Place codePAX394
Full place name entryNatland/Natland/Kendal Ward/Westmorland
Place NameNatland
Area3Kendal Ward
Grid RefSD5289

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
WDCR/4/6/5Elevation of door, Helme Lodge1824Kendal
WDX 139/19Natland and Oxenholme Women's Institute Jubilee Scrapbookundated [20th century] Kendal
WDCR/4/6/7Elevations of windows, Helme Lodge1824Kendal
WDB 35/1/57Dallam Tower Estate, Helsington and NatlandHelsington Hawes Farm and land. With plans.

Part of Dallam Tower Estate. Freehold.

Natland Part of Dallam Tower Estate: Natland High House Farm. Natland Low House Farm and lands. With palns.
Owner not named. Freehold.
3 Nov 1896Kendal
WQ/RC/12Corn Rent Award: NatlandNatland.

Scale: 8 chns.: 1 inch.
WDCR/4/6/30Draft plan of Helme Lodge estate with new driveway sketched in pencilundated [circa 1838]Kendal
WDCR/4/6/29Plan of Helme Lodge estate belonging to William Dilworth Crewdson Imade in 1838 by John Watson, land surveyor of Kendal1838Kendal
WDCR/4/6/9Draft plans and specification for stables, Helme Lodge1824Kendal
WDCR/4/6/8Elevations and plan of stables, Helme Lodge1824Kendal
WDCR/4/6/6Elevation of portico, Helme LodgeOct 1824Kendal
WDCR/4/6/4Plans of ground and chamber floors, Helme Lodge1824Kendal
WDCR/4/6/3Copy of cellar floor plan, Helme Lodge1824Kendal
WDCWCarus-Wilson Family of CastertonDeeds for Beetham, Burton-in-Kendal, Manor of Casterton, Kendal, Kirkby Lonsdale and Natland in Cumbria, Gressingham, Hornby, Melling, Tunstall and Whittington, in Lancashire; also Northumberland and Yorkshire; family and estate papers; manorial papers; maps1572-1891Kendal
WDRC/13/3Statement and plan of St Mark, Natland, churchyardCopy statement concerning application by the Parochial Church Council of St Mark's, Natland, for a faculty to erect a small extension to the churchyard and remove three memorial headstones. With schedule of headstone inscriptions and plan of part of churchyard.1980Kendal
WDB 35/1/271Sedbergh (Yorkshire), Natland, SedgewickSedbergh Taythes Farm, Bluecaster Side Farm. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.

Natland Natland Park Farm. With plans.
Owner not named. Tenue not defined.

Sedgewick Chamber's Farm an alehouse - well customed. Gunpowder Mill. With plans.
Owner not named. Tenure not defined.
8 Apr 1854Kendal
WDB 35/1/151Broadfold Estate, Nether Staveley; Cracalt Estate NatlandNether Staveley Broadfold Estate. Farm buildings and land. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.

Natland Cracalt Estate - farm, buildings and land. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.
29 May 1869Kendal
WDB 35/1/113Newlands, Natland.Newlands, villa, farm buildings, cottages, pastures and meadows. With plans (loose).
Owner late William Airey. Freehold.
21 Jun 1877Kendal
WDB 35/1/115Natland, Old Hutton.Natland Hall Farm. Natland Abbey Farm and cottage. Town End Farm. Newlands - smallholding. Natland Smithy. Fields and allotments. With plans (loose in folder).
Owned by Kathleen Anderson Fothergill. Freehold.

Old Hutton Middleshaw Cottages and Smithy. With plans.
Owned by Kathleen Anderson Fothergill. Freehold.
8 Oct 1938Kendal
WDB 35/1/148Stainton, Kendal and NatlandStainton Ross Cottage and land, Barrows Green.High Field - land. Low Field - land. Both at Kendal Green. With plans. NL
Owner not named. Freehold

Kendal Building or accommodation land, Kendal Green.

Natland Ross Cottage Estate.
6 Aug 1904Kendal
WDB 35/1/114Natland and Preston RichardNatland Crow Park Farm, Hawes Bank, Hallhead Tenement - smallholding. Helmside - accommodation land. Crooklands Bobbin Mill, Crooklands House, farm cottages at Milton - Milnthorpe. With plans.
Owner not named. Tenure not defined.
Preston Richard Crooklands Bobbin Mill, cottages at Milton.
26 Oct 1912Kendal
WQ/RLT/Kendal/31Kendal Ward: NatlandNatland [Kendal parish]; 1773, 1793, 1809, 1823, 1830, 18311773-1831Kendal
WDS 28St. Mark's School, Natland includes: early records, 1878-1990; log books, 1878-1993; punishment book, 1919-1978; minute books, 1897-1954, 1974-1998; visitors books, 1994-2004; photographs; attendance registers, 1985-1998; school meals registers, 1985-1998; admission register, 1946-19891878-2005Kendal
WDCR/4/6/2Plans of Helme Lodgeby Francis Webster, architect of Kendal:
working elevations of the south and east fronts;
plan of roof in ledgement;
sections through the principal buildings
Jul 1824Kendal
WDCR/4/6/1Plans of Helme Lodgeintended to be built for William Dilworth Crewdson I by Francis Webster, architect of Kendal:
working plan of the cellar floor;
working plan of the ground floor;
working plan of the chamber floor;
working elevations of the north and west fronts
Jul 1824Kendal
WDRC/6/57/4Natland bishops' transcripts1855-1870Kendal
WDRC/6/57/1Natland bishops' transcripts1813-1830Kendal
WDRC/6/57/2Natland bishops' transcripts1831-1840Kendal
WDRC/6/57/3Natland bishops' transcripts1841-1849; 1851-18541841-1854Kendal
WDRC/10/36/1Record of church furnishings St Mark, Natland by NADFAS volunteers2016Kendal
WDX 487/26Sale particulars of premises to be sold by Messrs M B Hodgson and Son, Kendal, at Rainbow Hotel, KendalComprising:
Crow Park, Natland.
Hawes Bank, Natland
Halhead Tenement, Natland.
Accommodationland at Helmside, Natland.
Crooklands Bobbin Mill with Crooklands House.
Four cottages at Milton, near Milnthorpe.
With plans.
26 Oct 1912Kendal
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