Place codePAX68
Full place name entryGreat Clifton/Workington/Cumberland
Place NameGreat Clifton

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
DCU/Estate Plans/18Plan of allotment on Great and Little Clifton Common. Commissioners' Plan.
Scale: 6 chains to 1 inch.
Feb 1828Whitehaven
YDS 73/1/3Brochure of information for parents of pupils attending Derwent Vale Primary School2000-2001Whitehaven
YDS 73/1/4Booklet outlining children's playground games from Derwent Vale Primary Schoolillustrated and described by school pupilsundated 1999Whitehaven
YDS 73/1/6Weekly timetable for lessons at Derwent Vale Primary School undated 1999Whitehaven
YDS 73/1/7Commemorative teatowel illustrated with self-portraits of pupils at Derwent Vale Primary School2000Whitehaven
YDX 371Manor of Great and Little CliftonTitle deeds relating to customary house and garth in Little Clifton, belonging to William Gray, John Bell, John Emmerson, and Jonathan Emmerson.1686-1804Whitehaven
CQPWO/6/1Alehouse Licensing1891-1959Whitehaven
YDX 101/30Analysis reference book used at Great Clifton coke oven near Workington; includes notes on starting up and closing down the plant1920sWhitehaven
DBT/26/40Papers relating to a proposed allotment scheme at Great Clifton1916 - 1917Whitehaven
DBT/26/55Papers relating to an ash-tip at Great Clifton1930Whitehaven
YDS 73/1/2Scrapbook compiled by school pupils of material relating to Derwent Vale Primary SchoolContains:
Drawings of school
School logo
Floor plan
Photographs and class lists
Last newsletter of 1999
First newsletter of 2000
Newspaper cuttings and photographs
Copy of the script for the Christmas Concert
DCU/Estate Plans/16Enclosure award and plan of Great and Little Clifton Common.John Norman of Kirkandrews on Eden, Commissioner.
Scale: 5 chains to 1 inch.
17 Sep 1817Whitehaven
YDS 73/1/5Audio cassette of children's playground games at Derwent Vale Primary SchoolAccess copy available 0n w/2/46undated 1999Whitehaven
YDX 22/2Report, copy leases, and lease particulars relating to land in Camerton, Great and Lifton Clifton, Dean, Greysouthen, Winscales, and Workington leased to Allerdale Coal Company Limited(original file numbers 18/1-6)1873-1938Whitehaven
YDS 73Derwent Vale Primary School'Box of Time': records collected by pupils to mark the millennium1999-2000Whitehaven
YDS 73/1Box of TimeDocuments collected by school pupils as part of a Cumbria Archive Service project to mark the millennium1999-2000Whitehaven
YDS 73/1/1Headteacher's report, Autumn term1999Whitehaven
YPR 40/43Valuation of Great Clifton township1838Whitehaven
YDX 101/31Book of price lists of gas components; includes two photographs of the laboratory at Great Clifton coke oven1927-1929Whitehaven
YPR 36/70Great and Little Clifton enclosure act1814Whitehaven
YPR 40/23Copy and draft deeds relating to: Great Clifton; Crossbarrow, Little Clifton; coal seams in Workington; laying of water pipes in Kinniside; lease of coal seams under the vicarage glebe1793 - 1919Whitehaven
YDSO 39/13/1A66 Stainburn to Great Clifton bypass (site code 8090)Final report, brief, correspondence, trench and site reports, maps, photographs, slides, CD2001Whitehaven
YDB 79/29Proposed pipeline between Workington and Great CliftonArchaeological desk based assessment and walkover survey.13 Jan 2012Whitehaven
DBT/28/105CLIFTON, GREAT & LITTLEA plan of land in the townships of Little and Great Clifton, the property of Joseph Sanderson. Jonathan Stanwix. 84 × 113. 3 ch. to 1". Field names; acreages; adjacent landowners 1825Whitehaven
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