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Full place name entryWorkington/Cumberland
Place NameWorkington

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
YDFCM 1/31/2/8Guild Syllabus1986-1987Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/2/9Guild Syllabus1987-1988Whitehaven
YDSO 112Workington Cricket Club1958Whitehaven
YDX 444Postcards of WorkingtonPostcards of Workington.1930s-1960sWhitehaven
YDX 422/2Solway Colliery, Moss Bay1973Whitehaven
YDSO 80/2Other papers - Whitehaven
YDSO 80/1Minute books - Whitehaven
YPR 24/31Marriage licence for John Henry Fielding, widower, Workington and Flrence Calvert, spinster of Cleator1919Whitehaven
YDX 329/2/2Article on the visit of HRH Duke of Edinburgh to West Cumberland.Includes mention of his introduction to G T Weir (front page of Cumberland Star)1955Whitehaven
YDX 329/2/5Article marking G T Weir's retirement as chairman of West Cumberland Hospital Management Committeeentitled '38 years' voluntary work only a part of his public service'1970Whitehaven
YDS 48/2Log book of Siddick School1902-1913Whitehaven
YDX 364/2/33Programme for Grand Evening Concert of Workington Orchestral SocietyIn the Opera House, Workington18 June 1923Whitehaven
YDX 276/4/11Photograph of Pow Streetlate 19th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/4/7Photograph of Harrington Road and Islay Placeearly 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/4/1Photograph of Bridge Streetc 1900Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/2/12Guild Syllabus1997-1998Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/2/4Guild Syllabus1982-1983Whitehaven
YDX 276/2/32Photograph of Town Hall decorated for Christmas (exterior)1953Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/2/10Guild Syllabus1988-1989Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/2/13Guild Syllabus1998-1999Whitehaven
YDX 276/2/33Photograph of railway tracks and buildings (including Post Office) from Central Bridge Stationearly 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/35Photograph of St Michael's Church and harbour1980sWhitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/2/3Guild Syllabus1981-1982Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/2/11Guild Syllabus1989-1990Whitehaven
YDX 276/2/36Photograph of interior of St Michael's church, after 1887 firelate 19th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 124/1Photographs (all prints) prepared for an Easter 1987 exhibition there relating to the Uppies and Downies mass football game, Workington1987Whitehaven
YDX 276/4/4Photograph of Falcon Place, including Birkinshaw's Outfitters20th century, 1973Whitehaven
YDX 276/2/20Photograph of Finkle Street, including Apple Tree Public House1900sWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/19Photograph of Finkle Street showing the rear of the Apple Tree public house1920Whitehaven
YDX 276/2/26Photograph of Moss Bay Iron Works (present day, Railbank)early 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/22Photograph of Prudential Assurance Company office, Hagg Hill, Dora Crescentc1930Whitehaven
YDX 276/4/10Photograph of St Michael's Churchlate 19th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/24Photograph of Howe Michael Old Chapellate 19th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/23Photograph of shop of H Sanderson, glazier and decorator, Harrington Road/Ashton Streetearly 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/42Photograph of United Steel Corporation1930sWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/31Photograph of Town Hall, Oxford Street1930sWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/34Photograph of gardens near Central Railway Stationearly 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/27Photograph of Park End Rowearly 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/38Photograph of Siddick Pit, St Helen'searly 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/29Photograph of Oldside Iron and Steel Works on Ordnance Survey map, 25 inches to 1 mile1925Whitehaven
YDX 276/2/21Photograph of Trinity (Wesleyan) Methodist Church, Finkle Street at nightearly 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/25Photograph of Market Place car park and Vulcan's Park from the Technical school1980sWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/39Photograph of procession Band of Hope? on South William Street, outside Walker's Watchmakers and Jewellersearly 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/30Photograph of laying of foundation stone of Masonic Temple, Oxford Street, 5 May 1910 (original and reprint)1910Whitehaven
YDX 276/2/40Photograph of Tiffin Lane (Burton's shop)c1900Whitehaven
YDX 276/4/5Photograph of Finkle Street and John Street1880s, 1970Whitehaven
YDX 276/4/13Photograph of South Marsh Street / Darcy Streetearly 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/43Photograph of Beehive Industrial Co-operative Society, Vulcan's Lane (section taken from printed matter)early 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/2/37Photograph of marble tablets recording the names of the rectors at St Michael's church (original and reprint)early 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/4/9Photograph of Workington District Industrial and Provident Society, butchery and confectioner, Jane Streetmid 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/4/12Photograph of Soapery Houses / Workington Hallearly 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 276/4/6Photograph of Harrington Road Cemetery chapels20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 491/1The Playgoers Club, Workington1983-1984Whitehaven
YDS 48/1Managers' minute book of Siddick School1952-1966Whitehaven
YPR 36/67Census forms (2) for the township of Workington1831Whitehaven
YDX 422/1/4Colliery Deputy's Proficiency Certificategranted to John Bechelli1967Whitehaven
YDX 422/2/1Correspondence regarding the closure of Solway Collierybetween National Union of Miners and National Coal Board1973Whitehaven
YDX 422/3/3Newspaper cutting showing miners at St Helen's Colliery, Siddick in 19661990sWhitehaven
YDSO 80/1/2Minute book1960-1970Whitehaven
YDSO 80/1/1Minute book1952-1959Whitehaven
SPUCO/14Outdoor Relief1914-1947Whitehaven
YBSC/22/7Photograph Albums1955-1978Whitehaven
YBSC/22/3Photographs of Presentations1960s-1980sWhitehaven
YDX 444/1Postcard of Pow Street, Workington1930s-1940sWhitehaven
YDX 444/3Postcard of the Yearl and Steps, Workington1930s-1940sWhitehaven
YDX 124/1/2Photograph of scene below Brow Top on a flooded Cloffocks, Easter Tuesday 1904 colour enprint1904Whitehaven
YDX 124/1/9Photograph of the Good Friday Ball half plate1951Whitehaven
YDX 124/1/5Photograph of Curley Hill, "a well-known player", in his stripy shirt, old trousers, and holding a ball half plate1903Whitehaven
YDX 124/1/10Photograph of the Good Friday ball, signed by various people; also "Ellwood, Maker, Workington". Half plate1959Whitehaven
YDX 124/1/11Photograph of the Easter Tuesday ball, held by Mrs Amy Ellwood (left) and Mrs Doris Daglish (right); the Daglishes have provided the Tuesday ball and throw it off for at least 200 years. half plate1982Whitehaven
YDX 124/1/1Photograph of the Easter Tuesday 1887 ball colour enprint1887Whitehaven
YDX 124/1/4Photograph of scene in the beck, Easter Tuesday 1922 half plate1922Whitehaven
YDX 124/1/6Photograph of Mr "Bob" Daglish holding a ball half plateundated (mid 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 124/1/7Photograph of Robert Daglish holding a Tueday ball, about to start the game; he is standing on the footbridge, the players behind him on the north bank half plate1987?Whitehaven
YDX 124/1/12Photograph of the Easter Tuesday ball, marked on it "MR" half plate1987Whitehaven
YBSC/22/6Miscellaneous Photographs1960s-1970s Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/3/2Minute book1972-1975Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/2Guild Syllabi - Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/3/1Minute book1902-1919Whitehaven
YBSC/1/1Title Deeds1656-1980Whitehaven
YBSC/22/5Social Photographs1960s-1980s Whitehaven
YDX 444/4Postcard of Pow Street, Workingtonlate 1950s-early 1960sWhitehaven
YDS 63/5/7Poster and programme for Stainburn School Drama Club production 'Dazzle'1999Whitehaven
YDS 63/5/9Programme of Workington Comets for Cumberland Open Championship speedway fixture22 Sep 1999Whitehaven
YDX 417/1Exhibition brochureBrochure for first central exhibition of further education activities, Workington Drill Halls.Mar 1936Whitehaven
YDX 444/2Postcard of Workington'Greetings from Workington' showing Stainburn Road, Mill Field, Yearl and steps, Murray Road.1930s-1940sWhitehaven
YBSC/16Workington Blackstone Slag Limited1925-1931Whitehaven
YDS 63/5/10Poster for Workington Amateur Operatic Society's production of 'Barnum' at the Carnegie TheatreOct 1999Whitehaven
YDS 63/5/5Lesson timetables for year 7, 8, 9 and 10 pupils at Stainburn School1999Whitehaven
YDS 63/5/8Programme of Workington AFC for football match between Workington Reds and Ashton United21 Sep 1999Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/3/4Minute book1980-1986Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/3/17OS sheet Cumberland LIII.10 (1925) with detailed photocopy plan of Derwent Iron and Steel Works overlaidScale: 1/250027 Jul 1951Whitehaven
YBSC/5Cammell, Laird and Company LimitedIncluding records of Charles Cammell & Company Limited and the Derwent Iron Company Limited.1797-1909Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/3/1Plan of land at New Yard, Derwent Iron and Steel Works and Moss Bay Iron Works Scale: 6"=1 milec 1885Whitehaven
YBSC/22/4Photographs of Official Visits1950s-1980s Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/3/3Derwent Bank extensionshowing manhole, plan and section
Scale: 40'=1"
c 1900Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/9/3"COSMIC"sectional elevationc 1965Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/9/1"COSMIC" melting shop layoutc 1965Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/2/4OS Sheet NY 0027 & NY 0127Showing reference numbers W/F53A 14/12/1920; Newlands, Workington
Scale: 1/2500
7 Sep 1972Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/4/16Ore crushing and conveying plant - WorkingtonMavor and Coulson Limited
Drawing no. E.135/65/1
Scale: 3/32 & 3/8"=1'
19 Nov 1965Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/3/4Plan showing railway track and sidingsCammell Laird and Company Limited
Derwent Iron and Steel Works
c 1905Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/2/19OS Sheet NX 9826 & NX 9926Showing reference numbers W/F58 29/7/1922, W/F58 22/1/1959, W/F65 20/5/1931, W/F68 18/8/1936, W/F87 21/12/1948, W/F100 18/5/1962; property at Moss Bay
Scale: 1/2500
c 1972Whitehaven
YDX 491/1/2"Dry Rot"Apr 1984Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/9Guild Festival concert programme1984Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/6New Yard Ironworksc 1925-1938Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/3/3Plan of land between Workington and dockc 1940Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/3/5Sections of LMS RailwayScale: 10'=1"c 1940Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/4/14Land surrounding Solway CollieryScale: 1/250026 August 1940Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/3/16Sinter Plant (F.O.C.U.S) - Quenching StationWorkington Iron and Steel Company
Branch of the United Steeel Companies Limited
Details of modified feeder to return fines quenching drum
Drawing no. P 2218
Drawn by E Schofield
Scale: 1& 1 1/2"=1'
21 May 1962Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/3/12Plan of Derwent Iron and Steel Worksbuildings identified, showing area available for tipping slag
Scale: 6"=1 mile
15 Mar 1943Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/3/9Plan of harbour area, New Yard Works, Derwent Iron and Steel Works, Moss Bay Iron and Steel Works and MossbayWith property reference numbersundatedWhitehaven
YBSC/21/5/2/7OS sheets showing Workington Iron and Steel properties in West CumberlandScale: 6"=1mileundatedWhitehaven
YBSC/21/5/11/6aMoss Bay Works, WorkingtonEagle Star Insurance plan
Scale: 1"=80'
April 1955Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/2/6OS Sheet NY 0029 & NY 0129Showing reference numbers W/F91 11/3/1955
Scale: 1/2500
7 Sep 1972Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/3/15Feed chute for vibrating feeder to ball millsWorkington Iron and Steel Company
Branch of the United Steeel Companies Limited
Drawing no. SI 566
Scale: 1 1/2"=1'
31 Jan 1962Whitehaven
YDX 304/4Hand drawn copy of DCU/4/276Plan of Henry Curwen's estate in the manors of Workington, Harrington and Distington1805Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/3/4Plan of railway lines between Harrington and Workington stationscirca 1940Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/9/8Site plan showing location of L.D. steelmaking plantDavy and United Engineering Company Limited
Drawing no. S1282/2
Scale: 1"=132'
