Place codePAX633
Full place name entryLambrigg/Kendal/Lambrigg/Kendal Ward/Westmorland
Place NameLambrigg
Area3Kendal Ward
Grid RefSD5894

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WQ/RC/10Corn Rent Award: Lambrigg FellLambrigg Fell.

Scale: 8 chns.: 1 inch.
WDB 135/1/609Grayrigg and Lambrigg: freehold estate of four farms and land.Freehold estate comprising four farms and 2 closes of land.
Farms names: Beckhouses Farm including cottage and garden at Thackmoor Head. Broadhead Farm. Simgill Farm. Browhead Farm

Field Names: Little Holme, Tarnpot, Broadmire, Near Bank, Far Bank, Scroggs, Low and Little Fields, New Field, Meeting House Field, Low Bank, High Bank, Little Parrock, Thatchmoor, Bents, Burn Field, Near High Pasture, Smithy Mire, Spout Close, Grass Riggs, Near Hyning Field, Gill, Low Field, Short Acre, Near Lazonby Field, Fay Hyning and Far Lazonby Fields, Long Moor, Moor. Great Pasture, Low Hill, Barn Field, Nether Mire, Outrake, Kiln Close, Grandsir Field, Little Close

Tenant/owner/occupier names: Mr. Thomas Winn. Mr. Thomas Allan. Mr. George Armistead. Messrs. G. & J. Armistead.

With Plans.
WDB 35/1/54Grayriggpartly overlapped Lambrigg Beckhouses Farm, Broadhead Farm, Browhead Farm, Simgill Farm. Enclosures and a cottage at Thackmoor. No plans. Tracing enclosed. Owner not named. Freehold.23 May 1902Kendal
WQ/RI/26Inclosure Award: Docker & Lambrigg Fell Docker Fell Award & Lambrigg Fell. Act: 18611865Kendal
WQ/RLT/Kendal/25Kendal Ward: Lambrigg Lambrigg [Kendal parish]; 1773, 1793, 1809, 1823, 1830, 18311773-1831Kendal
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