Place codePAX579
Full place name entryBeetham/Beetham/Kendal Ward/Westmorland
Place NameBeetham
Area3Kendal Ward
Grid RefSD4979

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
WDX 33Rental of Manor of Beetham and Arnside1780-1792Kendal
WDEC 40/4/1/3Correspondence and papersHale Moss Cave SSSI1987 - 2003Kendal
WDEC 40/4/1/5Correspondence and papersTithe and tithe redemption annuities.1934 - 1944Kendal
WDSO 380/1Letters from George Newsham announcing sale of business to W&J Pye and from W&J Pye announcing their purchase of the mill1927Kendal
YDX 568/6Bondin £7 (John Jackson of Meales, yeoman, to Sir William Pennington of Muncaster, Bart.) - to pay £3 10s 0d on 1st August next, being part of the costs of the mortgage for £40 of the moiety [= half] of Joseph Jackson's Waberthwaite house and land (mortgaged by the said Joseph to the Rev. William Jackson of "Beetholme" [= Beetham], Westmorland, to be repaid on 26 July 1687.

Signed by John Jackson; witnessed by James Troughton, Nicholas Eccleston.
WDEC 40/4/1/1Agreements for letting of School LotsWith Harry Dugdale of Leighton Beck (tenant) (22.397acres), 1 September 1943
With M.S. Dugdale and Sons (tenant) (26.89 acres), 16 December 1976
1943 - 1976Kendal
WDEC 40/1/3Rough minutes(Front cover has start date of 1928)1941 - 1977 Kendal
WDEC 40/4/1School LotsKendal
WDEC 40/3/2Correspondence re Trustees1937-1994Kendal
WDEC 40/2/1Accounts(Inside cover inscribed Beetham Exhibition Account Book 1910).1904 - 1988Kendal
WDEC 40/3/3Miscellaneous correspondence and papersArranged alphabetically. Including wayleave agreement 9 October 1968 with North Western Electricity Board.1960s - 1980sKendal
WQ/AH/59Highway Diversions: Water Mill House Lane (Beetham)Diversion of highway, Water Mill House Lane, Beetham: certificate of 2 Justices, 29 November 1920;