30 July 1965Whitehaven
CQPWO/6/1Alehouse Licensing1891-1959Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/3/1Workington Undersea RoyaltyPlan No 1 to accompany report by Simpson and Rankin, also showing workings of Harrington Colliery, Chapel Bank Colliery, Banklands Colliery, Ellerbeck Fault and surface features
Scale: 1"=1000'
17 Oct 1931Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/3/7Map of Borough of Workington showing boundary, housing estates and public footpathsScale: 6"=1 mile1952Whitehaven
CQPBO/2Court Files and Papers1863-1920Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/5Chapel Bank Works1929-1978Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/7Oldside Iron and Steel Works1900-1943Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/3Derwent Iron and Steel Worksc 1900 - 1984Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/5/10Part OS sheet LIII.7 showing section of fencingBetween Navvy's Bridge and Workington Bridge
Scale: 1/2500
c 1950Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/3/2Plan of coke ovens and sidingsSk no. 1521
Scale: 1/2500
c 1900Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/9/11Cogging mill - proposed slab handlingWorkington Iron and Steel Company Limited
Branch of the United Steel Companies Limited
Drawing no. P 2342
Scale: 1/16"=1'
21 September 1965Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/4Moss Bay Iron and Steel Worksc 1900-1972Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/3/12County of Cumberland Development Plan 1952. Workington Programme MapKey - development which is expected to be undertaken and substantially completed during 1951c 1951Whitehaven
YDX 465/3/3Indenture of apprenticeship made between John Bell of Workingtonaged 15 years, and John Moordaff of Seaton, Master Mariner, for a term of four years13 July 1819Whitehaven
YDX 22/13Copy leases, lease particulars, correspondence and plans relating to land in Flimby, Seaton and Workington leased to St Helens Colliery and Brick Works Company Limited(original file numbers 38/1, 39/1-7, 41/1)1902-1932Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/9/6Transvere section through 35 ton L.D. converter steelmaking plantDavy and United Engineering Company Limited
Drawing no. S1282/4
Scale: 1/8"=1'
30 July 1965Whitehaven
YDX 491/2/1"The Dream of Gerontius"12 May 1984Whitehaven
YDX 491/2The Carnegie Singers1984Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/41/2Vouchers from S Bewthwaite, confectioner and bride cake maker of Workingtonfor provisions for the choir supper1909, 1911Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/5/4Boundary to sidings north west of electric furnaceDistington Hematite Iron Company Limited
Drawing no. P1138
1 Mar 1940Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1Wesley Guild Festival - Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/2/2Guild Syllabus1980-1981Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/1Workington Iron and Steel Company Property PlansOS sheets marked with parcels of land and reference numbers (F & D nos), from Workington dock south to Rowrah Quarry.1925-1984Whitehaven
PH/1623/7Workington furnacescirca 1930sWhitehaven
YBSC/21/1/9/2"COSMIC" location of new steelmaking plantc 1965Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/2/21OS Sheet NX 9828 & NX 9928Showing reference numbers W/F1 8/12/1882, W/F3 17/10/1889, W/F58 29/7/1922, W/F68 18/8/1936, W/F76 9/8/1941, W/F100 18/5/1962, W/L 104 1/6/1931, sold to DEC 28/6/1947
Scale: 1/2500
c 1972Whitehaven
YDX 364/2/34Opera House, Workington; Grand Holiday Attraction leaflet4 August 1924Whitehaven
YPR 28/29Marriage licenceDavid Hill, Workington, and Mary T. Smallwood, Wythop1959Whitehaven
YPR 36/65List of subscriptions for relieving the unemployed labouring classes and mechanics in Workington1817Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/3/9Location plan of coke ovens plant components1936Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/5/4Yearl Weir - proposed restorationScale: Section: 8'=1"; general: 40'=1"c 1890Whitehaven
YDX 276/2/41Photograph of Town Centre and Northside Church1989Whitehaven
YDX 124/1/13Enlarged photograph of 1909 advertisement in the Workington Star (first time advertised) whole plate1909Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/3Order of Service for Guild Festival1980Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/2/6Guild Syllabus1984-1985Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/3/3Minute book1975-1980Whitehaven
SPUCO/12Correspondence and associated materialGeneral administration of the Cockermouth Rural Sanitary Authority, the Port Sanitary Authority Workington and the Cockermouth Guardians of the Poor Law1876-1931Whitehaven
YDX 46/5Workington Improvement Act1840Whitehaven
YDX 430/18/29Hannah Howe of Workington30 December 1900Whitehaven
YDX 525/2Workington2005Whitehaven
YDB 64/3/2Plans of Workington bus station1964Whitehaven
YDS 63/8/1Stainburn School - Cumbria Education Committee minutesWith basic indexJul 1984 - Jun 1985Whitehaven
DAR/171A66 ImprovementInquiry into the improvement of the A66 (Workington-Barons Cross)1972Carlisle
YDFCM 1/31/1/4Order of Service for Guild Festival1981Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/2/5Guild Syllabus1983-1984Whitehaven
YDSO 80Federation of Labour Women, Workington ConstituencyMinute books (2), 1952-1970; file of misc correspondence, press cuttings and rules, 1950s-1980.1952-1980Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/2/7Guild Syllabus1985-1986Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/3/11Copy of OS sheet showing slag banksas of 9 July 1936, retaken 1937, plus areas of freehold and leasehold
Scale: 1/2500
YDX 572/4Workington and District Local History Society Programme1981Whitehaven
YDX 124Uppies and Downies football, WorkingtonPhotographs1887-1987Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/2/1Guild Syllabus1976-1977Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/6Guild Festival concert programme1982Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/2Order of Service for Guild Festival1976Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/5/3Yearl Weir - WorkingtonProposed addition to fish pass
Scale: Section: 1/4"=1'; general: 40'=1"
18 June 1890Whitehaven
YDS 70/4/49Trip to Workington Royal National Lifeboat Institution station1990sWhitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/21Guild Centenary programme2002Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/1Order of Service for Guild Festival1974Whitehaven
YDX 604/1Photocopy of Seaton tithe map?Showing Workington soapery and Merchant's Quaycirca 1860Whitehaven
DBT/7/274Parliamentary Notices to owners, lessees and occupiers of land required at Distington, Workington, Winscales, Harrington, Frizington and ArlecdonRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1875Whitehaven
YDX 525/2/1The Original Workington CalendarNow incorprating views from West Cumbria2005Whitehaven
YDS 42/4Log book for St Michael's Infant School, Workington1896-1912Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31Trinity Church Wesley Methodist Guild - Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/3/5Plan showing route of water pipes from pumping station to Cammell Laird and Company's Derwent WorksScale: 1/250025 May 1908Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/20Order of Service for Guild Festival2001Whitehaven
YDX 498/1/15Letter from Paisley and Falcon, solicitors, Workingtonto Messers McKeevers, Son and livesey, solictors, Wigton re Penrice and property at West Newton13 August 1893Whitehaven
YDEC 7/6Derwent Community Transport1992-1998Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/44Trinity Methodist Church1893-2007Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/43Workington Methodist Circuit1983-2005Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/44/2Church Council minute bookOctober 1983 - October 1998Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/43/3Administration fileincluding Circuit minutes, General Purpose Meeting minutes, finance reports, attendance lists, Local Preachers reports, Circuit reports, correspondence and manse maintenance2000-2005Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/44/1Flyer for Workington Wesleyan Church Anniversary celebrationsApril 1893Whitehaven
DBT/7/503PapersIncludes: Parliamentary Notices to land and property owners, lessees and occupiers; and Bill to authorise the construction of the Cleator, Workington Junction Railway, relating to: the Cleator Workington Railway, the W C & E Railway, and land required at Distington, Cleator, Hensingham, Moresby, and Workington 1867, 1875 - 1876 1867 - 1876Whitehaven
YDB 70/2Plans and tracings of gasholder components1952-1956Whitehaven
DBT/7/275Book of Reference of the Moss Bay Extensions and Whitehaven Branch at Distington, Harrington, Workington and MoresbyRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1875Whitehaven
DBT/7/300Papers, including lists of tenants and of notices served on owners, relating to land required for the Gilgarran Branch at Dean, Distington and WorkingtonRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1876Whitehaven
YDB 84Camtex Fabrics Limited, WorkingtonDirector's report and accounts1994-2001Whitehaven
DBT/13/31/2Deeds relating to Workington1694, 1717Whitehaven
DBT/5/161Draft deed and particulars relating to the sale of property at Harrington and Workington(Mrs Annie Paitson, widow of JL Paitson)1919Whitehaven
DBT/6/195Copy will of Elizabeth Holden of Darwen, LancsDraft deeds, accounts and papers relating to the lease of property in Darwen and the administration of properties in Workington on behalf of the Trustees of Joseph Fletcher 1909 - 1910, 1912 - 1916, 1919 - 1923 1909 - 1923Whitehaven
DBT/6/192/2Vouchers and papers relating to Alexander Smith's mortgages on Workington property(Trustees of Joseph Fletcher)1902 - 1912Whitehaven
DCTBenjamin and Charles Thompson of Workington, solicitorsCopy letter book.1833-1837Whitehaven
DBT/7/77Draft conveyance of land at Cleator, Dean, Distington, Workington and Arlecdonrelating to London and North Western Railway Company1878Whitehaven
YDS 47/3Punishment book number 3 of Salterbeck SchoolSeptember 1974-June 1977Whitehaven
YDX 422/2/2Document relating to the closure of Solway Colliery.Includes statement announcing closure; appeal by National Union of Mineworkers; and details of coal samples1973Whitehaven
DBT/7/218Papers, including copy deeds and plans (2), relating to the Marron extension of the Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway , and the purchase of land in Brigham, Workington, Little Clifton and Greysouthen1864 - 1869Whitehaven
YDX 124/1/14Photograph of Joe Sansom, the first Uppie on record to hail a ball on all three days over the years (Good Friday 1974, Easter Tuesday 1973, Easter Saturday 1978), holding the three balls,in front of Workington Hall's front archway c 1978. With note that the first Downie to do so, William Smith, hailed Good Friday 1899, Easter Tuesday 1904, Easter Saturday 1905; names the three other Downies to do so since. Whole platec 1978Whitehaven
YDX 276Workington photographsPhotographs mainly relating to West Cumbria. Unless indicated to be originals, these black and white photographs are modern reprints taken from originals. Many are annotated with historical and architectural notes.1807-1990sWhitehaven
YBSC/21/1/3/6Plan of coast at Workingtonshowing shipbuilding yard, Isabella Pit (disused), Chapel Hill, St Michaels Mount, Derwent Iron and Steel Works and Moss Bay Iron and Steel Works
Scale: 1/2500
c 1908Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/5River Derwent1883-1955Whitehaven
YDX 366/45Sales particulars for Low Wood Hall Farm and Estate, Netherwasdale.Sales particulars for Low Wood Hall Farm and Estate, Netherwasdale, auctioned on 8 December 1932. Includes Whitesyke and Foulsyke Cottages; Old Strands; Mill Place; and Harrowhead. The following inns are also included: Castle Inn, No 22 Scotch St, Whitehaven; Manx Smack, Quay St and West Strand, Whitehaven; Canteen, Low Road, Whitehaven; Distressed Sailor, Hensingham; Yew Tree, Dean; Stork Hotel, Rowrah; Oddfellows Arms, Main St, St Bees; Lion and Lamb, Gosforth; Robin Hood, Church St, Egremont; Greyhound, Ennerdale Road, Cleator Moor. Also includes No 1a Market Place, Workington; Nos 3-4 Snebra, Hensingham; a house formerly known as Steam Packet Inn, West Strand, Whitehaven; No 19 West Strand, Whitehaven; No 20 Quay St, Whitehaven; No 40 Aldby St, Cleator Moor; Nos 16-17 Jacktrees Road, Cleator Moor and Nos 1-2 the Result, Corkickle. Includes plan.8 Dec 1932Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/2Workington Freehold and Leasehold PropertiesA series of OS sheets with refence numbers signifying freehold or leasehold property, with parcel number and date of purchase/lease.
Arranged by OS sheet reference number
BMF/7Cartmel miscellany: microfilmMicrofilm of a volume of miscellanea (formerly belonging to the late Rev. Dr. J C Dickinson of Cartmel) with some document copies.

