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Place NameCleator Moor

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DH/305Keekle Grove and Montreal Farm, Cleator Moor1916Whitehaven
YDX 338/2Cleator Moor Amateur Cycling Club1896Whitehaven
YDX 329/2/2Article on the visit of HRH Duke of Edinburgh to West Cumberland.Includes mention of his introduction to G T Weir (front page of Cumberland Star)1955Whitehaven
DH/305/2Notebook containing particulars of lots at Keekle Grove Farm and Montreal Farm, prepared by the auctioneers.1916Whitehaven
DH/305/1Printed sales particulars for Montreal and Crossfield Farms and Keekle Grove Mansion1916Whitehaven
YPR 24/32Marriage licence for Edward George Skillen, bachelor, of Whitehaven and Irene Armstrong, spinster, of Cleator Moor1957Whitehaven
DBT/28/88CLEATOR MOOR, LOW KEEKLENo title. O.S. 91 × 67. 25" to 1 mile. Royalties; pits; shafts; depths undated post-1865Whitehaven
DBT/28/74CLEATOR MOORNo title. O.S. 68 × 99. 25" to 1 mile. Land and minerals belonging to Carron & Co. and Lord Leconfield marked. undated post-1865Whitehaven
YDX 467Peterson LettersLetters (2) of New Zealand soldier Martin Peterson to Hodgson family of Cleator Moor in response to the National Egg Collection campaign. Whilst recovering from war wounds in a London hospital he received an egg sent to him by Ida Hodgson, a pupil from Montreal School, Cleator Moor. A friendship was struck between the soldier and Ida and her family.1910-1917Whitehaven
DH/182Birks Royalty, Cleator MoorPlan of Birks Royalty1899Whitehaven
YDX 430/18/84Sarah Hannah Shepherd of Cleator Moor (late of Ennerdale Bridge)6 March 1921Whitehaven
CQPWH/7/2File, draft letters requesting military aid to subdue of riot of Orangemen, Whitehaven at Cleator Moor1884Whitehaven
YDX 467/1/2Letter to Ada and Sydney HodgsonFrom Capetown, describing his journey and reminiscing about an afternoon out in Whitehaven25 Sep 1917Whitehaven
YDX 467/2/3Photocopies of letters from Martin PetersonPlus printout from regarding egg deliveries to london hospitals1915-1917Whitehaven
SRDE/2/4Treasurer: Rate Books1934-1952Whitehaven
YDB 37/63Notebook"Some facts and statistics of the Society Voting records and some interesting items of interest" gathered by John James Hillon, Cleator 1941Whitehaven
YPR 24/55Orders (2) in council uniting the benefices of Cleator Moor and Cleator, and the benefices of Cleator Moor with Cleator and Frizington and Arlecdon1967, 1998Whitehaven
DBT/7/180Draft conveyance of land and four houses at Cleator Moor for Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1864Whitehaven
SMBWH/1/10/22Border Engineering Contractors Ltd. Construction of water main at Cleator MoorOriginal file 251949Whitehaven
YDX 486Miscellaneous papers and documents relating to property at Distington, to Longhorn Mines at Cleator Moor and to Little Clifton driftSchedule of title deeds of Stone Fold Gate at Distington, 1845; abstract of accounts of John Gate [1890s]; photocopy of valuation of engine and plant at Longhorn Mine by Thomas Eastwood, 1863; photocopy of account for disposal of iron ore at Longhorn Mine, 1865; photographs of Little Clifton drift, 1969.1845-1969Whitehaven
SMBWH/1/3/80Water Main - Cleator Moor (Mines)Original file 2371936-1941Whitehaven
YDX 257/2Register of Berrier Mining Company Limited's shareholder dividends1911-1919Whitehaven
YDX 484/2Copy of conveyance of freehold land at Cleator Moor1. The Reverends John Mullarky, Michael Merrick, Richard Teeley and Alfred Young
2. The Minister of Supply
22 Feb 1944Whitehaven
SRDE/1/2/2Clerk: other records, World War II 1939-19451939-1945Whitehaven
PH/1470/5Main square and Co-Op1961Whitehaven
DBT/10/21Draft conveyance of 57 John Street, Cleator Moor1901Whitehaven
YDS 58/2Log book of Montreal Infants SchoolAug 1937-Jul 1962Whitehaven
DBT/10/17Deed of covenant for the production of title deeds and documents - Cleator Moor1872Whitehaven
DBT/28/85CLEATOR MOORNo title. No surveyor. 99 × 142. 20' to 1". Gutterby: royalties; pits; underground workings; some surface buildings. [1921]Whitehaven
SRDE/1/2/3Clerk: other records, other functions1936-1969Whitehaven