Order, 7 January 1921.
WDEC 40/2/2Accounts 1989 - 1991, 19931989 - 1993Kendal
WDEC 40/1/1Minutes includes accounts Inscribed inside front cover: Beetham Exhibition Minute Book 1918 to 19761917 - 1976Kendal
WDEC 40/3/1Board of Education SchemesSchemes of 30 Dec 1903 and 30 June 19061903 - 1906Kendal
WDX 948Yeats and Thexton family of BeethamTitle deeds to properties of Yeats and Thexton families in Beetham, Hale, Haverbrack with account books, 1721-1859 and other miscellaneous items1642-1907Kendal
WDB 35/1/21Whasset, BeethamSeveral closes of land at Whasset, with plan.
Owner not named, freehold.
4 Jul 1873Kendal
WDEC 40/4/1/4Correspondence and papers Countryside Stewardship.1996 - 2001 Kendal
WDX 579/12Printed enclosure act - Beetham18 May 1814Kendal
WDBS/3/1Ordnance Survey books of reference.Askham, Bampton, Barton, Beetham, Brough, Cliburn, Crosby Ravensworth, Kirkby Stephen, Kirkby Thore, Ormside, Orton, Shap.1859-1861Kendal
WDB 35/1/19Beetham and KendalBeetham House and garden cottage, inclosures and closes (Ackenthwaite, Whasset and Hang Bridge) with plans.
Owner not named; tenure not defined.
Kendal Cottage in Kendal. With plans.
Owner not named. Tenure not defined.
20 May 1864Kendal
WDEC 40/4/2/1Papers re Exchequer stock1995 - 1998Kendal
WDB 35/1/20Estate at Whasset, BeethamEstate at Whasset, plans only.
Owner Richard Dennison, tenure not defined.
29 Aug 1872Kendal
WDB 35/1/22Spouthouse, BeethamSpouthouse, house and land, with plans.
Tithe and corn tithe to Beetham land & wool tithe to Farleton and tithe to Burton.
Owner not named, freehold.
5 Sep 1873Kendal
WDB 35/1/23Hale Green Farm, Rose Cottage, BeethamHale Green Farm, buildings and land, and Rose Cottage. With plans.
Owned by Margaret Rose Hobson; freehold tenure.
12 Jun 1901Kendal
WDB 35/1/15Arnside and BeethamArnbarrow, house, St John's Close, two cottages and building land in Sandside and Storth, with plans.
Owner not named; freehold tenure.
Arnbarrow House, St. John's Cross Cottages, building land. With plans.
Owned by William Isaac Barrett; freehold.
10 Mar 1909Kendal
WDB 35/1/25Ashton House Estate, Beetham, Holme, Hutton, Preston Richard, Stainton, Ingleborough & Chapel-le-Dale - YorkshireAshton House Estate: Fern Bank Cottage and building site, Hale; Parkside Farm, Hale and cottage; Four sites and accommodation land Stonis Field; Allotment on Hale Moss; dwellings and cottages in Beetham and Slack Head. With plans.
Owned by the late Mrs Hudson; freehold tenure.
Ashton House Estate, with five farms, ten cottages and lots of land. With plans.
Owner not named; freehold.
Also: Holme Land, Cross Barrow, Cross Barrow Bottom.
Owned by Mrs Hudson. Freehold.
Also: Hutton Birks Farm. With plans.
Owned by late Mrs Hudson. Freehold.
Also: Preston Richard Storth End Farm (part). With plans.
Owned by Mrs. Hudson. Freehold.
Also: Stainton Storth End Farm (part). With plans.
Owned by Mrs. Hudson. Freehold.
Also: Ingleborough/Chapel-le-Dale - Yorkshire Fell closes in Chapel-le-Dale. With plans
Owned by late Mrs. Hudson. Freehold.
14 Jun 1926Kendal
WDB 35/1/24Kiln Green Farm, Beetham; MilnthorpeBeetham Kiln Green Fram, Whasset, Moor Lane Meadow. No plans.
Owner not named; customary hold.
Milnthorpe Farm fields. With plans.
Owner, daughter of Annie Ridgeway Harrison. Freehold.
7 Jun 1921Kendal
WDEC 40/3/4Correspondence and papersWith Charity Commission.1955 - 1994Kendal
WDEC 40/4/1/6Maps and plans of School Lots2 copy plans, 1 fragment of original, undated; 2 photocopy portions O S map SD 4877, 1969.Kendal
WDRC/8/257Beetham tithe map and apportionmentMap and apportionment (k/1/51/8) stored separately13 Feb 1845Kendal
WDEC 40/1/2Minutes1993 - 2003Kendal
WDEC 40/4/1/2Correspondence and papersCorrespondence 1943 - 1994, 1996 - 2001; papers re sale of School Lots 2002; rental valuation 21 October 1997; copy declaration by David William Marsden, solicitor and trustee, re missing deeds to School Lots, including copy documents referred to in declaration, 30 May 2002; shooting rights 1987 - 2001; etc.1943 - 2002Kendal
WDS 55Beetham SchoolLog books, 1890-1977 (2); Admission register, 1889-1967; Reports on Religious Instruction, 1950-1970 (5); Report by H.M. Inspectors, 19651610-1977Kendal
WDRC/6/9/2Beetham bishops' transcripts1702-1707; 1710; 17131702-1713Kendal
WDRC/6/9/3Beetham bishops' transcripts1714-1720Kendal
WDRC/6/9/29Beetham bishops' transcripts1849-1854Kendal
WDRC/6/9/1Beetham bishops' transcripts1689; 1691-1692; 1695-1699; 17011689-1701Kendal
WDRC/6/9/4Beetham bishops' transcripts1721-1730Kendal
WDRC/6/9/5Beetham bishops' transcripts1731-1735Kendal
WDRC/6/9/6Beetham bishops' transcripts1736-1740Kendal
WDRC/6/9/7Beetham bishops' transcripts1741-1750Kendal
WDRC/6/9/8Beetham bishops' transcripts1751-1760Kendal
WDRC/6/9/9Beetham bishops' transcripts1761-1766Kendal
WDRC/6/9/10Beetham bishops' transcripts1766-1775Kendal
WDRC/6/9/11Beetham bishops' transcripts1775-1780Kendal
WDRC/6/9/12Beetham bishops' transcripts1780-1785Kendal
WDRC/6/9/13Beetham bishops' transcripts1785-1787Kendal
WDRC/6/9/14Beetham bishops' transcripts1787-1789Kendal
WDRC/6/9/15Beetham bishops' transcripts1790-1793Kendal
WDRC/6/9/16Beetham bishops' transcripts1794-1797Kendal
WDRC/6/9/17Beetham bishops' transcripts1797-1801Kendal
WDRC/6/9/18Beetham bishops' transcripts1801-1805Kendal
WDRC/6/9/19Beetham bishops' transcripts1805-1808Kendal
WDRC/6/9/20Beetham bishops' transcripts1808-1810Kendal
WDRC/6/9/21Beetham bishops' transcripts1811-1812Kendal
WDRC/6/9/22Beetham bishops' transcripts1813-1815Kendal
WDRC/6/9/23Beetham bishops' transcripts1816-1820Kendal
WDRC/6/9/24Beetham bishops' transcripts1821-1827Kendal
WDRC/6/9/25Beetham bishops' transcripts1828-1830Kendal
WDRC/6/9/26Beetham bishops' transcripts1831-1836Kendal
WDRC/6/9/27Beetham bishops' transcripts1837-1841Kendal
WDRC/6/9/28Beetham bishops' transcripts1842-1843; 1845-18481842-1848Kendal
WDRC/6/9/30Beetham bishops' transcripts1855-1870Kendal
WQ/RI/7Inclosure Award: BeethamBeetham. Act: 18141821Kendal
WQ/RLT/Kendal/3Kendal Ward: Beetham and FarletonBeetham and Farleton; 1773, 1793, 1809, 1823, 1830, 18311773-1831Kendal
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