Place codePAX635
Full place name entryHelsington/Kendal/Helsington/Kendal Ward/Westmorland
Place NameHelsington
Area3Kendal Ward

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WDB 35/1/57Dallam Tower Estate, Helsington and NatlandHelsington Hawes Farm and land. With plans.

Part of Dallam Tower Estate. Freehold.

Natland Part of Dallam Tower Estate: Natland High House Farm. Natland Low House Farm and lands. With palns.
Owner not named. Freehold.
3 Nov 1896Kendal
WQ/RI/43Inclosure Award: HelsingtonHelsington Drainage Award.Kendal
WQ/RC/6Corn Rent Award: HelsingtonScale: 8 chains: 1 inchKendal
WDB 35/1/59HelsingtonPrizet House and grounds. Prizet Farm and land. South Lodge. With plans.
Owned by Colonel John Heaton. Freehold.
17 Nov 1955Kendal
WDB 35/1/58Brigsteer, Helsington, Levens, Old Hutton, Staveley, Natland NatlandHelsington Stonebank Farm or Stainbank Green, Lane Head Farm, Lane End House, two enclosures at Brigsteer. No plans.
Owned by General W. G. Braithwaite. Freehold.

Also: Old Hutton Bleaze Hall Farm. No plans.
Owned by General W.G. Braithwaite. Freehold.

Also: Levens Water Crook Dairy Farm, No plans.
Owner, General W. G. Braithwaite. Freehold.

Also: Over Staveley Birkfield Farm
Nether Staveley Borwick Fold Farm. No plans.
Owned by General W. G. Braithwaite. Freehold.Also: Natland Water Crook Farm .
12 Jun 1920Kendal
WDB 35/1/33High Leys Farm, Crook; Helsington Mosses, Helsington; UnderbarrowCrook High Leys Farm. With plans.
Owner not named; freehold.
Also: Helsington Enclosures on Helsington Mosses.Also: Underbarrow The Nokk Farm. The Hagg Farm. Three lots of land in Underbarrow - bordering and overlapping the Helsington border. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.
Jul 1878Kendal
WDB 35/1/172Appleby, Wharton and HelsingtonAppleby Murton and Hilton Estates, comprising hall, farms and lands.
Owner: Sir Joseph Savory; Tenure: freehold.

Also:Wharton Wharton Hall Estate (includes photographs) Enclosures: conditions, notice, telegram, postcard, statement of sales.
Owner not known, tenure not defined.

Also:Helsington Three smallholdings at Bigsteer. With plans.
Owner not named; tenure not defined.

Also:Helsington Various stone houses and building one on border of Levens parish and inclosure. No plans but plans referred to.
Owned by Sir Joseph Savory. Tenure not defined.
8 Jun 1923Kendal
WDB 35/1/150Rigmaden Estate, Grayrigg, Helsington, Kendal, Kentmere, Scalthwaiterigg, Sedgewick, Stainton, Over Staveley, WhinfellGrayrigg Parts of Rigmaden Estate. Cross House Farm. With plans.
Disentailed by Wilson Family. Freehold.

Also: Helsington Parts of Rigmaden Estate. Six Moss Allotments and two peat cotes. WIth plans
Disentailed by Wilson Family. Freehold.

Also: Kendal Parts of Rigmaden Estate. Sleddale Field, Sawmill Cottages, Kilner Fields. With plans.
Disentailed by Wilson Family. Freehold.

Also: Kentmere Parts of Rigmaden Estate. Low Yeat Farm. High Fold Farm. Hayton's Lot allotment. With plans.
Disentailed by Wilson Family. Freehold.

Also: Scalthwaiterigg Parts of Rigmaden Estate. Scalthwaiterigg Stocks Farm. Benson Hall Farm. Jenkin Crag Farm or Sleddale Hall. With plans.
Disentailed by Wilson Family. Freehold.

Also: Sedgewick Part of Rigmaden Estate. Millbridge Farm and Mill. Middlebarrows Green Farm. Raines Hall. With plans.
Disentailed by Wilson Family. Freehold.

Also: Stainton Parts of Rigmaden Estate. Halfpenny Farm. Stang Farm. With plans.
Disentailed by Wilson Family. Freehold.

Also: Over Staveley Parts of Rigmaden Estate. Millriggs and Long Houses Farm Overlapping Kentmere boundary. With plans.
Disentailed by Wilson Family. Freehold.