Account of the parish by Rev. Thomas Dunham Whitaker, vicar of Whalley, (1818); translation of Latin epitaphs and of inscriptions at Cartmel church. Flyleaf: Accounts of Remington Memorial Fund for restoration of church to commemorate Thomas Remington, 1857. Obituary of Rev. Canon Sergeant, 1854 and note of inscription. Manuscript list of books in vestry 1854 , given by Thomas Preston, esq., of Holker Hall in 1697. Extracts from Episcopal registers with presentations of incumbents for Cartmel 1732-1834, Field Broughton 1736-1839, Cartmel Fell 1700-1829, Flookburgh 1742-1822, Staveley 1742-1828 and Lindale 1742-1845, by C M Parry, 1853. List of incumbents 1665-1853, & details re early incumbents. Extract: Torres manuscript of Dean of York re foundation of priory, copied by Charles A Thiselton, 1852. Translation from patent of Charles I 1641 granting lands, etc. of dissolved priory of Cartmel to 7 principal landowners, to convey to tenants by deed their tenement (John Bell, Cartmel, 1833); Manuscript translation of grant of Rectory 1558 of Cartmel to Bishop of Chester, 1558 (with recitals re grant of manor of St. Bees to Thomas Chaloner by letters patent 1553 & intended grant of advowson of Wyrkington to Bishop by Henry VIII, 1547), granting re of St. Bees and advowson, of Cartmel vicarage of Childwall and advowsons, of prebendaries in Catholic Church of Christ Chester (except deanery), with licence to impropriate, Cartmel, Childwall etc. Release of tithes of Cartmel for 99 years by Sir Ralph Ashton and Sir Richard Houghton, baronets, to Thomas Preston of Holker, 13 March 1648. Extract from 'Curiosities of Literature' by J D'Israeli esq. [father of Benjamin Disraeli]. Order of Edward Rich, 1648 that Thomas Preston settle funds on Cartmel Church and Cartmel Fell Chapel, that lease and release, 1648, be displayed and grants to ministers upheld. Lease, 12 March 1648, of rectory and tithes of Cartmel Church (as at release above). Extract from will of George Bigland, 18 May 1685, including bequests re schoolmaster at Browedge [Brow Edge]. Translation of Flookburgh market charter, 1664. Letters patent granted to James Carter, gent., guide or conductor over Kent Sands, 13 May 1831. Letter of Duchy of Lancaster official Frederick Dawes Danvers to Thomas Moore of Hest Bank re petition for Thomas Wilkinson but naming guides over sands already appointed, 18 June 1833. Letters patent of James Carter the younger as guide across Levens Sands, called Carter's office, 1846. Grant of manor of Cartmel and Over Park, Lower Park, Cragshaw and Hepehow, Frith Hall, Low Frith & Brackrigg, part priory lands, by Thomas Emerson & Richard Cowdale of London, gents. by nomination of Viscount Haddington to George Preston of Holker esq., held with borough of Malmesbury, Wiltshire, for 1/20 feudal Knight, 1609. Report of commissioners for education of poor, 1820, re charities in Cartmel: Cartmel Free Grammar School, Henry Bigland's charity, Ann Preston's charity, Dr. Daniel Wilson's charity, Richard Taylor's charity, Benjamin Fletcher's charity; Cartmel Fell: Bryan Beck estate, charities of Richard Hutton, James Birket, Donor unknown, Susannah Brigg, school land; Staveley: Donor unknown, Richard Rawlinson's Bequest, Donor unknown, Thomas Barwick, Benjamin Fletcher, Miles Burns; Upper Allithwaite: Lawrence Newton's charity, Myles Taylor's charity, Richard Taylor's charity, Benjamin Fletcher's charity; Lower Allithwaite: Peter Kellett's gift, Poor Close; Broughton: Poor Money, Edward Myers, Miles Burns ; Upper Holker: Brow Edge School, Henry Bigland's legacy to Brow Edge, Henry Bigland and other charities; Lower Holker: James Simpson and other charities, Poor Land, Benjamin Fletcher charity. Account of History of School by George Harrison 1844 with list of masters of Cartmel School, 1711-1844, 4 November 1844. Will of Myles Taylor of Lindal, 12 December 1714 re bequests to poor. Extract from will of Dr. D Wilson, 1785 re bequests to poor. Extract from "An Essay towards a history of principal mineral waters of Cumberland, Northumberland, Westmorland etc." by Dr. Thomas Short, c1740, re spas at Cartmel and Witherslack. Extract from will of Thomas Barwick of Fayrerigg in Cartmel, proved 28 February 1679, from Consistory Court of Richmond re minister & school master at Staveley Verses written in praise of Cartmel Spaw at Humphrey Head. Verse copied by Rev. James Walker to reprove his clerk, William Pyper, c1781. Drawing of tomb of William Mareshal Earl of Pembroke, died 1219, at Temple Church, with notes re founding priory 1188. Notes on Harrington family and crusader effigie. Obituary re William Gibson, Blawith, from "Gentleman's Magazine", November 1791. List of burials 1809-1849. Extract from will of George Bigland, 18 May 1685 schoolmaster at Browedge. Extract from will of Thomas Barwick of Fair rigg, 1679. Extract from an ancient history of Scotland re 1322 raids of Robert the Bruce. Abstract of grant of manor of Lindal and Hampsfield to Robert Dalton and Thomas Fallowfield to hold of manor of East Greenwich, Kent, with memo that R.D. and T.F. sold manor to William Thornburgh of Hampsfield for £5, 1621. Admittance of Thomas Cowperthwaite to house at Flookburgh, 1668. Sketch: arms, E window of Bowness church. 'History of Life at Sea' by Thomas Court 1756-1763, of Flookburgh, surgeon apothecary, serving in channel and West Indies. Monumental inscriptions for Frances Mounsey of Grange and Jane Kellett of Wellenhow, b.1708 & bequest to poor. Verse about villages of Cartmel and 'the maiden CLARK'. Lines left by bishop at house when came to consecrate Grange church. Notes re borough of ?? re surrender of charter, petition for amended charter to Charles II. Chronological table of chief magistrates of Kirby-in-Kendal, 1576-1636, mayor 1636-1832 and history of town. Poem: "The Last Wolf - legend of Humphrey Head", Notes re increase in property value, Grange 1800-1858 due to railway. Flyleaf: article on William Gibson, b.1720.
YBSC/22PhotographsThe majority of the photographs are covered by an index, and were taken by the steelworks photographer, Ben Templeton from the 1950s onwards. The photographs not covered by the index were probably also taken by him, and have been loosely grouped together as: photographs of the works; photographs of presentations for retirement or prizegivings; social photographs of activities and events organised by the Corporation; miscellaneous photographs; and photograph albums.1950s-1980sWhitehaven
YDS 72/1Box of TimeDocuments collected by school pupils as part of Cumbria Archive Service project to mark the millennium2000Whitehaven
YBSC/17Distington Engineering Company Limited1948-1992Whitehaven
YBSC/1British Steel/CORUSThe records of the British Steel Corporation include: title deeds for properties in and around Workington; minutes of various committees; records of production, including test books and the Bessemer blowers' books; records of the "Cosmic" project, which aimed to develop steelmaking in Cumbria in the 1960s; reports and files; various printed works including the works Bulletin, articles relating to British Steel and some sales literature.1656-2007Whitehaven
YDS 48Siddick School, Workington1902-1967Whitehaven
YDX 417Cumberland Education CommitteeBrochure for first central exhibition of further education activities, Workington Drill Halls.Mar 1936Whitehaven
YDX 276/2Photographs of Workington: generallate 19th century-1989Whitehaven
YDX 276/4Photocopies of Workington photographs1880s-1973Whitehaven
YDS 48/5Punishment book of Siddick School1926-1965Whitehaven
YDSO 80/2/1PapersCorrespondence (3 letters); "Women have talents", speech by E H Hayton; newspaper cuttings (2); photograph of T F Peart, MP for Workington, addressing farmers at Cockermouth auction, Sep 1964; Labour Party rules: Whitehaven (1950s); Maryport, 1954; Workington, 1961.1954-1980Whitehaven
YDS 48/3Log book of Siddick School1914-1934Whitehaven
DBT/7/240Papers, including: plan; accounts; and copy deeds relating to the purchase of land at Brigham and WorkingtonRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1864 - 1872Whitehaven
SPUCO/12/5Health Provision1866-1978Whitehaven
YDX 124/1/8Photograph of Mr Richard Ellwood (in watch-chain), ball-maker, and working-men with dogs, outside his shop in Wilson Street, two balls in the window half plateMid 20th centuryWhitehaven
YDX 124/1/3Photograph of Mr JDM Robertson showing his collection of footballs from Kirkwall, Ashbourne, the Borders, and Workington's 1919 Victory Ball, to a party of visitors from Ashbourne (Derbyshire) including Mr Arthur Chadwick, ball-maker there;taken in 1987 at Kirkwall (Orkney) colour enprint1919Whitehaven
YDX 22/2Report, copy leases, and lease particulars relating to land in Camerton, Great and Lifton Clifton, Dean, Greysouthen, Winscales, and Workington leased to Allerdale Coal Company Limited(original file numbers 18/1-6)1873-1938Whitehaven
YBSC/3Workington Iron and Steel Companyincluding records of the Workington Iron Company and the Workington Haematite Iron and Steel Company Limited. Comprises: title deeds; minutes; financial records; corporate records; records of production.1851-1919Whitehaven
YBSC/6Moss Bay Hematite Iron and Steel Company Limitedincluding the records of the Moss Bay Hematite Iron Company Limited. Records comprise: title deeds, minutes of directors meetings; and correspondence.1874-1967Whitehaven
YDS 47Salterbeck Secondary School, Workington1968-1984Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/3/14Derwent and Moss Bay Works - 1951United Steel Companies Limited
Workington Iron and Steel Branch
Detailed plan with index to shops, buildings and developments
Scale: 1/5000
YBSC/21/1/3/13Derwent and Moss Bay Works - 1946United Steel Companies Limited
Workington Iron and Steel Branch
