Place codePAX864
Full place name entrySoulby/Dacre/Soulby/East Ward/Westmorland
Place NameSoulby
Area3East Ward
Grid RefNY4625

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WDB 135/1/749Soulby: Crossbar View FarmCrossbar View Farm, Soulby, near Kirkby Stephen. res Mrs. Hannah Jackson deceased. Comprises dwelling house, farm buildings and land. Freehold tenure.
Purchaser: Jonathan Tarn, Birkdale, Middleton-in-Lonsdale.
Tenant: Allan Jackson.
Field Names: Bull Copy, Great Middlegills, Middlegills, Hallcroft Ends, Short Middlegills, Washber Hill and Bottom, Sessfield, Tothman, Wybergh Lands, Sandriggs, Sandriggs Mask, Gibson's Mask, Bainbridge Mask.
No plans.
WPC 62Soulby Parish CouncilCorrespondence etc, tables of fees re burial ground 1908-71, financial statements, 1935-70; miscellaneous including account book for Lord Mayor of London's Hungarian Appeal fund 1956, papers issued by the Westmorland Association of Parish Councils, 1951-59, notices of meeting 1954-671908-1985Kendal
WDRC/6/68/2Soulby bishops' transcripts1831-1850Kendal
WDRC/6/68/4Soulby bishops' transcripts1861-1870Kendal
WDRC/6/68/5Soulby bishops' transcripts1871-1886Kendal
WDRC/6/68/1Soulby bishops' transcripts1813-1830Kendal
WDRC/6/68/3Soulby bishops' transcripts1851-1860Kendal
WDHBHarrison-Beck family of RavenstonedaleGeorge Morland Beck Snr. bought Smardale Hall for his son Thomas Hewetson Beck who held it for 5 years. The farm was then tenanted. In 1960 Harry Harrison-Beck inherited the property and sold it in 1963.
Collection includes Manor of Smardale and Manor Court of Smardale, Manor of Waitby and Manor Court of Waitby and Middleton Hall as well as deeds and other estate papers for Smardale, Middleton Hall and Waitby.
Also spreadsheet list of documents for the Manor of Smardale and Manor Court of Smardale on CD
WQ/RI/97Inclosure Award: SoulbySoulby. Act: 18101817Kendal
WQ/AB/5Bond in £501. Joseph Darby and John Hornsby, both of Soulby, Kirkby Stephen, and James Darby of Brough, yeomen.

2. John Robinson, gent., Clerk of Peace for Westmorland.

- for repairing Soulby bridge and maintaining it for 7 years for £1 12s., with specification annexed.
10 Jan 1757Kendal
WDX 139/27Soulby Women's Institute Jubilee Scrapbookundated [20th century] Kendal
WDB 135/1/627Dufton and Soulby: FarmsFarms and adgicultural land at Dufton in Soulby, comprising dwellinghouse with farm buildings and land, and 6 closes of land.

Field Names: Hardstone, Crushing Ellers, Long Paine, Middle Gills, Undercross and Wholesmeire, Little Under Cross, Tarnlands.

Tenants: Mr. Thomas Rudd, Mr. T. Rudd, Mr. H. J. Hutchinson.Freehold and customaryhold.
No plans.
WDB 135/1/558Great Musgrave, Soulby, Little Musgrave, Beatarn, Hartley, Kirkby Stephen: Freehold Estates and valuable Manors.Freehold Estates and manors. Kirkby Stephen District.
Musgrave and Soulby: Little Musgrave Farm,Hall Garth,Blandswath Farm,Rudd Hills Farm,Soulby Fold Farm,Soulby Mill,Manors of Great Musgrave,Soulby,Little Musgrave,Bleatarn.
Hartley and Nateby:Hartley Fold Farm and Mill,Hartley Castle,Lockthwaite Farm,Manors of Hartley,Kirkby Stephen

Field Names:MusgraveField House Close,Far or High New Ing,Near or Low New Ing,Town Gate,Wheat Close,Home Pasture,Little Town End Garth,Great Town End Garth,Croft Hill,Sodds,Long Close,Hill,Little Hill,Brow Side,Eller's End,Elliot's End,Intake Hill Allotment,Occupation Road,Scaw and Lead Banks,Swindale Beck,New Close,Cow Pasture,Hoghouse Field,High Nursery Wood,High Bottoms,Horse Close Wood,Little Heaning Croft,Horse Close,Leases,Part of Middle Hill,Heaning Moor,Part of Heaning Wood,Lofterns Hill, Loughtern Wood,Winton Hill,Winton Hill Wood,Winton Hill Bottom,
Haining Wood,Belah Holme,Pate Hagg, Low Nursery Wood,Bottoms,Rowbars,Flatts,Wood near Church,Swillands or Swillings,Sandy Holme,Meadow Holme,Pasture Holme,Little Holme,Calf Garth,Sunny Brow,Little Nook,Long Close,Far Blands,Side Lands,Whinney,Holme Pasture,Thistley Hill,Far Field, Longholme, Field Holme,Middleholme,Horse Close,Highholme,New Close,Low Calf Garth,High Calf Garth,Little Wheat Field,Byrestead Hill,Great Byresteads,Nettle PotStrutforth Side Allotment,High Mires,Middle Mires,Low Mires, Haber Pool,Taylor's Allotment,Mask Allotment,Tewfill Hill Allotment