Also: Whinfell Part of Rigmaden Estate. Crake Tree Farm. With plans.
Disentailed by Wilson Family. Freehold.
Jul [1900]Kendal
WDRC/12/2Helsington parsonage wash house: plan, elavation and sectionWith schedule of modifications, correspondence1912Kendal
WDRC/6/27/1Helsington bishops' transcripts1813-1825Kendal
WDRC/6/27/2Helsington bishops' transcripts1826-1830Kendal
WDRC/6/27/3Helsington bishops' transcripts1831-1841Kendal
WDRC/6/27/4Helsington bishops' transcripts1842-1850Kendal
WDRC/6/27/5Helsington bishops' transcripts1851-1859Kendal
WDRC/6/27/6Helsington bishops' transcripts1860-1886Kendal
WQ/RI/36Inclosure Award: Helsington Helsington Inclosure Award. Act: 18381855Kendal
WQ/RLT/Kendal/12Kendal Ward: Helsington Helsington [Kendal parish]; 1773, 1793, 1809, 1823, 1830, 18311773-1831Kendal
WDX 405/1Conveyance1. Thomas Dodgson of Helsington, yeaman
Agnes Dodgson, wife of Thomas
2. John Tompson of Helsington, yeoman
Premises: all that messuage and tenement bought of Mathew Beck in Helsington being land of Allan Bellingam esquire and of yearly rent of 17s 1d, and all that messuage bought of Lawrence Boulton of same lands and yearly rent of 11s 6d and also all goods and personal estate, and all that messuage called Grayt being of land of Edward Briggs gentleman of yearly rent of 10s, with appurtenances.
Consideration: £100 and yearly sum of £40 to 1. so long as both live and then £30 yearly to survivor.
Witnesses: William Curwen, Mathew Willsonn, Miles Richardson, John Collinson.
Endorsement: allowed by Allan Bellingham, 9 Dec 1657.
3 Feb 1656Kendal
WDX 405/2Deed of enfranchisement1. Hon. James Grahme of Over Levens, esquire
2. Lancelott Thompson of Helsington, gentleman
Recitals: 1. is lord of the manor of Helsington; 2. is seised in messuage containing 30 acres of yearly customary rent of 17s and messuage containing 24 acres of yearly rent of 11s 6d both late in possession of John Thompson and also one other messuage containing 18 acres late in the possession of Edward Briggs of yearly rent of 12s.
Premises: all those messuages with appurtenances in possession of 2.
Reservations: yearly rents, waifs, estrays, hawking, hunting, fishing, fowling, mines, minerals, escheats, forfeitures and royalties.
Consideration: £101 5s.
Witnesses: Robertt Kilner, Anthony Wilson, John Jackson, Timothy Banks.
Endorsement: livery of seisin, 23 Jan 1700, before Robertt Kilner. John Jackson, Elizabeth Kilner and James Barrow.
1 Jan 1700Kendal
WDX 405/6FineThomas Gate and John Lodge, querents.
Lancelot Thompson and Ann his wife and Mary Machell, spinster, deforciants.
Premises: four messuages, four barns, four stables, two gardens, two orchards, 30 acres land, 50 acres meadow, 60 acres pasture and common of pasture for all animals and common of turbary with appurtenances in Helsington.
Consideration: £120.
Easter 1727Kendal
WDX 405/3-5Lease and release1. Lancelott Thompson of Helsington, gentleman
Anne Thompson, wife of Lancelott
2. Thomas Gate of Whitehaven, Cumberland, gentleman
Premises: two freehold messuages of 1. in Helsington now in possession of William Hodgson and 1., yearly free rent of £1 9s.
Consideration: £1012.
Witnesses: William Bird, Joseph Thornton.

