Place codePAX578
Full place name entryArnside/Arnside/Kendal Ward/Westmorland
Place NameArnside
Area3Kendal Ward
Grid RefSD4578

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
WDX 33Rental of Manor of Beetham and Arnside1780-1792Kendal
WDB 35/1/14ArnsideHouses "Inglemere, "Uplands", "Kingswood", and building land adjoining and Little King Field, with plans.
Owned by the late R.F. Thompson; freehold tenure.
10 Aug 1908Kendal
WQ/RDP/29Deposited Plans: Furness RailwayFurness Railway 1866-7: Arnside and Hincaster Branch.30 Nov 1866Kendal
WDB 35/1/16Dallam Tower and Arnside Tower Estates, Arnside, Holme, Milnthorpe, Skelsmergh, Stainton Preston Richard; Yealand, Lancashire.Arnside Parts of Dallam Tower Estate. Arnside Tower estate - building land, ruins of Arnside Tower, Arnside Tower Farm, Hollins Farm, Newbarns Farm, Middlebarrow Quarry, and one smallholding. With plans.
Owner not named; tenure not defined.Also: Enclosures
Also: Holme City O'Pinch, three cottages, Toumins Farm, land and enclosures. With plans.
Part of Dallam Towers Estate. Freehold.
Also: Milnthorpe Part of Dallam Tower Estate. Middle and Lower Rowell Farm, High Rowell Farm, Crag Yeat Farm, Greenhead Farm, Holme Park Farm
Owner not named. Freehold.
Also: Stainton Greenhead Farm.
Also Preston Richard Greenhead Farm.
Also: Skelsmergh Parts of Dallam Tower Estate. Skelsmergh Hall with Pele Tower and Homestead. Garnett Folds Farm. With plans.
Also: Yealand, Lancashire Enclosures.
15 Jul 1912Kendal
WDX 506Arnside Air Raid Precautions warden's logbookLog book of A.R.P. (Air Raid Precautions) Warden's Post at Arnside, Section C.1939-1945Kendal
WQ/AH/13Highway Diversions: Moss Road (Arnside)Diversion of highway, Moss Road, Arnside:

Plan by John Henderson, surveyor and civil engineer, of Ulverston (scale 5 chains to 1½ inches), undated;

Consent of Roger Barker of Arnside, landowner, 3 February 1859;

Consent of John Whineray of Arnside, landowner, February 1859;

Consent of Thomas Whineray of Arnside, landowner, February 1859;

Notice, 4 February 1859;

Certificate of 2 Justices, 5 March 1859;

Examination of Witnesses, 5 March 1859.
WDS 57Arnside C of E [National] Primary SchoolLog books (2), 1886-1946; Admission register, 1886-1949; attendance registers, 1886-1887, 1960-1961, 1965-1966, 1970-1971, 1980-1981 (19); files relating to new building, c1970s; 1886-1969Kendal
WDS 43Arnside, Earnseat Schoolincludes minute book, 1966-1980; staff salaries books, 1967-1980 (12); accounts ledgers, 1969-1979 (8); school fees ledger, 1979; photographs, school magazines, vouchers and receipts etc.1903-1980Kendal
WQ/AH/61Highway Diversions: The Dip (Arnside)Diversion of highway, The Dip, Arnside: Plan by J. W. Nelson, South Westmorland Rural District Council Surveyor (scale 20 feet to 1 inch), undated; Notice, 11 June 1923;

Copies of Westmorland Gazette, containing required notice, 16 June 1923, 23 June 1923, 30 June 1923, 7 July 1923; Statutory declaration of J. W. Nelson, 7 July 1923;

Statutory declaration of Edward Moser, clerk to South Westmorland Rural District Council, 9 July 1923;

Statutory declaration of George Cooper, assistant surveyor, 9 July 1923;

Certificate of 2 Justices, 9 July 1923;

Schedule of documents, 25 July 1923; Order, 19 October 1923.
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