Field Names:WintonFar Wintin Hill Bottom

Field Names:Soulby Crossbers,Back Crossbers,West Ings,Low Wheat Field,Low West Ings,Cow Close Allotment,Blind Beck Bottom,Blind Beck Hill,Three Nook Field,Low Broad or Blady Gills,Field House Close, Far Whinney Hill,Near and Middle Whinney Hills,Back of Hill,Calf Close,Great Water Furrs Close,Low Cale,Back Crossbers,Low Bottom,Willows,Mill End Close,Beckside,Calvert Croft,Wyber Hill,Beckfoot Lane,Little Totheman adjoining Sikeside Lane,Croddale,Great Totheman,Waitlands,High Crake Foot,Crake Foot, Codgy Bank Allotment,Strutforth Hill Allotment,Tebay's Mask Allotment,Soulby Mask,Little Allotment

Field Names:Hartley:Gramscar,Pod Gill,Great and Little Banks,Mistress Garth,Bull Copy,Occupation Road,Merry Gill,Low Out Wood,Out Wood End,Park and Great Hills,Hartley Park,Park Green,Pod Gill Wood,Low Moses,High Moses,Ewebank Scar,Little Out Wood Field,High Outwood,Dent's Bottom,,Dent's Brow,High Out Wood,Hog Close,Out Wood Meadow,Low Out Wood Head,Flosh,Middle Bottom,Riggs,Ladthwaite Bottom,Yeamy Close,Middle Duckerdale Pasture,High Duckerdale Pasture.
Hartley Croft:Hartley High Mill and Garth,Mill Garth.

Field Names:Nateby:Wheat Close,Great Ridding,Little Ridding,The Wood,Hesket,Kingston,Millflatts,Little Artlebar,Robinson's Field,Great Artlebar,Calf Paddock,Holme Close,The Wood,Nateby Cow Close,Lockthwaite Croft

Properties with Tithe Rent Charges:
MusgraveSoulby Glebe Land,Hull Bank Farm,farm and land in Little Musgrave,land nearMusgrave Bridge,Ploughlands Farm,Low Hall Farm,Smithfield Farm,Grassgill Farm,Tewfill Hill Farm,Wood House.

HartleyEden Mount,Ivy Cottage,Collingwood, Hartley,New Bridge,Sandlands,Kirkbanks,Tweddle,Myrtle Cottage,Eden Place,Beckwarden,Croft King,Slap Gap,Whingill,Winton,West End.

Names of owners, occupiers, tenants and purchasers:
Mr.Henry Coward.Messrs.T.&J.Lancaster.Mr.J.W. Harrison.Mr.Robt.Watson.Messrs. W. & T. Balmer.Mr.Hugh Carrick.J.W.Gregson.John Edward Spence.Mr.Nelson, Bousfield.Mr.Michael Robinson.

Rev.J.W.Ashton.Wm.Hodgson.Mr.Fothergill.Edward Hall.Mrs. Fothergill.Mrs.P.Rudd.G.E.Thompson.Mrs.Owen.Wm Bird.M.Shadwick.North Eastern Rly.Co..G.Awde.Mrs.Mason.Col.H.P.Farraday.Miss Irving.W.Harker.Jas.Fawcett.M.D.Kilburn.Mrs.Burrell.Mrs.Cleaseby.Wm.Longrigg.Mrs.Horsfield.Mrs.Robertson.H.Elsom.Wm Davis.John Yare.Robt. Harker.W Harker.James White.T. Campbell.F.Thompson.T.Davis.Dr.Walker.J.R.Sowerby.Thomas Dalton. P.Savage

Mr. Bainbridge.Rodger Bell.R.Dent.Geo. Metcalfe.John Ellwood.Toppin Hall.John Longstaff.Mrs. Bellas.J.Lowis.J.Hastwell.R.Bousfield.M.Bousfield.R.Mason.J.W.Braithwaite.Mrs Allan.R.Burrell.Wm Broderick.J.T.Graham.Coward Bros..Wm Rees.Mrs Faulkner.Johnson,-.Harker&Morland.C.Harker.Miss Illingworth.J.Marston.John Hastwell.Col.H.P.Mason,Eden Place.E.Murray.Wm Richardson.Walter Hanson

Mr. Miles Bateman,How Hill, Greystoke,(late ofMains House,Pooley).Dr.Grainger,Durham.Mr.J.Udale,Ormside Hall. Mr.W.Rees,Solicitor,Kirkby Stephen.Mr.Marmaduke Kilburn,Soulby.Mr.Isaac Bainbridge.Mr.H.Soulby.Mr.R.B.Thompson.Stobars Hall.Mr.G.Alderson,Soulby.Mr.M.Kilburn,Soulby.Mr.H.ParkSoulby.Mr.G.J.Beaumont,Coggeshall,Essex.,Mr.G.M.Beck,The LaneRavenstonedale.Mr.A.MacDonald,Irving/Iring,Hertfordshire.Mr.J.Dent.Mr.Abraham ChapmanAsby.Mr.R.G.Waine,Soulby.Includes plans and photographs.
WDS 56Soulby (W) SchoolLog books (3), 1876-1971; Managers' Minute Books (2), 1870-1969; Admission registers, 1876-1971 (2)1870-1971Kendal
WQ/RLT/East/48East Ward: SoulbySoulby [Kirkby Stephen parish]; 1765, 1790, 1816, 1823, 1829.1765-1829Kendal
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