Place codePAX802
Full place name entryMurton/Appleby/East Ward/Westmorland
Place NameMurton
Area3East Ward
Grid RefNY7221

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WDB 135/1/148Murton: Murton Hall EstateMurton Hall Estate, Murton , near Appleby, comprising dwelling house, farm buildings and land. Includes grazing rights on Murton Fell, Hilton Fell, and Brackenbar Moor.

Field Names: Mell Fell

No plans.
DBH/15/42Hilton and MurtonHilton and Murton
No surveyor
37 × 46
No scale
Field numbers; some acreages; some field names.
undated [early 19th century]Whitehaven
WDB 135/1/221Murton: Melbourne House FarmMelbourne House Farm, Murton, comprising dwellinghouse, farm buildings, two cottages and land. Also a desirable small holding comprising dwellinghouse, shop, farm buildings and pasture field. Includes grazing rights on Murton Fell

Field names: Samplatts, Laitha, Gaita, Banks, Troughkeld, Town Head Croft, Flatt, Low Moor, Moor Close, Bellas Moor, Thwaite Pasture. Pasture End, Gill Allotment

Tenants: Mr. B. Sartin, Mr. A. Sartin. Mr. G. Banting, Mr. Richardson.

Freehold tenure

No plans.
WPC 74Murton Parish CouncilMinutes, 1921-2005; Financial records, 1901-19741901-2005Kendal
WDRC/12/7Murton-cum-Hilton parsonage: plans and papers relating to drains and water supplyWith specifications, estimates, and correspondence.1913-1923Kendal
WQ/RIP/2/7Inclosure Papers: MurtonThwaites stinted pasture, MurtonKendal
WDB 135/1/9Murton: Bridge End Farm.Bridge End Farm, Murton. Includes grazing rights on Murton Fell, Murton Ghyll, and Pasture End.
Occupier: Mr. Thomas Rowlings
Sold by: the trustees of the Revd. Thomas Rudd deceased.
Purchaser: R. L. Watson, Bishop Aukland. Cultivation specified.
WDB 135/1/91Dufton and Murton: The Keisley and Harbour Flatt EstateThe Keisley and Harbour Flatt Estate, Dufton and Murton. Comprising three farms and two dwelling houses and land.

Farm names: Harbour Flatt Farm, Keisley Farm, Town Head Farm,

Property names: Tidy Bank Cottage, Keisley House,

Tenants: Mr. J. Beckwith, Mr. G. R. Wharton, Mr. W. Bainbridge, Dr. Thomas Body

Field Names: High Pasture, Horse Pasture, Cow Pasture, Bull Copy, Keisley Beck, Scale Hows, Wood Field, Scalehow Wood, Little Bottom, Burthwaite Hill, Pared Earth, Long Field, Wheat Field, Green Gate, Low Pasture, New Field, Pasture End, Twelve Acres, Hard Ings, Broom Hill, Cabbage Garth, Little Croft, Orchard Pasture, Tidy Banks, New Close, Low Close, Bell Hole, Hallsteads, Townfield and Chosen Acres, Bridge Holme, Bow Bank, Bow Holes, Waterdale, High Pasture Allotment, Calf Garth, Spouts Bank, Thornbarrow and Brow, Low Close and Brow, Rorn Rush, Bridge Holme, Town Fields, Water Dales, Town Field, Long Riddance, Field House Close, Daltons Low Close or Thornbarrow, Quarry Field, Fell Pasture Allotment, Nanny Croft, Nanny Garth, Thwaite Hill, Low Pasture, Croft, Geordie Croft, Taylor Hill, Birch Close, Flatt, Apple Tree Bank, North America and Rough Close, Pie Nest Bottom, Low Pasture, Pie Nest, Close and Field House, Horse Pasture, Studgill Tarn, Sour Flatt, Jenny Garth, Ings and High Thornbers, Low Thornbers

Cultivation Specified.

Purchasers: Veteripont Estates Ltd., Mr. J. Brunskill, Crosby Garrett, Mr. J. Threkleld, Dudmire, Dufton, Dr. Thomas Body.

Owners: Trustees of Wm, Percival deceased.

Freehold tenure.

Other features: Mineral beds, Lime kiln, vein of alabaster,
WQ/RLT/East/35East Ward: Murton Murton [Appleby St. Michael parish]; 1765, 1773, 1790.1765-1790Kendal
WDS 99Murton (W) Thwaites Endowed SchoolLog book, 1875-1971 (5); Admission register, 1875-1971 (2); Punishment book, 1934-1956; Inventory of school furniture, 1939-1942; photographs, 1906-c1960s; miscellaneous papers, 1923-19681873-1972Kendal
WDRC/6/55/1Murton and Hilton bishops' transcriptsNo burials1863-1878Kendal
WQ/SPC/East/Michael/2Appleby, St. Michael Parish: MurtonPopulation 49. Constable, Thomas Workman
[All inhabitants named, relationship and occupations]
17 Dec 1787Kendal
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