DBT/7/177Papers, including copy deeds and plan, relating to the purchase of land and property at Cleator Moor for Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1863 - 1864Whitehaven
PH/1568/3The Square, Cleator MoorFrith postcardc1960sWhitehaven
DBT/27/24CLEATOR MOORTodholes Royalty. Edmund Jackson, Whitehaven. 52 × 57. 1" to 200'. Jacktrees and Todhole pits; London North Western and Furness Railway, Crossfield Branch; Jacktrees, Todholes House and Farm; roads and fields; boundary of Royalty 1908Whitehaven
DBT/10/25Draft conveyance and mortgage of property at Moor Row and Scalegill1911Whitehaven
DBT/10/27aCopy deeds relating to the sale and mortgage of property in High St, Cleator Moor1912 - 1913Whitehaven
YDX 467/1/1Letter to Ida HodgsonThanking Ida for her egg, and describing his war experiences, mentioning the sinking of "Emden" by "Sydney" off the Cocous Islands, 19144 Aug 1915Whitehaven
YDX 338/2/1Programme of the first bicycle and athletic sports1896Whitehaven
YDB 85Brannan Thermometers, Cleator MoorExhibition pamphlet and product catalogue1948-c1990Whitehaven
DBT/7/372CLEATOR MOORProposed Works at Goods Station. [JRW]. 43 × 43. No scale. Goods station; Whitehaven to Ennerdale, Cleator Moor to Birks roads; path of Whitehaven, Cleator, Egremont Railway. undated [1876]Whitehaven
DBT/10/26Draft reconveyance of property at Scale Gill and Moor Row1912Whitehaven
DBT/10/23Draft abstract of title relating to leasehold property, Cleator Moor1907Whitehaven
DBT/10/24Stray copy agreement and abstract of title to 47 John Street, Cleator Moor1911Whitehaven
DBT/10/167Mortgage of properties at Gosforth, Seascale, Drigg and Cleator Moor1887Whitehaven
PH/1568/8The Square, Cleator MoorFrith postcardc1960sWhitehaven
DBT/26/34/3Deeds (4) and covering letter relating to Cleator and Cleator Moor1873 - 1875, 1912 1873 - 1912Whitehaven
DBT/7/178Papers, including Acts (2)To enable the Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co. to extend their railway to join the Cockermouth and Workington Railway, and to alter the railway at Cleator Moor, on the Frizington branch; and plan, relating to compensation paid to Thomas Dalzell, of Corkickle, for damage to "The Union" public house, shop and houses, Cleator Moor, caused by the construction of the railway 1863 - 1864Whitehaven
BDB 47/1/5/2/15Cleator Moor IronworksRegarding the sale or rent of the disused ironworks site and equipment. Includes draft agreement for the sale of 37 1/2 acres plus offices, buildings and house at Cleator Moor between 1) Colonel Hibbert of the Millom and Askam Hematite Iron Company Limited 2) Board of Trade, and sketch of West Cumberland Industrial Development Company Limited's land at Cleator Moor IronworksJan 1937 - Aug 1950Barrow
YDS 58/1Log book of Montreal Infants SchoolJul 1903-Jul 1937Whitehaven
DBT/28/83CLEATOR MOORNo title. No surveyor. 25" to 1 mile; 100' to 1". 69 × 75, 45 × 46. Mineral deposits; pits; shafts; royalties; sections and plan. undated circa 1900Whitehaven
YDX 366/45Sales particulars for Low Wood Hall Farm and Estate, Netherwasdale.Sales particulars for Low Wood Hall Farm and Estate, Netherwasdale, auctioned on 8 December 1932. Includes Whitesyke and Foulsyke Cottages; Old Strands; Mill Place; and Harrowhead. The following inns are also included: Castle Inn, No 22 Scotch St, Whitehaven; Manx Smack, Quay St and West Strand, Whitehaven; Canteen, Low Road, Whitehaven; Distressed Sailor, Hensingham; Yew Tree, Dean; Stork Hotel, Rowrah; Oddfellows Arms, Main St, St Bees; Lion and Lamb, Gosforth; Robin Hood, Church St, Egremont; Greyhound, Ennerdale Road, Cleator Moor. Also includes No 1a Market Place, Workington; Nos 3-4 Snebra, Hensingham; a house formerly known as Steam Packet Inn, West Strand, Whitehaven; No 19 West Strand, Whitehaven; No 20 Quay St, Whitehaven; No 40 Aldby St, Cleator Moor; Nos 16-17 Jacktrees Road, Cleator Moor and Nos 1-2 the Result, Corkickle. Includes plan.8 Dec 1932Whitehaven
DBT/7/319Index to book of reference of the Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co., for new railways including works at Cleator Moor, goods and passenger stations and Moor Row Station1876Whitehaven
