Place codePAX489
Full place name entryGreysouthen/Brigham Parish/Cumberland
Place NameGreysouthen
Area2Brigham Parish

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
YDX 421/6Greysouthen estateSale particulars, including Townhead Farm; Barnyard Farm; Lambhill Lane; Riggingill Farm; Asby Moss Farm. With plan.undated 1960sWhitehaven
YDX 366/39Sales particulars for Overend House Estate, Greysouthen near Broughton Cross.Sale of Overend House Estate, auctioned on 30 June 1924. Includes plan.30 Jun 1924Whitehaven
CQPC/6/2/18Plan of the Punch Bowl Inn, Greysouthen1940Whitehaven
DBH/4/11Harris familyPapers referring to the will of John Harris and the estate of the Harris family in Greysouthen and Eaglesfield, Brigham,1882Whitehaven
DBH/15/30/1Harris v. MilesHarris v. Miles: papers (including plan, showing High Close and Adams Gill; Aspatria Mill), concerning purchase of land in the townships of Aspatria, Plumbland, Greysouthen.1877 - 1883Whitehaven
SPUCO/12Correspondence and associated materialGeneral administration of the Cockermouth Rural Sanitary Authority, the Port Sanitary Authority Workington and the Cockermouth Guardians of the Poor Law1876-1931Whitehaven
YDX 570/1/2Greysouthen School registerGives name of pupil, date of weekly attendance and fees paid.3 Jul 1854-28 Jun 1858Whitehaven
YDX 570/1/1Greysouthen School registerGives name of pupil, date of weekly attendance and fees paid.6 May 1850-26 Jun 1854Whitehaven
YDX 570/2Overseer of the Poor of GreysouthenWhitehaven
YDX 570/2/2Poor rate book of the township of GreysouthenWith miscellaneous enclosures of vouchers, notes etc including copybook of Thomas Wilson Hughes.1843-1845Whitehaven
YDX 570/1Greysouthen SchoolWhitehaven
DBT/7/218Papers, including copy deeds and plans (2), relating to the Marron extension of the Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway , and the purchase of land in Brigham, Workington, Little Clifton and Greysouthen1864 - 1869Whitehaven
DBT/7/383PapersIncluding reports of Directors and statement of accounts (7) relating to the valuation lists of the Parish of St. John (Whitehaven), Lowside Quarter, Hensingham, Dean and Greysouthen. Relates to the Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co and the Cleator & Furness Railway Co1865 - 1870Whitehaven
YDX 22/2Report, copy leases, and lease particulars relating to land in Camerton, Great and Lifton Clifton, Dean, Greysouthen, Winscales, and Workington leased to Allerdale Coal Company Limited(original file numbers 18/1-6)1873-1938Whitehaven
YDX 230/A19Quitclaim: John Allason and Thomas Allason of Gray Sothen,in Brigham parish, Cumberland, yeoman, Janet Allason, widow of Mungo Allason, late of Mossergate, deceased, Cumberland, Thomas Wilson of Litle Clifton and Henry Spencer of Harrington, Cumberland, to Richard Allason, son and heir of John Allason of Mossergate: recites deed of sale with defeasance of 11th March 1655/(6) whereby, for consideration of 50 libre, John Allason the father bargained and sold to Mungo for ever a fourth part of his messuage in Mossergate and in the defeasance is contained the condition that if John should not fail in repayment of the 50 libre to Mungo by the date specified the said conveyance should be void: whereas John the father has conveyed the premises unto Richard his son, now said John, Thomas, Janet, Thomas and Henry, in consideration of 50 libre and release of conditions of the defeasance and at request of Richard, have quitclaimed their right in the premises to Richard for ever. (Five seals, applied, black wax, very poor impressions) Witnesses: Richard Harris; William Wood; John Head; John Williamson; John Allason; William Wilkinson.
Dated 24 Charles II
2 Feb 1672Whitehaven
YDX 570/3/5Printed rules of the Provident Society, Greysouthen, established January 18511882Whitehaven
DBH/15/12/2Papers referring to the estate of John Harris concerning purchase of land at GreysouthenPapers, including extract from balance sheets of Brayton Domain and Ellenborough Collieries, referring to the estate of John Harris concerning purchase of land at Greysouthen1876 - 1880Whitehaven
YDX 570John Hughes of Greysouthen, schoolteacher and Overseer of the PoorRegisters of Greysouthen School, 1850-1868; papers of the Overseers of the Poor of Greysouthen, 1836-1845; other material, 1811-1882.1811-1882Whitehaven
DBH/1/27/1Papers referring to the estate of the Harris family of Greysouthen1867 - 1881Whitehaven
YDX 570/2/1Overseer of the Poor of Greysouthen: account bookGives payments to paupers in and out of the township of Greysouthen.1836-1838Whitehaven
YDX 570/1/3Greysouthen School registerGives name of pupil, date of weekly attendance and fees paid.5 Jan 1863-25 May 1868Whitehaven
YPR 6/408Plan of Water Mains' extension to six farms at Greysouthen, Cockermouth R.D.CUndated c.1960Whitehaven
YPR 6/446Letter from Jonathan Dalton, a Quaker in Kendal, to Ponsonby Harris at Eaglesfield - his walk to Lorton to join the coach; Keswick Hirings; gig to Kendal; as to renewing lease to Joseph Kendal for an allotment on Greysouthen Common1819Whitehaven
DBH/15/5/4Papers referring to the Harris family of GreysouthenPapers referring to the Harris family of Greysouthen to: a Right of Way through a field at Dean, and claim for outstanding rents and other monies.1876 - 1877Whitehaven
DBH/15/10/4Papers referring to the Harris family of GreysouthenPapers referring to the Harris family of Greysouthen: including accounts of Greysouthen, Brayton Domain and Ellenborough Collieries, copy deeds referring to Town End Farm, Greysouthen, Brigham and Workington debt to Whitehaven Joint Stock Bank1875 - 1882Whitehaven
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