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DX 1158/1Research fieldwork notes on the water-driven mills along the River Greta in the Keswick areaTwo copies of the notes (sets of photocopies) compiled in 19871987Carlisle
DSO 215/4/1MinutesCentury Theatre Limited1997-1998Carlisle
DSO 215/3/1Minutes of Cumbria Theatre Trust1990-1994Carlisle
DSO 215/3/2MiscellaneousDiscussion documents, press releases and information leaflets1992-1998Carlisle
DX 1630/2Draft settlement re The Hollies, Keswick1847Carlisle
DSO 215/4/3Theatre programmes1981-1996Carlisle
DSO 215/1/3/1Income and expenditure forms1990-1998Carlisle
DSO 215/1/2/3Correspondence1993-1995Carlisle
DSO 215/4/2/1Century Theatre News1997Carlisle
DSO 215/4/3/1Century Theatre programmes and posters1981-1996Carlisle
DSO 215/1/1/2Minutes1995-1998Carlisle
DSO 215/1/2/2Correspondence1990-1992Carlisle
DSO 215/1/1/1Minutes1991-1994Carlisle
DSO 215/3/2/2Press releasesCumbria Theatre Trust1990-1997Carlisle
DSO 215/1/2/5CorrespondencendCarlisle
DSO 215/4/1/1MinutesCentury Theatre Limited1997-1998Carlisle
DSO 215/1/2/1Correspondence1985-1989Carlisle
DSO 215/1/2/4Correspondence1996-1998Carlisle
DSO 215/1/5/1Membership listsLists of members and Executive Committee members1993-1997Carlisle
DSO 215/2/2/2NewslettersFriends of Century Theatre1980-1984Carlisle
DSO 215/1/6/1ScrapbookContaining newspaper cuttings relating to campaign to establish new theatre in Keswick1988-1999Carlisle
DSO 215/2/1/1CorrespondenceLetters from Sir Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud, Melvin Bragg and others, mostly relating to sponsorship and patronage1980-1982Carlisle
DSO 215/1/4/1Secretarys' reports to Committee1993-1997Carlisle
DSO 215/1/6/2Newsletters and press releasesRelating to theatre for Cumbria, theatre in Keswick and Friends of the Theatre by the Lake1985-1999Carlisle
DSO 215/2/2/1Rules of Friends of Century Theatre Associationcirca 1980Carlisle
DSO 215/3/1/1Minutes of Cumbria Theatre Trust1990-1994Carlisle
DSO 215/3/2/3'Towards the New Century'Newsletter of Cumbria Theatre Trust1997Carlisle
DSO 215/2/2/3Architects' reports and plansCopies sent to Chairman of Friends of Century Theatre1982Carlisle
ZS/359Crosthwaite's Museum, Keswick.1810Barrow
PR 167/6/3Subscription lists: enlargement of St John's ChurchKeswick, St John Parish1861-1864Carlisle
ZS/678Keswick Museum, Peter Crosthwaite.1792Barrow
SPUCO/14Outdoor Relief1914-1947Whitehaven
CQPWO/2Court minute booksThese are unindexed, apart from Item 30. They include juvenile court business; also magistrates; oaths of office (front cover).1924-1968Whitehaven
CQPWO/1Court Registers1906-1975Whitehaven
CQPBO/2/2Orders by Bootle Petty Sessions1870-1920Whitehaven
CQPBO/2/2/1Bastardy Orders1870-1908Whitehaven
SPUCO/12/10Miscellaneous items1877-1878Whitehaven
SPUCO/12Correspondence and associated materialGeneral administration of the Cockermouth Rural Sanitary Authority, the Port Sanitary Authority Workington and the Cockermouth Guardians of the Poor Law1876-1931Whitehaven
YPR 8/108Bastardy bond, John Poole of Craghouse, Irton, and Joseph Moscrop, Keswick, for child of Dinah Brownrigg1780Whitehaven
DBT/10/75Draft further charge of the George Hotel and premises, Keswick1900Whitehaven
DSO 215/3Cumbria Theatre Trust LimitedMinutes, agreements, reports1992-1998Carlisle
DSO 215/4/2NewslettersCentury Theatre Limited1997Carlisle
DSO 215/2/1Correspondence1980-1982Carlisle