Detailed plan with index to shops, buildings and developments
Scale: 1/5000
YBSC/21/1/3/10Plan of coke ovens and ore stocking ground, complete schemeSk no. 1520
Scale: 1/2500
YBSC/21/5/11/10Steel Works, WorkingtonEagle Star Insurance plan
Workington Iron and Steel Company
Branch of the United Steel Companies Limited
Scale: 1"=80'
July 1957Whitehaven
SPUCO/12/7Administration of poor Relief within the union and for paupers resident elsewhere.1877-1879Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/11/11Iron Works, WorkingtonEagle Star Insurance plan
Workington Iron and Steel Company
Branch of the United Steel Companies Limited
Scale: 1"=80'
July 1957Whitehaven
DBT/7/90Draft conveyance of land at Cleator, Dean, Distington, Workington, and ArlecdonRelates to London North Western Railway Co1879Whitehaven
SPUCO/12/6Development of local government within the Cockermouth Union1866-1878Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/9/12COSMIC Proposed location of B.O.S. plantWorkington Iron and Steel Company Limited
Branch of the United Steel Companies Limited
Drawing no. CSC 50
Scale: 1"=40'
1 April 1966Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/11/4Derwent Works, WorkingtonEagle Star Insurance plan
United Steel Companies Limited
Workington Iron and Steel Branch
Scale: 1"=80'
July 1953Whitehaven
YDB 64/3PlansPlans of bus stations at Whitehaven, Workington, Maryport, Keswick (sign only), and Millom1957-1976Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/5/11Part OS sheet LIII.8 showing area at Millbank Brow"Within which works may be sited at some future date"
Scale: 1/2500
13 October 1955Whitehaven
DBT/7/80Copy purchase agreement of land at Winscales and Workington for the Gilgarran extension and Whitehaven branchrelating to London and North Western Railway Company1878Whitehaven
DBT/7/266Parliamentary Notices to owners, lessees, and occupiers of land required at Distington, Harrington, Parton, Moresby and WorkingtonRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1875Whitehaven
DBT/7/99PapersIncluding: accounts; copy deeds; and plan, relating to the purchase of land at Workington, Distington and Harrington for the Gilgarran extension (London and North Western Railway Company) 1876 - 1878, 1860 - 1881 1876 - 1881Whitehaven
DBT/7/93Stray papers relating to London North Western Railway CoIncluding: plans (3); copy deeds; and accounts relating to the purchase of land at Cleator, Winscales, Dean, Workington and Distington (estate of James Robertson Walker deceased) 1863, 1876 - 1880 1863 - 1880Whitehaven
DBT/7/100Papers, including: copy deeds; accounts; plans (2) and note books (2), relating to the purchase of land at Workington and Distington (including limestone royalties) 1876 - 1879, 1881 Relates to London North Western Railway Co1876 - 1881Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/11/1aLowther Iron Works, WorkingtonEagle Star Insurance plan
United Steel Companies Limited
Workington Iron and Steel Branch
Scale: 1"=80'
October 1931Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/2/4Map of coastline from Workington to Parton showing Workington Iron and Steel Company propertiesIncluding harbour, iron works, brick works and collieries
Scale: 6"=1mile
DBT/7/243Papers relating to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway CoIncluding; copy will and codicil of John Harris, of Greysouthen; copy deeds; bills of costs (3); Harris v. Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co.; vouchers; and plans (2) relating to the purchase of land at Workington and Brigham (part of Harris' estate) 1861 - 1873Whitehaven
DBT/7/267Parliamentary Notices to owners, lessees and occupiers of land required at Frizington, Workington and PartonRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1875Whitehaven
DBT/7/253/2Copy purchase agreement of land at Winscales and Workington by the London North Western Railway Co., for the Gilgarran extension and the Whitehaven branchRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1878Whitehaven
DBT/7/232Papers, including copy deeds and plans (4), relating to the purchase of land in Brigham and WorkingtonRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co; 1862, 1864, 1866 - 1871 1862 - 1871Whitehaven
DBT/7/295Parliamentary Notices, to owners, lessees, and occupiers, and paper, relating to land required at: Distington, Harrington, Moresby, Parton, Workington and FrizingtonRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1875 - 1876Whitehaven
DBT/7/365CUMBERLANDWhitehaven Cleator and Egremont Railway. No Surveyor . 61 × 43. 2½" to 5 mile. Routes and reference to various railways; towns en route, including Whitehaven, Workington, Maryport, Cockermouth 1875Whitehaven
YDX 564Workington Ironworks Reclamation SchemePlans and photographs of Derwent Howe redevelopment scheme; Cumbria County Planning Department1984Whitehaven
DBT/10/162Abstracts of title of Henry Fraser Curwen to lands in Workington, Harrington and Dean1878Whitehaven
YPR 29/Plans/6Cockermouth and Workington WaterPlans, sections and reference book1878Whitehaven
YDB 70Drummond and Company (Gasholders) Limited, Workington75 plans and tracings of gasholder components, record of measurements taken by Inspector 1951-1956Whitehaven
DBT/7/170Lists of property etc. required at Frizington, Distington, Harrington and Workington, for the Mowbray Branch and Moss Bay extensionRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Coundated [1860]Whitehaven
YDS 72/1/2Floppy disk of early version of school websiteJun 2000Whitehaven
YDS 77/2Log book of Wilson Secondary School1959-1967Whitehaven
YDS 47/1Punishment book no 1 of Salterbeck schoolSep 1968-Jun 1973Whitehaven
YDS 47/2Punishment book number 2 of Salterbeck SchoolJune 1973-July 1974Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/2/5OS sheets LIII & LXI (1926) showing Workington Iron and Steel Comapany properties between Workington and PartonScale: 6"=1milec 1960Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/3/6Plan of track between Workington and Maryport showing limit of LMS maintenanceLondon Midland and Scottish Railway Company
Workington United Steel Companies Limited
24 April 1947Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/2/6Part OS sheets showing Workington Iron and Steel properties between Workington and BeckermetDistinguishing between freehold, dock freehold, and dock leasehold
Scale: 6"=1mile
c 1960Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/3/10Workington Ironworks ProjectLandscape Master Plan
Showing plans for re-development of areas formerly occupied by iron works
Drawn by Woolerton Truscott
Drawing no. S1312/15-0057
Scale: 1/5000
Feb 1984Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/11/3Coke ovens and bye product plant, WorkingtonEagle Star Insurance plan
United Steel Companies Limited
Scale: 1"=80'
1950, 1955Whitehaven
YDSO 97Workington Bowling Green Lawn Tennis ClubMinute book, 1945-1965; account book, 1950-19661945-1966Whitehaven
DBT/7/358Papers relating to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway CoIncluding: accounts; plans (3); and timetable (1869) relating to the purchase of land at Workington and Brigham (estate of John Harris of Greysouthen), for making the Marron extension 1863 - 1869, 1891 - 1892 1863 - 1892Whitehaven
YDSO 49Workington Rugby Union Football Club LtdMinutes (2 vols) 1968-1975, match records and reports 1922-1992 including a video of the North West Counties v New Zealand All Blacks match (1972), photographs of Workington RUFC and Cumberland teams 1893-19751893-1992Whitehaven
DBT/7/79Draft conveyance (incomplete), of land at Cleator, Distington, Workington and Arlecdonrelating to London and North Western Railway Company1878Whitehaven
DBT/7/61Stray papersIncluding plans (2) and purchase agreements, relating to the purchase of land at Branthwaite, Dean, Distington, Harrington, Winscales and Workington from HF Curwen, of Workington Hall 1876 - 1878Whitehaven
DBT/7/50Papers, including plans (2) and copy deeds, relating to the purchase of land at Whicham, Egremont, Winscales and Workington1846 - 1847, 1850, 1865 - 1866, 1877 1846 - 1877Whitehaven
YDS 77Wilson County Secondary School, WorkingtonLog books (2) 1920-1967, colour slides circa 1960s1920-1967Whitehaven
YDX 572/3Oxfam Group letterDetailing local events and street collections in Whitehaven, Egremont, Workington and Cockermouth, amongst others1 April 1977Whitehaven
YDX 491Theatre Programmes Dramatic production programmes from The Playgoers Club, Workington, (2) The Carnegie Singers (1) and the Dean Players (1).1900-1984Whitehaven
YDX 276/4/14Photograph of Workington swimming baths (article from West Cumberland Times and Star)1934Whitehaven
YDS 42/17Framed certificate from St Michael's Infants' School, Workington1917Whitehaven
YDS 42/15Evacuee admission register for St Michael's Infants' School, Workington1939-1945Whitehaven
YDS 42/16Summary of attendances at St Michael's Infants' School, Workington1925-1930Whitehaven
YDS 48/6Admission register of Siddick School1919-1967Whitehaven
YDS 47/4Punishment book number 4 of Salterbeck SchoolJun 1977-Jul 1981Whitehaven
YDX 491/1/1"Taking Steps"Nov 1983Whitehaven
YDS 42/1Managers' minute book for St Michael's Infant School1952-1982Whitehaven
YDX 611Workington Permanent Benefit Building SocietyShare certificates and bank book belonging to Mason and Howe families1897-1968Whitehaven
YDS 47/5Offence Record etc of Salterbeck SchoolSeptember 1981 - June 1984Whitehaven
YDX 430/18/7Jane Braithwaite of Workington7 April 1904Whitehaven
PH/1576/22Workington lifeboat with horsesc1930Whitehaven
YPR 44Workington, St Mary Westfield Parish Whitehaven
CQPWOWorkington Petty Sessional Division1891-1981Whitehaven