YDX 22/10Copy leases, lease particulars, and plans relating to lands in Arlecdon, Distington, Cleator Moor, Frizington, Moresby, St Bees, Weddicar and Whitehaven leased to Moresby Coal Company Limited(original file numbers 7/1-3)1896-1946Whitehaven
YDX 474Cleator Moor Roll of HonourAlphabetical lists and details of service casualties from World Wars One and Two linked to Cleator Moor 2007Whitehaven
DBT/7/299Stray papers, including sketch plan, relating to a railway bridge at Cleator MoorRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1876Whitehaven
PH/1568/2The Square, Cleator MoorFrith postcardc1960sWhitehaven
YDX 517Newspaper Cuttings, Mr A E Lamb, chairman, Cleator Moor Urban District CouncilBound cuttings of local and national interest, includes pamphlet "The Wild Dog of Ennerdale" 1864c1900-1915Whitehaven
DBH/7/5Papers, including copy deeds for various property Papers, including copy deeds for property at Hensingham, Whitehaven, Gilcrux, Distington, Harrington, St Bees, land in Dunnerdale with Seathwaite, Corney Hall Estate, Sandwith, Cleator Moor, Gosforth, Rottington Estate, referring to the property and estate of Robert and Sarah Curwen1851 - 1860Whitehaven
DBT/6/108Papers relating to the affairs and estate of Robert Cannell deceased, gold miner of Gerristown, Transvaal and formerly of Cleator MoorIncluding: certificates of discharge from the East London Special Police and the Rand Rifles, membership of the Cleator and Cleator Moor Conservative Association and the Loyal Solway Lodge of Oddfellows, copy and probate wills, draft and original deeds relating to the leasing and sale of property in Cleator Moor, the maintenance of his illegitimate child, bank books etc. 1899, 1901 - 1903, 1910 - 1921, 1923 - 1927, 1929 - 1940, 1944, 1952, n.d. 1899 - 1952Whitehaven
DBT/7/145Papers, including Parliamentary Notices(2), relating to land required at Cleator to make a railway from the Whitehaven, Furness Junction Railway at Mirehouse to Egremont, and a branch from Egremont to Cleator Moor and Frizington (Relates to Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Railway Co)1853Whitehaven
DBT/10/20Title deeds - Cleator Moor1898 - 1899Whitehaven
DBT/10/22Agreement on purchase and draft conveyance of 25 Duke Street, Cleator Moor1903Whitehaven
PH/1568/5Wath Brow, Cleator MoorFrith postcardc1960sWhitehaven
PH/1568/6The River Ehen near WathFrith postcardc1960sWhitehaven
YDSO 23/3/2Cleator Moor, Parton, Rowrah and Whitehaven1920Whitehaven
DBT/10/18Conveyance of 12 cottages in Bowthorn Road, Cleator Moor1874Whitehaven
YDX 629/1Cleator Moor Carnival and Festival programme1977Whitehaven
PH/1568/7The Grotto, St Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Cleator MoorFrith postcardc1960sWhitehaven
PH/1558Greyhound Inn, Cleator Moorc1930Whitehaven
PH/1568/1St Cuthberts School, Cleator MoorFrith postcardc1960sWhitehaven
PH/1568/4St John's Church, Cleator MoorFrith postcardc1960sWhitehaven
YDX 430/18/86Abraham Southward (late of Cleator Moor)5 July 1924Whitehaven
YDX 430/18/63Mary Muncaster of Cleator Moor12 March 1895Whitehaven
YDX 607Cleator Moor Concert ProgrammesCleator Moor Choral Society and Cleator Moor Unemployed Male Choir1938-1951Whitehaven
DBT/10/19Deeds relating to Dodd's properties in Bowthorn Road, Cleator Moor1855 - 1875Whitehaven
YDS 5Montreal Church of England Junior School, Cleator Moor1903-1980Whitehaven
YDS 58Montreal Church of England Infants School, Cleator Moor1903-1977Whitehaven
YDS 91St Cuthbert's Roman Catholic School, Cleator Moor1955 - 1977Whitehaven
DBT/10/157Draft mortgages relating to: Egremont, Whitehaven, Harrington, Cleator, Netherwasdale, Distington, Winscales, Arlecdon, Frizington, St Bees, Cleator Moor, Lamplugh, Ravenglass, Liverpool, Rowrah, Irton and Gosforth 1860 - 1869Whitehaven
DBT/10/195Stray draft deedsRelating to 'The Royal Oak' Lamplugh; 48 East Road, Egremont; 43 Crossfield Road, Cleator Moor; 'Vale View', Whitehaven; Townend Estate, Seascale; and land at Galveston County Texas (oil, gas and mineral lease, partly blank). 1907, 1909 - 1910, 1920, n.d.1907 - 1920Whitehaven
