/R/C
Inclosure awards and Commissioners' papers: WQ/RI
Deposited plans of public undertakings: WQ/RDP
Jurors' books: WQ/RJ
Land tax returns: WQ/RLT
Papists Enrolled Deeds: WQ/R/P
Registers of annuities: WQ/RPA
Parliamentary elections: WQ/RPE
Societies: WQ/RS
Turnpike Trusts: WQ/RTT
Clerk of the Peace: WQ/C

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