DBT/5/152/2Papers relating to John Lawrence Paitson's estate, particularly concerning the sale of property in Whitehaven, Egremont and Workington1907 - 1916Whitehaven
DBT/6/194Draft and copy deeds, accounts and papers mainly concerning: Workington property mortgaged by Alexander Smith to the Trustees of Joseph Fletcher1883, 1890, 1898, 1900 - 1911, 1914 - 1919, n.d. 1883 - 1919Whitehaven
DBT/5/158Draft agreement, particulars and papers relating to the sale of Mrs Annie Paitson's property in Workington, Harrington and Whitehaven1906, 1919Whitehaven
DBT/5/162Vouchers, accounts and papers relating to the management of property in Hope St., Millom, Whitehaven, Workington and Harrington1913, 1916 - 1920
(Mrs Annie Paitson, widow of JL Paitson)
1913 - 1920Whitehaven
YDS 48/4Log book of Siddick School1934-1967Whitehaven
YDB 78Workington Master Butchers AssociationMembership, insurance and wrapping up files and copy letter book1958-1988Whitehaven
YDX 364/2/37Programme of the Workington Choral Union Eighth ConcertIn the New Opera House, Workington. Signed by Robert Easton23 February 1930Whitehaven
YDX 364/2/38Poster for Workington Choral Union Ninth Concert Handel's Judas MaccabaeusAt the New Opera House, Workington22 February [1931]Whitehaven
YDS 70/4/45Scenes around Workington and Salterbeck1990sWhitehaven
DCU/2Manorial Records1649-1945Whitehaven
DCT/1Copy letter bookContains copy solicitors' business letters signed in the names of both Charles Thompson, and Benjamin and Charles Thompson.1833-1837Whitehaven
DBT/6/470Various papersIncludes: schedules (2) of deeds; copy deeds (including Solway Junction Scheme); copy will and copy probate will of Joseph Perrot Barnes; Barnes v. Montmort: claim for debt; accounts; circulars (2) for sale of Langfauld estate; and poster for sale of property in Workington and Whitehaven, relating to the estate of John and Joseph Perrot Barnes 1867 - 1905Whitehaven
PH/1576/18Workington FairSwingboats, woman with baby and children, man smoking pipec1910Whitehaven
YDX 276/4/8Photograph of Company dray crash at Holmes' Pharmacy, Harrington Road (article from West Cumberland Times and Star)c1939Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/9/7LD steelmaking plant, layout of plantWellman Steelworks Engineering Limited
Drawing no. 211928
30 July 1965Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/11/5Workington Hall Mill and cottages, WorkingtonEagle Star Insurance plan. Scale: 1"=40'. With drawing of proposed right of way from Hall Mill to the weir, March 1982.Apr 1954Whitehaven
DBT/7/301Parliamentary Notices to owners, lessees, and occupiers of land and property required at: Workington, Harrington, Distington and WinscalesRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1876Whitehaven
DBT/7/302Parliamentary NoticesTo owners, lessees and occupiers of land and premises, required at: Harrington, Distington, Moresby, Parton, Workington, Frizington, Arlecdon and Winscales. Relates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1876Whitehaven
DBT/7/103Papers, including plans (5), sketch plan, and copy deeds, relating to the purchase of land at St Bees, Bootle, Winscales and Workington for the Gilgarran extension 1846 - 1847, 1877 - 1882 Relates to London North Western Railway Co1846 - 1882Whitehaven
DBT/7/125Minutes of meetings of shareholders (London North Western Railway Co) and papersIncludes reports of the directors of the W.C. & E. Railway Co.; deeds (3) and draft abstract of title relating to lands at Cleator, Distington, Dean, Workington, Arlecdon, Seascale, 1876 - 1880, 1906 1876 - 1906Whitehaven
DBT/12/135/1Papers including: copy deeds; accounts; circular for sale of properties; and newspaper cutting relating to the mortgage of property in Workington1901 - 1910, 1914 - 1915 1901 - 1915Whitehaven
DBT/13/97/2Draft and probate wills, deeds, vouchers, particulars and papersRelating to the estate of Mrs Grace Wylie deceased of Whitehaven, including the sale of property in Whitehaven and Workington. (Papers relating to various members of the Hudleston family) 1842, 1847-1848, 1850, 1852, n.d. 1842 - 1852Whitehaven
YDX 276/2/28Photograph of Pow Street, from junction with Thompson StreetCopy of postcard by Valentine and Sons Ltd, Dundee, no K398c1955Whitehaven
BDHJ/132Estate papers, title deeds and income tax papersEstate papers of Reverend John Stackhouse of Stainforth, died 1893; Mr and Mrs Walker; Mabel Routledge, died 1941. Papers of W M Farrer of Whitbarrow Lodge, Witherslack, including title deeds 1940s.1899-1940sBarrow
DBH/14/2Papers referring to the construction of electric tramways and a light railway Papers, including "The Light Railways Act" (1896) for the construction of a light railway from Cleator Moor to Whitehaven, Workington and Maryport; Rules and Orders of Light Railway (1898); copies of the "Whitehaven Free Press", and "Whitehaven News", referring to the construction of electric tramways in Whitehaven1896 - 1901Whitehaven
YDB 70/1Record of measurements taken during insurance inspectors visitThree lift spiral guided gasholder1 August 1951Whitehaven
YDX 322/2Prize certificates from various Cumbrian dog showsCumberland Canine Association (Workington), Millom and District Canine Association, Moor Row Old Band Diamond Jubilee, Furness and District Dog Club, Cockermouth and District Agricultural Society, Ennerdale and Kinniside Horticultural and Agricultural Society, Bigrigg District Committee1936Whitehaven
YDX 364/2/36Programme of Grand Evening ConcertIncluding Public Elementary School Choirs, Male Voice Choirs and Church or Chapel Choirs8 October 1926Whitehaven
YDX 364/2/35Programme of Workington and District Band of Hope Union Musical FestivalIn the Baptist Schoolroom, Gray Street5 -6 January 1928Whitehaven
YDX 418/23Release for legacies1) Sarah Fawcett of Workington, widow, and others
2) Wilton Wood of Liverpool, rope maker and ship chandler of all interests in estates at Wilton, Haile, and the Brow Top, Workington, for £800 and £400.
18 Mar 1834Whitehaven
YDS 42St Michael's Infants School, Workington1860-1987Whitehaven
YDEC 7West Cumbria Community Transport1985-1999Whitehaven
YPR 40/23Copy and draft deeds relating to: Great Clifton; Crossbarrow, Little Clifton; coal seams in Workington; laying of water pipes in Kinniside; lease of coal seams under the vicarage glebe1793 - 1919Whitehaven
PH/1563Engraving of Reverend Peter How, Rector of Workington 1803-18311803-1831Whitehaven
PH/1590/2Daisy SquelchWinner of cornet solo, Workingtonpre 1914Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/5Order of Service for Guild Festival1982Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/7Order of Service for Guild Festival1983Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/8Order of Service for Guild Festival1984Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/10Order of Service for Guild Festival1985Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/11Order of Service for Guild Festival1986Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/12Order of Service for Guild Festival1987Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/13Order of Service for Guild Festival1988Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/14Order of Service for Guild Festival1989Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/15Order of Service for Guild Festival1992Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/16Order of Service for Guild Festival1993Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/17Order of Service for Guild Festival1994Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/18Order of Service for Guild Festival1995Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/1/19Order of Service for Guild Anniversary1999Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/31/3Wesley Guild Minute Books - Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/40/1Service programme"Service of Old Methodist Tunes to be given by The United Choirs of the Circuit in The Wesleyan Church, Workington, on Thursday, November 2nd, 1899"1899Whitehaven
YDS 42/2Log bookContains entries for infants' school, apr 1865-Dec 1869; girls' (and infants') school, Jan 1870-Dec 1876; and girls' school, Jan 1877-Oct18821865-1882Whitehaven
YDS 42/8Admission register for St Michael's Infants' School, Workington1 - 10511911-1916Whitehaven
YDS 77/1Log book of Victoria Boys' School and Workington Senior Boys' School, later Wilson Secondary School1920-1959Whitehaven
YDS 77/3Colour slides of Wilson Secondary School pupils on outdoor activity holidays and campingundated 1960sWhitehaven
DX 1635/2/2/19Draft deed relating to property in WorkingtonParties include John Paitson and Owen Herald3 May 1871Carlisle