DX 1630/3Draft schedule to the Deed of Settlement of the Keswick Waterworks CompanyThe schedule includes the names of subscribers to the company and the number of shares held by each as well as the company's capital1856Carlisle
PR 167/8/3Keswick library account bookKeswick Library. St John's Parish, Keswick1889-1900Carlisle
YDX 429/1Greta Forge/Wheat Sheaf Hotel ledgerAccount ledger of Greta Forge, Keswick, 1843-1849. Also includes accounts of meals (menus and costs) served at the Wheat Sheaf Hotel, Egremont, 1879-1892, including wedding dinner for John Ainsworth, 5 Nov 1879; Gillfoot rent day dinners 1879-1880; refreshments for Mr Charter's ball 1881; wedding breakfast for Miss D Porter, 4 Jul 1883; rent dinners for Messrs Lindow, 1890-1893; Lord Leconfield's rent dinners, 1892-1894. Also includes brief account entries for auctioneer's business, 1908.1843-1908Whitehaven
PR 167/8/2Keswick library account bookSt John's Parish, Keswick1869-1887Carlisle
DSO 215/1/4Reports1993-1997Carlisle
YDX 429George Douglas of Greendykes, EgremontAccount book of Greta Forge, Keswick, and Wheat Sheaf Hotel, Egremont, 1843-1908; auctioneer's account book, 1906-1926.1843-1947Whitehaven
DSO 215/1/2Correspondence1985-1998Carlisle
DSO 215/4Century Theatre LimitedMinutes, programmes and posters1981-1998Carlisle
DX 1639/5Programme of Amateur Athletic SportsTo be held at Cricket Ground Fitz Park. Organised by Keswick cricket club.17 Aug 1895Carlisle
DSO 215/3/2/1Discussion documentsRelating to new theatre at Keswick. Also includes:financial statements for Cumbria Theatre Trust, 1993, Chairman's Report 1993, and agreement relating to assets of Century Theatre, between Cumbria Theatre Trust and Century Theatre Limited1992-1998Carlisle
SPUCO/12/5Health Provision1866-1978Whitehaven
SPUCO/12/6Development of local government within the Cockermouth Union1866-1878Whitehaven
YDB 64/3PlansPlans of bus stations at Whitehaven, Workington, Maryport, Keswick (sign only), and Millom1957-1976Whitehaven
PR 167/8/11Keswick library subscription bookSt John's Parish, Keswick1932-1944Carlisle
PR 167/3/5/1/1Watercolour of St John's Church, Keswick[circa 1840]Carlisle
DX 2003Quarrying, Keswick and ConistonBooklet containing price lists of quarriesin the Keswick and Coniston areas1933Carlisle
DX 2003/1Booklet containing price lists for quarries in the Keswick and Coniston areasRelating to quarries at; Grange Fells and Dalt, Keswick; Broad Moss and Sty Rigg, Tilberthwaite Valley, Coniston, Jun 1933Carlisle
DX 1158Mr Mike Davies-Shiel, Industrial ArchaeologistFieldwork notes on water-driven mills in the Keswick area
Invoice sent by Joseph Ashbridge, Bobbin Manufacturer of Caldbeck
YDX 230/A53Grant: John Bell of the Hill in Lorton, Cumberland,yeoman, to Richard Watson of St. Gyuners in Embleton, Cumberland, yeoman, and Janet his wife: in consideration of a marriage had between Richard and Janet, daughter of John, and of the premises as granted being in full satisfaction of such dower as John is content to bestow on Janet: of closes of meadow called Great Close Foot, Great Eng, and Holling Eng, and arable ground called Boone House, from Low House to the Strait, with 3rd part of the strait, also the upper end of the ground called the Lake on the west side of the River Cocker over against Boone House, with 3rd part of Lowe House, that is the middle part, and right of way through John's ground called Harmyside Eng to and from Great Close Foot and the high road between Cockermouth and Reswicke, which said lands John lately bought of George Steele, and lie in Lorton: to hold to Richard and Janet for ever, of the chief lords of the fee. (Seal on tag, red wax, damaged, device, faint impression) (On dorse) witnesses to sealing and livery of seisin: John Threlkeld; Richard Winder; John Fawcett.16 Jun 1651Whitehaven
