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Place NameLancaster

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ZS/38Mr Winder, LancasterDancing1796Barrow
ZS/36Mr Winder, LancasterDancing1793Barrow
ZS/71John Johnson, Lancaster,boot and shoe maker.1792Barrow
ZS/76Jane Rigby, Lancaster,China and glass dealer.1793Barrow
ZS/31Mr Drinkall, LancasterDancing1793Barrow
ZS/39Mr La Glace, LancasterDancing1801Barrow
ZS/33Mr Winder, LancasterDancing. (6 3/4" handbill)1792Barrow
ZS/314Reverend J Harrison, Lancaster,New school.1803Barrow
ZS/410Lancaster, Theatre bill,Inn entertainment - Mr Wilson.1809Barrow
ZS/362Lancaster, 1802 Election Bills,Election address by "An Old Freeman".1802Barrow
ZS/407Lancaster: Treasurer's accounts for County.1807Barrow
ZS/72Lancaster Races.1791Barrow
ZS/37Mr Winder, LancasterDancing1793Barrow
ZS/41N Moore, LancasterDancing. Wholesale tea dealer.1791Barrow
ZS/32Mr Fawcett, LancasterDancing1791Barrow
ZS/379John Benson, Lancaster,linen draper, sale of stock.1802Barrow
ZS/35Mr Winder, LancasterDancing - Ball1792Barrow
ZS/400Saint George's Quay, Lancaster,warehouse to be sold.1808Barrow
ZS/67Female Benevolent Society, Lancaster.1793Barrow
ZS/75Overwyersdale, Lancaster,sale of oak and Owler Wood.1793Barrow
ZS/42B Morris, Lancaster: handbillDancing. Tea dealer, grocer, confectioner.1792Barrow
ZS/394Thomas Berry's farm to let, Caton,Lancaster1807Barrow
ZS/69D Halton, Lancaster,construction in business as widow.1791Barrow
ZS/77Whitlock, Lancaster,dentist.1792Barrow
ZS/66Richard Dilworth, Lancaster,tallow chandler.1792Barrow
ZS/399Quarmore - Moor side tenement to be sold,,Lancaster1802Barrow
ZS/68Robert Grozier, Lancaster,painter, sale by subscription.1792Barrow
ZS/70Joseph Isherwood, Lancaster,shoe maker.1792Barrow
ZS/78R Willock, Lancaster,sugar broker.1806Barrow
ZS/383Thomas Lawrence, Lancaster,shoe warehouse, New Street.1803Barrow
ZS/74A Montague, Lancaster,watchmaker.1795Barrow
ZS/403Committee for Prosecution of Felons:reward bill, theft of hides, Lancaster.1802Barrow
ZS/382Robert Dawson, Lancaster,spirit and hop merchant, assignment to creditors.1807Barrow
ZS/402Lancaster, Bearings of Buoys in Lune.1806Barrow
ZS/43Richard Parker, LancasterDancing. Grocer, bookseller, stationer.1791Barrow
ZS/373Lancaster, 1807 Election Bills,Election address of G Doveton.1807Barrow
ZS/393Lancaster: News Sheets,"Word in Season" by A Lancastrian - patriotic broadsheet.1803Barrow
ZS/387William Winn, Lancaster,cloth dealer, bankruptcy sale.1807Barrow
ZS/398Neatby - dwellinghouse and farm to be let,Lancaster1806Barrow
ZS/395Ellel - Nuthurst Estsate to let,Lancaster1807Barrow
ZS/380Canal Boat "Trial", Lancaster Canal,sale bill.1802Barrow
ZS/391Lancaster: News Sheets,songs - local election.1807Barrow
ZS/384Pro forma business letter, Lancaster.1810Barrow
ZS/371Lancaster, 1807 Election Bills,Verse against Cawthorne.1807Barrow
ZS/388Lancaster: News Sheets,Declaration of London Merchants etcetera, anti-Napoleon.1803Barrow
ZS/363Lancaster, 1802 Election Bills,Address by "A Freeman" supporting Dent.1802Barrow
ZS/365Lancaster, 1802 Election Bills,Thanks for election from John Dent.1802Barrow
ZS/369Lancaster, 1807 Election Bills,Song supporting Dent and Pattern (Hearts of Oak).1807Barrow
ZS/408Lancaster: Charity School accounts.1808Barrow
ZS/401Scotforth, Lancaster,Brown's and Little Moor Lands to let.1806Barrow
ZS/367Lancaster, 1802 Election Bills,Verse supporting Douglas and Dent.1802Barrow
ZS/411Theatre Royal, Lancaster,Race Week playbill "Laugh when you can".1809Barrow
ZS/389Lancaster: News Sheets,song, patriots - Death or Victory, copied from London Sheet1803Barrow
ZS/360Lancaster, 1802 Election Bills,Limpoon against Cawthorne.1802Barrow
ZS/397Green Area - 4 messuages to be sold,Lancaster1806Barrow
ZS/361Lancaster, 1802 Election Bills,Address in verse by "A Zealous Patriot" pro Cawthorne.1802Barrow
ZS/381James Chadwick and Company, Lancaster,tobacconists and snuff manufacturer, advert.1802Barrow
ZS/366Lancaster, 1802 Election Bills,Thanks for election from Lord Douglas.1802Barrow
ZS/385Sanderson, Salisbury and Company, Lancaster,Sale of sugar.1802Barrow
ZS/368Lancaster, 1807 Election Bills,Song supporting Douglas and Dent.1807Barrow
ZS/386A Threlfall, Lancaster,milliner, New Street, advert.1808Barrow
ZS/370Lancaster, 1807 Election Bills,Bill in support of Cawthorne.1807Barrow
ZS/409Sunday Schools,Lancaster and Skerton, accounts 1801-1802.1802Barrow
ZS/412Theatre Royal, Lancaster,Astronomical lectures by Mr Lloyd.1810Barrow
ZS/396Ellel - Wham tenement to let,Lancaster1808Barrow
ZS/951Lancaster. Notice of visit, pro forma letter.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
SPUCO/11Boarding Out Agreements1921-1928Whitehaven
BDHJ/396/2/14Inland Revenue Succession DutyAccount of the succession in real property of Arthur Benson Dickson of Abbots Reading, Lancaster on the death of Jane Dickson who died 4th April 1878. Attached is a signed statement by Walter Churchill the last surviving executor of the estate of George Frederick Dickson. 1859-1885Barrow
YDX 552Engravings, printsBowness, Grasmere, Coniston Water, Penryn Castle, Lancaster Castle, Lancaster, Langdale Pikes, Carlisle, Cockermouth19th centuryWhitehaven
ZS/364Lancaster, 1802 Election Bills,Thanks for support from Lord Douglas and John Dent.1802Barrow
ZS/73Edward Lodge, Lancaster,upholsterer.1793Barrow
ZS/34Mr Winder, LancasterDancing. (4 1/2" leaflet)1792Barrow
ZS/390Lancaster: News Sheets,song, patriots - copied from London broadsheet1803Barrow
ZS/406Lancaster: Licensing of Ale house keepers,Lonsdale South of sands.1808Barrow
BDFELL/10Manor of Hornby1590s-1774Barrow
BDFELL/3Title deeds relating to land and property in Dalton1611-1830sBarrow
ZS/40Thomas Frankland, LancasterDancing. Grocery, tea, sugar.1791Barrow
BDFELL/4Bonds and miscellaneous title deeds 1572-1797Barrow
BDFELL/8Title deeds for land and property in Ulverston1604-1864Barrow
ZS/372Lancaster, 1807 Election Bills,Election address of John Dent and Peter Patten.1807Barrow
ZS/374Lancaster, 1807 Election Bills,Election address of J F Cawthorne and G Doveton.1807Barrow
ZS/375Lancaster, 1807 Election Bills,Election address of John Dent and Peter Patten.1807Barrow
ZS/376Lancaster, 1807 Election Bills,Election address of John Dent, reason for no "treating".1807Barrow
ZS/377Lancaster, Farming,Richard Gibson, Birklandbarrow - sale of cattle.1806Barrow
ZS/378Lancaster, Farming,N Salisbury and W Rawsthorne, theft of Bay Gelding.1807Barrow
ZS/392Lancaster: News Sheets,"Wonderful account of Sarah Bishops" on rects. Patriotic Songs on verso1808Barrow
BDFELL/9Title deeds, correspondence and tax records relating to land on the Thrusgill estate and at Wray, Bolton1774-1934Barrow
BDFELL/11Business interests1734-1945Barrow
BDFELL/7Management of Thrusgill estate1718-1932Barrow
YPR 6/477Licence to perform the Office of Stipendary Curate in the Parish and Parish Church of Lancaster , St Mary to Herbert Russell Sherwen by James, Bishop of Manchester25 February 1895Whitehaven
BDHJ/396/3/44Assignment of mortgage1) Henry Tindall of Lancaster, Mariner; Thomas Petty of Ulverston, Lancaster, Gentleman & John Fell of Ulverston Lancaster, Mercer.
(Trustees for and on behalf of Ellin Sandys, Widow; Edward Salisbury, Merchant and Mary his Wife; Sally Sandys and Jane Sandys, Spinsters all of Lancaster).