DCU/Parlimentary papersPrinted parliamentary papersIncluding: A return of the number of slaves on the estate of Bel Ombre, Mauritius, 1826; a petition of Robert Wood, 1821; a proposal from lord Egremont regarding enfranchisement of his tenants, 1764; a return of the imports and exports to Ireland, and shipping inwards and outwards, 1792-1821, 1822; an account of the quantity of sheep and lambs wool imported into Great Britain 1821-1822 and return of the quantity of woollen manufacturers 1821-1822; an account of the quantity of wool, butter, cheese, tallow and hides imported, 1822; returns of the parishes of Northiam, Salehurst, Burwash, and Mayfield of the number of paupers, population and assessment of the relief for the poor, 1822; an account of the number of bags of woollen rags imported from Ireland, 1822; an account of the quantity of grain and meal imported into and exported from Great Britain, 1822; an account of the number of prisons in England and Wales, 1822; an account of the official value of British produce and manufactures and of foreign and colonial produce exported from Great Britain, together with imports from same countries, 1819-1822; an account of the quantity of coal exported from Wales, Lancashire, Cumberland and Scotland to Ireland for the last five years, 1827 [handwritten]; an act for consolidating in one act certain provisions usually inserted in acts of enclosure, 1801; an account of the tin plates exported during the last ten years, 1825; accounts of foreign iron exported, British iron exported and foreign iron imported into Great Britain and Ireland, and of British iron, hardwares and cutlery exported, 1825; third report of the Commissioners of the Irish Fisheries of their proceedings, for the year 1821, 1822; an act for inclosing lands in the townships of Workington and Winscales, and manor of Workington, in the parish of Workington, in the County of Cumberland, 1809; an act for repairing, enlarging, and preserving the harbour of Ellenfoot, in the County of Cumberland with other acts, 1747; copy of paper relating to illicit and clandestine trade from the Isle of Mann, 1802; Attourney and Solicitor General's report on the Isle of Man bill, 1780; Cobbett's Weekly Political Register, Dec 1816; third report from the select committee on the education of the lower orders, 1818; a bill to incorporate a company and authorise them to acquire the undertaking of the Commissioners for the Harbour of Maryport and to construct a dock railways and works at and near Maryport and for other purposes, 1903; further papers relating to the Government of the Cape of Good Hope, 1827; reports respecting the Bank of England resuming cash payments, 1819.Whitehaven
YDS 42/3Log book for St Michael's Infant SchoolInscribed "Workington Church of England Free School, now St Michael's Board School Infant Department". Contains entries for the girls' school (including infants prior to Apr 1865), Sep 1862-Dec 1866; and St Michael's Infant Board School, Jan 1877-Dec 18951862-1895Whitehaven
YDSO 70/1Rules and List of Members1984Whitehaven
YDS 42/9Admission register for St Michael's Infants' School, Workington1916-1922Whitehaven
YDS 42/10Admission register for St Michael's Infants' School, Workington1922-1930Whitehaven
YDS 42/11Admission register for St Michael's Infants' School, Workington1930-1938Whitehaven
YDS 42/12Admission register for St Michael's Infants' School, Workington1938-1961Whitehaven
YDS 42/13Admission register for St Michael's Infants' School, Workington1961-1981Whitehaven
YDS 42/14Admission register for St Michael's Infants' School, WorkingtonFor children under five1946-1949Whitehaven
YDSO 39/16/1St John's Precinct, Workington (site code 9144)Assessment, maps, contextual material, CD2002Whitehaven
YDSO 39/16/2St John's Precinct, Workington (site code 9144)Archaeological Evaluation phase 1 interim report2002Whitehaven
YDS 63/5/1Prospectus for Stainburn School1999Whitehaven
YDS 63/5/2Staff list for Stainburn School1999Whitehaven
YDS 63/5/3Programme of lesson times at Stainburn School1999Whitehaven
YDS 63/5/4Letter to parents relating to Stainburn School Millennium pupil exchange with students from GermanySep 1999Whitehaven
YDS 63/5/6Photograph of pupils at Stainburn School,possibly following the receipt of examination results1999Whitehaven
YDS 72/1/1Video cassette: 'More Than Meets the Eye'(Cumbria schools production at the Millennium Dome; VHS format)2000Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/9/4Plan view of 35 ton L.D. converter steelmaking plantDavy and United Engineering Company Limited
Drawing no. S1282/3
Scale: 1/16"=1'
29 July 1965Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/9/5Proposed B.O.S. plantHead Wrightson Iron and Steel Works Engineering Limited
Plan on ground and operating floors
For Workington Iron and Steel Company Limited
Drawing no. ISW 1745/65/1
Scale: 1/16"=1'
29 July 1965Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/9/9Proposed B.O.S. plantHead Wrightson Iron and Steel Works Engineering Limited
Section through plant
For Workington Iron and Steel Company Limited
Drawing no. ISW 1745/65/2
Scale: 1/8"=1'
29 July 1965Whitehaven
YBSC/21/1/9/10COSMIC Ammended layout of proposed L.D. converter plantWorkington Iron and Steel Company Limited
Branch of the United Steel Companies Limited
Drawing no. CSC 43
Drawn by J Dobie
Scale: 1/16"=1'
29 July 1965Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/3/8Workington Harbour and Dock (transfer) BillOS sheets LIII 6,7,10,11
Plan referred to: "for the protection of the Workington Corporation" showing harbour boundary, culvert outlets and sewage pipe
Plan no. 24/2
Signed by R Peddie, Secretary of United Steel Companies Limited, and Russel Craik Pharoah, Town Clerk, Workington
Scale: 1/2500
YBSC/21/5/4/22Workington Harbour and Dock (transfer) BillPlan referred to in the clause the marginal note of which is: "for the protection of the Workington Corporation" showing harbour boundary, culvert outlets and sewage pipe
Plan no. 24/2
Signed by Russel Craik Pharoah, Town Clerk, Workington
Scale: 1/2500
TBR 1/8/121London midland Region plan of the Cockermouth and Workington RailwayDetails of adjacent landowners and features1950Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/43/1Administration fileincluding correspondence, Property Committee minutes and accounts1983-1998Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/43/2Administration fileincluding accounts, Circuit Meeting minutes, General Purposes Meeting minutes, insurance details, correspondence, Cicruit Property Meeting minutes and Circuit Missions Committee minutes1993-2000Whitehaven
YDFCM 1/44/3Administration fileincluding correspondence, Property Committee summaries, finance reports, Church directory1993-2007Whitehaven
YDX 664Cleator and Workington Junction Railway billFour bound copies of proceedings, House of Lords, House of Commons, Rowrah Branch House of Commons volume I and Rowrah Branch House of Lords volume II1878 - 1882Whitehaven
PH/1623/6Unidentified industrial photographscirca 1930sWhitehaven
YDB 79/29Proposed pipeline between Workington and Great CliftonArchaeological desk based assessment and walkover survey.13 Jan 2012Whitehaven
YBSCBritish Steel Corporation, CORUS and predecessor companiesComprises records of the British Steel Corporation, the United Steel Companies, the Workington Iron and Steel Company, the Harrington Iron and Coal Company, Cammell, Laird and Company, the Moss Bay Hematite Iron and Steel Company, the Distington Hematite Iron Company, Beckermet Mining Company, the Bigrigg Mining Company; the St Helen's Colliery and Brickworks Company, the Risehow Colliery, Coking and By-product Company, the Egremont Mining Company, the Moresby Coal Company, the Cumberland Storing Company, the United Coke and Chemicals Company, Workington Blackstone Slag Limited, the Distington Engineering Company, the Workington Harbour and Dock Board, Harrington Coke Ovens Limited and the Maryport Motor Benzole Company.
The records include: title deeds for land in and around Workington, Egremont and Beckermet; minutes from company directors and committees; production records for the steelworks and the mines showing the levels of production and quality testing; files relating to various projects; financial records; material printed by the companies, such as Works newsletters; a large number of maps and plans and a very large number of photographs.
YDFCM 1Workington Methodist CircuitRegisters and records.1841-2002Whitehaven
YDS 42/5Log book for St Michael's Infants' School, Workington1912-1942Whitehaven
YDS 42/6Log book for St Michael's Infants' School, Workington1943-1987Whitehaven
YDS 42/7Supplementary log book for St Michael's Infants' School, Workington1897-1925Whitehaven
YDB 28/1/12/71Plans for Ship Inn, Quay, Workington1957Whitehaven
YDB 28/1/12/73Plans for Ship Inn, Quay, Workington1939Whitehaven
YDB 28/1/12/76Plan and correspondence relating to Ship Inn, Quay, WorkingtonOldfield, Simpson and Saul, architects1945Whitehaven
YDB 28/1/12/69Plans for King George IV Inn, Workington1949Whitehaven
YDB 28/1/12/78Plan bundleSailors Return Inn, Church Street, Workington
Furnace Arms, Low William Street, Workington
YDB 28/1/12/77Plan bundleCommercial Inn, Workington, October 1954
Rosehill Hotel, Harrington
Golden Lion Inn, Harrington, December 1911, January 1912 (x2)
DBT/28/65/1/3DEAN, DISTINGTON, WINSCALES, HARRINGTON, WORKINGTONNo title. No surveyor. 50 × 142, 52 × 137, 29 × 49. No scale. Route of the Gilgarran Branch at Wythemoor, Barfs Sike, Charity Lane, Weather Riggs, Salter Beck, Workington and Moss Bay; parish boundaries, land plot numbers. (Whitehaven, Cleator, Egremont Railway)undated [1876]Whitehaven
DBT/28/58WORKINGTON AND HARRINGTONNo title. No surveyor. 49 × 172. No scale. Route from Workington to Harrington Harbour; parish boundary; buildings; enlargement; numbered land plots (London and North Western Railway)undatedWhitehaven
YDS 50Cumberland Technical College/West Cumbria College, Workingtonearly 1900s-2002Whitehaven
DCUCurwen Family of Workington HallThe colliery records, coupled with those of the harbours, illustrate the development of the coal industry and trade in West Cumberland in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and they are complemented by records from c.1750 of the Christian family's Broughton and Unerigg Collieries, which survive in the solicitor's collection of Messrs Benson of Cockermouth (D/Ben) and in the Senhouse family papers (D/Sen), both at Carlisle Record Office. Another source for research is present in the records of the central management of the estates, kept by the agents from the time of Charles Udale onwards. The series of ledgers, correspondence, etc. are supplemented by the records of the work Yard and its successor from the 1830s, the New Yard, which acted as supply depots for the collieries and the Workington Foundry as well as for the rest of the estate.