DX 2016Edward Edwin Poole of The Queens Hotel, Keswick; hotelkeeper and farmerPapers relating to a lawsuit surrounding the estate of Edward Edwin Poole, who died intestate in 1879. The case concerned claims made by an illegitimate son, Edwin Mills Poole1902Carlisle
DBT/10/76Paper and draft reconveyance of the 'King's Head'1912Whitehaven
DSO 215/1/6/3MiscellaneousDraft constitutions for Theatre in Keswick 1990 and Friends of Theatre by the Lake 1997, Notice of grant of planning permission for new theatre in Keswick 1997, draft plans and elevations of new theatre 1997, and discussion paper on formation of 'Friends' organisation1990-1997Carlisle
YDS 70/4/51Trip to Keswick and Derwent Water1990sWhitehaven
DBT/6/221Papers relating to the estate of Robert Gibson of Whitehaven and Brighton, SussexIncluding: copy will of James Collier Soulsby, veterinary surgeon, of Whitehaven; accounts; particulars of sale of property at Keswick including Banks and Co.'s Pencil Mill; booklet of furniture sale, relating to the estates of Robert and Margaret Gibson deceased 1868, 1902 - 1903, 1907 - 1909 1868 - 1909Whitehaven
PH/1602Keswick Coronation bonfire22-23 June 1911Whitehaven
PR 167/6/2Black and white aerial photographs of KeswickndCarlisle
PR 167/8/4Keswick library balance sheetsSt John's Parish, Keswick1886-1896Carlisle
PR 167/8/1St John's libraryCorrespondence about the use of the library building, modern photographs of the library and its commemorative plaque, copy of the original trust deed of 18481951-1974Carlisle
YPR 6/446Letter from Jonathan Dalton, a Quaker in Kendal, to Ponsonby Harris at Eaglesfield - his walk to Lorton to join the coach; Keswick Hirings; gig to Kendal; as to renewing lease to Joseph Kendal for an allotment on Greysouthen Common1819Whitehaven
YDX 571/2/6Sale particulars: sale of major portions of Leconfield Cumberland EstateIncludes: Camp House and Hope and Anchor Inn, Rosley; Westward Parks Farm, Westward; Reathwaite Farm, Westward; Longwath Farm, Westward; Brocklebank Farm, Westward; Wallace Lane Holding, Westward; Park Wood, Westward; High Hall Farm, Westward; Bog Hall Farm, Boltons; Intack Farm Westward; High Hall Wood, Westward; Leesrigg Farm, Allhallows; Crummock Bank Farm, Leegate; New Mill Farm, Leegate; Water Meadow, Waverton, Waverbridge Allotment, Waverbridge; Colemire Meadows, Lessonhall.
Hazelspring and Hilltop Farms, near Caldbeck; Thistlebottom Farm, near Caldbeck; Wavergillhead Farm, near Caldbeck; Fell Side Cottages, near Caldbeck; Peter's House Farm, Bassenthwaite; Dash Farm near Bassenthwaite; Skiddaw Forest; Beech Cottage, Westward; Orthwaite Cottage, near Bassenthwaite; Derwent Water Lake; Brandlehow Cottage, Keswick; High Ground, Braithwaite; Nos 2 and 6 New Cottages, Seatoller; No 3 Top Row, Seatoller; Seatoller Farm, Borrowdale; Johnny's Wood, Borrowdale; Seatoller House, Borrowdale; Fence Wood, Wasdale; Wasdale Head Hall Farm, Wasdale; Middle Row Farm, Wasdale; Burnmoor Tarn, Eskdale Moor; Burnmoor Lodge, Eskdale, Stockdale Moor, Wasdale.