DBT/12/9/1PapersIncludes: copy will of Lucy Herald, widow and innkeeper, of Cleator Moor; accounts; memoriam cards (2); draft deeds; fire insurance policies (4); vouchers; pedigree, sketch plan; poster, circular, and particulars of sale (2), relating to the sale of the Railway Tavern, 1875, 1881 - 1882, 1884, 1888 - 1892, 1894, 1900, 1905 - 1909 1875 - 1909Whitehaven
BDB 47/1/3/1/40Duplicate Supplement Agreement to work private engine over lines and sidings at Cleator MoorBetween 1) London and North Western Railway Company, The Furness Railway Company, and Howard Williams of Euston Station, mineral traffic manager
2)Right Honourbale Charles Henry Baron Leconfield
Consideration £1 per annum
With map
22 Oct 1917Barrow
DBH/14/2Papers referring to the construction of electric tramways and a light railway Papers, including "The Light Railways Act" (1896) for the construction of a light railway from Cleator Moor to Whitehaven, Workington and Maryport; Rules and Orders of Light Railway (1898); copies of the "Whitehaven Free Press", and "Whitehaven News", referring to the construction of electric tramways in Whitehaven1896 - 1901Whitehaven
YDX 366/41Sales particulars for Flosh and Harecroft Estates.Sales particulars for Flosh and Harecroft Estates, auctioned on 9 September 1924, formerly owned by Sir John Stirling Ainsworth. Includes Gosforth Estate of Harecroft; Thornbank and Gosforth Hall. Cleator Estate includes The Flosh; Low Lodge; High Lodge; Brookside Allotments; Nos 1-5 Cleator Gate; Nos 48-70 Main St, Cleator; Nos 1-32 Prospect Row; Nos 2-10 Church St Cottages; Nos 11-19a Church St; Nos 1-14 Old Hall; Nos 1-6 Croft Terrace; Nos 1-4 Ivy Cottages. Cleator Moor Estate includes Nos 13-20 High Street, Cleator Moor; Jacktrees Road; No 12 Dyke St, Frizington. Ennerdale Estate includes Ennerdale Mill; Sowerby and Redfern allotments; Broadmoor Cottages; Woodman's Cottage, Woodend; and iron ore yard, Whitehaven. Includes 5 plans.9 Sep 1924Whitehaven
YDX 567/3/2VouchersTo Mrs S Hutchinson, executrix of will of Joseph Hutchinson deceased, 1902. To executors of the late Joseph Hutchinson of 1 Kier Hardie Terrace, Cleator Moor from Harold Toole, joiner and cabinet maker, 1946. To Miss Hutchinson from George R Tolson, dentist, Cleator Moor, 1940.1902-1946Whitehaven
CQPWH/8/1Register of Licenced PremisesIndexed register for the division of Whitehaven. Provides full details of public houses, ownership, tenancies, occassional licenses, extensions to licences, charges and objections to renewal. Details for premises in Arlecdon, Beckermet, Cleator Mooor, Distington, Drigg, Egremont, Gosforth, Haile, Harrington, Irton with Santon, Lamplugh, Lowside Quarter, Lowca, Moresby, Netherwasdale, Parton, Ponsonby, Santon Bridge, Sandwith, Seascale, Whitehaven, Weddicar.1893-1968Whitehaven
YDS 58/5Admission register of Montreal Infants Schooladmission numbers 1-507Aug 1929-Aug 1941Whitehaven
DH/182/1Plan of Birks Royalty by Walter Hartley of Whitehaven2 August 1899Whitehaven
DH/301/1Printed bill to authorise the Cleator Moor Local Board to construct waterworks44&45 Vict, 18811881Whitehaven
YDSO 139Cleator Moor Scout Group1953-1997Whitehaven
TBR 1/8/112ALondon and North Western and Furness Lines plans of the Cleator lines, Mirehouse junction to Marron junction and from Moor Row to Sellafield.detailed depiction of route of railway lines with adjacent buildings and names of landowners
Scale: 2 chains = 1 inch
YDSO 123Cumbria Community Development Project, Cleator MoorReports, papers and correspondence. These are mainly John Pearce's own personal copies of reports and papers as CDP Director and some contain his manuscript annotations.1972-1976Whitehaven
YDS 58/3Log book of Montreal Infants SchoolSep 1962-Dec 1977Whitehaven
YDS 58/6Admission register of Montreal Infants Schooladmission numbers 1-430Aug 1941-Nov 1951Whitehaven
SRDEEnnerdale Rural District CouncilMinute books, attendance book, registers, letter books, contracts, rate books, plan registers etc1922-1974Whitehaven
YDS 58/7Admission register of Montreal Infants Schooladmission numbers 431-1000, and 1-348Jan 1952-Oct 1965Whitehaven
YDS 58/4Admission register of Montreal Infants Schooladmission numbers 1-1000Apr 1916-Aug 1929Whitehaven
YDB 37Cleator Moor Co-operative Society1858-1966Whitehaven
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