2) Ellin Sandys, Widow; Edward Salisbury, Merchant and Mary his Wife; Sally Sandys and Jane Sandys, Spinsters all of Lancaster.

3) Peter Nicholson of Sunbrick, Aldingham, Lancaster, Gentleman

Premises: Several fields, closes and parcels of ground called: Dickfield, The Parrock; Robinson's Pasture; Ready More and Little Meadow Field

Consideration: £370

Signatures and seals: Henry Tindall; Thomas Petty; John Fell; Peter Nicholson; Ellin Sandys; Edward Salisbury; Mary Salisbury; Sally Sandys & Jane Sandys

Witnesses:Giles Preston; Thomas Fell; Thomas Salisbury and S. Harrison
28 Feb 1765Barrow
ZS/404Lancaster Castle: order re Debtor Prisoners.1808Barrow
ZS/405Lancaster Castle: sentences of crown prisoners.1807Barrow
WDB 35/1/255Littledale, Lancaster, Lancashire.The Intack or Intake, in Littledale with sheep gates on Black Fell and Blanche Fell. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.
19 Oct 1875Kendal
WDB 35/1/256Abram Height, Lancaster, Lancashire.Abram Heights, house and lands. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.
26 Jul 1876Kendal
WDB 35/1/254Lancaster, Lancashire.Building land - some with houses on it in Lancaster and Scotforth, and in Bolton-le-Sands and Sandside. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.
24 Mar 1852Kendal
WDX 1630/1Book of railway agreements1. Re junction of proposed North Western Railway line with Lancaster and Carlisle Railway line in parish of Heversham ,1846. 2. Re junction at Orton. Deviation Bill, 1848. 3. Interchange of Traffic and station accommodation at Lancaster, 1849.1846-1849Kendal
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