So far as the town of Workington is concerned, the early material is surprisingly scanty, particularly as regards the medieval and Tudor deeds which for the most part concern the township of Winscales, some two miles away. From 1700, however, the Manor Court Books yield a comprehensive picture of the state and growth of the town, and in the 19th century the receipt books for ground rents supplement the picture. Winscales itself is well covered by deeds from 1358, which together with the `strays' in the Lonsdale collection (D/Lons at Carlisle Record Office) may provide a clue to the early settlement and land use of a community which seems at one time to have had more importance than it has today.

Finally may be mentioned those `strays' within this collection which relate to other families. Those concerning the Christian estates at Unerigg or Ewanrigg (including the Broughton Colliery papers) are here as of right for the period when the two estates were merged in the person of John Christian Curwen, but some earlier papers and deeds have also come into the collection at this time. The Christians were an ancient family prominent in the Isle of Man and holding the hereditary office of deemster there. They produced some colourful character including the legendary 17th century rebel leader Illiam Dhone, who was executed for his pains, and the `Bounty' mutineer Fletcher Christian, who was first cousin to John Christian Curwen. In the late 17th century the family was settled at Unerigg in Cumberland, although the seat at Milntown was maintained at least until the latter half of the 19th century. John Christian in the early 18th century was an attorney, and steward to many manors in West Cumberland, including Workington. When John Christian Curwen died in 1828 the estate reverted to his son by his first marriage, John Christian, but following the death in 1886 of this John's son, the Rev William Christian, the estate was for a time managed by Curwen Estate Office [see DCU/5/36].