With bond in £2000, 2 Feb 1726
1-2 Feb 1726Kendal
WDX 405/7Probate of will of Thomas Gate of Whitehaven, yeomanWill made 11 Jan 1730. Proved at Prerogative Court of York, 30 Mar 1731.
To Jane Rogerson, half sister, £50, and to each of her sons £50.
To Ann Petty of Soulby, half sister 1s, and to her son, George Petty 1s.
To Thomas Gate of Renwick, Cumberland, cousin £20 and to his daughter Annah Willis £20.
To William Bird of Crosby Garrett, clerk, cousin, and Isabella his wife, all that manor of Crosby Garrett with appurtenances and all that water corn mill with appurtenances called Crosby Garrett Mill and Kiln belonging with appurtenances, and also all that advowson of rectory of Crosby Garrett and to heirs male of her body.
To Martha Nicholson, cousin £200 and pew in old church of Whitehaven and all the plate, pewter, brass, iron, chest of drawers, linen, beds and bedding with furniture belonging, chairs, clock, looking glasses, brewing lead or kettle and vessell belonging.
To William Bird of Crosby Garrett, clerk, cousin and Isabella his wife, all that estate at Helsington with all appurtenances and also burgae house, stable, garden and garth in Appleby and land in Bongate with appurtenances and all other messuages and lands whatsoever, and messuage called Grate in Helsington.
To Mary Palmer servant £20.
Executor (and residuary legatee): said William Bird, cousin.
Witnesses: William Hicks, William Stephenson.
30 Mar 1731Kendal
WDX 405/9-10Lease and release1. James Bird of Crosby Garrett, clerk
2. Mary Bird, wife of said James Bird
3. Henry Dennison of Kirkby Stephen, gentleman, father of said Mary Bird
Premises: all those two freehold messuages and tenements in Helsington with all appurtenances - to declared uses.
Consideration: marriage between 1. and 2. and £500 paid by 3. to 1. as marriage portion and 10s.
Witnesses: John Jackson, Thomas Dennison.
19-20 Mar 1755Kendal
WDX 405/11Copy probate of will of James Bird, Rector of Crosby GarrettWill made 6 Jun 1763. Proved at Carlisle 22 Jul 1767.
Bequests include:-
To heir, all that manor of Crosby Garrett with advowson, water corn mill, mill closes and mill waters and all appurtenances, chargeable with sum of £1800 for portions of younger children, Mary, James, Henry, Elizabeth, Isabella, Thomas, Anna and Dorothy, but estates at Helsington and two fields called Gratefields in Nether Graveship, if not sold already, may be sold by heir when 21 years old in hope that this will raise near £1800, otherwise heir to make up sum to be divided equally.
To eldest son William, pictures in new parlour and all furniture therein and also books, bookcases, and all furniture in closet, one bedstead and bed with bedding, and also silver tankard, casters, soup spoon, salts and two tablespoons marked 'T G'.
To younger children equally all residue of goods.
Executor: eldest son William.
Trustees and guardians: Revd Dr Richard Burn, sister Ann Coulston, widow, and nephew John Coulston, with power to present clerk to Crosby Garrett upon vacnacy etc.
Witnesses: Robert Brooke, William Milner and John Jackson.
22 Jul 1767Kendal
WDX 405/22-23Lease and release1. William Bird of Crosby Garrett, clerk
2. Christopher Wilson of Kendal, esquire
Premises: all that freehold messuage and tenement formerly two messuages with all appurtenances containing 55 1/2 acres customary measure in Helsington with peatmoss or turbary ground and commonright thereunto belonging subject to yearly free rent of £1 9s to Lady Andover, formerly estate of William Bird, deceased, grandfather of 1. and the of James Bird, deceased, his only son and heir, now in possession of Thomas Bowness as farmer.
Consideration: £1811.
Witnesses: Thomas Heelis, Christopher Wilson.
Endorsement (on lease): note of 'goods belonging the house at Bridge House when Chris. Wilson purchased it' 6 Mar 1799 [sic]
5-6 Mar 1798Kendal
WDX 405/24ReceiptOf Robert Lambert for 17s 6d from Mr Christopher Wilson for fine due as lessee of Rectory of Kendal for estate called Thompsons and Bridges in Helsington on alienation of William Bird, beimg 3 and 6 years tithe7 Apr 1798Kendal
WDX 405/25ReceiptOf A Lambert for £2 4s 9d from Christopher Wilson, esquire, being fines of Thompson's, Bridges, Netherwells and Kilners in Helsington, being 3 and 6 years tithe meal silver13 Apr 1805Kendal
WDX 600/3Copy report of C H H Clayton, Inspector to Board of Agriculture, in case of Helsington, Underbarrow and Levens etc. Drainage Committee and Furness Railway Company23 Feb 1918Kendal
WDX 600/1Copy Award of Commissioners, John Watson and William Turner, appointed under Act of Parliament 1838 for drainage of the Low or Marsh Lands in Townships of Helsington, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield, and Levens27 Dec 1843Kendal
WDX 600/2Copy case for the opinion of counsel, Mr F G Thomas, in Helsington, Underbarrow, and Levens drainage, and Crosthwaite and Lyth, Witherslack and Meathop and Ulpha drainage v. Furness Railway Company31 Jan 1918Kendal
WDX 600/4Copy award of Sir Maurice Fitzmaurice, C.M.G., F.R.S. under section xxxiv of Ulverston and Lancaster Railway Act, 1851In case of Helsington etc. Drainage Superintendent and Furness Railway Company, witnessed by S Harold Hargrove, solicitor, Westminster17 Sep 1919Kendal
WDX 744/106Quitclaim1. Zachary Hubbersty of Kendal, genleman
Philis Hubbersty, wife of Zachary
2. Anne Hubbersty of Fallen Yew, Underbarrow, widow
3. Thomas Barton of Grate in Helsington, yeoman
Property: freehold messuage at Lane Foot, Helsington, held of the Earl of Suffolk; turbary or peatmoss ground on Helsington Moss.
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