Place codePAX839
Full place name entryUnderbarrow and Bradleyfield/Underbarrow and Bradleyfield/Kendal Ward/Westmorland
Place NameUnderbarrow and Bradleyfield
Area2Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Area3Kendal Ward

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WDB 35/1/35Crook, Nether Staveley, Underbarrow.CrookCrook End Farm, Beck Side Farm, Ellerbeck Farm overlapping Underbarrow. No Plans.
Owner not named; Tenure not defined.
Nether Staveley Tarn Close. No plans.
Owner not named. Tenure not defined.
Underbarrow Broom House. Underbarrow Moss - cottages and Birch Mill (water). Ellerbeck Mill (water) overlapping Crook border.
Owner not named. Tenure not defined.
26 Aug 1905Kendal
WDB 135/1/458Kendal, Underbarrow & Bradleyfield, Crosthwaite and Lyth, Strickland Ketel, Levens, Preston Patrick, Preston Richard, Burton-in-Kendal, Holme, Hutton Roof: Lowther EstateLowther Estate, comprising valuable dairy and stock farms, accommodation lands, allotments, woodlands and coppice with mixed shooting and manors in South Westmorland, in the parishes of Kendal, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield, Hutton Roof, Preston Patrick, Preston Richard, Burton in Kendal, Crosthwaite and Lyth, Strickland Ketel, Levens and Holme.

Farm names: Spital Farm, Cunswick Hall Farm, Bonfire Hall Farm, Tranthwaite Hall Farm, Helsfell Farm, Preston Hall Farm, Clawthorpe Hall Farm, Low House Farm, Lyth Allotments, near Sampool Bridge, Levens,

Field/Close/Woodland Names: Dallerstone Bank, Far Aynums, Near Aynums, Miller Close and Shortlands, Longlands, Wheat Close, Grass Garth, Tarn Field, Spital Wood, Wood End, Spital Wood and Quarry, Goldmire, Spital Knots , Collins Close and Long Close, Echo Barn and Barn Close, Hill Close, Little London, and Well Ings, Part High Rams and Rothwaite Hag, Low House Field, Fore Greenwood, Low Rams, Priest Meadow, and Ellers, Old Orchard, Wheat Ridding and Part High Rams and Rothwaite Hag, High Copy, Copy, Tarn Bank, Bracken Beds, Cunswick Tarn, Tarn Moss, Cunswick Scar Allotment, Middle Barkriggs, Holme, Great Croft and Gamblemire Field, Little Croft, Low Park, Part High Park, Nabbs and part of Barkriggs, Ing, Back Green Wood, Ash Spring Wood, Tarn Bank Spring Wood, Scar Wood, Gamblemire Wood, Park Spring Wood, Bunswick Wood, Ratherheath Allotment, Part Mountjoy Allotment, Mountjoy Allotment, Church Town Fell Allotment, Hollins, Round Meadow and Well Cote Ing, Hollins, Barn Close, Parrock and part High Birks , Part High Birks, High Field, Narrow Dales, Low BIrks, Long Ing, Low Field, Great and Little Burtree Bank, Hollins Low Field, Little Lot, Near Moss Allotment, Far Moss Allotment, Moss Allotment, Hollins Wood, Hag Wood, Long Hag Wood, Far Bell Hill Allotment, Cow Close, Carr, Far Cow Close, Broomy Field, Near Bell Hill Allotment, Bull Copy, Cross Dales, Round Close, Pepper Field, Fell Close, Bell Hill, Coupe Field and Saddleback, Cross Dales Bottom, Swine Hull Croft, Bank, Moss, Housesteads, Newlands, Great Blake Howe, Little Blake Howe, Bull Copy, Holme, Broad Meadow, Ray Cragg and Dutch Barn, Peat Moss, Saddleback Wood, Bank Wood, Coupe Field Spring Wood, Blake Howe Wood , Little Moss, Low Wennington, Swilthwaite and Dutch Barn, High Wennington, Great Limekiln Close, Horse Pasture, Limekiln Close, Great Well CLose, Wood Close, Little Well Close, Ratherheath Allotment, The Lound, Long Pasture and Inrake, Hall Hill, Part Seven Acres Wood, Richardson's Parrock, Out Rake, Near Out Rake, Bull Copy, Reservoir Parrock, Part Green or Watering Place, Sandy Parrock, Half Meadow and Harrow Ing, Meeting House Park, Back Park, Gregory Park and Part Chapel Park, Limekiln Park, Part Chapel Park, High Chapel Park, Doe Flatts, Crow Wood, Seven Acres, Seven Acres End, Low Chapel Flatt, Hall Wood, Crook Dubs, Seal Bank, Wanstals or Wandales, Chapel Close, Dirton Field, High Intack, Middle Intack, Broad Croft, Nether Close, Low House Homestead, Bull Copy, Wood in Bull Copy, Wood in Park Plain and Terrands, Park Plain and Terrands, Great Rowrigg and Calf Garth, Low Intack, Near Hag, Rowrigg, Park Plain Wood, Park Field, Middle Hag, The Hag and Allotment, Hutton Roof Park Field, Hutton Roof Park and Cut Wood, Allotment and Old Quarry, Park Wood

Tenant Names: Mr. Philip Wharton, Mr. Joseph Moffat, Mrs. Mary Renton, Mr. James Allan, Mr, William Wilson, Mr. John Prickett, Mr. James C. Hindson, the trustees of Sir Alan Desmond Bagot Bart., Mr. Robert Park , E. G. S. Hornby, Esq, Mr. James Douglas, Mr. Moses Burrow, Hutton Roof School, Westmorland County Council.