The Mount, Papcastle; Ullock Mains Farm, Dean; Stockmoor Farm, Broughton; Hill Farm, Broughton; fields and allotments at Broughton Moor, Birkby Moor, Westmoor, Outfields, Broughton, Whinfell and Dean.
17 Jul 1957Whitehaven
BDX 342/7Photographs and ephemeraIncludes photograph, a calendar, booklet and a leaflet, licence for carriage and dog, grant of burial, hotel bill and copy of 'The Advertiser' newspaper.1875-1963Barrow
DSO 215/1Friends of the Theatre by the LakeCorrespondence, minutes, accounts, reports, membership lists, newsletters, press releases1985-1999Carlisle
YDB 77Electricity NorthwestPhotographs (11) and booklet of network development by North West Electricity Board, compiled by Joseph Ritson and Thomas Jackson Grant. Electricity rural and urban development books. Microfiche of OS maps.1933 - 1994Whitehaven
DSO 215Friends of Keswick TheatreCorrespondence, minutes, accounts, newsletters, press releases, architects' reports, plans and scrapbook
'Talking Tales' community based, intergenerational project exploring the history of theatre in Keswick. Includes 46 sound recordings on CD
DSO 215/1/3Accounts1990-1998Carlisle
DSO 215/1/5Membership recordsLists of members and Executive Committee members1993-1997Carlisle
DSO 215/1/6MiscellaneousDraft constitutions, plans of proposed theatre design, scrapbook1988-1999Carlisle
DSO 215/2Friends of Century TheatreCorrespondence, rules, newsletters, architects reports and plans1980-1984Carlisle
DSO 215/2/2MiscellaneousNewsletters, rules of society, architects' reports and plans for new theatre in Keswick1980-1984Carlisle
PR 167Keswick, St John ParishRegisters 1839-19431839-2011Carlisle
YDB 64/3/5Plans of Keswick bus station sign1974Whitehaven
DSO 215/1/1MinutesIncludes minutes of Executive Committee and agm1991-1998Carlisle
PR 167/8/5Keswick library annual reportsSt John's Parish, Keswick1896-1898Carlisle
PR 167/8/6Keswick library bazaar fund bank bookSt John's Parish, Keswick1899-1902Carlisle
PR 167/8/7Keswick library Men's Guild bank bookSt John's Parish, Keswick1905-1907Carlisle
PR 167/8/8Keswick library improvement fund bank bookSt John's Parish, Keswick1905-1908Carlisle
PR 167/8/9Keswick Library bank books (4)St John's Parish, Keswick1901-1920Carlisle
PR 167/8/10Secretary's correspondenceIncludes a copy of Revd Batterby's speech at the opening of the library in 18551898-1926Carlisle
PR 167/8/12Keswick library subscription bookSt John's Parish, Keswick1944-1952Carlisle
PR 167/8/13Keswick library subscription bookSt John's Parish, Keswick1952-1957Carlisle
PR 167/8/14Keswick YMCA account book and receiptsYoung Men's Christian Association1902-1911Carlisle
LDSPBLake District Special Planning Board and Lake District National Park AuthorityRecords include: minutes and annual reports 1951-2001, Development plans 1953-1986, traffic management reports 1961-1978, Road improvement schemes 1970-1972, listed buildings 1968-1975, visitor surveys 1965-1977, seal registers and mortgage transfers 1951-1985 and other papers.
WDB 35/1/204Crosthwaite - Keswick, Cumberland.Royal Oak Hotel. Governor's House. House and shops in Lake Road, St. John's Street, the Market and New Street.Various lots of building land. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.
1 Oct 1869Kendal
WDSO 185/15Excavation and survey archive reportsButtermere pipeline (L8180) - transferred to CRO Whitehaven (ref: YDSO 39/18)1999-2002Kendal
WDX 947/62Photograph of KeswickTaken by Rupert Potter13 Aug 1901Kendal
WDX 947/72Photograph of Keswick from LingholmTaken by Rupert Potter11 Sep 1904Kendal
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