Place codePAX663
Full place name entrySelside/Whitwell and Selside/Cumbria/UK
Place NameSelside
Area3Whitwell and Selside
Grid RefSD5399

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
WDB 35/1/176Whitwell and Selside.Above Farm. The Plough Inn Farm. West View House. With plans.
Owned by Thomas Martindale of Old Hutton and Robert Sinkinson of Selside.
19 Aug 1905Kendal
WQ/RC/24Corn Rent Award: Whitwell and SelsideWhitwell and Selside.

Scale: 8 chns.: 1 inch.
WDRC/6/65/2Selside bishops' transcripts1821-1830Kendal
WDRC/6/65/4Selside bishops' transcripts1841-1850Kendal
WDRC/6/65/3Selside bishops' transcripts1831-1840Kendal
WDRC/6/65/6Selside bishops' transcripts1861-1871Kendal
WDRC/6/65/5Selside bishops' transcripts1851-1860Kendal
WDX 1844Derek Longmire Research NotesResearch notes on Catholicism in the North of England including the 7 Martyrs of Kendal, John Leyburn, Cunswick Hall and Selside Hall 1960-2000Kendal
WDB 35/1/177Selside Hall Farm, Whitwell.Selside Hall Farm, house, land and allotments. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.
22 Nov 1910Kendal
WDB 35/1/122Patton, Skelsmergh, Whinfell, Whitwell.Patton Oldfield End Estate. With plans.
Owned by Harrison Family. Freehold.

Skelsmergh Lane Side, house and land. With plans.
Owned by Harrison Family. Freehold.

Whinfell Stone Hall.Whitwell Whitwell Folds. With plans.
Owned by Harrison Family. Freehold.
6 Jul 1901Kendal
WDS 30Selside Endowed SchoolLog books: 1873-1896, 1897-1908, 1909-1931, 1931-1973, 1973-1989; Admission Registers: 1873-1904, 1893-1962; New Entrant Book 1984-86; Attendance Registers 1985-88; Managers Minute books: 1903-1953, 1954-1986; Title deeds and related papers 1730-1924; Bulmers Directory undated C20

The Headmistress, Mrs Field recounted some of the school's history: the school was originally a wooden building which burnt down in 1793 when a subscription was raised amongst the landowners in the chapelry (see plaque in school). Two trusts were thereafter in existence: Kitching and Harling and the School House Trust Fund. The school house on the left-hand side before the farm and school are reached, was sold in the 1960s-70s. An article was published in a farming magazine referring to the "School on the Fells"
WDRC/6/65/1Selside bishops' transcripts1813-1820Kendal
WQ/RI/24Inclosure Award: Crook (inc. Whitwell & Selside, Skelsmergh)Crook Inclosure (Whitwell & Selside, Skelsmergh & Crook). Act: 18231829Kendal
WQ/RLT/Kendal/51Kendal Ward: Whitwell and SelsideWhitwell and (Selside) [Kendal parish]; 1773, 1809, 1823, 1830, 18311773-1831Kendal
WDX 579/19Printed enclosure act - Whitwell and Selside, Skelsmergh, and Crook, parish of Kendal23 May 1823Kendal
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