With plans.
WQ/RI/88Inclosure Award: Underbarrow & BradleyfieldUnderbarrow & Bradleyfield Inclosure (2 copies). Act: 18171828Kendal
WDB 135/1/293Underbarrow and Bradleyfield: HylandsHylands, Underbarrow, comprising country residence, gardens, grounds, outbuildings, land etc.

No plans,

Includes Photographs.
WDB 35/1/42Plough Inn, Crosthwaite and Lyth; UnderbarrowCrosthwaite and Lyth The Plough Inn and inclosures. With plans.
Owned by George Park. Freehold.
Underbarrow Allotment.
10 May 1902Kendal
WDB 35/1/33High Leys Farm, Crook; Helsington Mosses, Helsington; UnderbarrowCrook High Leys Farm. With plans.
Owner not named; freehold.
Also: Helsington Enclosures on Helsington Mosses.Also: Underbarrow The Nokk Farm. The Hagg Farm. Three lots of land in Underbarrow - bordering and overlapping the Helsington border. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.
Jul 1878Kendal
WDB 35/1/158Strickland Ketel, Nether Staveley, Underbarrow and KendalGillthroaten Farm. Cragg Farm and cottages. Hollins Farm. Lane Foot Farm. Madge Gill Farm. Todd Farm. Friths or Harling Field - pasture land Lord Kenlis. Land - one lot Thomas Barnes.
Owner not named pencil notes of buyer names. Freehold. Kendal Properties on Stramongate and Stricklandgate.

Nether Staveley Land in Ratherheath. With plans.
Owner not named R. & W. Buckley?. Freehold.

Underbarrow Frith's or Harling Field and allotments, ? Lord Kenlis. Land Saul Scott. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.
4 Oct 1869Kendal
WQ/RC/22Corn Rent Award: Underbarrow & Bradley FieldScale: 6 chains: 1 inchKendal
WDB 35/1/38Crook and UnderbarrowCrook Beckside Farm, Crook End Farm, Pepper Brow Cottages, accommodation land. No plans.
Owned by late Charles Anthony Williams; freehold tenure. Underbarrow Broom Farm. No plans.
Owner late Charles Anthony Williams. Freehold.
5 Oct 1952Kendal
WQ/AH/47Highway Diversions: Boundary Bank (Underbarrow & Bradley Field)Diversion of footpath, Boundary Bank, Underbarrow and Bradley Field: Plans by John Banks, land agent and surveyor, of Kendal (scale 200 feet to 1 inch), April 1908 (2 copies);

Plans by John Banks (vertical sections, scales 8 feet to 1 inch and 30 feet to 1 inch), 3 copies - one dated 1907, two dated April 1908;

Minutes of Parish Council of Underbarrow and Bradley Field, 24 April 1908;

Application from R. T. Pennington to South Westmorland Rural District Council, 2 May 1908;

Agreement between R. T. Pennington and other landowners, 10 July 1908;

Agreement between R. T. Pennington and South Westmorland Rural District Council, 28 August 1908;

Resolution of South Westmorland Rural District Council, 11 July 1908;

Certificate of 2 Justices, 28 September 1908; Statutory declaration of John Banks, surveyor, 24 September 1908; Statutory declaration of Thomas Graveson, clerk to Underbarrow Parish Council, 24 September 1908;

Statutory declaration of L. Gardner Howson, Chairman of Underbarrow Parish Council, 24 September 1908;

Statutory declaration of Alexander Milne, clerk to South Westmorland Rural District Council, 26 September 1908; Statutory declaration of G. B. Atkinson, 28 September 1908;

Notice, 3 September 1908;

Schedule of documents, 29 September 1908; Copies of Westmorland Gazette, containing required notice, 5 September 1908, 12 September 1908, 19 September 1908, 26 September 1908;

Order, 8 January 1909;

Certificate of 2 Justices on completion, 28 March 1911.
WQ/RLT/Kendal/47Kendal Ward: Underbarrow and Bradley Field Underbarrow and Bradley Field [Kendal parish]; 1773, 1793, 1823, 1830, 18311773-1831Kendal
WDX 579/18Printed enclosure act - Underbarrow and Bradleyfield, parish of Kendal16 Jun 1817Kendal
WDX 600/1Copy Award of Commissioners, John Watson and William Turner, appointed under Act of Parliament 1838 for drainage of the Low or Marsh Lands in Townships of Helsington, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield, and Levens27 Dec 1843Kendal
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