Those `strays' belonging to the Richmond and Brougham families [DCU/1/110 - 125, and /4/128 - 158] are here in connection with executorship duties, and have some interest as supplementing knowledge about these families and about the descent of the manor of Highhead.

Abbreviations used

[C] Deposit from Messrs Curwen, Solicitors

C & W n.s./o.s. Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society. New Series/Old Series, followed by Volume number and page

C & W Ragg. F W Ragg's article on `de Culwen' in C & W n.s. XIV

[H] Deposited by C Roy Hudleston, esq.





Housekeeping accounts


Workington town & Manx affairs

Probate & settlement papers

Richmond-Brougham Executorship papers

Legal & lawsuit papers


Manor of Calder

Manor of Harrington

Manor of Workington

Mineral royalties


Family letters

Letter books

Estate letters

Post-1883 letters (by subject)

Yearly bundles from 1870

Estate Office & Solicitor's files


Workington & Winscales


Calder (Sella Park)

Sowermire & Raikes in Gosforth

Richmond & Brougham family deeds

Skelton of Branthwaite Hall deeds

Other deeds

Colliery, Harbour, & industrial leases

Bonds on securities

19th.-20th. c. estate leases & agreements

Schedules of deeds & leases



Works Yard & Foundry

Accounts, main series



Ground rents




Estate maps

Sale particulars


Colliery records

Colliers' societies

Colliery plans & diagrams

Harrington harbour

Workington harbour

Admiralty charts


Schoose Farm

The following records form additional deposits of records of the Curwen family. The descriptions are in summary form and, in some cases, were actually prepared whilst the records were still in the custody of the Curwen estate office.

Consequently, the descriptions are not fully representative of the records in our custody: some items do not seem to have actually been transferred and others are unlisted.

Catalogue section 1

Additional deposit, 1974 including Curwen estate records (described in compartments)

Catalogue section 2 Additional deposit 1970:

Description Dates

General ledgers 1725-1946

Housekeeping accounts and day books 1784-1928

Securities 1798-1915

Unerigg estate 1730-1790

Windermere 1803-1919

Collieries: Workington 1734-1862

Collieries: Harrington 1776-1907

Collieries: Banklands 1794-1805

Collieries: Broughton, Birkby and Unerigg, 1774-1829

Collieries: pay bill books 1802-1859

Iron stone 1770-1852

Foundry 1820-1836

Workyard 1800-1861

Quarries 1809-1857

Buildings 1777-1790

Labourers' pay bills 1767-1826

Cartage 1782-1862

Workington estate: farm accounts 1787-1862

Workington estate: miscellaneous books 1810-1828

Workington and Harrington Harbour 1773-1902

Rent ledgers and rentals 1783-1894

Workington societies 1797-1855

Various accounts 1729-1928

Vouchers 1792-1797

Letter books 1818-1954

Miscellaneous accounts 1761-1848

Miscellaneous 1596-1910

Distington and Flimby 1718-1837

Catalogue section 3 Additional deposit 1970:

Description Dates

Estate plans 1755-1890

Colliery plans 1791-1922

Miscellaneous 1768-1890

Trade catalogues 1872-1921

Deposits, 2005 and 2007:

Title deeds, Workington 1611-1978

Title deeds, Harrington 1756-1956

Colliery title deeds and papers, 1880-1947

Wills and Estate management papers, late 19th-late 20th centuries

YBSC/22/1Indexed photographs1950-1970sWhitehaven
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